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Joining the Ranks

Of the Unemployed!

guess who got fired today!!

How many people do you know that put !!! after that last sentence?!

That would be me!! I’m so fucking ecstatic, seriously though. I hated that place, it was a miserable place to be and go to every fucking day.

I will get 1 more week of pay and my vacation/retirement paid out as well.

Dunno if I can file for unemployment, but I’ll attempt to.

I’m going to sleep in for a  few days, start looking for other things, and enjoy my time off!



Sheesh it's Saturday I'm so confused this week at to what day is which…

I was VERY fed up at Macy's last night.
The mgr came over and asked if I had a "medical condition" that required me to wear tennis shoes to work.
My response was "Yeah, i WORK 12 HOUR DAYS" between here and my other job – thats my medical condition.
She asked if I could put "black tennis shoes" on my "shopping list". Bitch if I had a shopping list, I wouldnt be WORKING AT MACY'S for shit pay.

Effing BITCH. OH and then she told me if i wanted to drink my water, I had to either, duck down behind the register or go to the back stock room. TO TAKE A SIP OF WATER. are you effing KIDDING ME. Shes all, when i first started we werent even ALLOWED to have water out here. ::rolls eyes::

I was THIS CLOSE to just walking out. I even grabbed a resignation form and filled it out!
Right as we were closing, she was being nicer to me. She probably didnt MEAN to come off so RUDE to me, and i was probably extra irritable and cranky from already working all day. So I brought the form home with me and didnt leave it there.

Sigh. Maybe ill think about it, maybe Ill wait just until I move in with Josh. I mean I dont get paid a lot there as it is, and we're eventually getting a pay bump at DMV so when I get that it wont really matter about Macy's anymore.

I have to go back today from 4-8. I guess I can wear my black loafers they may not hurt TOO much.

I had to stay till 5:45 at DMV because we were SO BUSY it being the last business day of the month and landing on a friday. It was something ridiculous lemme tell ya.

But for now, I've gotta go shower and head over to Marsha's to pick up some of her old baby stuff for Stephy since her shower is next weekend. Marsha texted me last night saying she was in the hospital possibly going into early labor…. so i told her to keep me posted, I got another update saying she was being sent home so that's good. I forgot to mention, I offered to help plan her baby shower since none of her friends or family offered to do anything. WTF is wrong with me?! LoL i dont like babys!! but she's a nice person and she deserves it. So I've got about 3 weeks to get something together, somewhere. If she doesnt pop before then, she shouldnt shes not due till april!

It's bingo night, i hope we win we've had a dry spell for a few weeks, either way, josh is paying tonight so i'm drinkin up!!

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Movin on up

This week has been a hectic one, 40 hours @ dmv, another 24 at Macy's.
The rude ass customers have made it so miserable.
Yesterday afternoon my boss called me into his office to do my yearly review, odd since my anniv isnt till the 31st… and theyre usually way behind. He said he HAD to do it now cuz shit was changing, whatever works for me!

So I got a "successful" rating, Meaning i do my job, do it well, i help out other ppl, and customers, and i pretty much have done everything in the back office and trained other ppl to do it as well. And after i brought up for the 2nd time i didnt wanna deal with the phones anymore, while he was getting my ppwk signed by the director he brought it up to her that I havent been up front yet, and that would take me from a motor vehicle tech 1, to a tech 2, (lil bit more money) but then i would be a fully trained clerk in all aspects, and she thought that was a wonderful idea. Ugh i thought of this 4 months ago ppl sheesh can i get some credit?

So the memo went out today and it's official, January 4th I will be moved to the front counters. w00t. A change of pace is all i really want, we'll see if its any better.

So bossman told me today that there were only 2 concerns:

1. being on TIME, yes this is an issue for me, i like sleep and im not a morning person and i work a lot.

2. My ahem.. "endowment" meaning, my boobs. I looked at him and said WTF ??? The mgr up front brought that up. my boss said uhm, her boobs are under control, she has no issues with that. Then i said, uhm, well has she SEEN Jaleysa's boobs? she's got at LEAST double what i have and her shits poppin out all over the place!!! We laughed about it and he said, well you know that manager, shes kinda flat, she doesnt really know what you guys go through, you cant hide 'em if you tried…

At first i was confused/amused by it and then I got pissed off by it. Seriously, thats your concern? My boss showed her my stats, this year I have processed and or answered 33,323 phone calls / titles / renewals. That's a lot for one person. She pretty much shut up after that.

I feel like i'm on auto pilot/zombie mode right now. Just got home from macys a while ago, and just tryin to chill out and get tired so i can sleep. last night i stayed on the couch again, some reason it makes my hips feel better. Makes no sense. my $400 pillow top mattress should do that, right?

