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Made it through Monday

Saw this today on an article from Eat this Not that.

By passing up dessert, you actually make it harder to stick to your diet—and that’s why so many of us stay on course for weeks or months, then wake up one morning face down in a box of Ho-Hos.

How true is that! LoL I didn’t do great on eating today i just couldnt get full during lunch and it took a bit. But then I wasnt hungry for dinner so thats kind of a plus lol.

Sunday I went to Pachanga class to work off the bbq from Sunday, but i didnt go this morning to work off the Hibachi from last night. I’ll go back on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I gotta get off my ass and get some cleaning done, all i did today was the dishes, the bunnies need to be cleaned and the place needs to be vacuumed. The cats broke a light bulb in my bedroom from a lamp and i havent vacuumed it up yet… just put the lampshade over it ROFL.. lazy much?!

Chantelle went back to Kansas today, she stopped by this morning with Delilah to say bye so that was nice of her. She managed to up load some pics that she took while she was here they turned out cute! These were before I cut my hair..Me, Original Josh, Chan

Oh! I have an interview on Wednesday for ULTA! its just a stocking/replenishment kinda position i believe, thats what I applied for online the other day. I said i’d be willing to work 15-25 hours a week outside from school. I still want some time to be able to pick up and teach some Pachanga classes myself. He wants to add some by the end of August so hopefully i can do at least 1 class a week.

Shoot my stomach is growling now i gotta get somethin in it before i go to bed, i hate waking up starving. Guess i’ll go do that and finish watching hoarders!



Grrr and Raawwr

I think this post will be a little bit of complaining…about my “friends”.

Chantelle is in town for another week or so..we met up Saturday night when she got in, actually no, we didnt meet up. She asked me to come pick her up. I obliged because she had just driven 8 hours from Kansas.

We spent a few hours at Caldonias mostly her friends, and original Josh came by as well. Of course she made everything all about her. I managed to get convo’s in with Josh and her friend Chandra. I was telling her about Pachanga classes and they’re right by her house, so I’m going to try and get her to come this Sunday. (I also invited Chan but she said 9:30? on a sunday?! hell no! but then once I publicly invited Chandra on FB Chan was like oh ill go if im not hungover)
Wednesday we were supposed to take the dogs to the park. It rained for all of 5 minutes so she cancelled that. We went to dinner instead at our favorite restraurant Brio and had our favorite Chopped Salad and a few drinks.

Thursday we were supposed to take the dogs to the park… she cancelled that as well. Then she asked me to go to dinner with her. She took a nap, texted me back, and said her friend Nicole wanted to go to dinner and she hadn’t seen her yet. Ok wtfever. So i was left high and dry again Thursday night. But then has the audacity to ask if I’d drive her to and pick her up from this bar down town for $20. 1st of all i’m not a taxi driver. I’m not reverting to our ways of years ago when i’d drive her drunk ass all over town. She didnt even want to go downtown till 10:30pm, and wouldnt be leaving till at least 1:30 am. I said no because i’d already be asleep at that time and I had to get up early to go to Pachanga. Then she asks if i’d take her to pick up her car (today) if she left it downtown, i said fine. Luckily that didnt happen. Nicole took her to and fro. What doesnt make any sense is that i had a certificate for the exact place she was going last night and she knew it. However didnt invite me.

Today she asks if I want to go with her to get her tattoo. I said yeah possibly… then she says well Nicole’s coming and we’re getting dinner afterwards. So i said fucking make up your mind either ask me or dont. Don’t ask 12 other people and when they say yes, then back out on me. She said “i wasn’t uninviting you, just saying that she’s coming along”. WTFever. I don’t even wanna go. I don’t have money and gas to be driving around and eating out every night.

I just texted her and asked if she wanted to bring the dog over and ill watch her for the night i dont feel like going out, maybe ill take them to the park together or they can just play and chill.

