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Mid week update

Ahhhh my school break is almost over! I think i’m supposed to start biology on Monday.. But that can’t be right… That’s a holiday?

I know for sure that I start radiology Tuesday and then other classes I have are online. I still need to find somewhere to intern..waiting for some call backs still..

In 13 days I’ll be headed to Miami! Yay cruise time! So excited!

Found out today that nkotb invited naughty by nature on the cruise and they’re coming, so that should be interesting… Lots of ppl are excited about it but i’m like meh. Lol.

I remembered today that the only out fit I was missing was for pj night and coincidentally, got a 50% off email from lane Bryant. So I ordered a pair of shorts with daiquiris on them and a different top/bottom set can’t even remember now what it looks like it lol.

Yesterday and today I got a lot of unfucking done. Knocked down the mountain of laundry to only 2 loads left.

Also rearranged the bedroom closet. Vacuumed the hell out of it too since Snatch and Dawgfude sleep in there a lot, there was a LOT of hair in the carpet/wall crevice. They’re probably unhappy that I took away their nap spots.

Abbie has been shedding like crazy so I took a big brush to her and got out a ton of her undercoat. There’s still more! She needs to be brushed a few times a week I think.

I’ve been working an extra 2 nights a week every little bit helps!

I’ve been stressing about how to pay for summer classes and finally gave in and called my grandma. my mom helped with my first payment ($500) and my grandma agreed to help with my 2nd payment (another $500) that’s just about how much my rent is! Thankfully I have them to help me out otherwise id be screwed! also lucky I had some Amazon credit to buy 2 books and then I rented another online. I’ve still gotta make July & August school payments ouch. Can’t wait till September when I get some school money!

Oh! We’re having a bbq this weekend! I received some mccormicks new grilling rubs and sauce to use from! So I’ve gotta get some meats and sides this week. The pool is also opening so I need to go get the key tomorrow.

I also got some Dr. scholls for her heel inserts to try out this week, and private selection coupons for free/discounted foods from my grocery store, its like Christmas over here!

Well I better get to bed I’ve got lots on my to do list for tomorrow…

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Hire me already!

So I went through my emails tonight and found that I’ve sent out about 36 emails resumes/applications since April 2nd. That’s not counting all the job’s I’ve applied through on websites directly.

I’ve really not had many bites, Macy’s interview…and BWW, i should really go back to BWW this week and see if they still need anyone..

I just dont understand. I’m not getting emails back, phone calls, nothing! So weird for me! it’s never been hard for me to find a job or taken very long.. and theres a LOT of things open, it seems that people that are hiring are A. lazy B. unmotivated C. too stupid to know how to hire quality employees.

Saw on craigslist tonight that Landry’s Seafood restaurant is hiring and doing on the spot interviews so I think I might head over there tomorrow.. its not necessarily *close* but whatevs.

Today I applied to 4 or 5 diff jobs at the local humane society, the one i got Ellie from, I dunno why I didnt think of it before… derr..

Found out today that as of July 1st, there will be no more Zumba classes with Felix on Mon/Fri’s at 24 hour. UGH!!! WTF am I gonna do ?!?! He’s going to be teaching at a new studio, which is AWESOME for him…but not for me.. cuz i HIGHLY doubt that they can beat the $22.51 a month I pay for 24 hour….le sigh…he better at least keep the Thursday night classes. I need SOMETHING.

Tonight I bought a big turkey to cook this weekend.. i’ve been craving turkey for a while now… and deli meat just wasn’t gonna cut it! I also bought some frozen shrimp, and Tilapia… now i’m not a fish person, last time i ate fish was when i worked at fridays and that was 2004-2005, and just once i ate it.. so i got suggestions from people tonight and made one piece, with a side of broccoli.. it was alright, but needed a lil somethin more… my friend suggested paprika…. so i may try that with the next piece…

Oh! I also found the LARGER sized bottles of Green Tobasco at walmart today! I was so excited that I bought 2 of ’em hahaha! I also got some much needed TP and “after sun shimmer” lotion from Hawaiian Tropic that i had a $2 off coupon for. It smells sooo yummy i had samples of it from stephy’s party.

