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Abbie vs Dawgfude






Pet Costume Contest!

Today we held our bake sale and costume contest at school.

Ellie and Abbie didn’t win… but they still had fun!

The winners were the Chiptole Kitty Burrito and the Doggie Banana!

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Dont get btwn a kitty and her…

Tennis ball?…
She’s such a weirdo…

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Snatch On the Move

Locked and Loaded

Since he got screwed on the last move by being stuck in a backpack, he got the open kennel today.. I just bought it at petsmart, but I think I’m going to take it back.. cuz well, I dont really need it anymore…


Police run-in with a kitty

Yahoo won't let me embedd the video, but check it out, so cute!

Such a friendly black kitty!

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My Precious

Kisa being cute and cuddly

Also… I have 3 boxes packed!

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The search is (back) on..

Yesterday I got a call from the leasing company I was trying to get the apartment through….

Apparently, the dumbass owner, had 2 leasing companies trying to rent out the same property. WTF DUDE
So it seems that the other company rented it out first. NOT COOL. Who fucking does that. Seriously.. So angry.

So now Im back scouring craigslist and every other site I can think of. I WANT to be out by the end of the month. If i'm NOT its no biggie, but It'd just be easier that way. But now, Ill be in a rush and that sucks. Esp since Ill be starting the new job next week. Sigh.

I have a unit to go look at on Saturday, I think Im just going to HAVE to settle for not having a washer/dryer IN my unit. In order to save any money what so ever and be able to pay off other bills, thats how its going to have to be.

I've got a headache now )= 

At least I got the 30 dollar money order back today in the mail that I gave for that apt. So i went and cashed it where I bought it.. the lady was like… u…. made it out to urself?? I'm all yeah, long story…

But at least with that I got a 16lb bag of cat food, and a free 20lb jug of cat litter all for 10 bucks (i had a coupon). Then got 9 dollars worth of gas.. and I still have 10 bucks left over…

Did I mention when I got home the other morning from ATC's there was a puddle of blood on my kitchen floor?!
Once I determined all the animals were alive and kickin, I had to go to work, so once I got home, I determined that it was DawgFude. Apparently she got stuck or cut her self on the bottom of the dishwasher???  I patted her down and found a scab like by her armpit… her hair was all stuck together n what not.. I wanted to make sure there was nothing stuck in it or infected… so I pulled it off.. she was not happy, but she forgave me. . . . it was maybe the size of a pencil eraser… but she's good to go now.. im glad it was not internal bleeding from anyone, that would have been scary, and sucked!!

So I've gotta clean up the kitchen floor now, and finish cleaning up the house.. ATC said he'd probably stay here tomorrow night since WhoreFace is moving out tomorrow. I assume he doesnt know when she'll be done, and doesnt wanna deal with her.

After work everyones going to TGIFridays for my going away happy hour. I also get to leave work early because I only used 6 1/2 hours of my admin time today, so I could either come in late, or leave early to utilize the last hour and a half that I was given. Yay.

Tyler treated me to a drink and some pizza rolls @ Old Chicago this afternoon since Im doing a title and plates for him tomorrow. At least I didnt have to make dinner tonight. That rocks.

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Kisa Likes to Blog

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Ellie’s new bed

About oh… 6 months ago, I asked my mom to make a dog bed cover so i could put extra pillows and blankets in it for Ellie….. she finally got around to finishing it, and sending it to me… So here Ellie is enjoying it… and Kisa too


Kisa Kicked her off already



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Kitty on my lap

AS  i type kisa keeps pushing buttons touching the screen rolling over and hitting the CAPS LOCK i feel bad tht i keep pushing her off but shes hindering my ablilites here areweurhawrehewikhn

ok ugh, shes a 1/4 inch away now hopefully i can get this done.

Totally doesnt feel like a Monday and I dunno why. Work went by surprisingly fast too.
However it did snow most of the day. That sucked. Im so over winter.

I cant believe I'm going to say this, but Im looking forward to going to the dentist on saturday.
The other day, one of my back molars cracked off a chunk. It was the one next to the one that was pulled last year.
And, I just noticed that it LOOKS like one of my porcelain crowns has broken off on my back bottom molar. WTF is that?
Anyways, my gums are not happy right now, and I want to get the "deep cleaning" done, as much as they hurt, I think itll turn things around. Plus theres a few cavities that need to be fixed, but only one important one right now.
Which also reminds me I need to stop by the old dentists office and request and PAY for my duplicate xrays to take to my new dentist, who hopefully isnt a douche bag like the last one.

ugh, my hands have been so dry lately with this crazy weather, its driving me batty. Not that I don't have like 15 girly bottles of lotion around, its just a pain in the ass.

*yawn* welp I think its just about bed time for me, hopefully i get to sleep before 11 or 12 tonight if i start early enough.

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