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Birthday Celebration!

Friday night I met up with Tanya, Tyler, his gf Jamie, his friend Brian (twice, price) and his friend Elle.

We went to Comedy Works for a good laugh, the headliner was one of the head writers for SNL, John Mulaney. He was hilarious! The opening acts were great as well, I’m glad we went.

Brian or twice, or price, whichever name you wanna call him, is one of the guys from Tyler’s pool party a few weeks ago that I was heavily flirting with. I was happy that Tyler had invited him along, but kinda bummed that he’d brought a girl with him \=

After the show we decided to get some drinks so we walked a couple blocks down to this place called Maloney’s it was pretty cool i’d never been there before, the waitresses were a lil wonky, VERY YOUNG and what not.. but it was all good… we got our drink on there and had a great time. At one point i went outside with Price to get some air and cuz Elle wanted to smoke.. while we’re out there she’s talkin to some guy and me and Price are talking, and he’s making fun of the guy she’s talking to, and hes like “People always think me and her are together, but we’re not, we’re just friends” O_0 oh really?! That changed the whole dynamic of the night! Wish i’d known that earlier! So I immediately turned my flirt on LOL. When we were back inside he leaned over and was like.. “Tyler gave you my # right?” I’m like yeah he did……… (thinking, but i’m a big pussy and never texted you)

Tyler and Jamie left around 11 something so they could get home at a decent time and the 3 of us hung out a bit longer. Price kept asking so whats up, whats next, what do you wanna do?! I’m like i dunno i have no plans?!

Well somehow we decided on coming back to my place even though it was a disaster. That was mainly the decision because i had to bring Tanya back for her car. I tried to convince him to give me a couple mins just to quickly straighten up the disaster of my house but he insisted it was fine and wouldn’t let me do anything! We made a drink and… well we wasted no time and headed to the bedroom! I’ll spare you all the details, but, he was the best birthday present I’ve gotten in a long time LOL. He stayed until around 7 am even though he said he was supposed to work at 6… so I dunno what happened with that… i’ve made a conscious decision not to text him till at least tomorrow lol

Here’s all our pics from last night, good times!
I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out who my present was (=

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really only got maybe 3 hours of good actual sleep… after which I had to get up and go start my Certification for Pachenga. It was supposed to be a 5-6 hour class, but thankfully he shortened it to only 4 hours. Our first 45 minutes was our normal routine, than we all sat down and talked went through a booklet he gave us.. Then we all had to get up and do one song leading the class, i was next to last to go, and it wasnt my favorite song LOL its hard to do moves facing the class, because everythings then reversed…he said i did good for my first time and everyone gave me lots of praise…

There was a point where I thought i was gonna pass out.. being hungover plus not totally recoop’d from the salmonella poisoning.. Felix came over and was like, are you okay??? i’m really worried about you!  but i went to the bathroom splashed some water on my face and was able to continue… we finished off with another hour long convo about classes and what not. He said they have/will have a lot of opportunities for teaching coming up soon esp. with the new studio being up and running now.. so if i get this vet clinic job, i’ll have to see what my schedule would be able to accommodate… we also got a new cd with our current songs on it so i should start practicing the moves in reverse so i can teach them LOL.

I’m gonna go try and make some dinner and pass out, I’m thoroughly exhausted.

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Wrappin it up

I posted on face book today:

Every weekend needs to be 3 days, because Saturday I'm too lazy to do anything, and Sunday i'm too hungover to do everything I didnt do on Saturday.

It's SO true though. Last night was a rough one!

Josh and I went to a block party in his friends neighborhood, it wasnt overly exciting, just hanging out really.. ran into Chantelle's ex again weird twice in like a few weeks…

We drank about 2/3 of a bottle of Crown to ourselves… which is a LOT.
Ellie had a good time, so many ppl around, she behaved herself for the most part, there was one dog she finally really got a long with and I let her off the leash to play with, other dogs were aggressive or too shy for her hyperness. She was finally pooped by the time we left, she actually laid down twice in the middle of the street!

Then we headed to bingo, and we had "reserved seating" at the bar LOL. We went to sit at some open space and they were like NO NO NO Over there! its all ready for you! They love us there So awesome! We didnt win anything however, but we were effing DRUNK.

