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Bring it on 2014. The word of the year will be: AWESOME!

on January 1, 2014

My goals for the year:

1. Live for myself, make my own happiness and don’t rely on anyone else for it.

2. Seriously work on decreasing debt, while paying for cruise in cash.

3. Get a vet tech job.

4. Pass the VTNE on the first try (p.s. start studying asap).

5. Spend more time doing fun things with the dogs, they deserve it for being so patient during school and for being patients during school!

6. Get and keep the house in order, clean, unfucked all the time.

7. Start dating again, be picky, be choosy, and don’t settle.

8. Start working out again for my health (and to look good for the cruise).

9. Explore New York and hopefully Boston!

10. Eat healthier, less caffeine, more veggies and fruits, less sugar.

11. Make and spend more time with my friends

12. Take more photos, not just snap shots and selfies.

13. Blog more, of substance, get more comments, more readers, more hits.

14. Keep up on coupons, saving money, and track total savings!



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