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Productive Tuesday

Last night I made a list of things to do today, and by golly I actually followed through!

First I called and scheduled an appointment for Thursday to get my cracked windshield replaced. $177

Then I went to JCP to drop off my bracelet for repair. I’ve been needing to do it but wanted to wait till after the Xmas/vday rush. While I was there, browsing, I find a ring on clearance that matched my bracelet,
marked down to $60!


The older man helping me took forever to do things, and I totally spaced using the $10 gift card I won took after we completed the transaction..  so I just went downstairs and used it on some underwear instead lol.

After that, I swung by a gym, Fitness 19, to check them out and see their prices… it’s small, close to the house, and cheap-ish. So I signed up, and even got 12 personal training sessions too. Might as well get on it because the cruise is just a few months away! So I’m waiting for the trainer to call and make our first appointment. My boss at ulta goes there, so maybe we can go together!

Once I got home I decided to clean out the car, it was getting bad! So I got all the crap out of it, wiped it all down and armor-all’d the leather. I need to find that stuff to seal holes in the leather.  Damn dogs getting where they shouldn’t be has made some scratches. And I should really stop eating in the car, lots of little crumbs everywhere lol. Oh and Abbie supervised while Ellie rolled in the grass and found who knows what to eat off the ground.


I’ve got a few hours till I have to go to work, so I think I’ll get the vday designs off my nails and paint something pretty on them…

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I went to my last Zumba class before I leave for my trip tomorrow and I got there around 9 and there was only 1 or 2 other people there and Felix of course and we were talking and he asked why I didnt come to the 2 hour super party Saturda, and I said because I was working a stupid temp job!! I was so sad I couldnt make it. Then he asked if I didnt mind telling him how much weight I’d lost (15 lbs) because I was looking really good, and fit and doing such a good job

WOW, just wow!! It’s awesome to hear that from him!! Im sure I had the hugest smile on the whole time after that.

Right before the last song, he always talks to the class about upcoming things and what not, and he called out this lady named Diane, who’s lost 165 lbs and then he said “And my friend Sara here, has lost 15 lbs since December, and she’s headed to Miami tomorrow on vacation!” and people clapped and cheered for us! It was awe-some-sauce.

After class I purchased a CD from him that has all the songs on it because he says hes going to be changing up some of the routines. So happy I have it cuz i absolutely love these songs, but since theyre all in spanish i dunno who they’re by!

We continued talking about the instructor training and what not and he’s really insisting that I get certified to teach classes and that I can even teach some at his studio down town! And he plans on opening up a 2nd studio in the Denver area. He says I dance really great and pick up the moves so easily. Another WOW!!

I said I HAVE been thinking about getting certified, I just dont have the money right now since I’m not working… he said.. oh we can work something out with that dont worry. I’m going to try and find somewhere to do Zumba while I’m in Miami probably after the cruise, we’ll see. If not ill just go to a 24 hour fitness they should have a class available.

How fucking incredible is it to hear stuff like that at all, let alone on a Monday morning!

I did find out that apparently he has a daughter cuz he picked her up from the day care in the gym, and she’s totally adorable. So he gave me a hug and said have fun in Miami! I said thanks I will! And thanks for all your help!

I’ve gotta go finish up my packing, printing out documents and pictures, and general house cleaning because its Vacation-Eve!!!


Sure am busy for being unemployed

Easiest Monday i’ve had in a while..

Went to Zumba this morning, i need to eat a better breakfast than a Special K protein bar prior to class because it doesnt keep my energy level through the whole hour. Maybe cereal, or eggs or something else…

Showered at the gym and then headed over to the Human Services building to turn in my paperwork for food stamps… however there were about 80 numbers in front of me, and they called 1 # about every 15 minutes… so I was not going to waste my time there Plus there was about 98304982 screaming children there. It was WORSE than the DMV. So i left and decided I’d just mail in the paperwork instead…

Came home and submitted my info for Unemployment online it was a lot easier than I thought it’d be. Hopefully I get it I’m sure it’ll still be a few weeks till i hear anything at all. Contacted the payroll dept and they said I’ll receive my last check during the next cycle… apparently the City doesn’t have to abide by the STATE law of providing your paycheck w/i 24 hours. How that makes any sense, I have no idea. Then i’ll get my Vacation payout at the end of the month on that check. Which will all go towards Rent and Cruise/Hotel money.

Applied for about 5 jobs with Comcast, since I left there on decent terms, its a good option to go back to. So we’ll see if I hear anything soon from ANYWHERE.

