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Catching Up

I feel like i haven’t updated in days….aaaaaaaand I havent!

Lets see…whats been going on…

Friday was a day of errands and what not…

  • Went to Zumba
  • Went to Post Office
  • Went to Old Navy and used my groupon, got a cute shirt for the date purple and white racerback tank
  • Took my ON receipt to Coldstone for bogo ice cream, got one for me and Ellie
  • Did *some* laundry, and put *some* away….
  • Went on my date, we went bowling, then to his condo to watch movies, and played with his puppy Harley, such a cutie… I ended up staying the night, but all we did was cuddle… i was sandwiched btwn him and the pup…it was cute LOL. Hopefully we hang out again, when I left he said “we should do this again” so, we’ll see.
  • Saturday was super duper busy, I left his house, came home walked Ellie and then went back to sleep for 3 hours.
  • Then i drove to broomfield for a consumer testing thing and got paid $35 woohoo. Then came back home again.
  • Made some brownies to take to the NK bday get together.
  • Pretty sure I took a nap or something of that sort…
  • Then I drove back up to thornton/brighton for the NK (new kids) birthday party, I was there for about 6 hours! It was at my friend Keri’s house. We had yummy lasagna, salad, my fat free brownies, and angel food cake w/strawberries, oh and lots of Malibu! LoL..
  • Keri’s a licensed hair dresser so 3 of the girls got their hair done while we were there and we watched the NKOTB Coming Home DVD and reminisced about the cruise and tours, and talked about ppl on twitter that we don’t like very much LoL
  • Her doggies loved me, i gave them so much attn, and then they tackled me on the floor it was fun!
  • Look at that UnderBite! How could you not love that face LOL that’s Louie and the doxie is Toby.
  • Sunday….what did i do Sunday…I got a newspaper..
  • Cleaned the bunnies….
  • Made a roast…
  • Yeah not too much got done yesterday lol

I woke up all night long cuz it was pouring like crazy out I had to close my window and sliding door cuz everything was getting wet, there were huge puddles outside my place this morning. Went to Zumba, it didnt seem as full today, maybe the rain kept people away…

Felix asked if I was coming to the 2 hour party on Saturday and I said probably not because I don’t have the $15 for it……. he said Well, it’s at the new studio, just come, you can pay me whenever you get money. How awesome is that! He’s the best, I swear. He also asked how much weight i’ve lost, i said i’m STILL at the 15lb mark.. and it wont budge, and i’ve been doing 3 classes/week. He said I should up it to 4-5 a week… i’d like to! But his other 24hr classes are at clubs above my level ie. more money…he also asked if i was eating good.. which i have been for the most part… maybe have 1 soda a week.. I’ve been drinking Country Time lemonade from the can/powder..  and water, but not as much water as I should.. its just soo boooooring LoL

This Saturday me and 3 friends will be going to Old Navy for a sample share for their shorts and what not, meaning we each get a free pair of shorts, a top, and an accessory! I get these awesome sample shares from Crowd Tap, its hella fun and I suggest you join!

Still havent found me a job yet, but I did send out a bunch of resumes this weekend, some restaurants, some receptionist/office positions things like that… hopefully something comes along soon! My unemployment says it was “approved” last week, but then thursday I got a letter saying I have to call in for an appeal hearing on the 27th. gah, really!? c’mon already!

Ah well i better wrap this up and maybe head to bed…


Lots of free time to do whatever

Day 2 of unemployment. Not to bad akshually.
True, its Saturday but still LOL.

Last night I went over to Aarons for our 2nd date.. we went and had Chinese food for dinner yumm including crab cheese wontons, my fave. As we were sitting at the table I looked out the window and said OH! Ice Cream! in a joking manner… however he knows how much i love ice cream, so we went to Baskin Robbins afterwards (=
Apparently he knows the way to my heart.

We then went back to his house and watched The Fighter (swoon) he requested I bring it, and who am *I* to turn down a Wahlberg… we also watched Funny People with Adam Sandler it was good, but loooooooooong 2 hours 26 minutes long. We were both sooooo tired when it was over…Was expecting him to say it’s late (almost 2 am) you should just stay……. but that never happened. o_O

Damn him not being a manwhore LOL.
So it was another nice date for the books.