After sending in my transcripts for school I have a feeling I may have to take the Biology and English classes that are pre-req’s… i hope not, but i’m just waiting for their response… none of my prev. classes were either of those *exactly* but they were higher than just the standard biology class…just a waiting game now…

If the weather holds up tomorrow I may finally attempt the bike ride to the gym. Today would have been perfect it was sunny and for the first time in a while, NO WIND!!! and no rain!!!

Wilfred, with Elijah Wood starts tomorrow on FX i’m excited to see it, looks hilarious! I’m not too happy with the final 4 of The Voice… i thought some that got voted off definitely should have stayed, but if it’s similar to Idol.. with all the exposure those people got, well, they’ll have a record deal in no time!

My mom should be returning from her camping trip friday, but sometimes they come back a day early, so i wouldnt be surprised if i got a call from her tomorrow…(today) its after midnight here…I’ve got a few bills that need to be paid soon lol….next week i have the phone call for my unemployment appeal hearing so i’m crossing my fingers that goes my way …

Argh it’s 1230 I should head to bed… because i did *so* much today that i’m exhausted…. can you hear the sarcasm in my typing? LoL….


General Blah Blah Blah

I’ve been a major slacker I think i took 2 naps today even, consecutively LOL.

However, did manage to do a few loads of laundry and put my down comforter out on the porch to air dry. Went to the grocery store and stocked up on food.

I’m having a lil get together tomorrow for Old Navy and Crowdtap to share some accessories with my friends, so I bought some snacky things for them tomorrow.

This is why I should have been cleaning all day long. I did manage to unpack from the cruise and even hang everything back up. All but the 4 dresses that are handwash only ugh.  What a pain.

Maybe I can get some more stuff done tonight… still need to clean the bunnies and the kitties litter area and clean up the kitchen a lil bit. I bought a cake and or cupcake mix to make but that’ll prolly have to wait till tomorrow. Gonna load these girls up on salt and sweets LOL.

My fave pair of sunglasses broke.. so bummed. I have back ups somewhere.

Still waiting on my unemployment ugh. I sent in an appeal before I left and because I got my vacation pay a few weeks ago, that postponed it even more.  I had to call my mom yesterday for money to pay my cell bill, it was like 3x the normal price because my new phone was added to the bill.

Yesterday I called a debt collector i’d set up an arrangement with to pay off a bill, well i tried calling them all week, but the # i previously used was “unable to receive calls” so i searched and searched online and finally found a few #’s that worked, as well as lots of complaints against them for shady practices. I called tons of times finally left my info for them to call back, and surprisingly they did hours later. I told them i wanted them to reverse the payment they took that day and cancel all future ones because i am still unemployed and the amount wont go through. Had to talk to 2 diff people and im still unsure if theyre going to be able to do it. She said she would send the info to whatever dept to attempt it. IF it does go through, i’m going to dispute it with paypal. Hope that’s not a hassle in it self. I also made a complaint with the FTC about them because they seemed pretty shady. The lady said “oh we switched phone carriers that # still works” i said uh. NO. it doesnt. call it yourself.

My car insurance and gym payment are supposed to process this week….and i doubt i have enough $$ for both. Esp. if that payment goes through. I need to find somewhere to sell my old blackberry to. Probably only get $20 or $30 bucks for it. I put it on craigslist a while back but didnt get any bites. I’m also gonna put my luggage on CL just for like 30 bucks probably. I’ve had it about 4 or 5 years, its still in working condition but i’m going to need a new set next time i take a trip. —– Ok done while i took a break from this post LOL.

Can’t wait for SNL tonight with Justin Timberlake! He’s always ah-mah-zing on SNL.

*yawn* why in the world am i tired? Need to finish this cherry pepsi for the caffeine and get up and get stuff done! OH BTW!! From the time i left to Miami through yesterday, I’d lost 4 lbs!! WHAT!! Who loses weight on a vacation, let alone a cruise?!  Hey, works for me though!

Here’s a few more pics that my friends have posted..

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I feel like my eyes are crossing, been looking at tax information for the last 30 mins or so, it’s so confusing for reals !

Are any of my readers tax gurus?!

