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Friday Bullets

  • Sleeping in only lasted til about 8:30 today since the roofers showed up…so Ellie started barking at them and tripping.
  • I passed out around 10:30 last night thanks to the Malibu. YUM.
  • Ellie has eaten about 4 pairs of underwear this week. Dunno what her deal is, she must be mad at me.
  • Today I will go to either Old Navy, or Target and buy some new underwear.
  • Then I’ll clean the living room/bunnies/litter box
  • Send out some bills
  • Go to the post office to try and find my package w/o throwing a temper tantrum (maybe)
  • Going to meet up with Original Josh tonight, so I’ll miss Blue Bloods.. but the DVR should record it, which i’ll double check before I leave. Tanya and Ron may be coming as well.. we’ll see.
  • Hmmm i could use a hair trim.. maybe I’ll get a wash and cut done while I’m out running around today..
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Free for Friday!

Today is a furlough day so no money, but it IS peace of mind. We do get paid for the Holiday on Monday so I'm okay with that I guess.

I was able to "sleep in" until about 8:30 today, so nice. I made sure to turn all my alarms off, however the dog you cannot shut off… but she got the hint eventually.

It's 2pm and I was already slightly productive:

  • Went to Arapahoe County and paid my vehicle registration. Their office was pretty much empty, no lines, no long wait, completely opposite of ours
  • Hit up Wal-Mart and got the carpet cleaner I had a coupon for, and some of those "space bags" that you vacuum out the air of hopefully they'll work I want to use it for sweaters and blankets
  • Got my nails did woohooo! There was a bridal party there as well, kind of annoying, omg this and omg that and yes, i am so excited, in monotone voices… if it was the day before my wedding i'd be bouncing off the walls…
  • Stopped off at PetSmart and got bunny litter, food, cat food, and litter. Expensive lil bastards! But they need to be stocked up since I'm going on vacation again.
  • Finally filled up my car with gas and came home.

After reading crankypants Post i want to participate in the VoxProj and clean some shit up!
Imma focus on my bookshelf, filling it up, and putting all my shoes away and straightening my bedroom.
I'd also like to completely finish unpacking, there's still a pile o'boxes just a lil one, in the living room.
The bunnies also need to be cleaned.

Went grocery shopping last night and bought a bunch of healthy food, lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, yogurts, etc. At least I can eat decent before I go back to NV next week. Maybe i can lose these 5 lbs from the cruise that are hanging around, of course I'll need to hit up the gym as well LOL.

Right now though, I need a snack, then I'll start being productive, Oh and I have to go to the bank and give my mom some $$ This is going to take forever to pay her back LOL

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Too much

I really should be kept away from websites that automatically store my debit card information and shipping address, because last night in my vicoden/pain induced haze, I managed to buy some cute shoes from as well as some makeup from Avon. Oopsies!

Oh yeah it was from the dentist yesterday. The pain is not from the cavity I got filled, its from the 6 Needles they had to use multiple times to get me numb, which took OVER AN HOUR. Just for the lower right side of my jaw. It's not them, its totally me, but that sucked. I could barely open my mouth today to talk, let alone eat…

I managed to make it to work today, however the pain was too much. I was woken up multiple times throughout the night kept switching between the heating pad and a cold pack on my face, and at some point spilled a bottle of water in the bed so I had to avoid sleeping in a wet spot.. and yes, I'm sure it was water.

So I did the 2 important things at work, scanned the checks, and got all 5 offices to do their "batching" by 9:45 am. Usually it takes them until 2 or 3 pm. I was like HOLY SHIT. I told them it NEEDED to be done ASAP because I wasnt staying all day and no one else there knows how to do it, and they actually listened, ill just have to tell them EVERY day that Im leaving early LoL.

I shoulda came home and slept, but instead I took a vicoden and ran some errands, went to King Soopers, PetCo (i really dont like their new set up and they dont have things i really want to buy) then Kohls, which was very annoying and reminds me I was going to write an email complaint… but I managed to buy some black loafers for work for only $8, then to another King Soopers, and PetSmart to get what I really needed.

Got caught up on DWTS, SO sad that Aaron went home he was so good! Got my nails done this evening, while i was there it started snowing. Supposed to snow all weekend I guess. I cant tell if it has stopped for right now though.

