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Wow I’m behind!

I’ve been thinking about posting, I swear! I’ve got no follow through these days I guess!

So let’s see…
There was New York



Then the NKOTB Cruise…



And of course Boston…



Those were all a blast! I absolutely fell in love with Boston and I can’t wait to go back!

Soon after was my birthday and some fun nights out…




And he told me he loved me, on my birthday (=

A few days later we went to Las Vegas for more NKOTB! And our first vacation together (we survived it!)







So now I’m back to reality, working just one job these days, still broke. Dad’s still living here driving me crazy but that’s a whole ‘nother post for another day.

Other wise all is well in my world!

Here’s a cute pic of Abbie (=



Dreaming Of Hope

My subconscious mind has been on a roller coaster lately.. well the last month or so.

After yet another breakup my emotions have been all over the place and that rolls over into my dream state. I’ve had arguments, fights, screaming, yelling, throwing things in my dreams – lots of built up anger I assume, to normal every day dreams that I just don’t remember.

This morning however I had a different type of dream, one with hope and promise.

For some reason, the person looked very similar to Adam from GIRLS.

Not sure why it was him or a look a like, not typically my type, but his character in the show is kind of an asshole at times, so that, IS my type I guess LOL. In my dream I can’t quite remember where I met him, but we ended up back at his home a nice big house on lots of property and he had his own pets around and was a friend to neighboring pets. We spent the whole day talking, cuddling, getting to know each other, laughing, just having a glorious time. Of course, as my luck would have it, another girl showed up. One who he chose to ignore while I was there and even tried to get her to leave, however she seemed oblivious to me even being present. More of a stalker status on her part I think. Eventually I packed my stuff up and asked to be taken home so that I could attend to my own dogs and assess the situation.

When I woke up, what I felt like I took from the dream was, the next person I meet, the next relationship I get in, I feel its going to be a whirlwind type of adventure. Maybe its wishful thinking, maybe its from watching too many rom-coms or disney princess movies, but I can hope right? For a positive, hopeful, loving, supportive, uplifting relationship where I’m the ONLY person they want to be with?  RIGHT?


And that’s that then..

So this happened tonight:

Aaron: So, About us, I dont see this going beyond friends, do you?
Me: um ok wow, uh. well.
Aaron: I’m sorry, I dont feel what i need to. I would be wasting your time.
Me: Actually I have really enjoyed hanging out with you but for me is too early to make any decisions either way. But if thats how you feel, i understand.
Aaron: I am not sure I can get past the 3some thing and the drugs. I know those things are your past but its is hanging me up. I know the feeling when I really want to be with someone and I’m not getting that and before this goes any further i think it is right to stop it.
Me: If you cant get past it then you cant. That’s your stance and I can respect that. Honesty’s my policy, sometimes it’ll bite you in the ass. It’s all good.
Aaron: There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We just don’t match.
Me: Oh i’m not ashamed of anything, i did everything in my life by choice good and bad and learned along the way.
Aaron: I agree, I hope there aren’t any hard feelings, I’m being honest with myself so I can be honest with you.
Me: Of course not, no worries.

Sooooo on to the next one! LoL

Who gets stuck on someone’s past they’ve never even been a part of?
it is what it is, i’m not too worried about it.


Ok, The full story!

Ok ok here we go, so his name is Aaron, i have no nick name for him yet, i dont think he really needs one though, he’s 32, works for a nearby cities Police Agency doing IT stuff.

To begin yesterday’s date, we started off at the Zoo around 10am. Of course one of my favorite places, and also free thanks to my membership! We were there for about 2 hours seeing all the animals, it wasn’t crowded at all, and the weather really cooperated.

We were both starving by the time we were done, so we headed over to Old Chicago around noon for lunch. Had some good food and good convo. Never really had any awkward silences or anything like that so that was nice.

Decided we wanted to continue hanging out, I remembered I had 2 Fandango movie tickets to use that I’d bought from Living Social, so we went down the street to the theaters, we had picked just the right time and Hall Pass was playing in 20 minutes. It was hilarious! We both enjoyed it.

We walked back out to the cars probably under the assumption the day was over.. but neither of us really wanted it to end.. luckily Dave and Busters is in the same parking lot as the movies.. so we went over there. Stopped and had a drink at the bar and chatted with the bartender.

Then we headed back to the game room and had a blast. Played some skeeball, horse racing, and all those fun games they have there. We got a buttload of tickets so we turned them in, I got a d & b coffee mug, and a box of nerds, lol, and he got a box of golf balls, and box of nerds…

Once we were done there, we stood in the parking lot hmming and hawwing about what to do next…it was only about 5:30 at that point… so he offered that we could watch movies at his house so I agreed, but mentioned I’d need to come home and walk Ellie before hand since i’d already been gone all day. So i did just that and got to his house around 7 ish..

