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Rat Surgery!

on May 23, 2014

Miss panya went to work today with me…last week I noticed she was losing weight and then found a mass behind her right arm/elbow. My Dr at work said he’d take it off since she was my pet. He doesn’t typically work on exotics but was ok with it.

Initially he thought the mass was a fatty tumor.. but once he got it out, wasn’t sure what it was.. I could send it out for biopsy but that’s $86… a lil much for a rat I paid 3 dollars to adopt!

So she’s home with me now, I gave her some pain meds and antibiotics and she’s sleeping on my shoulder, something she’s never done lol. Also has a stockinette on for now, since she has a bunch of stitches.. gonna see how she does back in the cage with the other girls tonight… hopefully they don’t pick at her stitches







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