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T Minus 9 days!!

on May 27, 2014

woah 3 updates in 1 week?!

LoL.. so in 9 days, i’ll be headed to New York CITY!!! This years NKOTB cruise is leaving from there and heading to Bermuda!!

I’m so excited!! It’s been ridiculous trying to get prepared for this trip because I’ve been so busy with LIFE in general!

Luckily Brenda (my cruise roomie/canadian friend) has been helping out a lot.

I’m getting there the 3rd, staying at a hotel in New Jersey with a different previous cruise roomie, then boarding the boat on the 5th till the 9th! That day we’re spending the night in New York, then renting a car and driving up to BOSTON!!!!!!! for 3 1/2 days!

Soooooo excited, I’ve never been to any of these places before but I’m stoked to finally go!!

I’m definitely in need of this vacation no doubt about that! Tomorrow will be day 6 of 9 w/o a day off from both jobs, so Saturday i plan on sleeping in with my guy, and maybe taking the dogs to do something fun.

Tomorrow night I’m meeting up with my friend Natalie to make my masquerade mask for the ship, I’ve gotta still find time to pack, find my camera, chargers, and batteries! eeek! Oh and I still gotta find something to wear that signifies denver/colorado for one of the theme nights… so much to do!!

I was giving Justin a hard time about how much he’ll miss me while i’m gone, who will pick on him and give him shit?! LoL… did I ever mention I started seeing someone? Well I did, and for the last i dunno 2 months? it’s been really great!  So there’s that… (=


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