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On The Move

Finally, after 5 LOOOONG years, I’m moving!!! I’m super duper excited!

A friend of mine bought a house, so she moved out of her rental early, and we were able to swoop in early and snatch it up before it was put on the market!! Denver is in a crazy housing ordeal right now (ugh, thanks weed legalization), we have like the 4th highest rental rates in the whole country its ridiculous.

So anyways, its a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full basement and, AND! HAS A BACKYARD FOR THE DOGS!!! Hardwood floors throughout, no dishwasher though, sad face. My friend was gracious enough to leave her washer and dryer for us AMAZEBALLS as well as a free standing AC unit. I must admit, the backyard having part is selfish on my part, that i don’t have to walk the dogs in the snow anymore (=  It’s only about 20 minutes away from where I am now, really less than 15 miles. But its in a part of town I’ve never LIVED in, but I am somewhat familiar with. I’ll adjust fine. Just need to find where all my grocery stores are to get my couponing done!

I’ve been packing for WEEKS now, because I’m a procrastinator, and I pretty much have all the major stuff done. Just have to take apart the bed friday night, and the speakers in the living room and all the things I cant pack cuz i need, like shower stuff, makeup etc.  I’ll have to spend all day sunday cleaning the old place so I can be done with it. The cats are gonna be stressed, the dogs are gonna love it I hope.

Wednesday I leave for my next NKOTB cruise!! Such a time crunch on all this but it is what it is. I’m not 100% prepared for this cruise as usual, but whatevs its my vacation and I’ll make due!

Welp I gotta get back to packing, well after I finish the new Blacklist episode!!


Wow I’m behind!

I’ve been thinking about posting, I swear! I’ve got no follow through these days I guess!

So let’s see…
There was New York



Then the NKOTB Cruise…



And of course Boston…



Those were all a blast! I absolutely fell in love with Boston and I can’t wait to go back!

Soon after was my birthday and some fun nights out…




And he told me he loved me, on my birthday (=

A few days later we went to Las Vegas for more NKOTB! And our first vacation together (we survived it!)







So now I’m back to reality, working just one job these days, still broke. Dad’s still living here driving me crazy but that’s a whole ‘nother post for another day.

Other wise all is well in my world!

Here’s a cute pic of Abbie (=



T Minus 9 days!!

woah 3 updates in 1 week?!

LoL.. so in 9 days, i’ll be headed to New York CITY!!! This years NKOTB cruise is leaving from there and heading to Bermuda!!

I’m so excited!! It’s been ridiculous trying to get prepared for this trip because I’ve been so busy with LIFE in general!

Luckily Brenda (my cruise roomie/canadian friend) has been helping out a lot.

I’m getting there the 3rd, staying at a hotel in New Jersey with a different previous cruise roomie, then boarding the boat on the 5th till the 9th! That day we’re spending the night in New York, then renting a car and driving up to BOSTON!!!!!!! for 3 1/2 days!

Soooooo excited, I’ve never been to any of these places before but I’m stoked to finally go!!

I’m definitely in need of this vacation no doubt about that! Tomorrow will be day 6 of 9 w/o a day off from both jobs, so Saturday i plan on sleeping in with my guy, and maybe taking the dogs to do something fun.

Tomorrow night I’m meeting up with my friend Natalie to make my masquerade mask for the ship, I’ve gotta still find time to pack, find my camera, chargers, and batteries! eeek! Oh and I still gotta find something to wear that signifies denver/colorado for one of the theme nights… so much to do!!

I was giving Justin a hard time about how much he’ll miss me while i’m gone, who will pick on him and give him shit?! LoL… did I ever mention I started seeing someone? Well I did, and for the last i dunno 2 months? it’s been really great!  So there’s that… (=

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What’s goin on?

Ohh hey there, sorry I havent updated in a while! Whoops! Life’s been crazy busy here.