Thinking about going to a turbo kick box class tomorrow morning, oh that reminds me I still have my groupon to use! i need to look into that asap.

Went to the grocery store spend my last 20 ish dollars… got 10lbs of potatoes, 2 lbs of strawberries, extra sharp cheddar, milk, saltines, artichokes and an onion, and some face wash… should last me till next week no problem. I have plenty of other food as well.

I should head to bed shouldnt be tired had a 2 hour nap this evening, but whatevs, I do what i want now! LOL


Can’t think of a title today

Normally I despise Sunday’s because it means I have to go back work on Monday… but this time, I don’t! I had over 7 hours of comp time i had to use by the end of the month so I get tomorrow off woohoo!

I made my final cruise payment on Friday it’s all done now!! Just have to wait!! 50 some days left!!

I ordered a bathing suit from its zebra striped, tankini and bottoms for the price of one tankini elsewhere.. I sure hope it fits/looks decent.

Yesterday I attended a 2 HOUR ZUMBA PARTY. I managed to stay through the whole thing, there was a 10 minute break inbetween, and they had some fruit plates, veggie platters and cheese & crackers, and Corona and Wine LOL i had a couple grapes and carrots, but stayed away from everything else. I’m pretty sure I lost 2-3lbs just from that session. Lots of sweat! I was in the front row which was right under the lights, since Felix was up on the stage to teach. The lights made it sooooo much hotter. But it was fun and totally worth it and Ill definitely do it again! I’m at about -12lbs lost right now. I cant believe it!

Figured I’d be in a LOT of pain today but its actually not that bad surprisingly. I came home, showered and then laid on the couch and watched The Fighter for the 4th time LOL finally watched the extra’s on it too, who knew that the real O’Keefe played himself in the movie! Awesome!

Got my nails done yesterday and then had an appointment at Ulta for a facial. I WANTED their $20 – 20 min mini facial, however… 35 minutes into it i’m thinkin to myself, the girl didnt listen to what I said when I booked it and am now getting an hour long more expensive facial.  \= She did a really good job, but I wasnt expecting to pay $50 i’m thinking about email ULTA about it.. not complaining about the girl who gave me the facial, but about the one who booked it.

Stopped by home goods just to LOOK, but that never happens lol.. I bought a pack of mini cup cake liners, a water fountain for the cats, which I’m not sure theyve used yet, and it’s kinda loud, and a cute wall hangy thing.. here ill just show you.

I think I’ll hang the sign up above Ellie’s food bowls.

Friday I had my “sara’s a horrible employee meeting” again with my Manager, The Director, and an HR guy. Was just 15 minutes of me stating my side of it all. They again have 15 days to respond/give me a decision on my punishment.

However I do have an interview scheduled for Wednesday at the Airport. Well its off site but its I guess, Admin work for Airport Security. I dont know the exacts of it yet, but they sent me info about the gist of it. I didnt apply for it specifically I just put my info in a database for a pool of “admin jobs” and they called me so we’ll see what comes of that.

Since I was up late last night i went out and took some pics of the moon and damn my camera is good! The setting i was using made it very sensitive so keeping still was a problem for me LoL

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of cleaning is on the agenda today since I have nothing else planned nor any money to do anything else LOL No reason I cant get shit done today I’m not sick anymore, so I just have to get off my ass and do it!

So i’m going to turn the ‘puter off, go charge the battery get something to drink and start my cleaning activities.

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6 months ago, no way I woulda posted this, but now, Zumba is paying off and I don’t mind…

-12 lbs now.


Soooo Sore

I really think all weekends should be at least 3 days long. 2 is just not enough for me!

Yesterday morning I hit up 24hour fitness to use my *free* personal training session coupon they sent  me, I wasted no time using it! My trainer was Phil, a nice guy, prolly in his 40’s or so or maybe less hard to tell he had graying hair.. but he was super helpful. Had me sweating after 10 minutes. Did a lot of resistance stuff, kettle bells which i’ve never used, stuff with the medicine ball, and body weight exercises. Also showed me the correct way to use the pull up machine. It has 3 diff functions. Regular Pull up. Then Dropped push up to work the back of your arms, and then an inner pull up to work your chest. He explained that is the only machine where the more weight the better because youre only lifting your own body weight. Its really hard to explain you’d have to see it LoL. He gave me lots of good ideas of new things I can do aside from Zumba/treadmill/bike/weights. So i’ll start incorporating those this week.  I was hella sore when i got home yesterday as i am today lol. I had to go downstairs for something and on my way back up i thought i was gonna be sick it hurt so much LOL!

