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Skintimate-ly Smooth!

Last week I received a nifty package in the mail from Crowdtap, and as always it was filled with awesomeness!

This time it was Skintimate’s new Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel!

It actually came at the perfect time because I had just run out a few days before and was using conditioner to shave with, which just ISN’T the same.

The description is right on though the scent DOES remind me of a tropical vacation, much like the Bermuda trip i took this summer! Mandarin, lemon, and lime woke up my senses in the shower and also moisturized my legs, I didnt even need to apply any lotion or body oil after my shave!

Here’s my #SkintimateHappyLegs !


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Get Your Beauty On!


I thought I’d take a few minutes and promote some monthly subscription boxes that I Looooove!

First off is Julep Maven!  Imagine getting a box of nail polish and other goodies every month delivered to your door!

I’ve been taking this subscription since November ’12 and I’ve accumulated quite a collection of polish!

Unlike other subscriptions, Julep actually allows you to Skip a Month (if you’re broke or other reasons) or even send to a friend, no questions asked! You also earn points or “Jules” for every monthly box you take and any add’l orders, which you can in return cash in on future purchases!

In addition to nail polish, they have cuticle care, hand cremes, and they’re starting to come out with beauty products, like a dry shampoo!

So if you’re interested in this monthly subscription box, follow my referral link and let me know how you like it!

use code: CARE3244
Luxury Beauty Products

Buy Luxury Beauty Products

Buy Luxury Beauty Products

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The next subscription is Sample Society by in conjunction with Allure magazine!
For just $15 a month, you get deluxe (sometimes full sized!) beauty products! Things you’d probably never think to try when you’re out shopping, or maybe its normally out of your price range. Luckily, every month you also get a $15 towards $50 promo code! Good towards the full size items from that months box!

So make sure you use my referral code when you sign up, CARE3244 donations are made to the Best Friends Animal Society on my behalf!

p.s. If you shop through you can also receive 3% cash back on Beauty Bar purchases! Double score!


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Falling behind at work

Work has been hectic lately.. they’ve had to cut hours, yet we have even more merchandise to set, so nothing is getting done either in time, or at all. We still have items left from LAST MONDAY’S truck that haven’t been done. Yesterday we got another 7 pallets of boxes delivered. Even though we had 8 people including 2 managers for yesterdays shipment, we barely got anything done! I dont understand how thats possible. Well we did have 2 dipshits working who a. don’t listen b. don’t care and c. are slow as fuck at doing ANYTHING and d. give attitude when you correct them or give them direction.  We had our holiday meeting this past Sunday, and hopefully it got a lot of the newer people on board and understanding what’s expected of them. I tried to bring up and explain to them the importance of organization, knowing what we have on hand, and making sure to not only make things nice, straight, and organized, but also restocking everything because we have TONS of back stock, and theres no reason for the shelves to be empty. Hopefully Thursday I can start getting things organized again in the store because right now its a shit storm.

One of the shitty newer managers has been making the schedule and sucking at it. The last 2 weeks she’s given me 14 hours each week, which is SOOOOOOOO not enough. So I told the other managers to call me this week if they needed me to come in, low and behold they called last night asking me to come in this am at 8 so I did. Then while I was there Annette asked me to come in at 6 FREAKING AM tomorrow, because she needs to leave early in the day, so she’s coming in extra early and needs someone there with her. That’s an insane time, but shit’s gotta get done. I dunno how but we’ve gotta knock a lot of it out.

When I got off work today I had an appointment with Danielle to get some highlights done in my hair cuz its been boooooring me sooo much. All monotone and blaaaaaaah. So she added some pretty caramel-y highlights everywhere and it turned out great!

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Gotta love my employee discount, only $35 for this service (plus tip)! I need to make an appt with our new esthetician soon so I can get a facial, I’m in need of one, and people have said she’s really good!

Ugh I’ve got some homework to do today, I managed to get TONS of laundry done Fri/Saturday and a lot of the house cleaned & vacuumed too! I dunno what came over me, but I just went with it.

As for now I’ve gotta go eat something and then find something productive to do.

Oh p.s. the new ‘puter is AWESOME!

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My pretties!

Picked up these polishes at work yesterday, buy 2 get 1 free. Flying dragon, fairy dust, and princess grace.


This is flying dragon on, its awesome has little blue flecks in it. Goes on matte but lots of shine with a seche vite top coat.


And finally, Benefit’s Watts Up! Skin highlighter and brightener-also amazeballs.


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