Picked up a pumpkin spice latte from 7-11 on the way home in hopes of giving me some energy to finish cleaning up the house tonight since I work at Macy's all weekend. Oh Joy! LoL, Will hopefully be hitting up Bingo at TGIFridays tomorrow night, *crossing my fingers* that I win SOMETHING, anything!

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Crappy Friday

My 13 Friday Things are probably gonna be all downers

  1. Went to the dentist last night for the 2nd half of my deep cleaning. Decided to try the nitrous again, see if i did better with it this time…….. NOT SO MUCH.  I was extremely tired, and somehow fell asleep or she noticed i was so she put a thingy in my mouth to keep it open that was fine…. nearing the end of the procedure i woke up, feeling immediately nauseous, asked her to sit me up and turn the shit off… after about a minute i felt a lot better.. that shit is like having a really BAD ecstasy trip. Which I never had. But i can imagine thats what it'd be like.
  2. Came home, and again, immediately went to bed…. luckily i didnt throw up this time when I got home. However everyone kept texting and or calling and interrupting my recovery.
  3. I woke up around 2am, my face finally had all its feeling back and i didnt feel like i was going to swallow my tongue anymore… took some ibuprofen and went back to bed.
  4. Had crazy dreams, and woke up at 715, deciding not to go to work… after my first alarm went off at 6, i apparently turned the other 2 off.. oh wells
  5. Its snowing like crazy, it rained till about 2am, then started snowing.. theyre saying possibly 4-10 inches here. Super LAME.
  6. Went to breakfast with Chan, Her brother (whom I just met for the first time after being friends with her for about 6

    years), her son, and Chase.. it was very yummy, I had to bring some of it home because I got too much

  7. FINALLY got a call about the apt situation, and he says, they're not too keen on letting me have this one, because even though i SHOWED them i have payment arrangement set up with people, they want to see PAST HISTORY OF payments…. well hello i wouldnt be in DEBT if i HAD past payment history..
  8. So they are offering me a different unit, very close to where I used to share the house with the crazy co -worker, at the same price, im sure its not as nice, and perfect like this one was. Im already disappointed, and I havent seen it yet. Im going to meet him at 1 to check it out. Sigh.
  9. At least it's payday
  10. I have people picking stuff up probably tomorrow from Free-Cycle, getting it out of my house. Yay. Small things, but yeah, whatever.
  11. ATC is trying to be so supportive in my apartment hunting, explained to him that Im pretty bummed about this, and im already not looking forward to taking this most likely shittier apartment.
  12. Went to ULTA after breakfast, the cashier was so mesmerized by nails, that she missed ringing up a bottle of face lotion (about $8). That kicked ass.
  13. I guess Ill go now, and look at the other apt… then ill come home, pack, clean the bunnies and kitties, clean the house, maybe go hang out with Chan… sigh.. what a Friday

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Friday 13, on the 13th…

Friday 13, on the 13th! w00t

  1. Yay its finally friday so stoked
  2. It looks pretty nice outside.. it was SUPPOSED to snow!
  3. I slept from 830 till 7 this morning. I feel so much better!
  4. Josh is coming in to visit this weekend, meeting up at the bar tomorrow night
  5. Hopefully ATC will be coming with to hang out since hes feeling better
  6. Had 2 baked potatoes and half a cucumber for lunch today. Healthy Right?
  7. Saw 2 different apts last night, they were aiiiight, but didn't fall in love with them
  8. Can't wait till my mom gets back Sunday, I need some money!
  9. I have .07 cents in my checking acct… and .69 cents in my paypal
  10. First half of my work day was spent reading a magazine, because I had no work to do
  11. Don't have any plans for tonight, that kinda sucks.. maybe ill finally put my dishes in the washer
  12. I wonder if Twitch knows its Friday the 13th.. he was sleepin with me this morning, and then curled up under the table. Very glad he's an indoor cat!
  13. Ive gotten hooked on Crush Strawberry soda w/i the last week. It's fantastic.

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Productive Friday

Somewhat, considering I didnt have to go to work today (=

Well first i had to wait for the maintenance guy to come (all he could fix was the toilet, even though *I* saw nothing wrong with it) so after he showed up, an hour late, he was finally done around 1130 i think.

So I was able to get ready, took Ellie and headed to Edgewater to pay the ticket I got back in November, ugh lame. but it got dropped to 2 points so thats great.