There was some drama with one of Josh's friends but it was stupid.
I'm kinda over my sean crush… hes kinda put himself in the friend zone.. but i realized this the other day.
I even let him come lay in my bed last night cuz i didnt want him to risk driving home… and he stayed for a lil bit but refused to stay said he was fine to go home. so whatevs. i think he was just skeered is all. LoL.

My aunt sent me a $30 gift card for Kohls for my bday, so I went and used that yesterday, got a cute black and white flower print dress on clearance, a tan and white flowery top, and some headbands all for $27. Was trying to maximize the $$ with clearance stuff, but i just couldnt find a lot I liked.

Our bday bbq is next weekend so we've gotta start preparing for that, really just getting some food and what not and cleaning up the place…

Since ive been slacking all day, I need to go start some laundry, and clean the hell out of my bathroom, and the litter box. I still need to clean the inside of my car, so grody. I vacuumed it out the other day but thats as far as I got. 

My tattoo is looking good, the swelling on my foot has finally almost gone down all the way.. i'm sure it will starting itching soon and scabbing, thats always fun LoL. I can wear flip flops without hurting so much and limping LoL.

Welp I better go start my stuff before it gets too late…

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I havent done a *real* post in 8 days! WTF! I guess things have been kinda crazy busy around here.

Next Saturday is my last day at Macy's wooohooo! Hopefully i can use my discount friday or saturday and get some cheapy stuff before I leave.

So let's see, Wednesday I had a date – a new guy, I'm gonna call him… hmm… the Carpenter, cuz that's what he does aside from going to school for "engineering". To me that always sounds like you're gonna drive a choo choo train, but it's not. So anyways we got SHITFACED that night btwn 3 different bars, then went home and had another drink and well.. you know… he left around 7am Thursday morning – so Thursday was a lil rough just a tad bit hung over but I made it through the day.

Thursday night myself, Ron, Corrine, Jess, and Josh all went to Fridays to watch the nuggets vs lakers. go nuggets! There was also karaoke going on then too – it was amusing, and scary at the same time.

Friday night after work I went out with the carpenter again to some lil podunk redneckish bar where they were doing karaoke o m g. wow. yah. I ended up staying at his place that night and met his cute corgie Maddie. i shoulda taken a picture, she's OCD about tennis balls just like Ellie is lol.

Saturday i was GOING to be productive but I sat on the couch and josh and i watched deadliest catch for a while, then i ate some pot stickers and passed out on the couch for about 3 hours till i had to go to work lol.  then of course bingo Saturday night where we did not win anything, sadness! i was only 1 # away too! It was my plan to go home and sleep for about 10 hours Saturday night, and Ellie let me have about 9 so I was okay with that.

oh lol so NC texts me saturday night saying hi and what not and that he's out at the bar with his gf(roommate) and their friend, and then sends me a pic of the 2 girls. WTF? why do i want to see that? i dont care. so josh and i take a picture of us with him grabbing my boob LOL and send that to NC. and he's like is that ur roomie? im like yup, but we dont get down like you and yours do. LOLOLOL. after some back and forth and josh stealing my phone to text some rude shit to NC it comes out that the roomie is no longer a virgin, and that she "asked" for sex. lolol. So my response was *shrugs* guess ill never understand why someone holds on to something so precious for so long, and then easily and quickly gives it up… guess thats just my mind frame as a whore though because i gave that up a looooong time ago…………. lol didnt get much of a response after that! hah. i'm not usually that catty but fuck dont send me pics of your gf, I DONT CARE. 

I made biscuits (*from a can) Sunday morning for breakfast and then finally unpacked about 3 boxes, then i had to go to work, which was sooo boring and lame, my gawd. Last night i was watching the deadliest catch season 5 recap since the new season starts tomorrow, i cant wait! cept i'll again, BE AT WORK. ugh it always cuts in to my important shows! i'm sure they'll replay it or i can catch it online.  After that I watched 2 episodes of "LIFE" on discovery, hunter & hunted, and insects. pretty cool! Oprah is kind of annoying as the voice over but whatever.

Hopefully tonight I'll have energy to finally go through the kitchen and reorganize and unpack everything so we can have lots of dishes and pots n pans and silverware lol. we're working with minimal things right now.

I still need to decide if I'm going to keep my book case or give it to Tanya – I kinda want to give it to her, just so i dont have to lug it around anymore LOL. but that also means i have to transport it to her across town, strapped to the top of my car… hmm.