After about 2 hours of not moving, i got up and finally started cleaning the house. I find it soooo funny that so many of my blog neighbors are always saying the same thing. “my house is such a mess” No one’s ever like OMG I’m so OCD about things everything has its place and theres never a speck of dust in my house… I have lots of laundry to finish, bunnies to clean, and vacuuming to do. Hopefully i’ll get it all done today…

Bingo was not dramatic this week, it was pretty dead in there actually, we all only had 1 drink each cuz we’re poor… the bartenders were like wtf…? haha… we went to scooters and had 1 more drink. i left a lil after 1 because it was dead there too and i was pretty bored. Josh’s friend PJ told me that Springs got kicked out of his house? or he couldnt afford to stay there anymore? I don’t think he’s been working and I know his car got repo’d. I wish HE’D be the one to tell me but whatevs. He must be one of those proud men. He may be moving up here to stay with PJ for a bit. However that whole situations sucks, hes kinda losing brownie points with me.

I told WTR i may come over after bingo but i decided against it, didnt feel like driving that far. It’s probably good that I didnt because when I went to bed last night i had hella bad cramps and this morning woke up to an unwanted visitor. Boo. So now I won’t be gettin any from anyone this week. \=

Still havent heard anything back on the polygraph yet, they said 24-48 hours… and its been a week now.. sounds about right for anything having to do with the City…

My nails need a rebase like something fierce, its been since before new years… but i just dont have money till the end of this week. I’ve gotta pay my cable bill here asap before they shut my ass off lol.

Welp I better go purchase my newspaper and get my coupons clipped! Argh note to self, schedule Ellie a teef cleaning when I have money again after March.


No Lies – Bingo Drama – Grumpy Gym

Went and took my Polygraph test today, I was soooooooooooo nervous! I dont know why, probably because it’s something I’ve never been through before but the girl was totally nice and helpful, but she talked VERY fast.. we went over everything first so it was more like “besides what we talked about have you ever _ _ _” things like that.

They said the results are usually sent over w/i 24-48 hours. Man i hope I passed! I couldn’t really control my breathing she was like dont worry about it your body knows how to breathe, but theres like 15 seconds pause btwn each question so staring at the weird patterns of paint on the wall got old id think about my breathing. I went from breaths every 4 seconds to every 15 seconds at the end.. very wacky. They also used  a web cam to record the whole thing. I assume to monitor body language facial features?

On my way home I was texting Sean telling him that if (when) I pass the poly, then I still have to do a physical and drug screen, he’s like “Physical?… well I’ve seen you in bed, there’s no doubt you’ll pass”. ROFL O M G He went there, but I have to say that’s the nicest thing I heard all day!!! hahaha.

Attempted to go to Monday night zumba, but yet again, it was full 35 minutes prior to the class. I was pissed and gave some attitude during check in. So instead I did 3 miles on the bike, 5 different arm/weights machines, and 2 diff ab workouts. Not zumba, but better than nothing (lol i wrote butter first).

Made some yummy beef (for stew) and some garlic/olive oil wild rice. i’m lazy but it worked.

Oh so Saturday night at Bingo.. wow drama LoL. The bar was like EXTRA loud and they kept asking over the microphone for people to keep it down at a reasonable level for everyone else etc etc etc… during the last game, the one to win cash at, this table behind us was being obnoxiously loud. So I turned around and nicely said hey, do you guys mind keeping it down like they asked? It’s really hard to hear tonight… and the one guy looks at me and goes “are you fucking SERIOUS? REALLY? BINGO NUMBERS?” to which i say yeah, i’m serious otherwise I wouldnt have asked, and then i turned back around. However he kept running his mouth, so I turned around again and said listen, i asked nicely, so quit being a fuckin asshole and just SHUT THE FUCK UP and be courteous to the rest of the people here… at that point he talks towards Josh and says “hey why dont you keep your bitch in check dont let her talk like that to people”. Which automatically set Josh off he stood up and turned around and lots of words were exchanged.. we got him to sit back down and continue with our game…

Then Corrine and Sean came back in from smoking and I told Corrine that if something goes down for her to back up because she just had neck surgery and I didnt want her to get hurt. Wendy gives Sean a heads up just in case, we’re all thinking wait and see if these fools keep talking but instead, Sean stands up and gets on the defense about it all. So now everyone from both tables is up tossin words around and looks and glares etc etc.. the bartender comes over and hes like hey hey hey guys you’re missing numbers being called! and we’re all eff the #’s right now!!!  the manager comes over and gets in between everyone and then has the bill brought out for that table, makes them pay and stands there the whole time till they leave. Our normal bartender comes over and he’s about the same height/size as Josh and Sean and he goes “ill have to admit you guys… you’re kind of intimidating when you’re both up on the defense like that with your dont fuck with me faces on” hahahaha its pretty amusing that we stayed and the other table was forced to leave, hopefully they wont be back next Saturday!