Today was such a nice day, 78 degrees in Denver. I slept in till 11, went to AJ’s bday party, then came home and lounged around. Even though I said id take a few days off, i sent off about 10 applications/resumes to things online.

Caught up on my DVR: Greys Anatomy musical, I liked it. BlueBloods awesome as always, and Heavy, always intense. Actually able to watch SNL in real time tonight since I’m not going to bingo.

The news  just said its supposed to be snowing  by noon tomorrow. WTF

I’ll need to go pick up a newspaper tomorrow and probably clean up the house. Get things in order since I’ll be here so much hahaha. Have to plan out some meals I still have a lot of stuff, ppl made fun of me for my food/product/whatever hoarding but it sure is coming in handy NOW!

I stocked up on dog and cat food yesterday with some great coupons for Target so they should be good for a few weeks at the least.

Hey! Tom Hanks on SNL! Nice Surprise!

I feel dehydrated, I’ve drank 2 bottles of gatorade and about 28 ounces of water this evening, but still….probably just from the heat. It still feels hella hot in the house.

Gotta print out the ppwk and see about applying for food stamps on Monday possibly, its all the way across town though ugh, what a pain. Also gotta do the stuff for unemployment and school. I applied for FAFSA the other night and filed my taxes online. Still have to do the state taxes though, maybe tomorrow when I can focus more.

Checked online, and in the state of CO your former employer has 24 (business) hours to provide your last paycheck. So Monday morning Ill have to call and say WTF is my money bitches.

Chantelle also mentioned that my insurance should still be in effect for 30 days, thankfully (hopefully) because I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my birth control removed/replaced. Hope its only a 30 or 50 dollar copay and not more. |=

My new phone, EVO Shift should be coming on Monday. Seems it went out on Friday however I do not have a tracking # yet \= I’ll have to remember to put a note on my door for UPS to leave it if possible if I’m not here, since I’ll have Zumba Monday morning. Need to look for a case for it on Ebay on the cheaps.

It seems the cats do not appreciate their water fountain I bought for them. Already threw out the box and receipt so no returns on that boo. I dunno WHY they dont like it? No one I know wants/needs it. Wish there was a way I could utilize it for the bunnies LOL

While brushing my teeth the other day I somehow stabbed my inner upper lip/gum line with my toothbrush and its hella sore still. Musta bruised it pretty bad, who does that?!

Chan just drunk dialed me saying she misses me and she wants to move home so bad. etc etc etc. Nice to have her back w/o all the drama.

Double surprise! Jake Gylenhaall just made a cameo on SNL too!

Ok thats enough randomness for tonight, ill wrap it up now!


Sunday is for Cleaning

I’m going to try to make this quick since I should be off the couch cleaning the house.

We did NOT go to bingo this week *gasp* i know right.
Since someone won the cash last week, there really was no point, not sure if we’re actually going to continue going. The bingo caller quit (walked out one night we heard) and the clientele showing up is just getting more and more ghetto. We’ll see how we feel next weekend.

Instead, I went out to dinner with WTR to Sushi. It was yummy and I had Saki for the first time, we had 4 different flavors, Fuji Apple, Pear, Plum, and Raspberry. We both agreed that Plum was the best.

After that we went back his apartment, it was still pretty early probably 830 or so, did our thing and we both fell asleep! hahaha he woke me up early it felt, it was still dark out, not surprising with the time change, but when I finally got out of bed and found my phone I saw that it was only 5:45!!! meaning it was “really” 4:45! wtf?! I tried to fall back asleep there but it just wasnt happening, so I left and it had snowed right before! of course! gah! but it was wet thick fluffy snow, that basically melted when it hit the pavement so it wasnt a big deal. I got home around 6:30 checked all my social sites and then went back to sleep.

