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What’s goin on?

on April 22, 2014

Ohh hey there, sorry I havent updated in a while! Whoops! Life’s been crazy busy here.

Work is still going good, I actually get Wednesdays off from both jobs so thats always something to look forward to. My schedule is pretty much 10-6 on the days that I work. I can handle that, not too early in the morning, and early enough in the evening so that I dont come home and fall right asleep. Those first few weeks were rough but now I’m used to the 40+ hours a week.

So my dad moved out here a few weeks ago, I wasn’t looking forward to it and it was really stressing me out.. but its surprisingly worked out so far. I was nice enough to let him stay with me, and gave up my bed so I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the last 2+ weeks… I hired 4 guys off craigslist to unload his (26′) moving truck into a storage unit. He’s managed to get around town via the bus, to social services, social security, grocery store etc.. so thats nice.

For whatever reason, he ended up bringing his 3 lil yappy dogs.. which like me a lot.. and 8 friggen cats… I finally convinced him that 8 was way too many and completely unmanageable.

cat bite
After I got bit by one of the cats in the moving truck, after they’d escaped, he decided on 4 of them to relinquish to the local shelter, the one I got Ellie and Sassy from. So that evening we took them down and did what was right. I figure they’ll more easily find a home in colorado than they would have in l.a. so its alright. I’ve been taking all his animals to work 2 at a time to get checked out and updated on vaccines. Better safe than sorry.



Since then, hes configured 2 dog kennels to house the 4 remaining cats, and because it snowed last week, I allowed it to be in my living room. He also fixed the rat cage so they cant chew through it and escape anymore.. and has been cleaning the house and cooking stuff. so thats not too bad in itself. Yesterday we took all the dogs to the dog park which was fun, the lil dogs had never been to a dog park or in that kind of social situation but they handled their own. The other nice thing is, I dont have to come rushing home to walk my dogs, or feed the cats n what not, because he’s here to do that.

Thats good because I’ve been hanging out with a new guy who stays up north, actually not far from work, for the last couple weeks. We get along really well, and seem to be enjoying each others company so that’s always nice. (= I met a few of his friends/acquaintances at the bar, and they had nothing but nice things to say about him.




Last week I finally was able to afford the tattoo I’ve wanted for the last year. My friend Chelsea did an amazing job drawing up what I wanted from a few different images and did some amazing color on it too. I love it! I was finally able to wear my work shoes again today since most of the swelling had gone down.

My graduation is coming up in a few weeks so my mom, step dad, and grandma are all going to come out for it. My grandmas never been on a flight longer than an hour and never been to denver so this will be fun for her! They’re only coming for about 2 full days and I dont know what I’ll have off from work other than my specific graduation day. We’ll see when the time comes.

I also booked my flight to NYC for the cruise couldnt pass up $129 non stop! Ive still gotta find a hotel to stay at, and decide if I’m going to boston afterwards with my roomie. I really want to! Just all about the money right now!  So if anyone has any hookups in NYC or Boston, please let me know!!

Welp I better wrap this up and get to bed… er, couch. Sigh. I miss my bed!!


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