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Putting things back together

Hey all how’s it going? Things are moving right along here.


My car was outta commission for a few weeks, but she’s back in one piece now. Just need to replace the ignition coil and hopefully that’ll fix the rough idle. Just have to come up with money to get the paint done and buy some new tires before winter hits.


A few weeks ago I went home to NV for my bff Jenny’s wedding, just a quick weekend trip saw family and a few friends and that was it.

Works been, well work. Working in a sea of estrogen gets old after a while. I like our clinic but I won’t lie, I’ve been looking at other job postings.

I’ve had reoccurring tooth pain over the last few weeks and an abscessed tooth finally came to fruition. I knew my tooth had abscessed based on the amount of pain I was in when I woke up this morning. It’s rare for me to cry over anything aside from a sad puppy story, but I was bawling today and Justin did all he could to comfort me. Thankfully my dentist has Emergency appts, One root canal later I’m still sore but overall feeling better.

Hopefully my liver doesn’t hate me, the amount of excedrin, vicoden, morphine, dilauded, and nitrous I’ve had in me in the last 48 hours is insane. Had to have my dad drive me to the dentist and back, made him stop and get a milkshake on our way home lol.

Since I couldn’t find a heating pad anywhere in my house I had to improvise. Remembered I had these aromatherapy slippers my grandma gave me, so I pulled the warming bag out of it to use on my jaw. Mucho better now, hopefully I can sleep tonight.

Dogs are good, rats are good, cats are good, sassy is still a fatty, trying a different rx weight loss food for her again..

I don’t think much else is really going on to report, really it’s cuz we’re too broke to actually do anything lol.  I’m gonna take my painful mouth to bed now.

And this, just cuz!


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I hurt her feelings today






Was totally my bad. I wasn’t texting or talking, was reaching for my gate key card and I dunno what happened, looked up, swerved, and instead of hitting the trailer head on, just took out the right side of my car… I think the fluid leaking is washer fluid, not coolant. The radiator looks intact.

My mom’s pissed, and I don’t have collision coverage just liability. Hoping the frame isn’t damaged to the point of totaling it. Justin says he has friends who can try to help repair it, and Tyler says he’ll come look at it this weekend.

It’s probably drivable in some capacity, but I have a 20+ mile commute to work everyday, I don’t really want to risk it. So my mom’s sending money to get a rental car tomorrow.

So I’m missing out on work today and that sucks, I’ve got a headache from stress and my tooth that’s bothering me, which I have a dentist’s appt for tomorrow. Luckily Jess is gonna drop me off at the rental place in the morning so I don’t have to bus it.

I’m ready for a nap.

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Third Thursday of ‘Thirteen

Its been a busy week. We finally had inventory at work, which was a hassle, because RGIS sucks at doing their job, and we have to re-count a lot of things anyways. They should just let us do it ourselves.

Today was my first day off and I had to take the car back to the radiator place because it was leaking. AGAIN. Turns out it was the radiator AGAIN. Not a hose like I’d originally thought. This is the THIRD radiator they’ve replaced. Hopefully this one lasts. *crosses fingers* they also found a small oil leak in a hose leading to the radiator so they fixed that too. Since the last replacement was a year and ONE MONTH ago, they charged me partial labor, only $80 so not too bad.  I’ve been trying to convince my mom that she NEEDS a new car, and then she can give me hers! I know she would, she just doesn’t want to pay a car payment every month lol.

While I was at home all day I should have been productive and cleaned the house, but i didn’t. All I managed to do was take the trash out. Go me. I’ve gotta go back to work tomorrow and then I have saturday off, which is a nice treat!

I told work that I didn’t want to work early shipments anymore, 1. because 5 am is too damn early. 2. because its fucking cold at 5am in the winter. and 3. because its hard to concentrate in class after being up since 4am.  I offered an alternative, to schedule me 4-close on mondays and I can come in and try to wrap up what they weren’t able to finish from earlier in the day and they agreed that could work. So I said I’d give them 2 more weeks of AM shipment and thats it. They’ve hired another person to work the task shifts during the day that I was working so I’m supposed to be training her, whenever she’s scheduled, I dunno when that is.

I’m still sad that the broncos fucked up their play off game, especially since I just ordered a jersey, that should be arriving tomorrow. Luckily, i had points to use, so i basically got it for free, instead of $130 so I’m not AS mad at it.

Next week I go back to school, my regular vet classes. Hopefully all is well and no surprises will happen this semester to push me back again. My internship is all set up and should start soon. Cross your fingers for me that everything goes smoothly!

Since the govt chose to extend the unemployment benefits, they managed to change some of the rules too. So i had to go to this office yesterday and I was under the impression it was a meeting, since that was what their letter said.. the girl gave me a form to fill out, a website to visit and watch videos, and then to come back next tuesday. wtf? waste of my time. Then today I get a call from the same office saying I have to come in on the 29th to do exactly what I did yesterday.. im like why? And this lady is like you were here? You talked to someone? They gave you stuff? im like uhh YES i went to the meeting appointment YOU scheduled.. rawr. So I’m still going back on tuesday to do whatever.. and shes like well if you DONT come on the 22/23 you’re in jeopardy of losing your money. Like in a threatening way. Bitch I never said I WASN’T coming! Gosh!

I should probably go make sure I have clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow…and its almost time for Grey’s Anatomy, woohooo!


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Pain in my neck!