I’m just over all these people with their attitudes. Ron tweeted me today asking if i was gonna come say hi to his son. WTf would i wanna do that? I don’t like kids. He’s been a dickhead to me lately. He tries to make it better by offering Cold Stone and I said, well that’s not within my diet plan.. (I got a body bugg they other day i havent mentioned that yet). He throws out some insult shot at my Pachanga instructor, if thats what he told me not to eat. I said no he didnt tell me anything, and fuck you too. He just can’t be supportive of ANYTHING I do. Sick of having a-holes around me for friends.

Everyone’s got their fucking kids and can’t do anything w/o them. And when i say no thanks, if you’re bringing your kids i dont wanna hang out, THEY get pissed. Hello you know I don’t like children. That’s not gonna change.

What’s funny, the people who ARE friendly who ARE supportive who ARE there for me? The NKOTB girls. They’re awesome. I can talk to them share things with them that I can’t with others, we all get along great and theyre just what i need right now.

Phew, okay thanks WP for letting me vent, I really needed that.

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Touristy Pics

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At it again

Hung up with Chan tonight and some others.. wasnt sure at first what to expect.. but everything went fine, no one got shit face, and we even all left the bar before last call.

Of course took some new pics…
The one of us standing together is just really good photography, I’m not that skinny trust me lol.

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Monday Malarky

Tomorrow Tomorrow, I’ll love ya tomorrow..
Sorry, I have that, and Somewhere over the Rainbow stuck in my head LoL

Speaking of tomorrow, I have an interview at the Impound again. yay!
Cross your fingers please!

It’s further away, but the hours are NOT m-f 8-5. Which I prefer.
Washing/drying some clothes now so that I have something to wear tomorrow.. I’m thinking grey pants with grey booties.. not sure which shirt yet though.. we’ll see.

We won another $40 at bingo Saturday night yay! Then we went to Scooters afterwards… and there was some hippie live band playing, it was really lame. We were not amused. But we all left with out any fights breaking out so that’s good. Got to see Sean finally and flirted a lil when no one was looking, and josh’s gf tasha didnt come either so that was nice lol. However I still have not gotten any alone time with Sean.

He did CALL me twice this weekend, weird, he never calls we always text. I was giving him a hard time for flaking on me and not coming over… and he says “well at least i call and let you know whats going on! see i’m a good boyfriend!……..; pause ; errr… boyfriend material………. cept no one wants to be with me *fake cry*. I was just like Ö ooooooook then.

I realized earlier that if i get the impound job, i’ll never see my customer crush \=
Even though he’s on FB, he never USES FB. sadness.

I tried to get up and go to the gym this morning, but it didnt happen. Had a hard time falling asleep last night i knew it was gonna happen….

We’ll see if it’ll happen tomorrow that way i’ll be up, energized, focused and ready for the interview.
People are starting to get my xmas cards, Cindy called me Sunday and said she loved it and also invited me to xmas dinner if I dont have any other plans I may take her up on it. My mom said she got hers today so my grandma should have also and possibly my dad. The rest went out in the mail today so hopefully they get to their destinations by xmas!

Oh so Chan is/was/maybe still coming out for NYE we had plans to go to the strip club, but now she says she doesnt want to, she may not come at all, or if she does she may just go to a house party with Christine. Really? Drive 800 miles for a house party? ::shakes head:: now i remember some of the lil reasons we stopped being friends and why she annoys me… but im just gonna bite my tongue… if she comes out, i’ll see her, but i’m not going out of my way.

OooOo Lane bryant is having buy 2 get 2 free bra’s through Jan 11th…. i could use some new ones…ill have to check out what the store has.. cuz sometimes the website is better.

Ok enough rambling from me.. gotta go sort my clean clothes..


Dooot DooOdoo

Totally thought the 3 day wknd was NEXT weekend, but I'm okay with it being now, however I'm out of $$$ so that's no bueno…

Friday night replacement Josh came over and played wiiii with me, mario kart and tennis good times! he was here till about 2 and then i passed out as soon as he left. It's *SO* nice to have a guy FRIEND thats just cool to hang out with and nothing more. We're so much alike its scary, Tanya even said so tonight LOL

Yeah she actually came out for once! Just to bingo but I'll take it! Funny thing is, both her and josh won bingo on the first round! and got free appetizer/dessert cards, and i had one left over for last week, so we used 'em all! Got potstickers, spinach dip, and a brownie obsession. MmMmmMm! no one won the final bingo, so next week it goes up to $400!!!