Work is still going good, I actually get Wednesdays off from both jobs so thats always something to look forward to. My schedule is pretty much 10-6 on the days that I work. I can handle that, not too early in the morning, and early enough in the evening so that I dont come home and fall right asleep. Those first few weeks were rough but now I’m used to the 40+ hours a week.

So my dad moved out here a few weeks ago, I wasn’t looking forward to it and it was really stressing me out.. but its surprisingly worked out so far. I was nice enough to let him stay with me, and gave up my bed so I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the last 2+ weeks… I hired 4 guys off craigslist to unload his (26′) moving truck into a storage unit. He’s managed to get around town via the bus, to social services, social security, grocery store etc.. so thats nice.

For whatever reason, he ended up bringing his 3 lil yappy dogs.. which like me a lot.. and 8 friggen cats… I finally convinced him that 8 was way too many and completely unmanageable.

cat bite
After I got bit by one of the cats in the moving truck, after they’d escaped, he decided on 4 of them to relinquish to the local shelter, the one I got Ellie and Sassy from. So that evening we took them down and did what was right. I figure they’ll more easily find a home in colorado than they would have in l.a. so its alright. I’ve been taking all his animals to work 2 at a time to get checked out and updated on vaccines. Better safe than sorry.



Since then, hes configured 2 dog kennels to house the 4 remaining cats, and because it snowed last week, I allowed it to be in my living room. He also fixed the rat cage so they cant chew through it and escape anymore.. and has been cleaning the house and cooking stuff. so thats not too bad in itself. Yesterday we took all the dogs to the dog park which was fun, the lil dogs had never been to a dog park or in that kind of social situation but they handled their own. The other nice thing is, I dont have to come rushing home to walk my dogs, or feed the cats n what not, because he’s here to do that.

Thats good because I’ve been hanging out with a new guy who stays up north, actually not far from work, for the last couple weeks. We get along really well, and seem to be enjoying each others company so that’s always nice. (= I met a few of his friends/acquaintances at the bar, and they had nothing but nice things to say about him.




Last week I finally was able to afford the tattoo I’ve wanted for the last year. My friend Chelsea did an amazing job drawing up what I wanted from a few different images and did some amazing color on it too. I love it! I was finally able to wear my work shoes again today since most of the swelling had gone down.

My graduation is coming up in a few weeks so my mom, step dad, and grandma are all going to come out for it. My grandmas never been on a flight longer than an hour and never been to denver so this will be fun for her! They’re only coming for about 2 full days and I dont know what I’ll have off from work other than my specific graduation day. We’ll see when the time comes.

I also booked my flight to NYC for the cruise couldnt pass up $129 non stop! Ive still gotta find a hotel to stay at, and decide if I’m going to boston afterwards with my roomie. I really want to! Just all about the money right now!  So if anyone has any hookups in NYC or Boston, please let me know!!

Welp I better wrap this up and get to bed… er, couch. Sigh. I miss my bed!!

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This ends it

2013 has been a year of a few ups any many downs. I’m ready for it to be over and to have a clean slate for 2014.

It seemed for every up there were a few downs to bring my happiness crashing to the ground.

So let’s just focus on the positive things. Because I for one refuse to live in the past, I don’t know why anyone would want to.

1. Successfully finished school! Was even on the dean’s list at one point!

2. Assisted in actual surgeries during internship. Learned a ton of skills to do my job.

3. Went to Vegas for my birthday, spent time with my nk girls and saw an amazing concert.

4. Saw another nk concert from the 5th row and had the best after party with my Denver girls and Donnie.

5. Got a job that ties into my schooling, that pays well, is easy, and I get to interact with animals every weekend!

6. Thankfully got a new-to-me car from my mom that’s more reliable than the last and gets me everywhere I need to be.

7. Had the financial help from my family to keep me afloat and a roof over my head, pay for school, and keep my pets healthy.

8. Saw Joey McIntyre’s one man play, a few times, got some great pics with him, and spent wonderful bonding time with my friends.

