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Productive Tuesday

on February 18, 2014

Last night I made a list of things to do today, and by golly I actually followed through!

First I called and scheduled an appointment for Thursday to get my cracked windshield replaced. $177

Then I went to JCP to drop off my bracelet for repair. I’ve been needing to do it but wanted to wait till after the Xmas/vday rush. While I was there, browsing, I find a ring on clearance that matched my bracelet,
marked down to $60!


The older man helping me took forever to do things, and I totally spaced using the $10 gift card I won took after we completed the transaction..  so I just went downstairs and used it on some underwear instead lol.

After that, I swung by a gym, Fitness 19, to check them out and see their prices… it’s small, close to the house, and cheap-ish. So I signed up, and even got 12 personal training sessions too. Might as well get on it because the cruise is just a few months away! So I’m waiting for the trainer to call and make our first appointment. My boss at ulta goes there, so maybe we can go together!

Once I got home I decided to clean out the car, it was getting bad! So I got all the crap out of it, wiped it all down and armor-all’d the leather. I need to find that stuff to seal holes in the leather.  Damn dogs getting where they shouldn’t be has made some scratches. And I should really stop eating in the car, lots of little crumbs everywhere lol. Oh and Abbie supervised while Ellie rolled in the grass and found who knows what to eat off the ground.


I’ve got a few hours till I have to go to work, so I think I’ll get the vday designs off my nails and paint something pretty on them…


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