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on December 22, 2013

So have I mentioned that I’m ALL DONE with school?! It’s been a couple weeks now and it’s such a relief!

With that being done I have more time for work which has been keeping me busy. Purina has been giving me extra days in the warehouse helping out so that’s nice. I need the money for the next cruise payment which is due in a few weeks!

Sassy Pantalones is still here, her owners never came forward, so I had her microchip transferred, and her records sent to me. She’s 2 years old, she was preg when she was taken to the shelter with a really bad upper respiratory infection. Luckily she was negative for all kitty diseases and they spayed her. She’s going to my regular vet for a checkup on Tuesday. She’s made herself quite at home, less grumbling and fighting with everyone. So I guess she’s staying here!
My house is a wreck right now and just gets worse I’ve been too tired, lazy, and unmotivated to do anything about it. I’ve gotta take my thanksgiving Turkey outta the freezer so I can finally make it for Christmas. I have no plans otherwise so it’s just me and the dogs.

I’ve gotta update my resume this week and start looking for big girl jobs.

Lately I’ve been lounging around re watching old seasons of one tree hill instead of being productive. Such is life lol.


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