9. Adopted some cutie patootie ratties!

10. Even though I didn’t get in shape, lose weight, or anything productive like that, I finally rid myself of 185 lbs of drama, bullshit, and lies.

11. Found a sweet sweet kitty who was abandoned, took her in, and almost 4 weeks later she’s still here.. my dad said she was magical and she just may be. Yesterday our vets office called to ask me to come in to interview for a job…which I didn’t apply for, was just having casual conversation with the Dr when I took Sassy in for her checkup about having finished school. Would be great way to start the year with a new job!

12. Cancelled my cable t.v.! Saving lots of money now and surprisingly surviving without my dvr lol

13.  Came to the realization that I’m worth more than I thought, that I deserve more and better than what I had, my friends are there for me when I really need them, I’m not crazy or overreacting when I listen to my instincts, and I’m capable of being OK by myself. Read the rest of this entry »


Time to catch up

I should be writing up my lab report thats due tomorrow, but I realized I hadn’t updated this since Sept 16 when we were being flooded!

So things have dried out since then we even got our first snow, and the weather has been its normal colorado bipolar self, hot one day, 30 degrees the next, etc etc.

Lets see lots has happened in the last few weeks..

For school, we went to a cattle farm, learned how to herd the cows,


how to halter them,


and give them medicine with a balling gun (its not a real gun)


Then 3 out of the 15 of us, go to pregnancy check the cows! The vet went in first to make sure they were pregnant, so she could direct us to feel for what we needed to.


So there’s me, (looking fat) shoulder deep in a cow!

Can you believe that?! As gross as it was, it was pretty damn cool, and I did feel the baby! They were about 3-4 months pregnant at the time. I asked a TON of questions to both the vet and the owners. What can I say I think  I really like large animals!






I actually got a perfect score on that lab, and the teacher even said something nice to me about taking charge, and how comfortable I was around them.




Lets see what else.. Oh! The dogs and I did the Wag’nTrail and that was a lot of fun. I thought they were going to be challenging since it was just me with them, but we actually managed pretty well. They got tons of snacks and treats at all the tables and were worn out by the time we got home. So here’s our family portrait for the year!







Last week at my internship, I got to scrub in and assist on a surgery to remove a ROCK from a dog’s stomach!! It was the coolest thing! I got to hold the intestines while the dr cut above and below the rock and then reattached the intestines together. I got to suction out the abdomen while she rinsed it all out. It was by far the coolest surgery I’ve been able to participate it!

This was the SECOND rock the dog has eaten in 2 months. His hair hadent even fully grown back from his last surgery. Hopefully he doesn’t do this again! The owner says he doesnt have rocks in his yard, doesn’t know where the dog is getting them from!

This week I performed 2 COMPLETE DENTALS on dogs with Xrays that I did by myself! Awesome sauce!

There’s only about 2 months left of school and I’m starting to freak out! It seems like we still have SO MUCH TO LEARN and not enough time to do it in! I’m super over whelmed with it all. Between school 3 days a week, internship twice a week, working at ulta 4 nights a week and proplan fri thru sunday I never have time to do anything! I actually asked for tonight off from ulta so that I could stay later at my internship cuz i need those hours!  As I said earlier i’ve gotta get some homework done tonight that’s due tomorrow.

20131003_161835Some unlicensed lady swiped the side of my car on my way home last week. It’s really not that bad of a scratch, but I still reported it to insurance and also called the cops since all she could produce was a mexican consular id, not a drivers license even though she insisted she had one. The cop confirmed that she did NOT, gave her her 2nd ticket for that, as well as an improper lane change resulting in an accident. Which reminds me I need to return the call to that insurance company tomorrow.

