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Waiting and Working

on August 2, 2013

Sitting here, waiting for my laundry to finish in the washer, so I can throw it in the dryer and go to bed. Kinda need clean pants for work tomorrow, ‘Nother 8 hours for Purina. I’m up to working about 18 hours for them from Fri-Sun, and about 20 hours at Ulta Mon-Thurs, sometimes Sunday overnight. 

This semester will be over in a week! yay!! So excited. But then fall semester starts 10 days after that… as excited as I am to get this FINAL semester started and over with, I wish I had a lil more than 10 days break. I secured an internship today finally. Ive been slacking on it and out of the 10 places I emailed last week, ONE responded, so thats who I met with, they liked me, I liked them, and the funny thing is, I didnt realize it till the other day, but they were Ellie’s vet when I first adopted her! Speaking of, she’ll be 8 this month!! Time flies! 

Once school does start full time again, I dunno how much longer or how often I can stay on with ULTA, if it gets to be too much I may drop them down to twice a week. I NEED to pass all these classes this semester and finally finish school!!! 

So maybe between now and the 18th and I can maybe get the house in order. I always want to do that before school starts just to be clear and level headed. Sometimes I accomplish it, or not… 

I ordered the new Google Chromecast device from Amazon, but of course its on back order, I really hope they ship it out soon. Im hoping I like it enough and it works well enough for me to be able to cancel my $100+ monthly cable bill, and just keep my internet. Ill miss my DVR immensely but I think I could survive. 

Well Ellie’s yelling at me to go outside, again, so she can sniff the grass that she sniffed 2 hours ago when I got home…. oh and laundrys done, time for bed! 



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