We proceeded to watch 3 more movies, Hot Rod, with Andy Samberg, it was one of those stupid funny movies, Step Brothers, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall one of my all time faves. I met his black lab, Jack who’s a total sweetie and a spaz like Ellie, except he calms down eventually LOL he got up the couch and laid next to me, well basically pushing me more over towards Aaron forcing us to cuddle LOL. What a smart dog eh?

We had a lil bit of kissing and making out, but that’s as far as it went. Behaved myself. So proud LOL.

Around 11 I suggested that I leave so that he could go to bed since he had work, and I had Zumba in the AM, i did try to get up, but he held on longer and wanted to cuddle some more, so I obliged. (= When he started nodding off around 11:45 I decided it was finally time to head home.

So that was really like 5 dates in 1 day! We sure did a lot! But it was fun and we enjoyed each others company, we really clicked and hit it off. We have talked already this morning so we’re continuing with the progress.

Overall I’d say its probably the best date i’ve ever had let alone best FIRST date.


Hands Down


more to come later.



Had another 2 + hour convo with Sean last night till almost 1:30am. Boy was I dragging ass this morning! One part of our convo that really made me happy was, I was bitching about work/customers/general public and he said “i dunno whats wrong with people, anytime I go somewhere I show up prepared stuff in hand of what I need or I find out before hand what’s required and get it together”. I think i fell in love right then and there lOl. for REALS yo. That’s what i say ALL.THE.TIME. Omg someone with common sense, who thinks and does things like i do! He’s perfect in that sense!! lol.

Le sigh. things are getting better daily! haha

just 2 more days and then i have a 4 day weekend.

then another 4 day work week

and then VEGAS BABY!!

then another 4 day work week LOL


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High’s and Lows

Lets start with the low and go up from there mkay?
Checked my mail today and received the following letter:

Dear Me:
Thank you for your interest in the impound position. Many applicants are considered for this position and after a careful review of your testing process we will not be offering you this position. Sincerely blah blah blah blah….

Soooooooooooo that sucks. I was pretty much guaranteed that job. I was a shoe-in for it. If only they’d given it to me last year when I went for it.. *rolls eyes* Sooooooooooo now I’m back to searching for something w/i the city which there is NOT much of right now.

My supervisor is being “temporarily” ahem, transferred to a different branch, so that opens up the vacation time that I need for the cruise that I was denied since she took 3 weeks of may off. So i need to speak to the manager about that since it looks like I’m stuck in DMV hell for a while longer.

I dont understand why its so fucking difficult to LEAVE a job i HATE.



Sean and I talked for 2 1/2 hours on the phone last night. Lots of good convo went on. The last hour ish was “the talk” haha. Apparently i’m a big commitment phobe. The whole thing made me uncomfortable and I giggled a lot and say “i dunnnooo.. what do you think, what do you want”. So we came to the conclusion and agreed upon the following: To continue along the same path we are, hanging out, talking, sexing and seeing where it goes. We obv. both care for each other and don’t want to ruin and or jeopardize that. The whole convo started because he asked how i would feel if he were to go talk to another girl at the bar while we were all out. My response was uhhhhhhh i dunno ? i guess i’d have mixed feelings about it. Since we’re still in hiding (from josh) i couldnt really say anything. I’m not the possessive time either so… its really hard to say. Now if he was making out with someone in front of my face at the bar i’d be a lil butthurt. Not that he has ever done that, but it was an example. So we agreed to be respectful in front of each other and what not.

I think we’re going to have to tell Josh about it soon, maybe even this weekend. It’s like Sean wants someone to talk to, Josh is “his person” and he cant share this with him. He said he told his cousin, but he doesnt know me so it doesnt matter that much.

So i guess I’m not really seeing anyone else at this point then? I guess? Right? Lol its so hard for me to just jump and say alright i’m all in!!

Blue Bloods is yet again an awesome episode tonight, I’m gonna finish watching it and check out some stuff online and head to bed… maybe Sean will call again tonight.

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The “R” word

Its Snowing. Again. I thought it was supposed to be nice this weekend?! Well it was this morning when I left to get my pedicure and nails done. So I wore an Old Navy hoodie and flip flops.. half way through my appt it starts snowing, I figure oh it’s Colorado weather it’ll change in 15 minutes as it always does………….. Nope. 3 hours later, still snowing. Now they’re saying possibly 6 inches by tonight?!

I stopped by ULTA and picked up a new OPI color, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Its pretty much all glitter so we did a diff pink opi color as the base. So i’m all sparkly pink on my toes.

