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Time to catch up

on October 10, 2013

I should be writing up my lab report thats due tomorrow, but I realized I hadn’t updated this since Sept 16 when we were being flooded!

So things have dried out since then we even got our first snow, and the weather has been its normal colorado bipolar self, hot one day, 30 degrees the next, etc etc.

Lets see lots has happened in the last few weeks..

For school, we went to a cattle farm, learned how to herd the cows,


how to halter them,


and give them medicine with a balling gun (its not a real gun)


Then 3 out of the 15 of us, go to pregnancy check the cows! The vet went in first to make sure they were pregnant, so she could direct us to feel for what we needed to.


So there’s me, (looking fat) shoulder deep in a cow!

Can you believe that?! As gross as it was, it was pretty damn cool, and I did feel the baby! They were about 3-4 months pregnant at the time. I asked a TON of questions to both the vet and the owners. What can I say I think  I really like large animals!






I actually got a perfect score on that lab, and the teacher even said something nice to me about taking charge, and how comfortable I was around them.




Lets see what else.. Oh! The dogs and I did the Wag’nTrail and that was a lot of fun. I thought they were going to be challenging since it was just me with them, but we actually managed pretty well. They got tons of snacks and treats at all the tables and were worn out by the time we got home. So here’s our family portrait for the year!







Last week at my internship, I got to scrub in and assist on a surgery to remove a ROCK from a dog’s stomach!! It was the coolest thing! I got to hold the intestines while the dr cut above and below the rock and then reattached the intestines together. I got to suction out the abdomen while she rinsed it all out. It was by far the coolest surgery I’ve been able to participate it!

This was the SECOND rock the dog has eaten in 2 months. His hair hadent even fully grown back from his last surgery. Hopefully he doesn’t do this again! The owner says he doesnt have rocks in his yard, doesn’t know where the dog is getting them from!

This week I performed 2 COMPLETE DENTALS on dogs with Xrays that I did by myself! Awesome sauce!

There’s only about 2 months left of school and I’m starting to freak out! It seems like we still have SO MUCH TO LEARN and not enough time to do it in! I’m super over whelmed with it all. Between school 3 days a week, internship twice a week, working at ulta 4 nights a week and proplan fri thru sunday I never have time to do anything! I actually asked for tonight off from ulta so that I could stay later at my internship cuz i need those hours!  As I said earlier i’ve gotta get some homework done tonight that’s due tomorrow.

20131003_161835Some unlicensed lady swiped the side of my car on my way home last week. It’s really not that bad of a scratch, but I still reported it to insurance and also called the cops since all she could produce was a mexican consular id, not a drivers license even though she insisted she had one. The cop confirmed that she did NOT, gave her her 2nd ticket for that, as well as an improper lane change resulting in an accident. Which reminds me I need to return the call to that insurance company tomorrow.

20131010_204101Last week I got a weird itchy spot at the bottom of my neck, and on the back of my shoulder, then on the inside of my arm. Looked like some weird rash and got itchier as the days went on. Since I finally (for now) have insurance i went to a dermatologist because I was afraid it might be ringworm, since I work with animals and what not. Fortunately it was not! He said it was some sort of “Nodular Eczema”. They dont know what causes it why it appears or how, its not contagious but goes away easily with super steroid ($46!!!) cream. It’s already feeling a LOT better and way less itchy. I also had them remove a spot on my leg that was possibly a mole or something that I had accidentally shaved off MONTHS AND MONTHS Ago that just refused to heal. So they removed it and cauterized it, sent it off for biopsy just in case. Hopefully it’ll heal now.

In other happier news, I decided to book the next NKOTB Cruise for next year!!! They just announced it the other day, of course with not enough time to process it all and whatnot, but I managed to move some money around and have enough for the deposit. I’ll be rooming with my Canadian friend Brenda again. The reason(s) I decided to do it was because it’s a month after my official graduation, AND the fact that it’s leaving from a different port. Instead of Miami, it’s leaving from NEW YORK CITY!!! and Traveling to Bermuda!!! I’ve never been to either place and I’m so freaking stoked! Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to pay for it all.. hoping my tax refund will come early next year and I can take care of a lot of it with that!


7 responses to “Time to catch up

  1. crankypants says:

    Well it sounds as if you have found your calling. Glad you are doing so well with the animules! That’s so great. Hope everything goes well with the mole and saving money for the cruise!

  2. Redscylla says:

    You’re all so cute in the Wag’nTrail picture. Happy dogs and happy mama. I love that you’re enjoying working with the cows. I have a special place in my heart for large animal veterinarians.

    • i really like the large animals, maybe because its because I SO BADLY want a horse and cant have one yet!! i dont understand why some other people in my class were like deathly afraid of them, i guess because of their size *shrugs* but i see them as gentle giants!

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