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What a freaking crappy Saturday Night.
Here I went to bingo lookin all cute n shit, wearing the new corset I bought from Lane Bryant, its no longer on the website so I cant show you, but its black and pink and cute.

However, the bar was fucking PACKED absolutely no where to sit, we finally took over a table, but then moved to the bar when some people left.

But the bar was still full of people, and 2 diff sections had these loud ass black girls in them. The bingo guy kept asking everyone to be quiet but no one would listen and some of the girls were being bitches to him. DeJaVu from a few weeks ago all over again. But we restrained ourselves and kept quiet.

Once PJ, Josh’s friend showed up, him and Sean were talking and were eying these 2 blonde girls across the bar from us. Apparently when Sean went outside to smoke he was talking to one of them. When he came back in, both HE and PJ went over and were talking to them. I guess the one girl asked PJ if i was his gf LOL. Before I knew it,  Sean had taken his drinks and Bingo cards over and was sitting with them. WHAT THE FUCKIN FUCKITY FUCK!?!?

Our ONE thing that we discussed and agreed upon mutually was that we would not talk to/ flirt with other people at the bar in FRONT OF EACH OTHER. Um HELLO I’m right fuckin here. I can’t get outwardly pissy or anything so I just threw a $20 on the counter and gave josh my Fridays card and came home.

I’m still livid about this. I’m not a jealous person but I just thought that was fuckin disrespectful. We don’t have many rules but that was the one thing we discussed.  Is he trying to push the boundaries? See what my reaction would be? Or is he just a fucking idiot? Either way it wasn’t a good feeling. Even went through my phone thinking, who could i hook up with tonight? But it was just too much effort and not even worth it right now.

Sorry I just had to vent, i’m still pretty grumpy about it all. Imma head to bed here soon.

This is exactly why I stay single and dont get serious with anyone. I can’t handle the bullshit and the game playing.

*2:35 am Edit*
Guess who just called..
Apparently, *i* was in the wrong for not saying goodbye to Sean. As a friend I should have come over and said goodbye.

Umm what?
I was like oh well you were busy spittin game to the 2 blondes, didn’t wanna interrupt you, you seemed preoccupied. Even though that was part of our convo last week..

To which he says ohh noo it was we don’t make OUT with ppl at the bar… Mf-er I have NEVER made out with anyone at the bar. Any bar! Ever!

I’m like no worries its cool forget about it, upparently I was unclear on that convo its all good.

He’s like well no I AM worried bout it otherwise I wouldn’t a called. Now he wants to call me tomorrow and talk some more. Blah.

I’m going back to bed, gotta get my hurrrr did tomorrow.

Stupid Boys. Srsly.

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Soooo Sore

I really think all weekends should be at least 3 days long. 2 is just not enough for me!

Yesterday morning I hit up 24hour fitness to use my *free* personal training session coupon they sent  me, I wasted no time using it! My trainer was Phil, a nice guy, prolly in his 40’s or so or maybe less hard to tell he had graying hair.. but he was super helpful. Had me sweating after 10 minutes. Did a lot of resistance stuff, kettle bells which i’ve never used, stuff with the medicine ball, and body weight exercises. Also showed me the correct way to use the pull up machine. It has 3 diff functions. Regular Pull up. Then Dropped push up to work the back of your arms, and then an inner pull up to work your chest. He explained that is the only machine where the more weight the better because youre only lifting your own body weight. Its really hard to explain you’d have to see it LoL. He gave me lots of good ideas of new things I can do aside from Zumba/treadmill/bike/weights. So i’ll start incorporating those this week.  I was hella sore when i got home yesterday as i am today lol. I had to go downstairs for something and on my way back up i thought i was gonna be sick it hurt so much LOL!

After about 2 hours of not moving, i got up and finally started cleaning the house. I find it soooo funny that so many of my blog neighbors are always saying the same thing. “my house is such a mess” No one’s ever like OMG I’m so OCD about things everything has its place and theres never a speck of dust in my house… I have lots of laundry to finish, bunnies to clean, and vacuuming to do. Hopefully i’ll get it all done today…

Bingo was not dramatic this week, it was pretty dead in there actually, we all only had 1 drink each cuz we’re poor… the bartenders were like wtf…? haha… we went to scooters and had 1 more drink. i left a lil after 1 because it was dead there too and i was pretty bored. Josh’s friend PJ told me that Springs got kicked out of his house? or he couldnt afford to stay there anymore? I don’t think he’s been working and I know his car got repo’d. I wish HE’D be the one to tell me but whatevs. He must be one of those proud men. He may be moving up here to stay with PJ for a bit. However that whole situations sucks, hes kinda losing brownie points with me.