Can't wait till payday Thursday! I need some monies!!!

Oh look at that Conan's Moving to TBS 4 nights a week!   


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Photo Dumperoo

Me and Replacement Josh at Fridays this week for Bingo
(we're clowning on some ppl we dont really do this)

Few weeks ago with Original Josh


And some thanksgiving pics.

Me, Melissa's Mom Donna, and Melissa
Jody and Me
Me and Melissa


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Feelin it

Man i sure do feel old after a night of heavy drinking.

We had no luck at Bingo, but we did have tons of drinks. Btwn myself, atc, josh and sean i believe the bill was around $125. I was drinking my normal dirty Shirley, but double tall versions of it, and a tuaca lemon drop shot. ATC & Sean however were takin shots of whiskey i'm sure thats why it was so high. . . I think ATC is starting to show a lil bit of jealousy… or something. Apparently when him and sean were outside he asked him if there was anything btwn me and josh LOLOL so funny. and he was being more affectionate than usually rubbin my back and my leg etc etc.

After Fridays we headed to Challengers to see Original Josh since he was in town, and Tom was there as well. Tom gave me the biggest hug I havent seen him in forever. I think maybe ATC felt a lil on the back burner while we were there. We were all laughing and joking having a good ol' drunk time. I knew I was wasted because I started drinking their beer, and i dont even drink beer. Atc noticed that as well LoL.

When we got home I was having difficulties with my boots i got'em unzipped but they wouldnt come off LoL… so ATC helped me out but I managed to fall over as he was takin them off and just sat there laughing on the floor. Once i got in bed i passed the hell out, hardcore. He ended up callin in to work today, i think he'd already planned on that, but i still had to go to work at 1, that was a lil painful.  I think he was pretty disappointed that he didnt get any ass last night or this morning but i was just in no condition for that lol. Plus my jaw is hurting me real bad again. I dunno whats up with it. I'm going to the dentist on the 7th to get another cavity filled but thats on the opposite side argh.

I have this whole week off from Macys, and only work next wednesday as well, unless they call me in.
I came home tonight and made a greek salad and passed out for about an hour or so on the couch. Laundry really needs to get done, the kitchen is semi-cleaned, i just dont have the energy for much right now. 

Think imma go enjoy the wedding singer on tv. happy weekend everyone!

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Melissa got here early! / on time Friday evening as Tanya and I hauled ass to the airport to get her, we made it in time and got her luggage quickly and were on our way to the baseball game!

We were only a few mins late to the game but no biggie…
All were starving so we stopped off at the first hot dog stand that we could and got our drinks from the guys walkin up and down the aisles.

Birthday 09 004.jpg
Birthday 09 005.jpg

 Here's me pondering my Mikes Hard Cranberry

Birthday 09 002.jpg
Birthday 09 003.jpg

During the 6th inning there was a game delay because of rain/lightning storm. It lasted for over and hour we eventually got bored and walked around and met up with "Dude with the Kids" that i used to hang out with since he was at the game as well… we then decided just to leave and go to the bars because we had our fill of baseball for the night..

So we headed over to Breckenridge Brewery and met up with a new friend Tom, via Yod, we stayed there for a few hours and had lots of fun

Birthday 09 007.jpgBirthday 09 011.jpgBirthday 09 009.jpgBirthday 09 006.jpg

(are these pics not showing up for you? its acting weird)

Birthday 09 015.jpgBirthday 09 012.jpgBirthday 09 013.jpgBirthday 09 010.jpg

Around 11:30 we met up again with "Dude with the Kids" at Sports Column, but only for a few minutes then we all headed over to Tavern. It was packed there, but they were playin good music and had yummy drinks!

Birthday 09 021.jpgBirthday 09 019.jpgBirthday 09 020.jpgBirthday 09 018.jpgBirthday 09 017.jpgBirthday 09 016.jpg

I think we left there around 1 maybe and headed over to Chubbys and got some chili cheese fries for everyone yummmmmy! Took tanya back to her car, as well as dude and then we finally got home after 2 and passed the hell out. Fun was had by everyone!!!

Yesterday Melissa and I went White Water Rafting!!!! Unfortunately we don't have any pics of it because well, you cant really carry your expensive digital camera in your bathing suit or your life vest.. but we had a blast!