  • Was just wondering if maybe my garnishment could be claimed on my taxes seeing as how its SO MUCH OF MY INCOME that i never even RECEIVED. Ya know?  I’m sure this one is a stretch lol
  • Are flexible spending accounts deductible or only health savings accounts?
    What about medical expenses? I spent a BUTTLOAD at the dentist this year…
  • I’m pretty sure I can claim the interest that I’ve paid  – on my previous tax years that i’m re-paying…
  • My student loans are still in deferment so I don’t think there’s anything there to claim since I haven’t made any payments.

Need to call Macy’s tomorrow and update my address for the w-2 ‘s they’ll be sending out soon. If i remember correctly I got mine really fast from them this year.

Today we had another ‘2 week’ meeting with my sup and manager. I have to say it was the shortest and least dramatic of all meetings. We slightly talked about the crazy ass lady i had 2 weeks ago in which she wrote a 4 page story about what happened, and 3 of us each wrote a 2 page rebuttal about what really happened. That thankfully is not being held against me. Yet, we still have to have ANOTHER meeting. Hopefully just one more. The only concern I brought up is that I was promised a desk move and still have no gotten it. Not surprising really. Whatevs.

Later on in the day I finally received the “wish list” of vacation days which i KNOW For a fact has been floating around for at least 2 weeks. I’m the last one to get it since i have the least seniority (by 3 months to the next person). She says “hurry and do this because it was supposed to be turned in YESTERDAY“. So I put down the days I have for my cruise, and the manager comes back and goes uh no you cant choose those someone else already did. My supervisor chose 2 days after my start date, and over a week after my return. Well that’s not my problem. We’re two different employees i’m a peon, she’s a supervisor. Those dates shouldn’t matter or have any conflict IMO. So I white out my choice and write “NONE” instead. She comes back AGAIN this is her 3rd interruption of me and my customers, rude much? She’s like you can’t put NONE you HAVE to put SOMETHING. I said well as I told you, i booked this trip in AUGUST for NEXT MAY, it’s already done and it cannot be changed. So whether you give me the time off or not, I’m going and I have my vacation time to use. Regardless, I’m hoping I get this other job I applied for so it would be a moot point anyways.

I think it’s ridiculous that we have to ask for vacation in the FOLLOWING YEAR. Normally I dont know what i’ll want to do where I want to go or if i’ll have any money to do anything if i wanted to. This is one of those times where I have it planned out. She’s the manager, it’s her job to MANAGE coverage when people take vacations. So deal with it.

Today I received a voice mail from the lady at the Impound that I should be receiving a call next week from one of the Sergeants because I was one of the top 3 candidates chosen so I’ll need to sign off on the background check and fill out a million other things. So that’s pretty kick ass. Had i not received that call, I wouldn’t have been as snotty about the vacation stuff lol..

Since Chan isn’t coming out for NYE anymore, I’m thinking about having a wii/board game/drinking hang out and chill event at my place. Why? I dunno. That would mean I would have to TOTALLY CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE what am I thinking?! I posted it on FB and sent out some texts, Marsha says she’d be interested as well as Tyler his roomie and gf.. but I havent heard anymore yet.. so I’m not making it official until i get more replies.. and then i’d have to bust ass cleaning.. so we’ll see. I’m broke anyways so going out really isnt an option…

Put my old camera up on Craigslist lastnight and got one phony response, and another asking if i’d take $50 for it, when i made sure to say IN the post “$100 FIRM”. gah ruh-tards.

Ok this has gotten long enough and now I’m just rambling on and on.. 30 minutes till bedtime, maybe ill get productive…


Monday Malarky

Tomorrow Tomorrow, I’ll love ya tomorrow..
Sorry, I have that, and Somewhere over the Rainbow stuck in my head LoL

Speaking of tomorrow, I have an interview at the Impound again. yay!
Cross your fingers please!

It’s further away, but the hours are NOT m-f 8-5. Which I prefer.
Washing/drying some clothes now so that I have something to wear tomorrow.. I’m thinking grey pants with grey booties.. not sure which shirt yet though.. we’ll see.