Hi-dee-hooo neighbors! Feels like I havent been around, finals kicked my ass the last 2 weeks, and trying to make sure I had everything turned in on time. I Know for sure that I passed 4 of my classes. The only one that’s iffy is my damn Biology class. I’m not sure I passed it. I’ll be pissed if thats the case, a waste of time and money (and i’ll still have to re-take it). But, what’s done is done.

We’ve had like 30+ days of over 90 degree weather here and it’s getting old fast. Mainly because my AC still sucks butthole. I had a guy come fix my fridge, but that’s all the progress that’s been made.

I stayed at the man’s apt the other night and woke up crying in agony. I couldn’t move my neck, or my left arm with out screaming out. He has the worlds flattest shittiest  sorriest excuse for pillows. I’m going to buy him new ones today because I can’t deal with that.

I came home yesterday, took a muscle relaxer, slept for about 5 hours, and when I woke up, I could move my arm again, but not so much my head/neck. I had to work last night, but being in so much pain, I just stood at the register and checked people out. Luckily my co-worker and boss understood and didnt push me to do harder things.

So after work I took a morphine pill and went to bed. For whatever reason the animals kept waking me up through the night. Kisa knocked the fan out of the window, and I dont know what else woke me. When I finally got up today I still had movement in my arm yay, and my neck is a tad bit better, but still really really sore. If i lean forward it feels okay. But try to lean my head back / stretch is when it hurts more. Weird, painful.

Argh its thursday, meaning the lawn guys come today, make lots of noise, and stress Ellie out. However i just closed the windows/doors, turned the AC on, and now both dogs are passed out in the living room. All is well.

I started using my body bugg again to start tracking calories and what not. I’ve gained back what I lost last year and that makes me a sad panda! I know its because I havent had time/money to go back to Pachanga in months. I really wanna go back. Maybe once I get my school money in a few weeks..

Still haven’t found an internship site for fall yet. Sent out about 15 more emails today hopefully someone responds. I’m doing a job shadow tomorrow at a clinic i interviewed at last week just for a tech. asst. position, but it pays LESS than I make now at ulta \= so we’ll see

Haven’t gotten a new car yet as I haven’t gotten a job offer so we’re still stuck with this gas sucker.

I should really unfuck some stuff around the house, its not that bad since the big cleaning for inspection, but if I take care of it now, it wont get worse. Maybe later today..

The man found an ad  on craigslist to be a tester for a new phone app, so i contacted them and did it, pretty easy, and they sent me a $20 amazon gift card. How spiffy is that! I need it to buy school books and what not. Free and easy money, I like it!

Guess i’ll go shower now so I can go get those pillows, gotta find my kohl’s coupons they’re around here somewhere… hmmm

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Hello Stressful Week!


This has been the most stressful 24 hours!

Left for work yesterday, stopped to get gas, filled it up… car wouldn’t turn back on. Really though? Sat there for over 2 hours because no one was able to come help me, or it would take too long for someone to get there, or people were working.

Had a mental/emotional breakdown right then and there, called my mom crying etc etc. Just so much other shit going on and i lost it. She sent me money via paypal to take a cab home. I was only 3 miles away, but i was wearing flip flops and it looked like it was going to rain out and I couldnt deal with walking at that point.

I leave TOMORROW MORNING for Miami/my cruise so trying to rush around and get last minute things done is impossible NOW. Also, the car is required to GET ME to the airport tomorrow. |=<

Im just about all packed aside from stuff I need to use to get ready before i leave. I’d like to get the house cleaned more but that may just be pipe dreams at this point.

My mom offered to get me a rental car for a few days while shit gets repaired, except i couldn’t tell her it would be of no use since im leaving town (which she doesn’t know about). Awkward.

I may go down to where the car is and see if it will start, after I have school. If not I found a tow company that will bring it home for $50 not too bad.

oooooooooookay and like 6 hours later i’m finishing this post!

Biked to/from school today, it really only takes about 15 minutes not too shabby, on the way there some of it is even coasting. On the way back though oh helllll it was SO GODDAMNED WINDY! I had to get off my bike I think twice and just walk a ways because it was impossible to pedal. Sheesh.

My friend Marsha met me at the house and we went to the car, still wouldn’t start all the way. Tow truck came, towed it to friends house to try and get it fixed this week hopefully. Bout $80 for the tow, not too shabby seeing as how most  places charge 150 just for a hook up plus mileage.
I called into work tonight seeing as how I can’t get there, not busing it all the way there, and then back at 10pm no thank you. When I got home from school I got a call from my internship teacher, weird, that she’d call me, she said the clinic i interviewed at last week called her and said they were not taking any more interns for the summer. WTF? they told me last week they could take me they just needed to verify my times/days with the Dr. GRRRRRRRR Now i have to find another place, which will be hard to do seeing as how i’m leaving for a week. . .

At least that will give me some time to get some things done around here that I wanted to and otherwise wouldn’t have had time to.

Had to book a shuttle in the AM to take me to the airport since the car is kaput, so that’s another $22  grrrr!

Ive had enough stress for one week and its only Tuesday! Tomorrow i’ll be in Miami drinking a big fruity drink and hopefully i’ll be happy at that point.


Now i’m being told, as soon as the car was dropped off…….. it started right up.
Are you fucking kidding me???????

Totally my luck though.
But you know what, that means its not something super duper expensive though.
Other places were quoting me $6-900 if it WAS the fuel pump issue.