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Tasty Tasty Campbell’s

on January 7, 2015

A while back I was sent a big box of Campbell’s goodies from crowdtap with lots of new items to try out!

Here’s some of what I tried:

Portobello mushroom soup, I added garlic, pesto, artichoke hearts and eventually pasta

Everyone loves spaghettios!

Pasta, creamy parmesan chicken, French cut green beans.

This ended up being a loaded potato soup! Deeeeelish!

Thank you Campbell’s for letting me try some new recipes, I’ll definitely be buying these items again!


One response to “Tasty Tasty Campbell’s

  1. We buy Spagettio’s for our daughter, but if I’m completely honest, I put them on the list for myself! I only like the meatball version, though (at least I hope they are meatballs…..yeah, I highly doubt they are meatballs). They are good, though!

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