I was playing some of Donnie Wahlbergs “back rub” radio shows and fell asleep to those, and had good Donnie dreams! One was I was at my grandmas house with ellie and 3 other dogs, one being a bull mastiff (i dont know anyone who has one) and they all got out of her fence and were running around the neighborhood, i got all of them back, and then Ellie did it again! Somehow she ended up in San Diego (my grandma lives in Nevada) and some bicyclists found her and got her micro chip scanned, they couldnt get a hold of me, so the 2nd emergency contact was Donnie Wahlberg and he was in the area so he went and picked her up and then I got a hold of him once I found out he had her and we met up and I got her back. hahahah crazy right?!

There was another dream w/donnie in it but I dont remember it now. i’m sure it was sexual in some nature hahahahaa.
i remember it now, I was at my high school trying to find certain rooms I was supposed to be in, and when I found it the class was for defensive driving class!? I finally went out side and thats where I found Donnie he’d shown up in a limo to deliver Ellie to me and everyone was freaking out cuz they wanted to know who was in the Limo but i wouldnt tell them, and he’d parked it farther away and was already out of the limo talking to me they just didnt recognize him with his hat and sunglasses on LOL.

Ellie is obviously not affected by the time change whatsoever she was up bounding around barking poking at my bed chasing the cats being over all annoying this morning so i finally got up around 11. Since then i’ve been laying on the couch, watched last nights SNL, Zack Galifinakis was hilarious esp his opening w/the Annie dress and pink panties with white ruffled socks. Look it up if you missed it!

I just ran to Starbucks and got a Venti Caramel Frap no whip to get me jump started on cleaning. Even though its now 3pm lol.. They also had some news papers left so I picked one up there so I didnt have to make another stop!

Oh yeah, guess what.  It’s 59 days until THE CRUISE!!!!!!!! wooohooo!!!

Alright I’ve gotta go get laundry started, huge pile on my bedroom floor, clean some litter boxes and bunny cages, and straighten up my living room it’s a disaster. Hopefully I can make a dent in all these things. Yesterday I amazingly cleaned the bathroom so that’s outta the way!



I havent done a *real* post in 8 days! WTF! I guess things have been kinda crazy busy around here.

Next Saturday is my last day at Macy's wooohooo! Hopefully i can use my discount friday or saturday and get some cheapy stuff before I leave.

So let's see, Wednesday I had a date – a new guy, I'm gonna call him… hmm… the Carpenter, cuz that's what he does aside from going to school for "engineering". To me that always sounds like you're gonna drive a choo choo train, but it's not. So anyways we got SHITFACED that night btwn 3 different bars, then went home and had another drink and well.. you know… he left around 7am Thursday morning – so Thursday was a lil rough just a tad bit hung over but I made it through the day.

Thursday night myself, Ron, Corrine, Jess, and Josh all went to Fridays to watch the nuggets vs lakers. go nuggets! There was also karaoke going on then too – it was amusing, and scary at the same time.

Friday night after work I went out with the carpenter again to some lil podunk redneckish bar where they were doing karaoke o m g. wow. yah. I ended up staying at his place that night and met his cute corgie Maddie. i shoulda taken a picture, she's OCD about tennis balls just like Ellie is lol.

Saturday i was GOING to be productive but I sat on the couch and josh and i watched deadliest catch for a while, then i ate some pot stickers and passed out on the couch for about 3 hours till i had to go to work lol.  then of course bingo Saturday night where we did not win anything, sadness! i was only 1 # away too! It was my plan to go home and sleep for about 10 hours Saturday night, and Ellie let me have about 9 so I was okay with that.

oh lol so NC texts me saturday night saying hi and what not and that he's out at the bar with his gf(roommate) and their friend, and then sends me a pic of the 2 girls. WTF? why do i want to see that? i dont care. so josh and i take a picture of us with him grabbing my boob LOL and send that to NC. and he's like is that ur roomie? im like yup, but we dont get down like you and yours do. LOLOLOL. after some back and forth and josh stealing my phone to text some rude shit to NC it comes out that the roomie is no longer a virgin, and that she "asked" for sex. lolol. So my response was *shrugs* guess ill never understand why someone holds on to something so precious for so long, and then easily and quickly gives it up… guess thats just my mind frame as a whore though because i gave that up a looooong time ago…………. lol didnt get much of a response after that! hah. i'm not usually that catty but fuck dont send me pics of your gf, I DONT CARE. 

