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Oh yeah!

on July 12, 2013

Completely forgot to share, that I got another job!! A 2nd job of course, because 1 just isn’t enough.

I’m going to be one of those vendors that hangs around pet stores suggesting better food for your pet.

More specifically, Purina Pro Plan!

I start tomorrow, and I’ve already got 24 shifts scheduled for the next month. It’s only weekends, so thats totally manageable, and im going to try and keep Ulta as well, for now, until school starts. I really just dont wanna give up my discount LOL

This new job however, pays about $4 more an hour! plus mileage! score! I’ve still gotta figure out how I get a discount on the pet food though, lord knows I need that!!

So yeah, I better get to bed now, big first day tomorrow, doing 2 different stores!

My google calendar is packed full hope I don’t forget anything!


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