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Bring it on 2014. The word of the year will be: AWESOME!

My goals for the year:

1. Live for myself, make my own happiness and don’t rely on anyone else for it.

2. Seriously work on decreasing debt, while paying for cruise in cash.

3. Get a vet tech job.

4. Pass the VTNE on the first try (p.s. start studying asap).

5. Spend more time doing fun things with the dogs, they deserve it for being so patient during school and for being patients during school!

6. Get and keep the house in order, clean, unfucked all the time.

7. Start dating again, be picky, be choosy, and don’t settle.

8. Start working out again for my health (and to look good for the cruise).

9. Explore New York and hopefully Boston!

10. Eat healthier, less caffeine, more veggies and fruits, less sugar.

11. Make and spend more time with my friends

12. Take more photos, not just snap shots and selfies.

13. Blog more, of substance, get more comments, more readers, more hits.

14. Keep up on coupons, saving money, and track total savings!


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Before & After

I worked from 5am – 11am today..
Came home, Took a 3 hour nap..

Status After Work

Then went to 2 hours of Pachanga tonight.

After PachangaSo I burned 1309 Calories during class, and took 12,533 steps! Dang!!

My daily steps goal is 10000
With 30 mins of activity
And I aim to burn 2700 calories, while I try to consume 1950 calories or less.

So now I’m pooped, I need to do some laundry though so I have clothes to wear to work tomorrow. Already downed some ibuprofen cuz I know i’ll be hurting.

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Last night’s Pachanga Class


(that’s me on stage)


Work it!

I bought some snazzy new shoes today! Everyone loved them, they’re super comfy.
Glad I did because we did a 2 hour super party tonight.
I burned about 1100 calories and took around 11000 steps!






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Pachanga to Calle 13 – Atrevete-te-te


Put this little video together from the thanksgiving 2 hour class we had. I wasnt in it, i just brought cookies for everyone lol.

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Go me!

During todays class..


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Busy busy weekend

I kept getting online to come make a post, but ended up getting distracted, so here I am finally lets see what I come up with!

I’m either sick again, or still sick. Which sucks both ways. This round its more of a head congestion, and just a little bit of a cough.

Friday I didn’t have to work at the butt crack of dawn, so I slept in, lounged around, and didnt do much. That night I finally taught my first Pachanga class!! All by myself!! It was just 7 people, but still, gotta start somewhere! I was covering for my friend Kristi since she was out of town. It worked out well.

Saturday I had to work at 5am because our shipment came then instead of Friday, so THAT kinda sucked. But then I took the truck to get the thermostat replaced in it, it was NOT warming up inside at all anymore and with all the snow and what not lately, its really nice to have heat again! They also worked on the door/light issue and for now its holding up!

While the car was getting worked on Ellie and Abbie ran around like crazy and wore themselves out. For some reason Ellie loves to roll in the snow, weirdo.

Saturday night I went to a 2 hour Pachanga party/class it was fun, but packed! I got up and lead during 2 songs so that was fun.

I had to work AGAIN this am at 7 rawr for a new ad-set, such a pain, mostly because our DM was there and no one likes her, and i may have told her off a lil bit… but everyone else appreciated it and she seemed to be a lil bit nicer after that…*shrugs*

We have a new OPI nail polish collection out thats for the Muppets Movie, theyre soooo cute and have the best names! I ended up buying the “meep-meep-meep” one, its a sparkly pinkish red. Can’t wait to put it on my toes!


In other good news the Broncos beat the Raiders!!!!!! Awesomeness!!! They really came back after halftime and whooped some ass! Even better cuz they were playing in Oakland.

I stopped by walmart tonight to pick up a plastic container to hold the dog food in instead of the bags it comes in… and ended up with that, a humidifier, a new pencil pouch cuz mine is falling apart, and an index card holder. I coulda gotten outta there under $10, but noooo I had to spend $35…still, not too bad though. good price on the humidifier, i needed one bad.

There’s only 8 school days left on until Thanksgiving break!!! eeek!!! That just means I have LOTS of studying to do because after that break, its finals!

Did i mention we raised $170 from our bake sale? Awesomesauce! We’re using that to go to a wild life sanctuary in 2 weeks. SO EXCITED.

My 2nd NKOTB Cruise payment is due at the end of the month, and I have $225 saved up so far, so with my next 2 checks I should be good to go.

Well my non-drowsy medicine is making me very sleepy, so I think its time to set up the humidifier and get my butt to bed.

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I love this tan cord skirt…I bought it at the end of last fall….but its a bit big these days…. Which means I’m smaller, which is just fine! I can wear a belt (=


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Made it through Monday

Saw this today on an article from Eat this Not that.

By passing up dessert, you actually make it harder to stick to your diet—and that’s why so many of us stay on course for weeks or months, then wake up one morning face down in a box of Ho-Hos.

How true is that! LoL I didn’t do great on eating today i just couldnt get full during lunch and it took a bit. But then I wasnt hungry for dinner so thats kind of a plus lol.

Sunday I went to Pachanga class to work off the bbq from Sunday, but i didnt go this morning to work off the Hibachi from last night. I’ll go back on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I gotta get off my ass and get some cleaning done, all i did today was the dishes, the bunnies need to be cleaned and the place needs to be vacuumed. The cats broke a light bulb in my bedroom from a lamp and i havent vacuumed it up yet… just put the lampshade over it ROFL.. lazy much?!

Chantelle went back to Kansas today, she stopped by this morning with Delilah to say bye so that was nice of her. She managed to up load some pics that she took while she was here they turned out cute! These were before I cut my hair..Me, Original Josh, Chan

Oh! I have an interview on Wednesday for ULTA! its just a stocking/replenishment kinda position i believe, thats what I applied for online the other day. I said i’d be willing to work 15-25 hours a week outside from school. I still want some time to be able to pick up and teach some Pachanga classes myself. He wants to add some by the end of August so hopefully i can do at least 1 class a week.

Shoot my stomach is growling now i gotta get somethin in it before i go to bed, i hate waking up starving. Guess i’ll go do that and finish watching hoarders!



See me in action!

I was able to have someone record a few of the dances from Pachanga class this morning so I can share them now! 2 of them i’m on stage for. The sound isnt great so I wouldn’t play it too loud.

Try and ignore the girl in the front of the frame to the right, she has absolutely no rhythm lol im pretty sure it was her first class.

Our Warm Up: I’m in the front row, 3rd person over.

Another Dance:

One of my favorite dances, Shakira – Rabiosa.
I was able to dub the music over it because the sound wasnt that great in the video.