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Waggin’ and Trailin!

on August 22, 2013

Its that time of the year again! We’ve got a month until the Wag ‘n Trail and Ellie and Abbie want to raise $500 for homeless pets!! 

Luckily, most dogs can’t do math, so they dont know the difference between a $5 or $50 donation, so skip your morning latte tomorrow and help out a cute puppy or kitten!! 

Both Ellie and Abbie were shelter dogs and Ellie even came from the Buddy Center that we’re supporting! 

Here’s what your donation can help:

$30.00 will help us nurture a kitten or puppy that needs foster care

$60.00 will help us shelter and care for a lost dog until he is reunited with his owner

$85.00 will help us spay a mother cat before she goes to her new home

$115.00 will help us teach schoolchildren to be kind to animals

$250.00 will help offset the costs of rescuing pets from cruelty or neglect


Abbie says GO DO IT!! DONATE TODAY!!! 



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