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What’s a day off?

on September 2, 2013

Most people get to relax on Labor Day weekend right? Well I guess I kind of did. I worked only 8 hours instead of 18 for Purina. It was an optional weekend being a holiday and all, so I figured I might as well work SOME so that I’m not completely broke once payday comes around.

So I had Sunday off, the first full day off of school and work that Ive had I think since I got back from Vegas in July.. so my plan was to unfuck the house as much as I could. So I cleaned up the cat box corner, threw out the non-working automatic litter box, took out the parts they requested to send me a replacement cuz it was still under warranty, vacuumed and cleaned the carpet, cleaned some of the kitchen, did some laundry, cleaned off the top of Abbie’s kennel.. thats about as far as I got.. before i lost steam.

This morning I felt like I did stuff.. oh i did a lil more laundry, still yet to be put away though, cleaned out the vacuum filters, they were gross..

My goal is to get the couch cleaned off, theres enough room for me to sit on it, but not the dogs or the cats easily.. which is frustrating to all of us.. sigh

Then I had to go work a few hours tonight at ulta it was super dead most of the night and we couldn’t really do anything productive since all the stuff we needed was behind the construction wall, pipes, electrical wires, concrete etc.. so we left 45 minutes early, works for me!

Side note, my skin is breaking out like crazy and I know its because I went off my bc like, a month or 2 ago… and i’ve gained weight.. who gains weight after getting OFF bc?!? how’s that make any sense?!?!! heysoos, BUT, I don’t feel as crazy anymore and waaaay less emotional, crying on the spot, and no mood swings, woohoo.

Id love to get back to pachanga or the gym, but, those both cost money and require free time. Neither of which I have right now.

School is taking up 18 credit hours a week, including internship twice a week, and working about 7 days a week. So I’m glad I at least had yesterday off to get a few things done.

Well Ive got one more separate post to make then Ive gotta head to bed since Ive gotta fight rush hour traffic tomorrow…


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