The cats have been super needy lately requiring lots of pettin's , i'm sure its just cuz i'm gone about 14 hours of the day. Thank goodness i have friday night off, i'm sooooooooooo looking forward to it. 

can't believe xmas is a week away, wonder if i'll get any xmas cards with $$$ in them, that'd be nice!

k its 1:15 am, i should really go lay down somewhere and sleep, this couch is very tempting though…

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not you voxy neighbors

the people that call in
the general public
the fucking idiots of denver and surrounding areas/states/country.

from the bitch who called in TWICE yelling at me, in which i responded, well. i cant sit here and argue with you all day, because i have other callers waiting who ARE ABLE TO GET THEIR FEES TURNED IN ON TIME. so you can go down to the other office and throw a fit there, or you can leave ANOTHER message with my manager, yes he is out of the office right now, no i dont know when he'll be back, i'm not his sitter.

she pretty much ruined the rest of my day, and all callers after that have been just as miserable.
marsha was the one who got the lady when she came in, and magically the director waived her late fees. i really wish she wouldnt have. just shows that the more you bitch you'll get your fees waived.

so when my manager did call her back, he said she was sweet as could be, and the ppl at the office were SOOOO helpful and nice and did everything they could. i said well, is she going to call me back and APOLOGIZE TO ME for ruining MY fucking day?… he was just like, i'm sorry, she wont be callin anymore its over with. well that doesnt change the fact that the rest of my day has suckedonkeyballs.

i still have to go to macys tonight 8-12. i'm either going to go home and sleep, or go home and drink btwn jobs. either will suffice. argh.

happy fucking tuesday ya'll.

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20 years…

Last week we celebrated our Deputy Director's 20th anniversary with the City, and of course i was commissioned to make posters… so i included this picture, with the title,

"This is what 20 years at the DMV will do to a man"

He's a good sport about it, this was taken during a fundraiser one of the other branches had won, so he and our trainer had to dress up in these pretty aprons to serve the employees…

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Can't stand when people bend to the will/rant/raves/screams of customers just to "make them happy". You know its only for their benefit not yours. If the roles were reversed, they wouldn't do shit for you in return.

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So when I went back to work today, I asked my supervisor to set up a meeting with us and our manager to discuss my issues because I couldn't take it anymore.

We all sat down and talked after the phones went off of course, and he totally understood where I was coming from he's like "are you burnt out?" i'm all, uh yeah, im totally beyond burnt out. I know i can only control myself and my actions/reactions to these callers but I anymore.

So he gave me a few options.
A. Send me off to another branch (not my first choice)
B. Swap me out with a newer girl out front who hasn't been on the phones. (Ok sounds good)
C. Our mail girl is leaving, I can go back on the mail desk for the time being, and be a back up on the phones if necessary. (Will do for now)

I chose B & C
Now I know last year I bitched about being on the mail desk, but right now Im glad to go back there and be one with the mail. Ill happily trade paper cuts for angry customers. He will have to talk to the other manager and the director to see about swapping me and Claire, hopefully they'll agree to it. They all like me, as far as I know LOL.

So, that should take effect after the 15th, as far as mail desk goes.
I'm glad that I have a cool boss and he's understanding of my issues.
He said, back in the day when he was on the phones and got frustrated, he would grab a handful of paper clips and throw them against the opposing wall (which happened to be the wall surrounding the directors office) lol.. she always just thought it was raining…. hehehe wish I had that luxury! For now, I get up and walk away from my desk and find some chocolate.

If i can last just a few more days I think i'll be okay…

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I'm seriously getting so fed up with my job.
It's not really the job itself. It's the phone calls.
Every time the phone rings, i want to shoot myself in the face.
I know i've said that before, but yet, it still stands, every single day.

Every call is a string of lies from these people.
Caller: I need my fees
Me: For a renewal, or new plates?
Caller: Renewal………………
Caller: No, new plates
Me; ok… do you have a title complete notice?
Caller: No……………..
Caller: Wait. Yes. I do.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Fucking A what the hell is so hard about simple questions?!
I dont understand it. Yes, No. one word answers. Renew or Brand new. ok, 2 syllables but still, not difficult.

Same shit day in day out. I dont think i can stand it much longer. I get so tense, and aggravated, and annoyed, I can feel my blood pressure rising and I get so frustrated. And when someone goes "Ugh do you HATE your job, god have a nice day, dont be so moody blah blah blah blah blah" that just pushes me over the edge. No I hate YOUR STUPID QUESTIONS and your dumb ass ineptitude and realizations of how the world works.