Jess paid me $10 to drive her to Costco today, soooo much I wanted to buy but can't until this weekend darnit!
Damn being poor!

So all of a Sudden Chan tells me she's coming in to town friday night, no notice whatsoever. I was like uhmm okay.. she says that "someone from her work bought her a plane ticket because they were sick of her whining about how homesick she was"…… that's a very nice gesture, but i dont buy it for one minute. . . then she calls me and says we're going to Challengers saturday night. Not as a question, as in THATS what I'M doing. I said well no, i already have plans saturday we go to fridays and we drink and play bingo, its a standing saturday night thing, doesnt change. ever. unless someones working. And she got a lil butthurt over that and yelled at me and said well WTFEVER and hung up on me… and then asks if i plan on going to Christines going away party, said probably not didnt know it was going on, and we havent talked in about 2 months, so why would i?

She's just mad because I didnt bend to her will. I dont do that anymore, not for her, not for anyone. Had she PLANNED this out and gave more notice things could have been done, hello its a 3 day weekend, one night is not a deal breaker.

While at bingo tonight I get a text from her saying "What do you want to do about the phones, because I dont want to talk to you anymore"…. so I said. uhm… I'll continue paying my part every month like I have been… and she said OK.  So i guess that's that. Whatever. Oh and she removed me off of facebook… AGAIN… like we're in middle school. I'm sorry there's nothing THAT important on your FB you need to "hide" from me. 

It's like breaking up with a bf every few months with her. So annoying and immature. SO OVER IT.

Anyways, i'm exhausted. My period is draining me. I slept from 5-9 this afternoon, and now its 2am,.. i'm ready to pass out again. I've gotta work 1-5 at macys tomorrow but thats not too bad.


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Not too shabby

My weekend was pretty chill, yet fun.

Chantelle came into town to pick up her son, and we decided to hang out, even after our big fight a while back.
No one apologized, which really wasnt expected but we still had a good time.

We all hung out at Caldonias for a bit..

001BitchesHahThe gangUpside down girls

Then we went to Shotgun Willys where i saw Phil from the Cornelia Marie as i posted previously that was awesome.

Saturday was a chill day, I got my nails done, stopped by ULTA for a new eyeshadow brush since the cats keep stealing mine, and some pretty new nail polish.

he rest of the day I spent watching The Tudors on netflix on my 'puter, the whole first season!. Sunday I started in on season 2, I'm still watching that now. How is it these people fell in love and got married so quickly/easily, and today its sooo hard to even find a decent relationship?! I guess they knew they wouldn't live long anyways so they might as well get with someone while they could.

Last night i met up with this guy to go watch The Hangover, finally! Felt like I was the last person to see it! Then we went and had a quick dinner at Racines . He's a nice guy, but really just not my type.

By the time I got home though I wasnt feeling well, my back was aching like no other and by the time I got in bed around 10, i felt like i had a fever, and chills. I woke up a few times throughout the night, my sheets drenched in sweat yuck! I finally got up at 3 and took some ibuprofen and the fever eventually subsided. I decided not to go to work today even though i was feeling a lot better, i didnt wanna push it.

I did however get a call today from one of the local radio stations, Alice 105.9, and they chose my submission to one of their contest things, they're gonna bring breakfast for me and my co-workers on thursday! How awesome is that!

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Oh baby you, You got what I neeeeeed

So apparently I havent made an update with any real substance in it for a few days so I guess it's time, considering theres some shit that's gone down!

Lets start off with some good news. My friend Melissa, who i've known since the 3rd grade, that just found me on facebook a few weeks ago, has decided to come out and visit for my birthday!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I am SO freaking excited I can barely contain myself. I havent seen this girl in like, over 7 years. She's excited to have a weekend without kids and responsibility, and well, my life is like that every day so I will definitely be showing her a good time!! We talked for almost an hour and a half on the phone tonight, we have so much to catch up on! And its funny how much we still have in common and are soooo alike!

