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Whirled away…

Well last Thursday I packed up and headed to the airport at the crack of before dawn to catch my 630 flight, which was delayed an hour (delta) but was mute like an hour until we got to the tarmac…

Arrived in Minneapolis 14 minutes late and missed my connection because Delta doesn’t believe in holding flights for transfers from their already late planes. That required me to stay 4 HOURS there until the next available flight. Should have been 3, but the plane was having issues so they sent another which also had issues so everything was delayed longer.   Awesome to have 3 planes all with mechanical issues right? All I heard from their employees was “I’m sorry” a thousand times but no resolution to the problem. So I took it to Twitter and complained to delta there. They looked into everything and after another apology, seemingly more genuine, issued new a $50 travel voucher. Which I doubt I’ll ever use. Anytime I fly anything but Southwest there’s issues, so I’ve learned my lesson.

So anyways, I got to Chicago 5 hours later than I should have. My cousin Dave had his own issues with Alaska air, being stuck in Seattle for 12 hours and his bag never being put on the plane with him to Chicago. While he was waiting for me, he was smart enough to go buy replacement clothes.

We were supposed to attend the viewing service that day, but they closed at 6 pm and with the time difference from Chicago to Indiana there was no way to make it.

During the drive we called my other cousin (Dave’s brother) Mike, he lives in Australia and I haven’t heard from him in at least 15 years I’d say so that was nice.

Eventually we got to our hotel around ten, he went to pick up some toiletries for himself and I crashed in my bed.

The next morning we met up with my cousins husband, Ed, her bff Barbie, and I finally got to meet her boys, oh were they sweethearts and looked just like her and full of personality.

Here’s Mason, he’s ten..


And Miles, he’s 7..


I won’t lie, when I first saw Miles I started crying, because he looks exactly like his mom. While they all got ready we caught up with Barbie and chatted for a few. Of course I made friends with the dogs.



And Boo


We made our way to the funeral home and kinda hung outside for a few getting our bearings together to go inside. I figured it would be a good time to get a pic of the boys..


A lot of people showed up, it was really comforting to know she had a good support system there and a lot of people who cared about her. A few people including Dave got up to speak, it was a lot to take in. Mainly because there was an open casket and we weren’t really prepared for that. She didn’t look like herself. She was so skinny, so frail, she really looked like our grandmother.

Ed and Chrissy


The program was really nice too





Afterwards we joined up at Ed’s mothers house for food and comfort. Talked to a lot of their family and friends and got to interact with the boys some more.



After a while there everyone dispersed and we were the last to leave. I made sure to give both Ed and the boys my name, address and phone number so if they need anything they can always call me. We both told them any time they want to come visit me in CO or Dave in Alaska that they’re welcome to.

After that Dave and I went back to the hotel and just reminisced about our lives, our crazy family, and our future. Then we met up with Barbie for dinner at a Mongolian restaurant. Of all places we could have chosen to go eat, our waitress was Ed’s sister in law. We thought Chrissy had something to do with that… We sat there for a few hours, closed down the restaurant just talking and sharing pictures. We all exchanged numbers and Facebook info.

The next morning we had our hotel breakfast and got back on the road to Chicago. We talked to Mikey again for a while filling him in on everything. We drove by Perdue to see that side of the city which was really nice and historical looking.

Once we got to Chicago I had him drop me off at the fashion outlets area to meet up with my long time internet friend Molly and her baby Jenna! We figured we’ve probably been talking for about ten years, since LJ days! So we had some yummy Mexican food and chatted for a while before they took me back to the airport.




Thankfully I had an uneventful, smooth, on time flight back home even after stopping in Atlanta. Their airport is kinda confusing though for connections but I made it.

Once I got to my car I hauled ass to get the dogs from the sitter since she was staying up late for me to get there. I had to stop at Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up a button down shirt for work since it was the only place open, so we finally got home around 1230 and got in bed asap. After being in like 4 different time zones plus DST today my body was so confused. Of course I woke up a lil late for work, but it was fine.