It was only $50 each for 2.5 hours. I cant find a map of what exactly we traveled but it was probably 3-4 miles of river. It was just the beginners level, but next time, yes I wanna do it again! Ill totally do the intermediate level. Me and Tanya may go do it when we both have money soon! Super fun times!

Once we got back to town we stopped by Challengers and had a drink and some food and then came home and chilled. Watched Still Waiting.. it was ehhh ok.. Not as good as the first… We went to the Liquor store and picked up stuff for tonight as well as the grocery store and got 10/$10 2 liters of pepsi. ATC already got all the food needed so hopefully people show up is all I have to say!

We were thinking about going to Elitch Gardens today and riding some roller coasters but we may not have time, its 9:30 and shes still sleeping LOL and we have to be at ATCs house by 4 so we may just hang out locally and show her around and what not. We'll see what she wants to do!

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Such an odd week it’s been

Ever since monday I've been in some FUNK. My horoscope explained it perfectly and pretty much all week has been right on target with it.

I'm supposed to be thinking about my future and what I want in life for the next year and its been making me question a LOT of things. And one of the major ones being whatever it is between ATC and myself. Outta the blue I'm questioning both my and his actions and picking apart every lil thing thats said or done or not done for that matter. I'm being that "typical psycho girl" mainly in my head, but reaching out to Tanya and Ron and Lisa for help deciphering it all. They can only give me so much advice, I'm the one to act on it.

I was trying to wait till my bday/party to see how things were going with us, it's only a few weeks away but it may be hard with all these crazy ass emotions going through my head!! Acting like this is soooooooooo not me and its really difficult to deal with! I know from his repetitive phrase of " i dont want anything long term" thats where he stands, but i really do. I want some sort of emotion, or connection, or commitment. And when there's others out there that want that, and want it WITH me, its hard not to think of that.

Last night myself, ATC, Lisa and Nick all went bowling. It was good times. I sucked though, the last game i was doing good though.

Bowling! 001Bowling! 002Bowling! 003Bowling! 004Bowling! 005Bowling! 006

Somehow though I really hurt my back it was sore last night after we left, and then again this morning when I woke up it was really bad like the whole mid/lower section all the way across and around argh. sucks.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the pool that was kid-free today! I think the swimming really helped a lot to loosen up my muscles. but its still not perfect. I may end up taking a muscle relaxer later on.

After bowling we all went to ATC's house and played pool and drank some more there and chilled and had a good time. He brought up my bday party a lot, like he's really excited about it, which, in my crazy emotional state just made me more confused LoL. oy vey! Then we had to come back to my house since his truck was here, mainly because his work badge was in it, got him some taco bell and passed out for a few hours before he had to get up and go.

I slept in till about 930 today so that was nice, my stomach has been completely unhappy though because I was drinking on an empty stomach all night! Not a good idea! Oh well I'll live, hopefully.

Yesterday I made my THIRD call this week to my leasing agent about my damn screen window and AC. He tried to tell me that "Chad" whoever he is called me TWICE and I refused him entrance in to my apt. First of all thats BS. Had he ever called me I would have made arrangements. So I told him he was lying to him, and if that was the case, why would i continually be calling to GET IT FIXED HELLO. Idiots.

I'm waiting for the mail to be delivered, i'm supposed to be getting confessions of a shopaholic. that will keep me occupied for a lil while.

Tomorrow may hang out with ATC in the evening and watch while he fixes his truck.. sounds exciting . . . . . . i guess. or I may not lol.

I guess ill go put some pants on and check the mail box (=

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I hate when plans fall through. They're called plans for a reason. You pick something to do. You block off a space of time reserved just for that, and you have fun while you're doing it.

Well when Chan's involved I KNOW plans will ALWAYS change.

She's been up my ass since TUESDAY saying how much time she wants to spend with me while she's here and we're gonna go out and do this and that yada yada yada…

I saw her Thursday when she came in. She came to my house took a shower, hung out with her kid. Then she went to dinner with her son and Chase while I stayed here with her dog..whatevs.

Friday I had planned for us to all go to Sutra for a friend of a friends bday. They had VIP and bottle service already paid for. Meaning FREE. Meaning all we had to do was show uP ANd drink.