I told WTR i may come over after bingo but i decided against it, didnt feel like driving that far. It’s probably good that I didnt because when I went to bed last night i had hella bad cramps and this morning woke up to an unwanted visitor. Boo. So now I won’t be gettin any from anyone this week. \=

Still havent heard anything back on the polygraph yet, they said 24-48 hours… and its been a week now.. sounds about right for anything having to do with the City…

My nails need a rebase like something fierce, its been since before new years… but i just dont have money till the end of this week. I’ve gotta pay my cable bill here asap before they shut my ass off lol.

Welp I better go purchase my newspaper and get my coupons clipped! Argh note to self, schedule Ellie a teef cleaning when I have money again after March.


No Lies – Bingo Drama – Grumpy Gym

Went and took my Polygraph test today, I was soooooooooooo nervous! I dont know why, probably because it’s something I’ve never been through before but the girl was totally nice and helpful, but she talked VERY fast.. we went over everything first so it was more like “besides what we talked about have you ever _ _ _” things like that.

They said the results are usually sent over w/i 24-48 hours. Man i hope I passed! I couldn’t really control my breathing she was like dont worry about it your body knows how to breathe, but theres like 15 seconds pause btwn each question so staring at the weird patterns of paint on the wall got old id think about my breathing. I went from breaths every 4 seconds to every 15 seconds at the end.. very wacky. They also used  a web cam to record the whole thing. I assume to monitor body language facial features?

On my way home I was texting Sean telling him that if (when) I pass the poly, then I still have to do a physical and drug screen, he’s like “Physical?… well I’ve seen you in bed, there’s no doubt you’ll pass”. ROFL O M G He went there, but I have to say that’s the nicest thing I heard all day!!! hahaha.

Attempted to go to Monday night zumba, but yet again, it was full 35 minutes prior to the class. I was pissed and gave some attitude during check in. So instead I did 3 miles on the bike, 5 different arm/weights machines, and 2 diff ab workouts. Not zumba, but better than nothing (lol i wrote butter first).

Made some yummy beef (for stew) and some garlic/olive oil wild rice. i’m lazy but it worked.

Oh so Saturday night at Bingo.. wow drama LoL. The bar was like EXTRA loud and they kept asking over the microphone for people to keep it down at a reasonable level for everyone else etc etc etc… during the last game, the one to win cash at, this table behind us was being obnoxiously loud. So I turned around and nicely said hey, do you guys mind keeping it down like they asked? It’s really hard to hear tonight… and the one guy looks at me and goes “are you fucking SERIOUS? REALLY? BINGO NUMBERS?” to which i say yeah, i’m serious otherwise I wouldnt have asked, and then i turned back around. However he kept running his mouth, so I turned around again and said listen, i asked nicely, so quit being a fuckin asshole and just SHUT THE FUCK UP and be courteous to the rest of the people here… at that point he talks towards Josh and says “hey why dont you keep your bitch in check dont let her talk like that to people”. Which automatically set Josh off he stood up and turned around and lots of words were exchanged.. we got him to sit back down and continue with our game…

Then Corrine and Sean came back in from smoking and I told Corrine that if something goes down for her to back up because she just had neck surgery and I didnt want her to get hurt. Wendy gives Sean a heads up just in case, we’re all thinking wait and see if these fools keep talking but instead, Sean stands up and gets on the defense about it all. So now everyone from both tables is up tossin words around and looks and glares etc etc.. the bartender comes over and hes like hey hey hey guys you’re missing numbers being called! and we’re all eff the #’s right now!!!  the manager comes over and gets in between everyone and then has the bill brought out for that table, makes them pay and stands there the whole time till they leave. Our normal bartender comes over and he’s about the same height/size as Josh and Sean and he goes “ill have to admit you guys… you’re kind of intimidating when you’re both up on the defense like that with your dont fuck with me faces on” hahahaha its pretty amusing that we stayed and the other table was forced to leave, hopefully they wont be back next Saturday!

It’s nice to know my guys will stick up for me and beat some ass if need be. I woulda thrown some punches if it’d come to it…

Got my brakes done Sunday by Tyler, so nice to drive w/o any squeaking now. Also gave Ron a ride to pick up a new alternator and got him a discount, even though I somehow somewhere lost my employee badge which I now have to order and pay for a new one. Now Ron owes me a Zumba class, i’m thinkin he’ll go to the Thursday one with me.