I posted this on FB today:

Srsly parents. cut the cord. When u send ur kids off to college or work in another state.. thats your sign to stop calling the dmv for them.. And tell them to put their big boy/girl pants on and do shit for themselves. Hope you raised them to be smart enough to use a phone..or internet..or phone book…or they learned something in school rather than from you since you obv. Sheltered them from the world.

it's true, since school is starting back up these parents are calling in from all over the country, they dont understand and cant comprehend how we do these things here. I eventually usually just say, HAVE YOUR CHILD CALL US FOR INFORMATION and directions, because you're not even here.

I decided to come home for lunch today, to try and relax a little. Dawgfude is by my side, snatch is snoring in the corner of the bed, and the others are around somewhere… I've had a pot roast cooking in the slow cooker since last night, so I had that for lunch and it was delish. I'm going to turn it off and let the fat settle at the top so i can take it out this evening.
I had a rockstar today as well, and that hasnt even helped my mood. I dont know what would right now. Maybe i should talk to my GP about stress, and I've been thinking of bringing it up to my Manager maybe switch me to a different position if at all possible. or, just give me one day a week not being on the phones LoL, good luck with that though LOL.. we're short one person today and its hectic.

Looking forward to getting my new blackberry tomorrow, the silicone case i ordered for it from ebay sometime this week, and the avon makeup i ordered as well, hopefully it all comes tomorrow and/or friday that should make me a lil happy.

Oh, and If anyone has some ideas for me, I'm open to them.  

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NO, YOU’RE Rude!

I just got called a "Rude City Employee". That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, and I'm happy that I can live up to the public's standards. Rock The Eff ON!

I wasn't really being rude, the guy just a. didn't listen, b. talked over me every time i tried to explain something, and c. was a complete douche bag.

When I tell you something, that's how it is. Period. Live it love it suck it up and kiss my ass!

When a business, ANY business govt or private sector is CLOSED on 2 "normal" business days, every single business transaction posted during that time frame WILL be postponed until the business returns to their work schedule. What is so hard to understand about that? I wanted to say to him, Well do YOU work on your DAYS off? NO you don't, so why would we? But he was too snooty about getting the last word in and hanging up on me for me to be able to say it. Oh well. I don't care.

I went to the Ear nose and throat specialist this morning, to find out that there is nothing wrong with my ear nose or throat. Awesome. She said most likely its due to the tooth that I got pulled on the opposite side of my mouth a few weeks ago. That the balance is offset, and because i was favoring the good side, as far as eating and stuff, that makes things all cock-eyed basically, and that I should talk to my dentist about it so I dont get TMJ issues in the future. Lucky me I have a dentist appt tonight and I remember seeing some degrees on his wall about specializing in TMJ disorders and what not so hopefully he can fix me up.

Why is it when I searched for "jaw" in istockphoto, this picture is one that came up?

What do crawfish have to do with your jaw???


After my appt tonight Im gonna go hang out with ATC, i havent seen him in a few days and Im kinda missin him. Man I hate caring and giving a shit about someone, it makes me all attached and "crazy girl" and Im so NOT that way.

I'm also going to ask him tonight if he'd be willing to let me have my bday party at his house, Im sure he will. *crosses fingers*

Blah well its time for me to go back to work. Lame.

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Hello are you working now?

Thanks vox for working when i want you to NOW. I dont remember what I was going to post earlier, something probably about me still being in pain and complaining about that.

Talked to my GP's nurse today and she told him my issues, he gave me a referral for ENT specialist, however they cant get me in until NEXT thursday. UGH. I may be dead by then! The pain is getting to an unbearable level today. I woke up quite a FEW times thoughout the night because of the pain. That's not good! They also ordered another 'scrip of steroids for me. SUPER. watch me gain 20 lbs this weekend, not sleep at all, and pee like a racehorse. This should be exciting.

I was also late to work today because I only recall my first alarm going off at 6:30, none of the others.. I woke up at 7:37 because the dog was trippin (because i was still asleep) all the cats were on the bed with me, not helping me to wake up they could care less that I wasnt up lol.  So i got into work around 8:50 I called and let them know so to cover my ass (= its all good no worries.


Have gotten a lot of friend requests and pictures tagged on facebook the last few days since i uploaded our MIDDLE SCHOOL class pictures. So freaking hilarious. It's a trip!

This afternoon has been a lil frustrating we are one person short, and the other left early, and while another was at lunch i was the only person on the phones. back to back to back calls. annoying and ridiculous. i hate that. give me a few seconds inbetween calls to focus and get some patience for the next one! argh!

No idea what imma do this weekend, no plans, no money, no boxes to be unpacked anymore. Maybe take ellie to the dog park, and sit out at the pool again. I can prolly handle that. Mhmmm.

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