My birthday party is going to be on the 12th this year, since my bday is on a tuesday, but whatever, it shall still be fun! Plus i took the next day off of work so I can recover ( =

The other unfavorable (if you can say that) news is that apparently Chan and I are not on speaking terms. She de-facebooked/myspaced me LOL. Its hilarious to me actually that she's all immature about things just because I told her the truth like a GOOD friend would rather than sugar coat things and let her live in an imaginary world.

I straight up told her, she is the common denominator for all the drama in her life and she feeds off of it. She tried saying ron never said good bye to her before she left, but he showed up at her going away party, to me that counts, but she also said they were never "friends" he was just someone she talked to… uhh yeah, okay. whatever. She said that *I* was envious of *her*… lmfao. Not so much, never ever. I reminded her that the only people who think others are envious or jealous of them are shallow self-involved people such as herself. That obviously me being mature and talking to her like an adult was not working with her, and I should just be immature like Chase and maybe then she'd pay attention.

She stated that I was a half-ass shitty friend… why?… "Because I bought my plane ticket to come see her in KC even before she had moved out there"………..I'm sorry, what?! She BEGGED me to come see her and I did. So that makes me a shitty friend? For telling her the truth whether it hurts or not. I would want someone to do that for me if I was acting like an idiot. But hey, whatever. She tried to say that "she never bitched at me" when i was out "fucking half of denver", psha, whatever, lol, i said no, you never bitched at me, you ENCOURAGED ME and said if you were single, you'd a been doing the SAME EXACT THING, so point being? Oh yeah, none.

I'm not the one who moved home to mooch off my grandpa and "save money". I just moved to a diff. cheaper apartment and started paying off my bills, like a responsible big girl.

Its just shocking (kinda) that she can throw a 6+ year friendship away over me being truthful to her. This really was a long time in the making, i try to tell her lil things over a period of time, but this happened to all come out at once. Mostly because she called me a C*^T…..and to me, thats a deal breaker, and I just went off. Had she been IN CO saying that I would have beat her ass on the spot friend or not.

So in some ways its good riddance. There has been NO drama in my life the past 4 days that we havent been talking. And that is kinda nice. My phone is a lot quieter and I dont have any random ass calls from her. I've thought about writing her an email, but thats probably just adding more fuel to the fire. I made sure to let her know that shes pretty much burning all her bridges here and if/when she does come back, she's not gonna have any friends LEFT. She said she didnt care about burning her bridge with me. So, that's on her. WTFever. It's stupid really.

This is one of the main reasons I have VERY FEW female friends. They are all so much drama.

Anyways, I'm glad tomorrows friday. Wish it was payday though. Booooo. I really have nothing to look forward to going to work tomorrow. LAAAAME. It's been pretty warm here the last few nights and it amazingly hasnt rained in like, 2 days i think. But because my ac doesnt work i wake up like, overheating at night and that sucks. I have a fan on but it can only do so much. It's causing my scalp to break out cuz i wake up sweating. Super lame.

Rons taking me to the movies tomorrow night to see The Proposal.. YUM Ryan Reynolds.. he is on Jimmy Fallon tonight too yay! I received 7 pounds from NetFlix today, and Im going to try and not watch it until I see ATC on saturday so we can see it together.

I got my new bra's in the mail yesterday and theyre super duper cute! Today i got my car-phone charger and USB cable from ebay. Kickass! It's like christmas this week!

Well I think thats enough for now I should probably go get ready for bed. Maybe sleep good for once this week and not wake up still feeling exhausted. We'll see!

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I hate when plans fall through. They're called plans for a reason. You pick something to do. You block off a space of time reserved just for that, and you have fun while you're doing it.

Well when Chan's involved I KNOW plans will ALWAYS change.