The nail salon is awesome in February. Always 15 % off everything for the New Year celebration and lots of candies and goodies around! I was spoiled today, love them! Even gave Rose a $10 tip (=

They told me to come back before I go to Vegas and they’ll paint a bunny on my toe for good luck, since it’s the Year of the Rabbit and all!

So I went over to Sean’s last night even though he was still sick, mostly a cough, and my sickness is just about gone, we could finally hang out. All we did was watch tv and cuddle the whole night. Thats it. Nothing else. NOTHING. |=

He kinda tip toed around asking questions and hinting towards having “the talk”. You know which talk. lol. We didnt get through it all though lol. I think he’s kinda butthurt that all my people know about us and all his people (Josh mainly) doesnt. I dont think he’s going to keep it secret much longer. It may even go down tonight at Bingo. Corinne said if she goes to Bingo, she’s just going to tell him he should plant a big ol kiss on me in front of everyone. I really wouldn’t object to that… haha.

Srsly just the thought of something serious-ish freaks me the eff out. I havent had serious in a long time. I’d say since Marc. ATC was not serious, just dating hanging out. I’ve avoided serious at all costs the last few years for good reason! I dont want to turn into a psycho clingy stalker typical girl. But everyone re-assures me that its time for me.

I was gonna go finish my errands but dont really feel like going back out in the snow. So maybe I’ll just clean up around here, still need to do the bunnies. Poor things they prolly hate it me right now lol. Lots of laundry to put away. I need to get my butt back to the gym now that I’m feeling back up to par. I MISS ZUMBA!!!

My laptop battery is very unhappy and needs to be replaced ASAP. I called my mom to see if she still gets a discount through work or not because it’s not posted on our city discount page anymore. A new dell battery is like $149! My mom was like “might as well just buy a new ‘puter”.. lol. ok but i dont want a new puter i like my puter i just want a new battery!! Sure there’s ton’s on EBAY but I dunno if I can trust those or not ya know? I wanna go buy the Batteries+ store and see if they have any..

Welp I better go find some fuzzy warm socks to put on my toesies and get to cleaning!

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Snowing again..

Theres about 2, maybe 3 inches of snow right now on my porch ugh. I hear we could have up to 9 by tonight/tomorrow am. No bueno!

Last night I met up with my new NKOTB friends, went down town and had dinner at the Hard Rock..we were supposed to go to Cheesecake Factory.. but one of the girls got called into work, and thats at the Hard Rock so we went there and sat in her section. They were slow so they even let her off early and we all headed upstairs and watched The Fighter. Of course i’ve already seen it but i have no objection to seeing a hot half nekkid Wahlberg. They all loved it as well. They’re a cool buncha girls and i’m glad to have been able to hang out with them!

Headed over to Bingo afterwards but i got there too late and came in during the middle of the last game. Oh welllls.. Brannon our bartender was like “Next week i’m going to need you to show up ON TIME”… I was like oh sorry, I found new friends and was hanging out with THEM… lol.. and he’s all “Fuck your new friends!!!” rofl.

As soon as I left Fridays i got a text from WTR asking me to come over, so I did. He sounded drunk on the phone but kept denying it when I was there, it was pretty amusing LOL. I just wish he’d learn to sleep on his side or stomach so that his snoring wouldn’t interrupt my sleeping haha. So i got home around 8, and promptly took a nap on the couch till around 11. I feel a tad bit better now.. but don’t really have any motivation to do anything yet, I blame the snow.

I did get some laundry done yesterday, cleaned the bunnies, bathed the dog… need to finish some laundry today and do some dishes.. at some point, not right this second though.

At least I feel like I had a productive Saturday lots of fun things accomplished and wasnt a total waste of days!



After dinner last night I went and met up with a new boy. We started talking on POF then became FB friends and have been texting the last week or so… out of the blue he asked if I wanted to go get drinks when i was done with the family dinner so I agreed.

We were at the bar for about 3 1/2 hours or so having drinks and shots and talking and people watching, good times. (and he paid for it all, wouldn’t even let me SEE the bill)

Went back to his apt and watched Wedding Crashers……..well…… about the first 30 minutes of it at least lol… lets just say… he gave me a really good xmas present…3 times LOL.

However at some point in the night I lost an earring. I’m pretty sure its somewhere in his house.. told him to keep looking and not vacuum anytime soon haha. I hope he finds it. \=

He’s even more of a cuddler than Sean is, and that’s a lot, but I really didnt mind it was nice. Am i missing human contact more and more these days or what?! LoL.

We talked about going snowboarding, that he has a season pass, and of course i asked if he had buddy passes… which he does, and that i’d like to go with him sometime!

I think I shall call him WTR on here.. because his name is Walker… you can figure the rest out haha.

I’m ready for a nap and its only 11am… i may just lay down for a few here on the couch…

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