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on January 24, 2014


Yeah that’s Ellie being pitiful.. two days ago when I woke up she was pacing the house, panting, drooling, jumping on/off the bed constantly being 10x as annoying as usual.

She had taken some empty cans of cat food and who knows what else out of the garbage can from the night before… and as much as I’ve seen in clinic with dogs eating foreign bodies.. I didn’t want to risk anything…

I took her outside about 5 times in an hour all she did was poop twice, roll in the snow and sniff stuff.

After a while longer I couldn’t stand it anymore and called the vet. They said I could bring her right over before the Dr went to lunch, just in case.

She did her exam, her abdomen wasn’t sensitive or painful, no fever, didn’t act like she had been at home of course. So they gave her a bleb of fluids, and an anti nausea shot just in case, (she is usually vomiting/diarrhea when she doesn’t feel good) and sent us home with some antacids… $100 later

After about an hour at home I laid down hoping she would too and she did. She’s been fine ever since, so maybe we prevented a huge blowout or she just got over it.. who knows…

But,  I did go to bed bath and beyond to pick up a dog proof trash can ($38), maybe 8 years is too late for that lol but it’ll prevent any more hundreds of dollars in vet bills…hopefully.

She’s not gonna be happy!



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