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Here, Catch!

on July 7, 2015

Dear bloggity blog, I am SO sorry I have neglected you since February Whoops, January!!! My gosh! So much has happened in the last few months so I’ll try and catch you up quickly – For those of you who aren’t on FB/Instagram that is.

In February I started a full time job at a vet clinic, it’s going great these days! Working 5 1/2 days a week there pretty much every week. My Purina contract ended at the end of June so I’m down to 1 job now. I do some dog sitting for clients from the clinic on occasion so that’s helpful in the money dept!

My dad moved out in March to his own apartment finally. Justin moved in around the same time. Things really went downhill after that. At the beginning of June I broke up with Justin.

Today’s my Birthday! 

And Justin moved out today. I finally, after 15 months, have my apartment back to myself! No roommates no couch surfers no one taking up my bed except my pets! No one else eating my food, making a mess, not taking out the trash or not doing the dishes! Now I’ll only have myself to blame if shit doesn’t get done. But really, I feel more in control of things these days after living with multiple people who just don’t give a shit about their living environments, I realize that I really care about where I live and my STUFF! Hoping to get everything cleaned and in order in the next week or so – so I can maintain it easily.

I’ve got my next NKOTB Cruise coming up in October so I’m prepping for that. My last payment is this month so all this dog sitting is really helping me accomplish that.

I think I’m going to be happy being single for a while. I’m going to relish in it actually. I was happy initially with the last relationship but it fizzled out after a while and thats that. I don’t need to dredge up what happened or all the annoyances, but I’m just happy to have my life back to myself and be happy again!

With my Sundays now free, I want to do more things with the dogs, maybe outdoorsy things, small hikes or whatnot. Something that won’t kill ME!

All the cats and dogs are still around, healthy and happy no concerns with them. The only downfall about living by myself is again is that I have no one to walk them if I’m running late from work, or woke up too late in the morning! I have to get back into the hang of getting up EARLIER to make sure I walk the dogs. Which I guess would be easy to accomplish if I can manage to go to bed earlier. Easier said than done right?

Speaking of, I should wrap this up and head to bed, 7am shifts on Wednesdays suck!

I promise, i’ll be back more often with real updates!


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