I made biscuits (*from a can) Sunday morning for breakfast and then finally unpacked about 3 boxes, then i had to go to work, which was sooo boring and lame, my gawd. Last night i was watching the deadliest catch season 5 recap since the new season starts tomorrow, i cant wait! cept i'll again, BE AT WORK. ugh it always cuts in to my important shows! i'm sure they'll replay it or i can catch it online.  After that I watched 2 episodes of "LIFE" on discovery, hunter & hunted, and insects. pretty cool! Oprah is kind of annoying as the voice over but whatever.

Hopefully tonight I'll have energy to finally go through the kitchen and reorganize and unpack everything so we can have lots of dishes and pots n pans and silverware lol. we're working with minimal things right now.

I still need to decide if I'm going to keep my book case or give it to Tanya – I kinda want to give it to her, just so i dont have to lug it around anymore LOL. but that also means i have to transport it to her across town, strapped to the top of my car… hmm.

Can't wait till payday Thursday! I need some monies!!!

Oh look at that Conan's Moving to TBS 4 nights a week!   


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Good way to start the week!

Last night ATC came over since it was his Friday, to hang out with me.
We decided to go to dinner at BJ's Brewhouse I've been there before and I knew he'd like it because of the beer. I was right. He loved it. He had their house Porter brew, and I had this Strawberry Confuzion, we had about 5 or 6 each hehe. I had the Balsamic Glazed chicken and he had the baked lasagna. Very very yummy. I have a feeling we will be going back there soon, esp. since its right down the street!

We got home around 11:30 and chilled and watched tv for a bit, Around 3:30 I finally went to sleep, which sucked cuz I had to work at 8, but I was actually not tired at all today at work. Weird!

I did however get some lunch time nookie! He asked what time I went to lunch, and since work is only about 12 ish minutes away, I had plenty of time to come home and see him. Ü
So the rest of my day went pretty well at work to say the least!

I again, for the umpteenth day in a row called my leasing agent and BITCHED him out for still not having a mail key. It's been more than a week. He said he would get on it ASAP AGAIN and call the owners wife instead this time. I called AGAIN after work, and he said "he was just on the other line with them as I was calling" and they were going to make a copy of the key, and it should be on my AC unit on my porch no later than 9AM tomorrow….. wtfever. I WILL be surprised if it actually IS there tomorrow. Very surprised.

Last night ATC asked if I wanted him to leave one of his guns here, because, he doesnt feel safe with me being here alone (even though I have the dog). I told him if he wanted to that was fine, but he has to teach me how to use it first.

He also told me about a dream he had that I was in, the gist of it was that I got hurt pretty bad by some bad people, he took me to the hospital, and then got in a shootout with them, and then warned me that they were coming after the both of us….. So after he told me about it I said aweee well thanks for taking care of me and saving me!! So sweet LOL. 

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Unplanned Vday Festivities

Today I had nothing planned. ATC and I hadn't talked about it at all. Not one word. No biggie though.
He's been sick the last few days anyways, so I really don't wanna catch what he had.  I told him to hit me up when he's feeling better and up to hanging out.

Around 1230 I got an IM from Brent asking if I'd had lunch yet, which I had not, so he came and picked me up, and we went to Ted's Montana Grill. I had the Spikebox Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeños & bacon bison burger. Pretty yummy. I have to remember next time though, Medium – Well between beef and bison is not the same. Next time Well done. It was a lil too pink for my liking.

We decided to catch a movie afterwards. But we were pretty early for it, so we bought the tickets, and headed next door to Dave & Busters and played some games, got about 1300 tickets, but couldnt find anything we wanted to trade them in for…. No biggie.

So we went back to the theater after about an hour and got some good seats, but there was like, no one was still an early show though, at 4:25… so I guess ppl hadnt really started their date nights yet. We watched Push with Dakota Fanning. It was better than I thought it would be. Lots of action at least.

So, he just dropped me off, I was supposed to go see Corrine and JJ tonight but they havent returned my texts yet so I dunno what they're up to. Oh wells.