So overall it was a whirlwind trip and weekend, but I’m really really glad we went. It was the right thing to do for us and we knew it.

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Yesterday, Was a good day.

At 2:48 am, my good friend Lisa had her first son, and 4th child, Rex John Patrick Canavan. Sure he was 11 days early, but he was also already 8 lbs, so it’s good he was a little impatient!













I went down to visit them around noon, and I was the first non-family visitor, soon after I got there, the newborn photographer came in so I helped her position him and do his little photo session. Then dad and sisters came back with lunch for mom and we sat and chatted for a while.

I also took her a newborn gift set from work from California Baby, which included some baby wash, lotion, sunscreen, and other lil goodies. My customers rave about it so hopefully they’ll like it too!

Later on in the afternoon my friend Danielle called screaming in the phone that she got the job at my Ulta as a stylist in the salon!  She’s super stoked about it as am I to have a friend at work! Yay!

On my way to work I stopped by starbucks to get a mocha cookie crumble frapp, and sat in the drive through for 12 MINUTES. Because the car 2 ahead of me kept sending their drink back like an asshole. Who does that?? I was very frustrated at this point and if I could have would have driven out of line but I was blocked in. Once I got to the window, they comped my drink, the one car in front of me and probably the 2 behind me, all cuz of that a-hole. So other than the long wait, getting a free drink was the 3rd good thing to happen yesterday so I’ll take it!

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Not the C word again..

If someone asked if anyone had something to borrow, would you then suggest a service they could use to pay for it?

……………. no. right?

Because if their intent was to borrow it, they wouldn’t plan on paying for it. Hence the “borrowing”.

I posted on facebook asking if anyone had fun xbox 360 games i could borrow, since our system didnt come with any. Chantelle replied “gamefly”. I said that costs money, which is why I said BORROW. Her reply: “always such a cunt”.


The last time she used that word towards me, we didn’t talk for a year.

I politely asked her yesterday if it would be an issue to switch off our family plan sprint account because we ordered 2 new phones through Amazon. She said it was fine.

After the aforementioned facebook convo she immediately texts me asking about me getting off the account. *rolls eyes*. So I explain to her TWICE that I have to wait until the phone comes in, in order to transfer anything, and its back ordered a week.

Just because you hate YOUR life and the situation you put yourself in doesn’t mean you have to take it out on other people. I’m sorry you’re family situation sucks but you chose that path and you have to deal with it. I could really give a shit less if she ever moves back to Denver. She’s really such a pain in my ass these days anyways. So dramatic. So hung up on her ex still. If you want him back that badly, then do something about it or move the fuck on. It’s been like 3 years. Its not like he was that much of a winner.

Hey I got back the guy I wanted after 4 years. It happens.

Anyways, moving on.

Work was pretty easy this morning, was thankful there was no shipment it was basically just restocking. I got a LOT done by myself. Sometimes it’s easier that way. I even organized our overstock carts. Will they stay that way? Doubtful. But they look nice for now. I also snagged a few things to put on hold because we’re having our employee appreciation extra discount 12/1-3rd. Just a lil bit extra off of things but it all helps!

I made my 2nd Cruise installment payment today. Eeeek. Now i’m REALLY broke. I’m hoping, that when I send in my request for unemployment money tomorrow that I get some. I know I only have a balance of $47 left and well that just wont cut it. From what I’ve read online, it says those on the Federal Emergency Unemployment automatically get rolled over to tier 2 once their first tier runs out. Anyone have any experience with that? *crossing fingers* For the 2nd time, I turned in an updated availability schedule for work once i’m done with school. So hopefully they give me some more hours and I can make some moola.

I’ve finally run out of the addl funds left over from my school loans, and won’t get more until probably the middle of February. That is major suckage!

Dunno why but my boobs have been hurting like crazy the last few days.

Stopped by Macy’s today and picked up a new down alternative comforter for $39.99 (originally $120). Also came with 2 free standard size pillows. Which were valued at $30 themselves. Not too shabby. So now I’ve got 4 new pillows. I need to find my duvet cover, no idea where it is.. maybe in a closet somewhere, but probably needs to be washed.

