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Boxer Lumps and Bumps

on October 25, 2013

Beware, gross veterinary pictures ahead, fair warning!!

Yesterday we worked on a 12 year old boxer who needed a dental cleaning for the nubbins of teeth that he had left.. and growth removals… 27ish of them to be exact – ish.  He was a white boxer, so his owner had taken to him with a purple marker circling every growth on his body that she could lol.

One very large one under his chin that we said looked very similar to a cow teet LOL.. we also took the lymph node underneath it just in case, and to send out for histopathology. As well as a large lesion on the inside of his upper lip that was pretty grody.

All the rest of the lumps and bumps were scattered throughout his body, probably just old age fatty tumors of no real harm other than looking yucky.  Man, he smelled too, like he really needed a bath. Anyways we removed a large flap of skin from the top of his head that had multiple bumps on it, luckily he had a lot of extra skin as boxers do, so it was like a mini face lift for him when we sewed it back together!


Nasty growth on his chin/neck area

Neck, after removing external growth, and lymph node

Neck, after removing external growth, and lymph node

cool huh!


3 responses to “Boxer Lumps and Bumps

  1. Redscylla says:

    GAAAAAAH! I didn’t even want to look, but the picture popped up in my Reader view before I could look away. Poor Bigs has a giant cow teat … on one of her nipples. Next time she gets her teeth cleaned.

  2. xmangerm says:

    The life of a vet tech can be challenging!

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