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Finally, a break! Kind of. . .

on November 22, 2013

Oh my goodness its been almost a month since my last update! Forgive me, school and work have been taking up all my time!!

I’m officially on Thanksgiving break since around 1pm today. However its not really a *break* because I have to finish up 37 hours of internship this upcoming week, plus somehow study for all my finals, catch up on my math class that I’m behind in, as well as work all weekend for Purina, and then 3 days next week for Ulta.

I’m also planning on making thanksgiving for me and the dogs… I bought an 18# turkey for about $9 LOL.. however I did get an offer to go over to a friends house for thanksgiving so if I’m too tired to cook I may just do that.

It snowed again here yesterday, the high was 17 degrees… the day before it was about 60… It took me an hour and a half to make my normal 30 minute drive. All over about an inch and a half, maybe 2 inches of snow.. aggravating!

Hmm what else..

I’ve been slowly unfucking parts of the house when I have an extra few hours here and there… Oh i got a new tv stand from a friend, and gave my old one away.. so that was like 3 hours of my night off work removing/reattaching trying to figure out the audio system. Since I wasn’t the one who set it up… but I did eventually figure it out!

I finally cancelled my cable tv, and I’ve been surprisingly okay without it. I did buy a digital converter/antenna thingy for the living room, and have been moving my chromecast between the bedroom and living room.

OH today’s gem was that my debit card has been compromised and someone managed to process a $120 payment through western union on my account… which made 2 of my cc payments bounce.. so now i’ve gotta deal with the credit union, wait for a letter from them to be able to send to those companies. what a pain in the ass! late tonight I realized my car insurance is due tomorrow, so my mom was able to send me some $ via paypal, so i’ll have to go to the bank early in the am before work and deposit it the old fashioned way.

Welp I throw my scrubs in the dryer and head to I can wake up early and work 10 hours tomorrow URRRGGGHH!!!



3 responses to “Finally, a break! Kind of. . .

  1. AuntieBellum says:

    My commute was hideous on Thursday, too. I have about a 12 mile drive, and the first 3 miles took a half a stinking hour! After that, it wasn’t so bad, so the whole drive was “only” an hour, but still…

  2. xmangerm says:

    “so my mom was able to send me some $ via paypal” classic Sara. Gotta love mothers.

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