Tomorrow is going to be STUDY SUNDAY!! Since I’ve been so busy all week I haven’t gotten a chance to study AT.ALL. ugh. In the am i may try and get to pachanga class but after that my nose is in the books!

Well I better get off my butt and go do something, it’s freezing in here and the heater is taking forever.


Grrr and Raawwr

I think this post will be a little bit of complaining…about my “friends”.

Chantelle is in town for another week or so..we met up Saturday night when she got in, actually no, we didnt meet up. She asked me to come pick her up. I obliged because she had just driven 8 hours from Kansas.

We spent a few hours at Caldonias mostly her friends, and original Josh came by as well. Of course she made everything all about her. I managed to get convo’s in with Josh and her friend Chandra. I was telling her about Pachanga classes and they’re right by her house, so I’m going to try and get her to come this Sunday. (I also invited Chan but she said 9:30? on a sunday?! hell no! but then once I publicly invited Chandra on FB Chan was like oh ill go if im not hungover)
Wednesday we were supposed to take the dogs to the park. It rained for all of 5 minutes so she cancelled that. We went to dinner instead at our favorite restraurant Brio and had our favorite Chopped Salad and a few drinks.

Thursday we were supposed to take the dogs to the park… she cancelled that as well. Then she asked me to go to dinner with her. She took a nap, texted me back, and said her friend Nicole wanted to go to dinner and she hadn’t seen her yet. Ok wtfever. So i was left high and dry again Thursday night. But then has the audacity to ask if I’d drive her to and pick her up from this bar down town for $20. 1st of all i’m not a taxi driver. I’m not reverting to our ways of years ago when i’d drive her drunk ass all over town. She didnt even want to go downtown till 10:30pm, and wouldnt be leaving till at least 1:30 am. I said no because i’d already be asleep at that time and I had to get up early to go to Pachanga. Then she asks if i’d take her to pick up her car (today) if she left it downtown, i said fine. Luckily that didnt happen. Nicole took her to and fro. What doesnt make any sense is that i had a certificate for the exact place she was going last night and she knew it. However didnt invite me.

Today she asks if I want to go with her to get her tattoo. I said yeah possibly… then she says well Nicole’s coming and we’re getting dinner afterwards. So i said fucking make up your mind either ask me or dont. Don’t ask 12 other people and when they say yes, then back out on me. She said “i wasn’t uninviting you, just saying that she’s coming along”. WTFever. I don’t even wanna go. I don’t have money and gas to be driving around and eating out every night.

I just texted her and asked if she wanted to bring the dog over and ill watch her for the night i dont feel like going out, maybe ill take them to the park together or they can just play and chill.

I’m just over all these people with their attitudes. Ron tweeted me today asking if i was gonna come say hi to his son. WTf would i wanna do that? I don’t like kids. He’s been a dickhead to me lately. He tries to make it better by offering Cold Stone and I said, well that’s not within my diet plan.. (I got a body bugg they other day i havent mentioned that yet). He throws out some insult shot at my Pachanga instructor, if thats what he told me not to eat. I said no he didnt tell me anything, and fuck you too. He just can’t be supportive of ANYTHING I do. Sick of having a-holes around me for friends.

Everyone’s got their fucking kids and can’t do anything w/o them. And when i say no thanks, if you’re bringing your kids i dont wanna hang out, THEY get pissed. Hello you know I don’t like children. That’s not gonna change.

What’s funny, the people who ARE friendly who ARE supportive who ARE there for me? The NKOTB girls. They’re awesome. I can talk to them share things with them that I can’t with others, we all get along great and theyre just what i need right now.

Phew, okay thanks WP for letting me vent, I really needed that.

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Weird, for me.

This evening I went over to my friend Tyler’s for a pool party/housewarming.

Hung out with some of his people i knew and others i didnt, had some pizza and drinks, really screwed myself on that! But anyways, spent some time in the pool and hot tub, and lots of time just chillin conversing with people.