We won another $40 at bingo Saturday night yay! Then we went to Scooters afterwards… and there was some hippie live band playing, it was really lame. We were not amused. But we all left with out any fights breaking out so that’s good. Got to see Sean finally and flirted a lil when no one was looking, and josh’s gf tasha didnt come either so that was nice lol. However I still have not gotten any alone time with Sean.

He did CALL me twice this weekend, weird, he never calls we always text. I was giving him a hard time for flaking on me and not coming over… and he says “well at least i call and let you know whats going on! see i’m a good boyfriend!……..; pause ; errr… boyfriend material………. cept no one wants to be with me *fake cry*. I was just like Ö ooooooook then.

I realized earlier that if i get the impound job, i’ll never see my customer crush \=
Even though he’s on FB, he never USES FB. sadness.

I tried to get up and go to the gym this morning, but it didnt happen. Had a hard time falling asleep last night i knew it was gonna happen….

We’ll see if it’ll happen tomorrow that way i’ll be up, energized, focused and ready for the interview.
People are starting to get my xmas cards, Cindy called me Sunday and said she loved it and also invited me to xmas dinner if I dont have any other plans I may take her up on it. My mom said she got hers today so my grandma should have also and possibly my dad. The rest went out in the mail today so hopefully they get to their destinations by xmas!

Oh so Chan is/was/maybe still coming out for NYE we had plans to go to the strip club, but now she says she doesnt want to, she may not come at all, or if she does she may just go to a house party with Christine. Really? Drive 800 miles for a house party? ::shakes head:: now i remember some of the lil reasons we stopped being friends and why she annoys me… but im just gonna bite my tongue… if she comes out, i’ll see her, but i’m not going out of my way.

OooOo Lane bryant is having buy 2 get 2 free bra’s through Jan 11th…. i could use some new ones…ill have to check out what the store has.. cuz sometimes the website is better.

Ok enough rambling from me.. gotta go sort my clean clothes..


I lol @ these new trainees we have, they’re such an eclectic bunch, but they’re all kinda weird. Ya know?

I made it to the gym this morning, even a lil earlier than last week! Did 1.3 miles on the treadmill, 150 calories. I think tomorrow I may do arms/weights cuz my knee is a little unhappy today, don’t wanna push it. But my pants are fitting better today! That’s great!

My tuna fish sandwich today tasted a lil extra fishy…I did not finish it though. The rest will be thrown out.

When I came into work today there were 3 boxes of donuts in the break room..and I did not eat any!! I did have a piece of chocolate wafer thing… One of our regular customers brought in one of those huge cookies today too… I may have a small slice of that.

I really need to do my dishes tonight…. yesterday all I did was clean the bunnies and the cat litter box and 2 loads of blankets/sheets got washed. I was a super slacker.

I was talking to Sean and he asked when he gets to see me…so I told him sometime this week.. Hopefully he’ll come over so I don’t have to drive all the way to his place lol.

Lunch Hour goes way too fast I tell ya.. Don’t wanna go back!! At least the next 2 weeks, we’ll be off both Fridays for xmas and NYE, yay 4 day work weeks!

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Keep on Truckin

Day 2 is wrapping up nicely. I was soooooooooooooo tempted ALL.DAY.LONG. by chocolate everywhere. Right behind my desk – 2 different containers. Killing me.

Made some yummy chicken tonight, with white wine, balsamic pomegranate vinaigrette, and olive oil with peas on the side.

Today was like, the longest day, at work. However, only had 1 dickhead customer towards the end of the day.. so that made things better overall.

Dirty Dancing

I did find the Dirty Dancing shirt from Old Navy that i wanted. It was on their website on black friday, but never again, and i hadnt seen it in stores until today.

I’m SO going to wear it tomorrow.

Time for some Price is Right on facebook, then probably bed time.


Slouchy Saturday

It’s been a full Saturday already.

Woke up around 8am to some dog in the complex yap yap yappppping away for a good 15 minutes, as soon as I got out of bed and got dressed to take Ellie out and to yell at the people with the dog, it stopped barking.

Went and picked Jess up and headed to Old Navy for their Sweet 16 sale, their pea coats werent on sale, I figured they wouldnt be, but I did pick up 2 new fleece jacket/pull overs. They were 2/$16 so that was a good deal! It’s too warm now to wear them, and come to think of it i left the bag in the car! hah..

