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on August 18, 2014

Hey hey heeeey!

Lookit me posting again so soon!!

So there’s been a few things going on in the last week or so..

I took, and PASSED my VTNE (national boards) which means i’ll now be a CERTIFIED VET TECH!!

Awesome sauce! i was really nervous and didnt study as much as I should have, but all i know is i passed. In a few weeks i’ll get the detailed results of the test. 

In the meantime, it means I’ve gotten a $1 raise at work! Next week i’ll be training in Surgery so the Dr feels comfortable with me doing all that. Probably after that i’ll be moving to the 1pm-9pm time slot. Which is ok, just cuts into my social life ya know? Sometimes i’m asleep by 9pm too LOL

Then a few days ago, I got a call from my dad that my grandma, his mom, had passed away. She was 93 and it was finally her time. She’d been hanging on for years with Alzheimer’s/demensia, and the after effects of shingles. 

Last night, I went with my previous boss Annette from Ulta and saw Bruno Mars in concert!! It was his last stop on the Moonshine Jungle tour and it was aaaaaamazing! We had 6th row seats so that was pretty damn cool in itself!! He put on a great show and I highly recommend it if you get the chance on his next tour! 

Lets see if this playlist will embed….


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