Took some pics at bingo tonight, we only won, 1 time, but better than nothing!

Jess came out yay so the whole group was together, Me, josh, jess, sean, tasha, wendy and pj.

Sean was being way overly affectionate/obvious about us LOL

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Snowing again..

Theres about 2, maybe 3 inches of snow right now on my porch ugh. I hear we could have up to 9 by tonight/tomorrow am. No bueno!

Last night I met up with my new NKOTB friends, went down town and had dinner at the Hard Rock..we were supposed to go to Cheesecake Factory.. but one of the girls got called into work, and thats at the Hard Rock so we went there and sat in her section. They were slow so they even let her off early and we all headed upstairs and watched The Fighter. Of course i’ve already seen it but i have no objection to seeing a hot half nekkid Wahlberg. They all loved it as well. They’re a cool buncha girls and i’m glad to have been able to hang out with them!

Headed over to Bingo afterwards but i got there too late and came in during the middle of the last game. Oh welllls.. Brannon our bartender was like “Next week i’m going to need you to show up ON TIME”… I was like oh sorry, I found new friends and was hanging out with THEM… lol.. and he’s all “Fuck your new friends!!!” rofl.

As soon as I left Fridays i got a text from WTR asking me to come over, so I did. He sounded drunk on the phone but kept denying it when I was there, it was pretty amusing LOL. I just wish he’d learn to sleep on his side or stomach so that his snoring wouldn’t interrupt my sleeping haha. So i got home around 8, and promptly took a nap on the couch till around 11. I feel a tad bit better now.. but don’t really have any motivation to do anything yet, I blame the snow.

I did get some laundry done yesterday, cleaned the bunnies, bathed the dog… need to finish some laundry today and do some dishes.. at some point, not right this second though.

At least I feel like I had a productive Saturday lots of fun things accomplished and wasnt a total waste of days!


highs and lows

We won 3 times at bingo tonight, totaling $30 gift cards, free appetizer, and $25 cash. All paid for our tab! Woot!

I came home after cuz I was pretty buzzed and got in bed.

Then I get a text from Springs saying I shoulda came to Scooters cuz he’s there w/everyone. So I get up, get dressed and head down there.

He was lookin forward to some lovin, but mother nature, that evil bitch, had other plans. He seemed pretty disappointed, nothin I could do about it though.. *shakes fist*

OH and Josh told me that Sean is home so I was talkin to him earlier too.. I gotta say I’m kinda lookin fwd to seeing him soon..

So in conclusion, mother nature cockblocked me, but now I have another booty call back in town, and I got free drinks and dinner tonight, so it was a decent night. If M/N would go away by say tomorrow am thatd be pretty awesome.

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Random Sunday

I wish the dog would have let me sleep in longer today so I could get the full effect of the time change.. I got up around 930 which was really 1030 but i’d like to have slept longer. Oh well. We got up and walked to the corner gas station and got a newspaper for my coupons, and a cherry pepsi for the caffeine.

Bingo was decent last night, was just me Josh and Tasha. Josh won 1 game so that was nice. I was starving so I got a bbq chicken wrap.. their whole menu has changed only a few tried and true items are still there that I KNOW i’ll like.. it was a hard decision!

I’ve got more laundry to finish up today I’d like to get it all done so I dont have to worry about it this week.. oh its a 4 day week! yay veterans day!

Yesterday I watched all 3 Back to the Futures in a row.. and Pretty in Pink was on as well. Today, 16 candles is on. What a great movie weekend!!! I also got my netflix friday, so I have the rest of Hung to watch, and the last season of the Tudors to start. SO Excited for the Tudors! But I know once I start watching them ill be useless so I need to do productive things first.

I also re-upped my 24hour gym membership, I should go today. I need to get cruise ready. 6 months left! I need to FOCUS focus focus!!!! My piggy bank is slowly filling up, I’ve added any change i’ve had in my pockets to it all week, and even 2 dollars if I remember correctly.. once it gets heavy, i’ll take it to the bank and coinstar it.

I was aloof all day yesterday to Springs.. so last night around 8 he starts texting me… aloof always works.. ALWAYS. It’s nice when someone else makes the effort for contact, not always one sided – really makes it seem like its worth it.

Tomorrow morning Ryan Seacrest is gonna have the NKOTBSB guys on to announce the tour dates. It’ll be at 7am my time.. so i’ve gotta get up early and log on to the ‘puter. Hopefully they mention it right away cuz I have to leave the house by 7:30.