After I took Jess home I went to the Sprint repair store because the charging port on my BB was broken on the inside. They swapped out the WHOLE phone for me! Gotta love having insurance!


It’s not the boring black/grey like I had, I got to choose from either red or orange.. so I went with Orange! I dunno why, but I did. I dont know anyone else who has an Orange phone, I like to be different!

After that I went to Josh’s so Ellie and JuJu could play and get some energy out. They had a blast. While I was there I realized there was no internet/email icon on my phone so I used Josh’s phone to call support but what they were doing wasn’t helping. So I headed back to the store, and the girl had it done in less than 5 minutes.

The only problem with “personalizing” your phone, is when you have to REDO it all when you get a new one! Luckily I know this phone backwards and forwards so it didnt take too long, just had to reinstall apps, and reassign ringers and the like.

We finally made it home around 1230-1 and ever since I’ve been on the couch watching a marathon of Teen Mom. These girls, wow. Amber is probably the worst mom I’ve seen in a long time. Farrah really doesnt give her parents a chance, she just cuts them off as soon as they speak, and I hate how she looks when she cries! I feel bad for Catelynn cuz her mom is so white trash and she is so much better than that. Really hope her and Tyler get out of there when they finish school they’ll be so much better off. Maci, well she’s just a dumbass all around…

I dont know if I’m going to bingo or not tonight I dont have any money, and i was supposed to hang out with … whats his name.. Josh call’s him Hatty so we’ll go with that… we were supposed to hang out last night but I was so cranky I asked if we could hang tonight instead.. I havent heard from him yet but I assume it’s still on. The Egyptian wants to hang out tomorrow now too. When it rains it pours right!

I really should be cleaning up the house. The kitchen needs to be straightened up and I need to clear off the dining table once and for all, there’s also laundry to be done.

There’s roofers on our building today, obv. replacing the roof so off and on it gets noisy and the animals dont know where it’s coming from. I assume they’ll be around tomorrow as well. They were on another building for about a week…

I’m starving, had some broccoli/rice/cheese steamer earlier.. but that didnt last too long. I need something of substance! Maybe if I clean up the kitchen then I’ll bake something.

Last nights episode of BlueBloods was awesome! They just keep getting better every week! If you missed it or didnt DVR it, check it out online with that link!

Ok time to get my butt off the couch and do something!

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Ups and Downs

This day started off not too bad, but has ended kinda crappily.

I woke up on time, even had a chance to half assedly do my makeup, and made it to work, on time ish… Work wasnt busy at all, we never went above 20 customers and for the most part we were at about 5 people steady all day long. Nice, relaxing, didnt go by as fast, but still.. better than 100+ people staring at you for 8 hours straight.

Checked my bank acct and 24 hour fitness took $21.85 out of my account when they were only supposed to take $7 because I froze my membership for 2 months. So i call and tell the dude and he says they show nothing on their side that it was debited, but its obv. in my bank acct.. so I fax them a statement, and call again when I get home and the lady says well it’ll be 5-7 days before it hits my account . ARRRRGGGGHHHH…

So that means my bank acct is short for my checks to clear for rent. AWESOME right? So I call mom and she sends me $40 to cover it and I go deposit it after work, by then 1-2 hours time maybe theyve already cleared/tried to clear. The 2nd one, which was for part of the deposit did NOT clear, and I do NOT have over draft coverage right now because I have a short term loan out from the bank.

Tomorrow morning Ill have to try and call the credit union and beg for them to redeposit that check or something..explain to them the 24 hour goof up.. and cross my fingers… If a check to the leasing company bounces, they require you to pay everything else in certified funds, ie. cashiers check or money order. I really dont wanna deal with that for the next year, ya know?

So sick of this being broke shit living penny to penny… i reapplied to Macy’s tonight for seasonal support at the location CLOSE to me, not across town this time. I’m hoping they’ll call me, since I’ve already worked for them before and left on good terms. *crossing fingers*

Being so stressed about this latter part of the day, I had ice cream and chips for dinner with a side of kool-aid.. nutritious right? I should get up and cook something.. but ehh.

