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This ends it

on December 31, 2013

2013 has been a year of a few ups any many downs. I’m ready for it to be over and to have a clean slate for 2014.

It seemed for every up there were a few downs to bring my happiness crashing to the ground.

So let’s just focus on the positive things. Because I for one refuse to live in the past, I don’t know why anyone would want to.

1. Successfully finished school! Was even on the dean’s list at one point!

2. Assisted in actual surgeries during internship. Learned a ton of skills to do my job.

3. Went to Vegas for my birthday, spent time with my nk girls and saw an amazing concert.

4. Saw another nk concert from the 5th row and had the best after party with my Denver girls and Donnie.

5. Got a job that ties into my schooling, that pays well, is easy, and I get to interact with animals every weekend!

6. Thankfully got a new-to-me car from my mom that’s more reliable than the last and gets me everywhere I need to be.

7. Had the financial help from my family to keep me afloat and a roof over my head, pay for school, and keep my pets healthy.

8. Saw Joey McIntyre’s one man play, a few times, got some great pics with him, and spent wonderful bonding time with my friends.

9. Adopted some cutie patootie ratties!

10. Even though I didn’t get in shape, lose weight, or anything productive like that, I finally rid myself of 185 lbs of drama, bullshit, and lies.

11. Found a sweet sweet kitty who was abandoned, took her in, and almost 4 weeks later she’s still here.. my dad said she was magical and she just may be. Yesterday our vets office called to ask me to come in to interview for a job…which I didn’t apply for, was just having casual conversation with the Dr when I took Sassy in for her checkup about having finished school. Would be great way to start the year with a new job!

12. Cancelled my cable t.v.! Saving lots of money now and surprisingly surviving without my dvr lol

13.  Came to the realization that I’m worth more than I thought, that I deserve more and better than what I had, my friends are there for me when I really need them, I’m not crazy or overreacting when I listen to my instincts, and I’m capable of being OK by myself.


3 responses to “This ends it

  1. crankypants says:

    Sounds like 2013 has prepared you for a really great 2014!

  2. xmangerm says:

    “I finally rid myself of 185 lbs of drama, bullshit, and lies.” I guess you are off to a very good 2014. Take care of yourself.

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