Around 10 we headed inside to the rec room and watched tv, some people played pool.. mostly I started flirting with 2 diff guys.

We’ll call them CB (cockblocker) and HL (hippy lawyer)

On the walk from the pool to the rec room HL and i conversed a lil bit, he asked if I ever wanted kids (what?) lol…and things like that, how long I knew Tyler etc etc…

Once we got in CB and i were talk talk talking, watching music videos, and other things on tv, telling crazy stories about things, other people would pop into our convo here and there… this went on for about 2 hours or so…he ALSO asked If i had or wanted kids… weiiiiiiird. OH AND HE ALSO KNOWS NKOTB, like he sang 2 of the new songs and some of the old ones! He even asked to see pics from my cruise, he was like NO FUCKIN WAY!

So around midnight i decide i should leave because i forgot to walk Ellie before i left, and that was at 4:30 WHOOPS. So HL says oh where are you parked? I’ll walk out with you, so I said okay cool.. and he stops to give tyler’s gf his info about some hike or something.. and i’m talking to Tyler about how the hell to get out of the complex and to my car… then CB comes over and is like EFF THIS i’ll walk out with you c’mon! I’m like oh but i was gonna walk with hi-….NO c’mon now lets go!  HL turns around i’m like uhhh sorry?? *shrugs*?? So we’re walking through the complex and hes like god, i can.not.stand.that.guy. what a douchebag he is! i’m like really? he’s kinda quiet didn’t really say much? he’s like oh no, he’s really annoying, i just cant stand him…

So i’m thinking to myself, he just TOTALLY cockblocked HL! How funny!!! WTF! So we chatted a lil on the walk to the car and I was like thanks for walkin me out here *hugs*  have a good night!

I just can’t believe what happened right there… maybe I’m thinking into it too much but i dunno.. thats not something that normally ever happens to me, so I’m just soaking it all in…. maybe it was my super duper boob bathing suit that I had on hahaha… but i put my clothes back on before we went inside… so who knows!

It’s 1 am and i’m exhausted, I’ve been up since 8am and I dunno how?! Runnin on fumes!


Made it through Hump Day

Sooooooo sore today! OMG! Just driving to work, pushing the gas pedal hurt my “core” ie. my stomach it was sucky!! Every time i had to get up from my desk and go to the printer was torture haha.

Instead  of going to the movie tonight, i went to the gym and did Zumba. That’s a big thing man! The class was PACKED though and these asian girls were creeping up in my space. There was a different teacher as well at first I wasnt sure I liked her but as it went on i warmed up to her and even during once dance/move we high 5’d. LOL. I really hope that the new years exercise rush dies down soon, its soooo hard to even find a parking space in the evenings!

I need to pick up some new work out clothes since I’m going more often. Something more comfortable than just sweats and a better sports bra. The work out tops I have are just not cutting it for these big girls.

The scale is not changing at all yet and that’s pissing me off. I need to measure myself though I should have done it a week or so ago when i started getting into this maybe ill do it before bed tonight.

Me and Jess are going grocery shopping tomorrow after work, yay food, yay shopping yay coupons and yay PAYDAY!

I’ve been talking to these local Denver girls on twitter who are also NKOTB fans, so happy i found them. And well they all go hang out together and do things and they invited me out on Saturday to go to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and to see The Fighter which I’ve already seen but WANT to see again! I’m SO STOKED!!!! Yay for friends with common interests who LOOOOOOOVE NKOTB. We’re also all on diets/work out regimens and totally watching what we’re eating and well CF isnt the healthiest place so we’ll see what i end up with. Depending on how late we hang out I may not make it to Bingo, but i’m okay with that seeing as how we won the jackpot last weekend.

Work was totally dead all day long. It was so nice really. We needed that lull. Even left on time we were standing around the time clock waiting for 4:55.

Taking tomorrow off from the gym for reals I need to re-coop.


Another Unreliable

So my couch is being delivered this afternoon, and Tanya said she would come over and wait for it so I didn’t have to take off work.

