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Breaking & Entering

on August 6, 2013

So, my store manager locked her store, car and locker keys IN her locker tonight…with the spare key also inside the locker.

I had to break into it prying open the side of the metal lockers with a screwdriver and mallet.. Creating an inch wide slit..



Managed to tip her bag sideways… Then fished out her keys with the screwdriver, like a grocery store claw game, and saved the day…

Told her I take payment in the form of Malibu Rum…


We did actually have a man on shift with us tonight, but, truthfully, I did 95% of the forceful work getting into the locker, and just had him hold the mallet after I’d pried back the metal sides so I could get into it.  But seriously.. who needs a man??


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