So when I get home friday I text her and ask whats up, what she wants to do before then because its not till 1030-11 ish.. Well then she comes up with she ONLY has 16 dollars to go out with, yada yada yada.. well i only have 20. So….? Point being?… Well then it changed to Her, Josh and Chase were going to MVP's instead. (a super ghetto white trash bar) I said no thanks, and then ripped her a new one for flaking on me. Seeing as how she had been "worried" about it since TUESDAY. I should have known. But I wasn't going to reward her bad behavior and act like it was OK that she was hanging out with chase. One of the MAIN reasons she MOVED to KC was to GET AWAY FROM HIM. ugh. wtf is wrong with girls why are they so fucking stupid.

So ATC and I ended up just going to TGIFridays and having dinner and some drinks. Stopped by the Liquor store on the way home and picked up a bottle of Grey Goose. (gotcha feelin loose) sorry.. stuck in my head. We came 

home and ordered Quarantine on PPV because he INSISTED that I watch it… about 20 minutes into the movie he fell asleep on me, literally laying on me asleep lol. Didnt even take a SIP of his drink! I drank about half mine… so now today Im trying to drink the rest of them so they dont go to waste. You don't waste the goose.

Chan called me AND WOKE ME UP. To tell me it was really lame, and she got really drunk, and josh's friends made fun of her for drinking OUT OF THE PITCHER. And then, she hit someones car in the parking lot when she was leaving because she was so drunk. HAS SHE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM HER DUI? Obviously not. Has she learned anything from the past? NO. Everytime she's ever ditched me or flaked out on plans to do something retarded, something bad ALWAYS HAPPENS TO HER. Did she leave her info for the other car? No. She just took off. W T F

We havent talked since this morning. Her excuse yesterday was, she realized I'd be out there in 2 weeks and we'd be drinking a lot, and she just wants to spend as much time with Cameron that she can while she here. Thats fine, he's her son. But its not just cameron, its' Chase as well. She asked why I don't like him anymore or want to hang around him. UM HELLO YOU FUCKING WENT TO JAIL BECAUSE OF HIM. Why did she not like Marc the whole time I was with him? Because she was my friend and cared about me. But she doesn't see it that way. All she see's is Chase's huge penis. Until they get in a fight and she remembers he has no future, no money, no ambition, and nothing to offer her. Other than his penis.


I thought only girls pulled that whole "I'll leave something at his house heheheheheh" thing… cuz this week ATC has left socks, underwear, and his belt here. LoL. I don't know if he's done it subconsciously or he just forgot it or what…. but I think its funny… and cute… (=

Went and bought a cute, cheap curtain rod at Target today, only 6.99, just finished putting it up, but Im waiting now for my curtains to be dry.Also got some super glue, and put Marvin the Martians Gun back on the cookie jar. All Better. And bought some new, longer, heavier, stronger nails to finish hanging stuff up around the house. I think Ill try and get some laundry done today and…. I dunno what else. we'll see. 

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Happy Hour Goodbye

Yesterday was my last day at the DMV, awe so sad. We went to happy hour at TGIFridays to celebrate!

Yeah, I got there at 415… and we left around 930…. Im guessing our bill was probably in the range of about 300 dollars.
For about 10-15 people…. Some people only stayed a while and then left early and paid their part of the bill and some of mine, awesome people !  We had a buttload of drinks, appetizers, and shots.

Once we got the final bill, it was about 239 dollars.. so those of us that had cash threw in about $105….ATC paid for the rest. I told him it wasn't necessary, that the others all had money, but he insisted since it was my party. So He ended up paying about $140 dollars. Im sure our awesome server *Kitty walked away with a lot of money that night considering 18% tip was included and he gave another $20 on top of that.

Wait, I think ATC put cash in too.. WTF crazy man I swear. Anyways, Im glad we left early I was drunk and tired, and so was he. Stopped by Taco Bell on the way home and that was fitting.

Today is ATC's birthday. I ended up getting him the Colorado State Parks pass. It was *only* 60 bucks, which I really didnt have to spend but oh well. He spends tons of me. So I gave him that in a card this morning and he was stoked about it. Poor guy has to work on his birthday, that sucks. But he mentioned he wants to hang out with me tonight as well, so that's all good (=

In about an hour I've gotta go check out another apt, From the pics Ive seen its cute, and remodled, wood floors, new kitchen, and laundry room in the buildling and very close to the new job.

