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Joey McIntyre is “The Kid”

on September 3, 2013

Joey Mcintyre of NKOTB is doing a one man show HERE in DENVER called “The Kid”.
He actually debuted it last week and of COURSE I was there for opening night. Its based on his life, career, family, all that good stuff. Rob Lewis is his musical director, and he was all the musical director for the last tour, and he’s been on the cruises with us before.

There was of course acting, singing, laughing, dancing, overall it was good times. If you’re in denver between now and the 15th, you should definitely go see it!

Afterwards a few of us hung around outside the theater hoping Joe would come out… we chatted and caught up on lives and gossip like girls do… after about an hour or so.. i was hemming and hawwing about whether to leave or not… and then Rob Lewis came out, chatted with us, asked how we liked the show etc.. we asked how he was managing in denver, restaurants he should try and all that good stuff..

After about I dunno 15 minutes, Joe came out the front doors and saw us all. He said “Are you guys waiting for me?” I said yes, you did so good Joe! We loved it! And gave him a hug.. then he goes “Well do you wanna take some pictures?” And we all said yes!

So here’s a pic of me and Joe..

Joey McIntyre and Me

Joey McIntyre and Me

















There was also a photographer from the Denver Center for Performing Arts there, taking pictures of us, taking pictures with Joe! Then they put them on their Facebook the next morning so that was cool!

















I had such a good time Thursday night at the show, I decided to go back Saturday night since tickets were still discounted and some of my girls were going again! We had another great night, saw Joe quickly after the show, some of them got pics with him, but I didnt wanna push it and bug him. We stayed late in the bar and hung out with Rob since he remembered us, had some drinks and a yummy shot, lots of good laughs and stories and overall a great time was had!

This is us posing on the stage..

April, Keri Val, Tina, Me

April, Keri Val, Tina, Me












I plan on going back at LEAST 1-2 more times. I definitely want to buy tix to closing night and see how it all wraps up, and Ill probably go another night cuz my manager wants to go with me. It’s been a great experience so far, and I want to be as supportive as I can since not a lot of things like this come through here for us NK fans!!


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