At least the couch is still comfy. I sprayed the edges with “no scratch” stuff so hopefully the cats dont damage it. I’ll be pissed if they do.

One piece of good news, my credit score (from when up 1 point! woohoo! it went down about 5 after last October, then climbed up 4… and now 1… so I’m back to where I was last October. Baby steps I guess… really just wish I could get a windfall of money and be able to pay everything off and be in the positive for once.

I’m hoping all the rain from Cali and NV head this-a-way, it’d be nice really. It was pretty cloudy and gloomy for a majority of the day, that’s how I like it! As much as I love summer, I’m ready for fall: sweaters, scarves, boots, wool coats! Lets skip over the snowy part of winter and head back into spring mmmmkaaay?

OH! I started hanging up my clothes last night in the closet of all places! And my shoes! it’s amazing, I can see the bottom of my closet now, the suitcases are put away, and just have some things to go through on the bedroom floor… maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow… we’ll see. I was waiting for Sean to call me last night, but he takes too long, stays up too late, so I gave up and went to bed .. . (i first typed wet to bed, no i did not pee myself LoL)

Lovin the new Law & Order SVU Season so far… and LOLA’s on next. . . .

Ok thats enough for now, no more rambling randomness for tonight!

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Coupon High

It’s 11:47 and I should SO be asleep right now, but I didnt get productive until about 10pm tonight, I finally put all my movies (vhs yes I still have/watch/store them) and dvd’s away so that got rid of 3 or 4 boxes yay. Cleaned up random crap on the floor, and took the garbage out as well..

Went to Walgreens earlier tonight to pick up just a few things, what I NEEDED was dish soap .99  garbage bags 6.99 with $1 register rewards and toilet paper, 2.99… what I left with was those, some recordable disc’s on clearance for my video camera, which I havent used… ever.. why? oy now I have a reason to.. 2 things of pringles, a lighter, and garbage bags… oh and pony tail holders, they were BOGO, plus one of the packages had an ATTACHED BOGO, so I got 3 packages for the price of 1. Immediately when the first item rang up (garbage bags) I got my $1 RR and a $3 coupon off $15 purchase. SO I turned around and used those on the rest of my purchase, I had to add the pringles and the lighter to make it up to 15 so in reality they were really free. All in all, I spent $18 and saved $21 in coupons and rewards. GO ME. Seriously it’s such a high LOL… There was some study they were reading on the radio about the other day how getting a good deal is sometimes better than sex… and it is ! LOL Oh and after the 2nd transaction I got another $3 off $15 coupon… that had to be used by tomorrow..

After that I went to Target because I needed Ice Cube trays and didnt see any at walgreens, to my surprise they came out to be 2/$1 instead of $1.50 each. YAY.
Stocked up on scrubbing bubbles cleaners and whatnot which I had BOGO coupons for even though the cashier didnt take it off correctly I went to customer service and they gave me the diff back.  Also got a small bag of dog food $3 coupon, some buttoni pasta w/$1 coupon, and I’m sure some other stuff but I cant remember right now, think I spent about $28 there…

OH, and while I’m checking out this hispanic family, mom and 3 boys, just shows up at the end of the counter, like where my cart is, not behind me in line, the cashier had already turned her light off.. and one boy goes and stands behind me to like ask her a question or something… and i turn towards my basket and the oldest boy is like holding on to my basket at the end of it.. and I look at him and go EXCUSE YOU…! With a stern look.. and he realizes what hes doing and he’s like ohh… uhh sorry.. wtf dont touch other ppl’s baskets, esp one full of stuff i just paid for. Why can’t people watch their own children????

Decided to go to another walgreens to use my last $3 coupon, and i picked up a new heating pad since the last one tried to electrocute me and I had to get rid of it. Found a “king size” one on sale for $15.99. When I was done paying for that I got yet ANOTHER $3 coupon. sonofa… I really cant spend any more at Walgreens by tomorrow I think I may try to give it to someone at work… or just go buy some cat food.. who knows.

So glad tomorrows Friday, but I’m really not looking forward to the whole working part of the day… Being the first of the month and all, we werent horribly busy for the last day today, but still you never know how it’ll turn out.

Ok after midnight def. time for bed now!