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Put Put Puttin it off…

on November 29, 2013

How much longer can I procrastinate on studying? Well I can write this that’ll take a few minutes!!

Today was my FINAL day at internship woohoo! 180 hours down. I learned quite a bit and had a lot of new experiences at this clinic. I learned that some places still do things the outdated way, or unnecessarily… and I also learned the type of technicians that I DON’T want to work with in the future.  I really liked the Dr’s there, they taught me a lot. The tech’s were OK, one in particular was just very two faced. One way with pet parents and  completely different with me and others. Maybe even bi-polar ish.  Anyways.

I’m trying to get started on my 5 case studies.. that are due on Sunday.  I also have some online tests and what not to complete by then as well.  If I get everything completed, I may treat myself to the new Hunger Games movie on Sunday.  I’ve only got school until the 9th and then I’ll be done! DONE DONE DONE! How exciting is that?! Cross your fingers that I pass all my finals and my classes!

Luckily the 37 hours I spent at the clinic this week weren’t totally wasted, during the slow times I was able to type up all my notes for ONE class.. and then started on a second today.

I was planning on making my 18# turkey this week, but Jamie & Tyler invited me over for thanksgiving and after thinking about it, I decided I’d probably be exhausted and not in the mood to cook all that food for just me and the dogs. While waiting for dinner I dozed off on the couch for a bit LOL! What can I say, I was comfy and had an empty belly full of wine!

I figure I can make my turkey and what not in a couple weeks either when schools done, or for Christmas. I did make the same strawberry cheesecake with chocolate layer that I made last year and it was delish again.

Because I had to go to the clinic today, I didnt do any black Friday shopping, and because I really didnt have any money. However I did stop by PetSmart on the way in because they were giving out stockings with coupons in them. So that was a nice lil treat. I ordered 2 nail polishes from Julep because it only came to $4.99 and free shipping!

My Christmas cards came in the mail this week, so if any one wants one, message me your address. They’re SUPER cute!

My credit union refunded my stolen money and I finally was able to  get a new debit card today. I’ve still gotta send in my letter to the cc companies, but its such a pain to call them and explain the issue to someone who doesn’t understand English and can’t comprehend what I’m attempting to do.

Oh my rash is finally starting to subside, actually it’s almost gone! Now that I’ve gone to a new dr who actually listened and concurred with my ideas, the anti-fungal cream is working, I haven’t been itchy in a week, and my skin is barely even red! I go back in 2 weeks for  a recheck, but I’m already totally satisfied with the results so far.

Alright well I guess that’s enough of an update for now.. till something else exciting happens.


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