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I just want to buy something!

My birthday month is nearly over so I’ve been using up all the goodies I received. Once I got paid this week I headed to kohls for something to use my free $10 gift they sent.

I figured I wanted some kind of jewelry, something I bought myself that has no memories or attachments to…

I waited and waited while the associate helped an elderly lady buy a watch, didn’t have her charge card, didn’t understand when she asked for an id, kept giving her social security card..etc.. then finally found her temp card. Started taking about how she’s 87 years old, her husband is a ww2 veteran, they’re moving to the springs to be closer to family.. the associate finally gets her to sign for her purchase.
Then, they lady out of nowhere breaks down and starts crying saying she’s afraid to die and she’s so old over and over…
Now I give this associate props for trying to console this woman but this is not the time or place for this!
Another customer who had been waiting was lucky enough to find a manager walking by to help her check out.. so when they were done I snagged him myself. I said I’d really like to make a purchase but this customer over here is having a breakdown and your associate can’t get away!

Anyways! I ended up with this pair of amethyst earrings, normally $100, on sale for 65% off I think, & 15% coupon and My $10 gift, I ended up paying just $23! Such a steal!


I think they look good with the earrings I got there for Xmas..
Now I just need one more set for the last piercing and I’ll be happy.


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Xmas Cards!

Cute xmas cards from Shutterfly!

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New Swim Suit!

A few weeks ago Jess and I went to OldNavy to check out some swimsuits for the summer!

Crowdtap and OldNavy sent me some coupons for free swimsuits so we couldn’t pass that up!

We perused their selection and made quite a few choices to try on.

I normally go for Tankini styles because they’re easy and comfy.

I tried on a few one pieces that had string halter’s but there just wasn’t enough support offered by those styles.







I found a cute one piece black halter style that I ended up choosing, it was super cute. There was a really similar one (the purple in the first picture) but the Black hid more of my imperfections LOL.

I think this style would be good for maybe the water park? That way I dont have to worry about 2 pieces coming off, only the top! LOL!

Jess chose this 2 piece for herself and Brooklyn helped out of course!

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Listening in Style!

Yesterday I went to BestBuy to check out some car stereo’s since mine is old, doesnt fit right, and continually eats my cd’s and refuses to spit them out.

I found a really nice Sony that had all the features I wanted at a decent price (79.99) :



I waited and waited and waited for someone to come help me.. i even asked 2 different employees to help me or find someone who would. i really wanted to spend some money. I finally walked up front to the “Customer Service” counter and found 2 employees and a manager. I asked if SOMEONE, ANYONE could help me with this stereo because I really wanted to give them my money, if not, i’d just leave.

The manager got on the radio asking where multiple employees were to come help me. I advised her i’d been over in the car stereo section for at least 30 minutes without seeing 1 single employee. She finally walked to the back with me, I showed her which one I wanted, and she looked it up in the computer and said they had 2 on hand. At that point, “Travis” who was supposed to be in that area, finally showed up, she handed him the slip showing the item I wanted. He walked over to the shelf and grabbed a box. I immediately said “that’s NOT it” it’s THIS one *points to wall* he’s like no, this is the sku she gave me. I said well it came from THIS DISPLAY. So he grabbed the correct one. I said well what is the ACTUAL price of THIS unit since that had the wrong price tag on it? He said.. uhhhh… $150?… i said ok nevermind then, that’s more than i’m willing to pay. You should really get your product info and prices in order, and walked away.

As i was leaving, I saw the manager lady again and advised her that the “advertised price” was for the wrong unit and I wasn’t willing to pay that much. She asked what the price difference was, I said “Travis” told me it was $150, not the $79.99 listed.. so she offered to “Split the difference” with me, and take $40 off.. that was still a bit more than I wanted to pay, but it was do-able so i agreed. She went back to Travis and got the unit for me and stood in line with me to authorize the price over ride.

When we go to the register, it actually rang up at $119.99. I’m not sure if that was a regular price or sale price, but she didn’t blink an eye and took $40 off. So that actually brought it down to the original $79!  haha!  score!!! (thankfully travis was an idiot and gave a higher listed price that it actually was, had he even scanned it and looked it up i wouldn’t have gotten such a good deal).

She apologized profusely for me having to wait so long, and for the incorrect prices. So I appreciated that. And i appreciated the discount!

So it’s pretty nifty, has a usb connection, jack for mp3 player, is sirius xm ready if i wanted to subscribe, and pandora ready as well. Oh and has 35,000 color options available for the display and a remote! AWESOME SAUCE!

We’ll probably pick up some new door speakers soon, and i’m hoping mr man can put it in this weekend because i’m so very impatient! I want it now!!!! If I knew how to do it myself, and had the necessary tools, I would!