The bunnies annoyingness right now reminds me I need to clean out their cage today and re-vacuum the living room. Yesterday am Ellie threw up liquid 3 times, today Kisa did it twice. Wtf? OH I should go buy some stain remover as well… looks like i’ll be going to Target soon.. Glad my makeup still looks good from last night ha!!

BTW for LeendaDll the Falsies mascara isn’t too bad.. i was kinda iffy about it the first few days but now that I’ve gotten used to it I like it..of course it doesnt look like the commercials because they use actual false lashes to “create volume”. And my wand wasn’t purple either… LOL here’s a good post about it as well . It DOES give length, but not a lot of OOMPH..i’ve been doing 1 1/2 to 2 coats and its enough for me…

Ok thats enough randomness for now I’m gonna go through my coupons and then get movin on stuff!



Winner Winner!

So i just spent my last $12 on this mini-book from my favorite artist, Kurt Halsey. With all pre-orders he’s including a hand written post-it. You may think what’s so big about a post-it? Post it’s are a huge part of his art work and when he has exhibits, they fly off the walls.. Anyways, I’m totally stoked for it, and it looks like he’s going to be putting out some more mini books.

3 hours till football kick off, Broncos vs Raiders. I hope we kick their butts!! Glad the Giants are going to the World Series they deserve it. I bet my grandma is ecstatic.

It seemed like I got a lot done yesterday, did dishes and put a lot of laundry away, had to wash my quilt since some feline barfed on it.. I need to clean the bunnies today and make my bed again…

Bingo was AWESOME last night. Corrine won the first game woohoo.. Josh won the 3rd game yipppeee. and then his friend Pete, well, he won the JACKPOT!!!  $225 !!!!!! Thats the first time anyone of our group has won the jackpot. So he ended up paying our tab which only came to $35 after our prize winnings and coupons… It musta been his lucky night, cuz earlier he was downtown with his gf, and he’d lost a $100 bill. So luck was on his side to win.

I’m starving I need to find something to eat and get my butt in gear. GO BRONCOS!!!

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Scotty (sean) doesnt knooooowww

My Saturday was i'd say 80% productive, got everything done except my bedroom/laundry, i'd like to get that done today.

We didnt win squat at bingo but it was still interesting..

I always get there first around 9:40 to get good seats @ the bar for everyone. So i'm sitting there minding my own, texting and drinking, and the bingo guy "T" comes up and hugs me from behind around the waist… i didnt know who it was at first.. so I just kinda sat there and grabbed his arms, and im like hmmm who is it? and he goes "what you dont like strange men hugging you?" I was like oh no i dont mind, i just wanted to know who it was (i was thinking it was Sean at first). So he left me the cup of beads we play with, and then came back to give me the cards…

After the first game, everyone wasnt there yet, he came back over and was like, so WHY are you always the first one here and you're alone? So i explained that Josh doesnt get off till 10 and they usually all carpool, so thats why. And that i come straight from home, and i'd been watching the new puppy and so he asked about the dogs and what not and was just being unusually flirty with me. He's always tried hooking up with my friends when they're there, never me… interesting. So then he goes, we're going out for shots after bingo right? I was like oh yes sure! LOL which that didnt happen, but he was trying, i told him we'd be at the bar across the street LOL.

So we went across the way to Scooters and Josh and his gf were having drama righting out in the car, shes just being stupid and getting on all our nerves really… still i should say… we only had like 1 drink there and just sat outside and chilled for a while.

Once closing time came around we were all standing out front and some guy was running his mouth and it was annoying Sean.. and I had to get in between them and prevent Sean from beating him up… he later thanked me for doing that because most ppl usually encourage him to do so… it was also good because like 30 seconds later 3 cop cars rolled up cuz i guess there was some drama inside.. but we missed it. However the cops all parked right behind my car so I wasnt able to leave… so Josh's drunk ass saunters over to them and is like hey.. so uhh… you guys gonna be here much longer, cuz you're kinda blockin this car? and the bald cop goes: What, you cant back up? and josh is like oh, i could do it, but this is my roommates car, and well you know how that is….so what happens if you back into a cop car… is that covered under full coverage insurance? LOL and the cop just starts laughing hes like yeah, you'll need to discuss that at home but yeah we'll get outta your way. EFFIN hilarious.. we were all like O M G Josh is gonna get arrested for being drunk in public or something, but it was all good.

