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NKOTB – The Package Tour – Las Vegas

on July 10, 2013

Starts off with Boyz II Men, Then 98 Degrees, and Finally New Kids On the Block!

I had pretty decent seats better than I thought they were gonna be, great view of everything.

However, I’ll be seeing them again in 6 days!! With EVEN BETTER seats!!!

Ill admit, the first 2 sets with B2M and 98, i bawled my eyes out. They sang all the great songs, On bended knee, end of the road, invisible man,the hardest thing,  all because of you.

The part that really hit home to me though was at the beginning of NK’s show, Donnie’s voice came on accompanied by the following on the screens:

“I promise to celebrate tonight like there is no tomorrow. For this is MY night. I worked HARD for this night. I DESERVE this night. I EARNED this night. And together, we OWN tonight.”

That in itself meant so much to me after everything thats been going on lately. So i tried my hardest to just ENJOY the show, enjoy myself, and take in everything that was going on. I took the least amount of pictures ever because I only had 1 battery with me! But it was nice to pay more attn to the actual show than watching it through my camera.


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