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Dreaming Of Hope

on August 6, 2013

My subconscious mind has been on a roller coaster lately.. well the last month or so.

After yet another breakup my emotions have been all over the place and that rolls over into my dream state. I’ve had arguments, fights, screaming, yelling, throwing things in my dreams – lots of built up anger I assume, to normal every day dreams that I just don’t remember.

This morning however I had a different type of dream, one with hope and promise.

For some reason, the person looked very similar to Adam from GIRLS.

Not sure why it was him or a look a like, not typically my type, but his character in the show is kind of an asshole at times, so that, IS my type I guess LOL. In my dream I can’t quite remember where I met him, but we ended up back at his home a nice big house on lots of property and he had his own pets around and was a friend to neighboring pets. We spent the whole day talking, cuddling, getting to know each other, laughing, just having a glorious time. Of course, as my luck would have it, another girl showed up. One who he chose to ignore while I was there and even tried to get her to leave, however she seemed oblivious to me even being present. More of a stalker status on her part I think. Eventually I packed my stuff up and asked to be taken home so that I could attend to my own dogs and assess the situation.

When I woke up, what I felt like I took from the dream was, the next person I meet, the next relationship I get in, I feel its going to be a whirlwind type of adventure. Maybe its wishful thinking, maybe its from watching too many rom-coms or disney princess movies, but I can hope right? For a positive, hopeful, loving, supportive, uplifting relationship where I’m the ONLY person they want to be with?  RIGHT?


2 responses to “Dreaming Of Hope

  1. crankypants says:

    Oh, I’m sorry about the breakup. You guys were together for quite a while. Well, onward and upward, all the best to you and the critters!

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