I'm good with just chillin at home tonight w/ the dog… the Egyptian hit me up yesterday and asked if I wanted to hang out so if I get bored I can always see what hes up to. . . . .

Overall this Vday wasn't a bust at all. Good times with a good friend is always welcome! 

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Surf & Turf

….That's the expression right?

After getting my hair done yesterday I headed to ATC's… we went to the grocery store to buy dinner, and blockbuster to get new movies.

He made a super yummy dinner, ny steaks, crab legs & claws, baked potatoes, salad, and daiquiri's. MmmMmMmM it was booooommmmmbbbb!!!

We laughed our asses off at Step Brothers

and some other weird movie with Paul Walker in it. I don't remember what it was called, but it wasn't that great.

I was full, and drunk, and tired by 1030 so we went to bed.

But I/we only slept really well until about 130.. and then it was off and on all night from then on. Ugh it really sucked. I think my reasoning was that it was too quiet for me. Theres no tv or radio in his room, so my mind was just going in 20 different directions, thinking about what i need to do/buy/get/remember ughhhh it was horrible!

I finally fell asleep for maybe 45 minutes and then of course my alarm went off at 5:30 so I had to get dressed and drive home. Got back around 6:15.. slept in my own bed with my doggie for about 45 minutes it was awesome, just what I needed.

I  mean dont get me wrong, I love sleeping with him …er.. next to him… ha… but just not in silence. Plus I was all paranoid that I was snoring LoLoL. I thought I was gonna pass out at work today, but it wasn't too horrible. I got a big gulp Mt Dew from 7-11 so Im sure that helped out a lot…

So that's 4 dates in one week (with the same person). I think that may be a record for me. But it's kinda nice too (=

Somehow, I am still awake now at 730… its beyond me how that is possible… but whatevs…. its snowing a lot outside right now, started on my way home, they said we should have a few inches by morning. Oh Joy. …

Im still hoping to get a bonus on my check this Friday. Im hoping that maybe by tomorrow or wednesday our paystubs will be online and I can see how much it'll be. *crossing fingers*

It's funny as much as I dont really like kids, I really enjoy Jon & Kate plus 8.
Those kids are really growing up and you can see the differences in each one of them. It's so cute.

Oh Yeah! My mom ordered my 'puter last night (=
Yay Im getting the green one!
Has a built in webcam, finger print reader, cd/dvd burner, and an black padded case to keep it safe Ü
Dunno when its gonna show up though, said it may not be till AFTER xmas = but hopefully dell ppl are working overtime to get out all their orders =)(=

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Freezing my perverbial balls off

It's 12 degrees right now. With wind chill, that means its really 4 degrees.

I couldn't handle the house freezing for long, so I went across the street and bought some firewood, and a frozen pizza MmMMm garlic crust with 4 cheeses Yummylicious™

So last night was the date with ATC, dinner was delicous. The restaurant was perfect. Nice and dark, but not too dark, little side lamps at every table. We had a quiet booth in the back corner. No annoying customers around us. Our waiter was awesome. We had a good view of the brewery. He was very excited that I picked a place with a brewery, he's a huge beer lover, and even brews his own when he has time.

I started off with a house salad with an Herb Vinegarette MmMmM and we shared some sweet cornbread. Then I had the Chicken Picatta – Seared chicken with lemon, artichoke hearts, and white wine…. oh my goodness it was delicious, oh and their awesome mashed potatoes. ( i asked for the capers on the side, because I wasn't really sure what they were, and they were disgusting, so glad i did that, would have made the rest of the food taste weird.) I couldn't eat it all though, so I saved it for lunch today (=

Oh! And they had my favorite, Pomegranate Martinis!!

So then we came back here, watched a lil tv, and eventually fell asleep around 10:30, love cuddling with him, he keeps me warm! Had to lock ellie up in her kennel yet again, because she just can't control herself and makes tons of noise. They kept saying it was going to snow last night, and when i woke up around 3, nothing had happened yet, so that was awesome… when he got up around 4 to head home and get ready for work, he said it had just started snowing. Ugh, and it snowed ALL.DAY.LONG.