She's been up my ass since TUESDAY saying how much time she wants to spend with me while she's here and we're gonna go out and do this and that yada yada yada…

I saw her Thursday when she came in. She came to my house took a shower, hung out with her kid. Then she went to dinner with her son and Chase while I stayed here with her dog..whatevs.

Friday I had planned for us to all go to Sutra for a friend of a friends bday. They had VIP and bottle service already paid for. Meaning FREE. Meaning all we had to do was show uP ANd drink.

So when I get home friday I text her and ask whats up, what she wants to do before then because its not till 1030-11 ish.. Well then she comes up with she ONLY has 16 dollars to go out with, yada yada yada.. well i only have 20. So….? Point being?… Well then it changed to Her, Josh and Chase were going to MVP's instead. (a super ghetto white trash bar) I said no thanks, and then ripped her a new one for flaking on me. Seeing as how she had been "worried" about it since TUESDAY. I should have known. But I wasn't going to reward her bad behavior and act like it was OK that she was hanging out with chase. One of the MAIN reasons she MOVED to KC was to GET AWAY FROM HIM. ugh. wtf is wrong with girls why are they so fucking stupid.

So ATC and I ended up just going to TGIFridays and having dinner and some drinks. Stopped by the Liquor store on the way home and picked up a bottle of Grey Goose. (gotcha feelin loose) sorry.. stuck in my head. We came 

home and ordered Quarantine on PPV because he INSISTED that I watch it… about 20 minutes into the movie he fell asleep on me, literally laying on me asleep lol. Didnt even take a SIP of his drink! I drank about half mine… so now today Im trying to drink the rest of them so they dont go to waste. You don't waste the goose.

Chan called me AND WOKE ME UP. To tell me it was really lame, and she got really drunk, and josh's friends made fun of her for drinking OUT OF THE PITCHER. And then, she hit someones car in the parking lot when she was leaving because she was so drunk. HAS SHE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM HER DUI? Obviously not. Has she learned anything from the past? NO. Everytime she's ever ditched me or flaked out on plans to do something retarded, something bad ALWAYS HAPPENS TO HER. Did she leave her info for the other car? No. She just took off. W T F

We havent talked since this morning. Her excuse yesterday was, she realized I'd be out there in 2 weeks and we'd be drinking a lot, and she just wants to spend as much time with Cameron that she can while she here. Thats fine, he's her son. But its not just cameron, its' Chase as well. She asked why I don't like him anymore or want to hang around him. UM HELLO YOU FUCKING WENT TO JAIL BECAUSE OF HIM. Why did she not like Marc the whole time I was with him? Because she was my friend and cared about me. But she doesn't see it that way. All she see's is Chase's huge penis. Until they get in a fight and she remembers he has no future, no money, no ambition, and nothing to offer her. Other than his penis.


I thought only girls pulled that whole "I'll leave something at his house heheheheheh" thing… cuz this week ATC has left socks, underwear, and his belt here. LoL. I don't know if he's done it subconsciously or he just forgot it or what…. but I think its funny… and cute… (=

Went and bought a cute, cheap curtain rod at Target today, only 6.99, just finished putting it up, but Im waiting now for my curtains to be dry.Also got some super glue, and put Marvin the Martians Gun back on the cookie jar. All Better. And bought some new, longer, heavier, stronger nails to finish hanging stuff up around the house. I think Ill try and get some laundry done today and…. I dunno what else. we'll see. 

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Last night after I informed ATC of the passing of my beloved London, he expressed his sorrow for me, asked if I needed a hug (yes please) and promptly came over after work. Even called on his way because he was stuck in construction zone hell which took a lil bit longer, but wanted to assure me he was on his way. Showed up with Jager, Corona, and himself. It was just what I needed. I didnt cry anymore after he showed up.

We watched That 70's show, Scrubs, and the demise and rise of Steve-o.
Went to bed around 2 and I slept so good however i went to sleep and woke up with a headache, more like a sinus headache from all the crying…

I've only teared up a few times today =
Chantelle is coming in to town for the weekend, she's almost here. texting me every 5 seconds with her whereabouts.

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