But Tanya has no self control. She is allergic/has reactions to every thing she eats. She’s not supposed to cheat, but when she cheats a little and shes okay the next day, she thinks its okay to cheat some more.. so she cheated A LOT last night at dinner with her parents, and now she’s too “sick” to get off the toilet she says..

She’s lucky that we are unusually slow today and that they’re gonna let me leave work early so that I can get home to meet the delivery guys.

Man I hate flaky people.

I do however ♥ Jess for buying me groceries last night. (=


It’ll be okay…

(*) CareaBearaSara  aka C.W. , V.W.

(*) CareaBearaSara  aka C.W. : So, I think at this point, it'd probably be better for me to find a new place, cuz I don't want our friendship to suffer, and I don't want to get rid of the bunnies, so for everyones sanity that's the best decision I think.. I don't know if I'd be able to be out b4 sept tho.. That all just depends on what I can find.

V.W.: I think you may be right I love you as a friend but I think we are clashing as roommates.

(*) CareaBearaSara  aka C.W. : Mmhmmm

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Dooot DooOdoo

Totally thought the 3 day wknd was NEXT weekend, but I'm okay with it being now, however I'm out of $$$ so that's no bueno…

Friday night replacement Josh came over and played wiiii with me, mario kart and tennis good times! he was here till about 2 and then i passed out as soon as he left. It's *SO* nice to have a guy FRIEND thats just cool to hang out with and nothing more. We're so much alike its scary, Tanya even said so tonight LOL

Yeah she actually came out for once! Just to bingo but I'll take it! Funny thing is, both her and josh won bingo on the first round! and got free appetizer/dessert cards, and i had one left over for last week, so we used 'em all! Got potstickers, spinach dip, and a brownie obsession. MmMmmMm! no one won the final bingo, so next week it goes up to $400!!!

Jess paid me $10 to drive her to Costco today, soooo much I wanted to buy but can't until this weekend darnit!
Damn being poor!

So all of a Sudden Chan tells me she's coming in to town friday night, no notice whatsoever. I was like uhmm okay.. she says that "someone from her work bought her a plane ticket because they were sick of her whining about how homesick she was"…… that's a very nice gesture, but i dont buy it for one minute. . . then she calls me and says we're going to Challengers saturday night. Not as a question, as in THATS what I'M doing. I said well no, i already have plans saturday we go to fridays and we drink and play bingo, its a standing saturday night thing, doesnt change. ever. unless someones working. And she got a lil butthurt over that and yelled at me and said well WTFEVER and hung up on me… and then asks if i plan on going to Christines going away party, said probably not didnt know it was going on, and we havent talked in about 2 months, so why would i?

She's just mad because I didnt bend to her will. I dont do that anymore, not for her, not for anyone. Had she PLANNED this out and gave more notice things could have been done, hello its a 3 day weekend, one night is not a deal breaker.

While at bingo tonight I get a text from her saying "What do you want to do about the phones, because I dont want to talk to you anymore"…. so I said. uhm… I'll continue paying my part every month like I have been… and she said OK.  So i guess that's that. Whatever. Oh and she removed me off of facebook… AGAIN… like we're in middle school. I'm sorry there's nothing THAT important on your FB you need to "hide" from me. 

It's like breaking up with a bf every few months with her. So annoying and immature. SO OVER IT.

Anyways, i'm exhausted. My period is draining me. I slept from 5-9 this afternoon, and now its 2am,.. i'm ready to pass out again. I've gotta work 1-5 at macys tomorrow but thats not too bad.


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Really Though

Found out yesterday that my old roommate got engaged this weekend.
-Good for her.

Found out Monday that my long lost sister from another mister is pregnant.
-Good for her

Found out tonight that her little sister is engaged.
-Good for her

My last post on fb:

OK PEOPLE. You all need to stop getting engaged, married, and knocked up, and work on finding ME my own douche bag to spend time with. I'm serious. I can only handle so much in one week. I'm happy for ya'll but gimme a break here.

Yes, I'm a lil green right now.

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