So I've had yet some MORE cell phone drama the last few days… Yesterday morning when I turned the phone on, it would not pick up a signal.. it stayed in roaming for HOURS. I am not outside my normal area. So I called in for tech support, and was on the phone for about an hour with the guy, he couldn't figure out what was wrong, and suggested I take it into a store. Which I did during lunch, to the same store with the bitchy, unhelpful unwilling clerks. She offered to let me file an insurance claim to get a new phone, for 35 dollars… uhm.. well the phone itself costs 29.99… why the hell would i want to do that. I reminded her, I didn't break the phone, nothing is wrong with it, YOUR signal just wont connect to it… i eventually bitched her out and left back to work.

So today after work I go to the original store where we first got our phones and the awesome guy there helped me out. I wanted to buy a used phone, but they wouldnt be able to send pics or get online… so i just decided to go back to my sprint katana phone and have that flashed over for way cheaper than it would be to buy a phone that wouldnt have the capabilities that i wanted. Since i had to wait over an hour because their system was jacked, he only charged me 35 instead of 55. So that rocked my socks. I still have all my old numbers in the phone and ring tones as well. And luckily I got home plugged my old phone in, and got a few new numbers off of it before it completely and utterly died. It wouldnt even turn on while being charged. So now it is officially in the garbage can.

Welp, I think im going to go sit directly in front of the fireplace and try to warm up because nothing else is working!!


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Good ending

So my weekend finally wrapped up with a 2nd date with ATC (air traffic controller) MmMmm he is YUMMY!

He invited me and Ellie over to hang out and spend the day. So we got there around 230 ish… she absolutely loves him. Just about as much as she loved Marc. He let her bite him and scratch him and play rough and tumbly.

We watched "most" of 300…. "most" of Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull.. and ALL of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

All on Blu-Ray, I've never watched a Blu-Ray movie before and his built in surround system is bomb!
He's got a HUUUUGE house, all to himself, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, huge basement nice yard on a corner lot. It's still pretty empty since he just moved in a few weeks ago.

We had some yummy Chinese food for dinner, he even bought Ellie some Beef jerky to snack on, even though she did manage to snag a few bites out our food as well. We ended up staying the whole night… so from 230 yesterday, till 6 this morning. Had an awesome time though, and we plan on seeing each other again when he gets back from visiting his family for thanksgiving.

This one actually has potential for more, he said he's NOT into the whole "open relationship" thing.. so if things get more serious between us… ill have to drop some people… but that may not be a bad thing. . . . . . . so we'll see what happens eh?….

So my weekend has me exhausted. 4 dates in 3 days, with 3 guys. Argh! I've never had such a busy schedule! Tonight, I just wanna nap.

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2 in 1

Oh my goodness I am so tired. Last night was a lot of fun!

Early in the night I met up with a new guy the "Air Traffic Controller" and his friend across the street at Chilis. Had a few drinks and talked and what not. He's a really cute & sweet guy. We headed down town and had another drink and danced a lil but I had to cut it short because I already had plans with Cameron.

So I got to his house around Midnight…we talked for like 2 hours just catching up on everything. Cuddling and stuff.

We watched Good Luck Chuck MmMmm Dane Cook! Surprisingly made it through the whole movie, with only a few distractions (= He was really cute and excited to see me it's weird for me for someone to act that way LoL… He said he had tried to get my email and # from tanya a few months ago, but she never got back to him about it!

 I must have done my makeup really well last night because both guys commented on how pretty my eyes were… and he said he'd missed my smile, and all the cute lil mannerisms that I have. Didn't get to bed till around 4:30 ugh… and I got up around 9:30 to come home and walk the dog and go back to bed!

I was able to sleep till about 12:30 when Tanya called, and then while talking to her ATC called and we're planning on hanging out till tomorrow. He doesn't wanna have to wait that long, but I already have plans for tonight so, he has to!

I've gotta try and get some energy up and clean up the house a lil bit.. and then Im seeing the Teacher tonight. OY im so tired already!  Keeping these all straight is gonna get harder.

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