I picked up the new “bucket” for it to fit in the truck PROPERLY unlike the current set up. so it should be all perty once we’re done installing it!

Can’t wait till its all ready and I can bump some NKOTB in the car (=


Savings this week




Shopping stuff

Because of xmas, my unemployment money was 3 days late getting to me.

I did get a bunch of shopping done yesterday though. Went to ikea, bed bath beyond, bath and body works, and old navy.

I had 2x$20 groupons to use at old navy. I found the man a nice grey pea coat, normally $89, for $3 out of pocket, and he loved it. Almost as much as the leather marc anthony jacket he got for xmas.

I got myself some cute grey corduroy pants, a pink top and another pair of their mens knit gloves (cuz they fit better with my nails). Got all that for $5 and some change.

I got up and went to work at 530 this am, except no one else showed up. Apparently “I read the schedule wrong” and our shipment isn’t until saturday this week……. Then they called me today and said it’ll actually be at noon instead of 5 am. That’ll be…..interesting …. to do with a store full of customers.

Today I went to a different ulta and got a facial. Since we don’t currently have an esthetician at ours. I’ve been breaking out horribly lately for unknown reasons aside from shark week. So hopefully this helps clear up my skin for the new year. Bonus, employee discount made it only $27! But I ended up buying a clearance eyeshadow brush, hair flower clip, and some trial size big sexy hair shampoo and conditioner so I managed to spend $42 lol. Still, less than the normal cost of a facial.

I think I’ll drag myself outta bed tomorrow and go do 2 hours of pachanga well maybe less 15 mins since I’ll have to come home and get ready for work.

I’m sad that katy perry and russell brand are breaking up. I thought for sure they would make it.

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I had a $10 off $10 purchase coupon for Pier 1 I haven’t been there in years and to my surprise they had a ton of cute semi affordable things..

I picked up a manicure set with a giraffe print, saw a cute giraffe mug too but I passed on it for the salt n peppper shakers instead…


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$2 Tank Tops!

Friday and Saturday OLD NAVY is having a Tank-a-thon!!

Use this coupon to purchase during the pre-sale on Friday!!

Limit 10 tanks per person!!!
Solid, rib knit tanks only, for women, girls, and toddler girls.

You have to scroll down in the middle window in order to see the barcode so make sure you’re printing out the whole page!

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Weekly Wrap Up

i’ve wanted to post all week but i’ve just been so exhausted!

I did Zumba tues weds thurs this week and a regular work out monday. My knee was a bit sore after thursdays class but it seems all better now, I slept with a heating pad on it all night.

I signed up for Groupon the other day, dunno why it took me so long, then I got a $5 coupon from them to use on a future purchase and today’s deal was $30 for 4 kick boxing sessions, a 40 min personal training session and free boxing gloves! It’s normally $105! So in actuality I got it for $25! Freaking awesome. It’s not really close to my house.. but they have times that will fit my schedule, after work and weekends. So we’ll see when I can make some time for that. I’m really excited!

Also got an offer from the Denver Broncos ‘crush’ which is the girls fan club, for buy one get one free at this tanning place. Now i’m pasty as all hell, and I’ve always been afraid to go to a tanning place.. but i might just try it out. The girls say it’ll be good to do it pre-cruise maybe not get so sunburned LOL.

Bought One of my tix to Vegas last night, I wont get in till 10:45 friday night but it’ll give me time after work to get everything situated and maybe Josh can take me to the airport. Hopefully be able to buy the return tix here soon lol.. otherwise i’m stayin in Vegas LOL.

I scheduled my Polygraph test for Monday afternoon, I dunno why but I’m  still nervous about it lol everyone says not to be. They told me all I needed to bring was my last 5 years of work history. Which is hella easy. Um, DMV, Macys, Comcast. LoL

My house is a disaster area again, I just dont understand how it gets so bad so fast lol maybe I should take Sean up on his cleaning for sex offer hahaha. Gotta get as much as I can done today. Wanted to go get my nails done but that may wait till tomorrow. Or maybe even Monday after the test. Tyler’s going to replace my front Rotors and Brake pads tomorrow YAY. No more constant squeeeeeeking. Driving me effing crazy. Need to go to the petstore and get some cat food and litter they’re about out of both.

Last night I fell asleep in the chair around 930 or so LOL. once i got uncomfortable enough i went to bed and got to sleep in till 10 today, felt so awesome!

Paid all my bills so far, IRS, power, gym, netflix, car insurance, bank loan… even still have some left over! Looks like after next months power bill ill be all caught up in my past due/payment arrangements with them… as Chan said “first time in 5 years?” lol yeah pretty much.

Welp this episode of Jersey Shore is just about over so I should get up and start cleaning and have some lunch.