20131010_204101Last week I got a weird itchy spot at the bottom of my neck, and on the back of my shoulder, then on the inside of my arm. Looked like some weird rash and got itchier as the days went on. Since I finally (for now) have insurance i went to a dermatologist because I was afraid it might be ringworm, since I work with animals and what not. Fortunately it was not! He said it was some sort of “Nodular Eczema”. They dont know what causes it why it appears or how, its not contagious but goes away easily with super steroid ($46!!!) cream. It’s already feeling a LOT better and way less itchy. I also had them remove a spot on my leg that was possibly a mole or something that I had accidentally shaved off MONTHS AND MONTHS Ago that just refused to heal. So they removed it and cauterized it, sent it off for biopsy just in case. Hopefully it’ll heal now.

In other happier news, I decided to book the next NKOTB Cruise for next year!!! They just announced it the other day, of course with not enough time to process it all and whatnot, but I managed to move some money around and have enough for the deposit. I’ll be rooming with my Canadian friend Brenda again. The reason(s) I decided to do it was because it’s a month after my official graduation, AND the fact that it’s leaving from a different port. Instead of Miami, it’s leaving from NEW YORK CITY!!! and Traveling to Bermuda!!! I’ve never been to either place and I’m so freaking stoked! Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to pay for it all.. hoping my tax refund will come early next year and I can take care of a lot of it with that!


One More Night with The Kid!

Sunday was the closing show for Joey McIntyre’s The Kid here in Denver so of course I had to be there to support him!

I actually took my friend, and manager from work cuz she was interested in seeing it. She really liked it and had a good time, and sat back and people watched all us NK girls interact she thought we were crazy and hilarious LoL!

Afterwards, to make things faster, they asked everyone to group in to 6 to take pics with him afterwards, and because it was still raining out.

I was lucky enough to get TWO pictures! Both with groups of my friends so it worked out well. The second group was short one person and no one else was stepping up so I said I’d go again! And since I’d made nice with the gentleman at the door he let me!



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Joey McIntyre is “The Kid”

Joey Mcintyre of NKOTB is doing a one man show HERE in DENVER called “The Kid”.
He actually debuted it last week and of COURSE I was there for opening night. Its based on his life, career, family, all that good stuff. Rob Lewis is his musical director, and he was all the musical director for the last tour, and he’s been on the cruises with us before.

There was of course acting, singing, laughing, dancing, overall it was good times. If you’re in denver between now and the 15th, you should definitely go see it!

Afterwards a few of us hung around outside the theater hoping Joe would come out… we chatted and caught up on lives and gossip like girls do… after about an hour or so.. i was hemming and hawwing about whether to leave or not… and then Rob Lewis came out, chatted with us, asked how we liked the show etc.. we asked how he was managing in denver, restaurants he should try and all that good stuff..

After about I dunno 15 minutes, Joe came out the front doors and saw us all. He said “Are you guys waiting for me?” I said yes, you did so good Joe! We loved it! And gave him a hug.. then he goes “Well do you wanna take some pictures?” And we all said yes!

So here’s a pic of me and Joe..

Joey McIntyre and Me

Joey McIntyre and Me

















There was also a photographer from the Denver Center for Performing Arts there, taking pictures of us, taking pictures with Joe! Then they put them on their Facebook the next morning so that was cool!

















I had such a good time Thursday night at the show, I decided to go back Saturday night since tickets were still discounted and some of my girls were going again! We had another great night, saw Joe quickly after the show, some of them got pics with him, but I didnt wanna push it and bug him. We stayed late in the bar and hung out with Rob since he remembered us, had some drinks and a yummy shot, lots of good laughs and stories and overall a great time was had!

This is us posing on the stage..

April, Keri Val, Tina, Me

April, Keri Val, Tina, Me












I plan on going back at LEAST 1-2 more times. I definitely want to buy tix to closing night and see how it all wraps up, and Ill probably go another night cuz my manager wants to go with me. It’s been a great experience so far, and I want to be as supportive as I can since not a lot of things like this come through here for us NK fans!!

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After Party Pics!!



















This slideshow requires JavaScript.










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NKOTB The Package Tour Denver Videos

10x in Denver!

Opening Pledge & We Own Tonight – Denver

Jordan Knight – After Party – Pony – Denver

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