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I just want to buy something!

on July 30, 2013

My birthday month is nearly over so I’ve been using up all the goodies I received. Once I got paid this week I headed to kohls for something to use my free $10 gift they sent.

I figured I wanted some kind of jewelry, something I bought myself that has no memories or attachments to…

I waited and waited while the associate helped an elderly lady buy a watch, didn’t have her charge card, didn’t understand when she asked for an id, kept giving her social security card..etc.. then finally found her temp card. Started taking about how she’s 87 years old, her husband is a ww2 veteran, they’re moving to the springs to be closer to family.. the associate finally gets her to sign for her purchase.
Then, they lady out of nowhere breaks down and starts crying saying she’s afraid to die and she’s so old over and over…
Now I give this associate props for trying to console this woman but this is not the time or place for this!
Another customer who had been waiting was lucky enough to find a manager walking by to help her check out.. so when they were done I snagged him myself. I said I’d really like to make a purchase but this customer over here is having a breakdown and your associate can’t get away!

Anyways! I ended up with this pair of amethyst earrings, normally $100, on sale for 65% off I think, & 15% coupon and My $10 gift, I ended up paying just $23! Such a steal!


I think they look good with the earrings I got there for Xmas..
Now I just need one more set for the last piercing and I’ll be happy.


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