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On The Move

Finally, after 5 LOOOONG years, I’m moving!!! I’m super duper excited!

A friend of mine bought a house, so she moved out of her rental early, and we were able to swoop in early and snatch it up before it was put on the market!! Denver is in a crazy housing ordeal right now (ugh, thanks weed legalization), we have like the 4th highest rental rates in the whole country its ridiculous.

So anyways, its a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full basement and, AND! HAS A BACKYARD FOR THE DOGS!!! Hardwood floors throughout, no dishwasher though, sad face. My friend was gracious enough to leave her washer and dryer for us AMAZEBALLS as well as a free standing AC unit. I must admit, the backyard having part is selfish on my part, that i don’t have to walk the dogs in the snow anymore (=  It’s only about 20 minutes away from where I am now, really less than 15 miles. But its in a part of town I’ve never LIVED in, but I am somewhat familiar with. I’ll adjust fine. Just need to find where all my grocery stores are to get my couponing done!

I’ve been packing for WEEKS now, because I’m a procrastinator, and I pretty much have all the major stuff done. Just have to take apart the bed friday night, and the speakers in the living room and all the things I cant pack cuz i need, like shower stuff, makeup etc.  I’ll have to spend all day sunday cleaning the old place so I can be done with it. The cats are gonna be stressed, the dogs are gonna love it I hope.

Wednesday I leave for my next NKOTB cruise!! Such a time crunch on all this but it is what it is. I’m not 100% prepared for this cruise as usual, but whatevs its my vacation and I’ll make due!

Welp I gotta get back to packing, well after I finish the new Blacklist episode!!


BBQ’d Goodness!!!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to host a McCormicks flavorfull BBQ at my place!

I was sent the following flavors to use, share, and enjoy and boy did we ever!

For Steakhouse Burgers –
Classic Burger
Smoky Applewood
Worcestershire Pub
Steakhouse Mushroom

We used these on the Ribs and Chicken:
Memphis Pit BBQ Rub
Tennessee Smokehouse BBQ Rub
Smokin’ Sweet Tea Marinade
Chipotle & Roasted Garlic,

And of course for the steaks:
Montreal Steak Sauce & seasoning

We also grilled up some corn on the cob, had macaroni salad, chips, salsa & guac, mac & cheese, and cheesecake stuffed strawberries! I made up some strawberry lemonade sangria, as well as tropical fruit sangria which were both hits on this hot day!

Justin and Tyler were grubbing on the ribs!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My dad grilled everything up for us and we all chowed down!
The dog’s had a blast playing with everyone and stealing snacks that were dropped on the ground LoL.

Overall it was a great day with great friends, we all went home happy, full and ready for a nap!!

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This ends it

2013 has been a year of a few ups any many downs. I’m ready for it to be over and to have a clean slate for 2014.

It seemed for every up there were a few downs to bring my happiness crashing to the ground.

So let’s just focus on the positive things. Because I for one refuse to live in the past, I don’t know why anyone would want to.

1. Successfully finished school! Was even on the dean’s list at one point!

2. Assisted in actual surgeries during internship. Learned a ton of skills to do my job.

3. Went to Vegas for my birthday, spent time with my nk girls and saw an amazing concert.

4. Saw another nk concert from the 5th row and had the best after party with my Denver girls and Donnie.

5. Got a job that ties into my schooling, that pays well, is easy, and I get to interact with animals every weekend!

6. Thankfully got a new-to-me car from my mom that’s more reliable than the last and gets me everywhere I need to be.

7. Had the financial help from my family to keep me afloat and a roof over my head, pay for school, and keep my pets healthy.

8. Saw Joey McIntyre’s one man play, a few times, got some great pics with him, and spent wonderful bonding time with my friends.

9. Adopted some cutie patootie ratties!

10. Even though I didn’t get in shape, lose weight, or anything productive like that, I finally rid myself of 185 lbs of drama, bullshit, and lies.

11. Found a sweet sweet kitty who was abandoned, took her in, and almost 4 weeks later she’s still here.. my dad said she was magical and she just may be. Yesterday our vets office called to ask me to come in to interview for a job…which I didn’t apply for, was just having casual conversation with the Dr when I took Sassy in for her checkup about having finished school. Would be great way to start the year with a new job!

12. Cancelled my cable t.v.! Saving lots of money now and surprisingly surviving without my dvr lol

13.  Came to the realization that I’m worth more than I thought, that I deserve more and better than what I had, my friends are there for me when I really need them, I’m not crazy or overreacting when I listen to my instincts, and I’m capable of being OK by myself. Read the rest of this entry »




Today Santa came to petsmart to take photos and collect donations for the dumb friends league!

We had a ton of visitors and raised a lot of money!

I wanted to get Abbie during my lunch, but I ran out of time to get her while I was helping a family adopt a  sweet kitty.

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I didn’t float away

If you haven’t heard, Colorado has been under siege from mother nature!

This first picture was on my drive home from my internship around 1pm.. on a normally packed freeway.


This was two intersections from my house a main thoroughway between Aurora to Denver. . . They just shut it all down because water was just rushing down all 8 lanes..


This here, we’re driving down the center lane, because the right 3 lanes are flooded out and it just got worse the closer i got to home.


Once I did get home, I wasn’t able to leave because they were shutting down all the streets around me, so I ended up not being able to get to work which was fine with me! 

Snagged these off facebook..

alamedaalameda 2




Here’s a link to some of the videos I took on instagram

Someone posted this video on Facebook, this is literally across the street diagonally from me. Where I go to 7-11, Walgreens, and Starbucks… Aurora, CO Alameda and Havana (make the video smaller when you watch it, click the box in the lower right corner if its too big) needless to say this street was closed for about 2 days at the intersection, and they’re currently in the process of fixing the sidewalks and streets.

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