When we get home the neighbors are outside all drunk because they were having a bachelorette party so we're out there talkin to them for a while and then the Egyptian texts me and hes like come over? I'm like no i'm too drunk sorry… no dui for dick… and he asks if HE can come over so I said yeah sure no problem…

Now in my mind I say oh it'll take him 20-30 minutes to get here.. and Sean will have gone home by then…
But we all go inside, Josh goes upstairs i go to my room and sean lays on the couch, says hes gonna chill for a lil while… so I'm like hmmm okay…

Soon after I get a text saying he's here, so I go outside, and as soon as I open the door josh is like what whats going on where u going whos here what'd u forget…. lol so i meet egyptian outside i'm like listen.. josh and tasha are here, and so is his bff who ive kinda been seeing, so be quiet and go straight to my room LOL.. hes like well alright then.. not like he's going to object seeing as how he has a girlfriend and all.

He follows directions well, we go straight to my room and get nekkid and get to the good stuff.. mid way through hes all.. i dont wanna go too hard and make your bed noisy… I'm like it's okay they wake me up all the time (hopefully sean doesnt hear)… i wasnt silent.. but I wasnt screaming like Josh's gf either… so LOL… I snuck him back out, even though its right behind the couch were sean was sleeping, and I went to bed…

Woke up this morning around 1130.. assuming Sean prolly went home some point during the night… come to find out he left around 7… we've talked today, but not brought up what happened last night, maybe he didnt hear it, maybe he fell asleep, maybe we're just avoiding the subject LOL

I'm going over to Jess's tonight to watch MadMen, and I made plans with Sean yesterday to

go to his house after wards since its 5 minutes from hers….. so as far as I know, that's still on, and I'm hoping that tonight we'll finally do it, cuz I dont think I can last much longer w/o knowing his… abilities… and hopefully it doesnt change our friendship considering Josh still doesn't know.. we've been pretty good about not showing / saying anything out in public… but it WOULD be kinda nice to have some PDA …

So hopefully tonight will fill my requirements for RedScylla's Filthy Slut Badge™

If that doesnt do it, I've been talkin to a guy who's coming in next weekend from Boston, BOSTON!! MY FAVE PLACE AND ACCENT!!! and wants to spend the weekend with me… hopefully that pans out…

Apparently my MOJO has returned this weekend and I'm quite alright with that long as it stays around for a while!

I better go get started on my room/laundry pile, argh
Ive watched EuroTrip twice this weekend so far, and "Scotty Doesnt Know" is stuck in my head….

Look at this precious picture, I wore them out playing ball in the heat…

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Something aside from puppy pics

Let me make a real post, a quick one LoL.

How can you not take a million pics when you have a new puppy right?
She's so darn cute, and I've come to start caling her JuJu, josh's name for her is (jewburger.mpeg) dont ask, seriously, cuz i couldnt tell you any sensible answer.

I was supposed to go to my friend Erin's bday party last night, but it was super dressy and expensive where she was having it and i was just effing tired. I was also supposed to go out with Josh + crew but once i fell asleep on the couch I knew it wasnt going to happen. I was/am just so exhausted from work everyday that i really cant do anything.

I wish I had gone out because apparently it was entertaining, josh cut his pinky finger pretty bad and some other crazy stuff. Apparently he "made" Sean make out with some girl at the bar, later i find out its an ugly girl. You know how guys are, I dare you, or you're a pussy if you dont do it… oy vey. Had i been there, i doubt Sean woulda made out with her.

Not sure whats quite going on with us, we're still talking daily, and after they woke me up by coming home and being loud, he texted me when he got home, around 4 am, and we talked until 5 when I fell back asleep. So obv. there's SOMETHING there, other than we havent boned yet. WTF is that all about. He's scared of me i know that, but hes tryin to put it on me sayin i'm shy and timid wtfever lol. we'll see what happens tonight after bingo maybe.

So I just finished cleaning the bunnies so theyre happy now and have trimmed nails as well.
Had to lock both dogs in the kennel so I could get it done in a timely manner.

Next up is cleaning the bathroom the litter box is already outside since i hosed it down so it should be dry by now..
Then I need to straighten up my bedroom it's horrible for reals. Laundry everywhere, shoes everywhere, oy vey.

I really hope i'm not getting sick, my throat has been kinda iffy the last few days… hoping maybe im just snoring at night or something LOL i feel fine otherwise.

My toes also need to be painted today, lots to get done, wish I had some caffeine to kick start me!

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