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Nooo not the Mondaaaays

It totally feels like my weekend only lasted a day! I want more!

Friday went to Fridays with Emelina, then came home and was asleep by 9:30.

Saturday was able to sleep in till about 10, that was very nice.
ATC and I met up with Chan, Ron, Jessica, Damon, Josh and his girl since Josh is in town visiting for the week. We chilled at Challengers for a while, drinking 1.75 bloody mary's and playing pool. Chan, Damon, ATC and myself then met up with Chan's "phone guy" and we headed to Opal, had a few REALLY strong drinks there, then went down the street to the Funky Buddah and had i dunno 2 or 3,… maybe 4 more drinks there Im not really sure.. ATC and Phone guy got along really well, and ATC really liked Damon as well. There was no drama between anyone… After that we went to Shotgun Willys to see some strippers, but it really wasnt too exciting last night.

What WAS interesting was that Chantelle Locked me herself and ATC in the bathroom at Opal, and demanded that he and I have "the convo"… i told her it was unnecessary and did not need to happen but she told me to STFU and lectured he and I it was pretty funny actually. She said "you like her, she likes you, you need to decide wtf is up and say that either you're together or you're not, you're fucking each other, or you're fuckin other ppl MAKE A DECISION". im just standing there laughing my ass off and in shock from this all. I know it was coming from a place of compassion for her, but she really lacts some tact LoL. So once we got out of the bathroom, I apologized to him for her acting like that and I felt it was out of line. But he said no not at all, it was a valid discussion and it was all good, she was doing her job as my BFF and no worries….

Chan's story is that while we were at Challengers he approached HER and asked what she thought was up between him and I, I guess….  Which kinda goes with him being so cool about it and saying it was a necessary conversation… so, who knows… i apologized once again on the way home, but really that was it…. crazy.

So eventually we drop every one off, i have chans car, left mine at opal, we come to my house, get his truck and go allllllllllllllll the way back to his house.. after a night of drinking. We have really awesome hot drunk loud sex and pass the hell out. He was supposed to go to work today, but called in. Bad boy. Oh well.

Sunday: I had to get up around 9 and go do the switcharoo with the cars, went to breakfast with Chan & Damon MmMMm French Toast ala mode! Picked up the dog, took a shower, and got all my laundry together and headed BACK to ATC's house. Oy! So threw in some laundry then we went upstairs to take a nap cuz he was still feeling shitty… I wasnt really tired though, so once he fell asleep I decided to go to Old Navy and use my 30% off coupon since today was the last day. I got about 90 dollars worth of stuff for 60 something, 2 pairs of pants, a bunch of tank tops, and some underwear. Yay.
I Picked up some Del Taco on my way back for him, and right when I walked in I guess he had just woke up and said he was just thinkin bout me (= how cute. So we played like 7 games of pool, He won 4-3 though! Arrrgh.

Stupid WhoreFace roommate was being quite a bitch all day long, during one of our games of pool she went up got ready and said she was leaving, wasn't going anywhere specific, just needed to leave. I jokingly said to him "well u sure did piss her off!!" He just shook his head and was like " i think she just doesnt get it, i told her before she came out here, i dont want a relationship or anything serious etc etc etc, and she just thought that would change, and it hasnt and she doesnt want to accept it". So the fact that hes reinforcing this, and doesnt give a fuck about her tantrums, makes me feel better. And makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that shes soooooo distraut and butthurt over it. Im sure our loud drunk sex last night didnt help any heheheh. 

She came back while we started watching 3:10 to Yuma, it was pretty good! I wasnt expecting to like it but I did. So once the movie was done I got all my stuff together and let him know that I was gonna go home. and he was like What??? Why???? all i could think of on the spot was, Uhhh cuz i have to work tomorrow?

Which was partly true, It'd be rude to wake up extra early there, and disturb him on his day off… and 2 i figured we'd been together since like 7 yesterday and maybe he'd want some time to himself.. and the tension in the room with whoreface was just getting on my nerves. So when I got home, I texted him and told him I felt kinda bad leavin, but I did so for the above reasons… so it seems he understood that, and so maybe tomorrow night we'll hang out (=

So anyways, Im glad we finally got some pics of us together, they turned out pretty cute, and everyone likes him so far… 


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