Then I stopped by Wal-Mart, and got some necessities, a cute netgear router, ($37) (which set up

perfectly and easily, no issues) and my new canon all in one printer! It was even cheaper in the store than online $45!

It's a lot bigger than I had expected/planned on… so my coffee table, is still my "work station". I wish I had room for a desk somewhere, but, I just don't. Unless I wanna move it to the bedroom, which I really don't. (I still need to go buy a USB cord for the printer to finish it all)

Ellie and I went to Petsmart as well to get dog & cat food. They however didnt have any of her tennis balls. So I got her a clearance xmas bone instead.

I dunno if Im gonna be doing anything tonight.. I should probably figure something out, maybe.. hmm.
It's very cold and windy today, that stinks. Just means its freezin ass in my apt. Speaking of, my mom said, that when Im ready to start lookin for a new place, she'll help me out w/ a deposit if I need it. w00t. So the closer it gets to may, the more I can look.

I still need to do some grocery shopping for me though ptth.  

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er something

I have a date tonight at happy hour yaaayy alcohol ! oh and yay new boy. lol we'll see which one i like better LOL

Today went by mediocrely slow. was okay until after lunch and then i didnt have much to do, plus im really fast… so what i did have, didnt take very long. blah!

Getting my nails done tomorrow with the money mom sent me Oh well. They need it, and I need it, to feel perrrrty (=

No idea what else Im gonna do this weekend, I really wanna go see SAW V… hopefully can find a boy to go with me so im not so skeered (=

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Rainy Friday

Gotta love it! It started pouring last night, of course when I went to the grocery store, but I had my nifty pretty umbrella so it wasn't that bad.

It's been raining all day long today. But I think it's letting up right now. Oh wells.

Went to 7-11 this morning and got a punkin spice latte it was sooooooo delicious and satisfying, and full of CAFFEINE

Going to the bar tonight with ron and his female friend. Can't wait to have some vodka or rum in me mmmmmm its been too long (k just over a week but still)

Library guy has been flaky these last few days. Says its nothing personal, just has a lot on his mind. I'm calling BS on that. But who knows. Tried to send him a message today but it seems his phone has been shut off so maybe he really is stressin about things. But i'd think he'd at least talk to me about things, since thats all we ever do is talk. Well see what happens.

Oh wells, I've gotta finish up my lunch n get back to worky worky.


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  1. I'm happy (wow)
  2. Getting my garbage disposal replaced NEXT weekend.
  3. Gonna try and start this diet next week after I get paid.
  4. Library guy asked me to teach him how to snowboard.
  5. Well that doesn't happen for 2 more months at least, so he's thinking forward, that he wants to still be seeing me then.
  6. I want to smack this bitch at work. She's so fake and obnoxious.
  7. Trying to tell the other guys, that I'm kinda (unofficially still) seeing someone is weird.
  8. They're like well we can still fuck? Uh.. no.. the point of being in a "relationship" is to not fuck other ppl.
  9. My new phone is not too bad, I'm still getting used to it though.
  10. Wish I had some quarters so I could do some laundry
  11. Wish the cat would use the god damn litter box
  12. Soooo ready for lunch, only one more thing to post here then I can go eat!
  13. I've been breaking out a lot lately, so not cool. WTF?

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Yay It’s Friday!

Thank goodness! And the day's almost over, bout an hour n a half left to go!!

Getting my nails did after work too woo hooo

So yesterday I'm sitting at the library using the computer minding my own business with this guy walks up to me and says: Excuse me.. hi, sorry to bother you, but I just had to tell you that I think you're gorgeous. (mind you, i looked like total crap, no makeup or anything, straight offa work) he asked my name and IF I CAME TO THE LIBRARY OFTEN LOL… if i hung out at any of the local bars and lil things… so I gave him my number, not really expecting him to call, but he did last night! I was shocked. He's a nice guy though, must have some substance to him if I met him in the library though, right? interesting…. of all places to get hit on… at the library lol..

Tomorrow is Emelina's birthday and her friend was supposed to have called me to tell me what was going on and everything.. but I haven't heard a thing yet. Hmph.

I think I'm supposed to be hanging out with BabyDaddy tonight, we talked about it last night at least so we'll see what happens. He mentioned something about watching the opening of the olympics tonight. I'm not too stoked about that, but I'm sure I can deter his attention in some way or another (=


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