It’s nice to know my guys will stick up for me and beat some ass if need be. I woulda thrown some punches if it’d come to it…

Got my brakes done Sunday by Tyler, so nice to drive w/o any squeaking now. Also gave Ron a ride to pick up a new alternator and got him a discount, even though I somehow somewhere lost my employee badge which I now have to order and pay for a new one. Now Ron owes me a Zumba class, i’m thinkin he’ll go to the Thursday one with me.


Weekly Wrap Up

i’ve wanted to post all week but i’ve just been so exhausted!

I did Zumba tues weds thurs this week and a regular work out monday. My knee was a bit sore after thursdays class but it seems all better now, I slept with a heating pad on it all night.

I signed up for Groupon the other day, dunno why it took me so long, then I got a $5 coupon from them to use on a future purchase and today’s deal was $30 for 4 kick boxing sessions, a 40 min personal training session and free boxing gloves! It’s normally $105! So in actuality I got it for $25! Freaking awesome. It’s not really close to my house.. but they have times that will fit my schedule, after work and weekends. So we’ll see when I can make some time for that. I’m really excited!

Also got an offer from the Denver Broncos ‘crush’ which is the girls fan club, for buy one get one free at this tanning place. Now i’m pasty as all hell, and I’ve always been afraid to go to a tanning place.. but i might just try it out. The girls say it’ll be good to do it pre-cruise maybe not get so sunburned LOL.

Bought One of my tix to Vegas last night, I wont get in till 10:45 friday night but it’ll give me time after work to get everything situated and maybe Josh can take me to the airport. Hopefully be able to buy the return tix here soon lol.. otherwise i’m stayin in Vegas LOL.

I scheduled my Polygraph test for Monday afternoon, I dunno why but I’m  still nervous about it lol everyone says not to be. They told me all I needed to bring was my last 5 years of work history. Which is hella easy. Um, DMV, Macys, Comcast. LoL

My house is a disaster area again, I just dont understand how it gets so bad so fast lol maybe I should take Sean up on his cleaning for sex offer hahaha. Gotta get as much as I can done today. Wanted to go get my nails done but that may wait till tomorrow. Or maybe even Monday after the test. Tyler’s going to replace my front Rotors and Brake pads tomorrow YAY. No more constant squeeeeeeking. Driving me effing crazy. Need to go to the petstore and get some cat food and litter they’re about out of both.

Last night I fell asleep in the chair around 930 or so LOL. once i got uncomfortable enough i went to bed and got to sleep in till 10 today, felt so awesome!

Paid all my bills so far, IRS, power, gym, netflix, car insurance, bank loan… even still have some left over! Looks like after next months power bill ill be all caught up in my past due/payment arrangements with them… as Chan said “first time in 5 years?” lol yeah pretty much.

Welp this episode of Jersey Shore is just about over so I should get up and start cleaning and have some lunch.



Still no poundage lost, I know muscle fat weight blah blah blah.

But some of my pants fit better, and my knee high boots zipped up without any hesitation.

Felix is the best Zumba teacher wish I could go to more of his classes. Sweated ballz again tonight. So tired.

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Made it through Hump Day

Sooooooo sore today! OMG! Just driving to work, pushing the gas pedal hurt my “core” ie. my stomach it was sucky!! Every time i had to get up from my desk and go to the printer was torture haha.

Instead  of going to the movie tonight, i went to the gym and did Zumba. That’s a big thing man! The class was PACKED though and these asian girls were creeping up in my space. There was a different teacher as well at first I wasnt sure I liked her but as it went on i warmed up to her and even during once dance/move we high 5’d. LOL. I really hope that the new years exercise rush dies down soon, its soooo hard to even find a parking space in the evenings!

I need to pick up some new work out clothes since I’m going more often. Something more comfortable than just sweats and a better sports bra. The work out tops I have are just not cutting it for these big girls.

The scale is not changing at all yet and that’s pissing me off. I need to measure myself though I should have done it a week or so ago when i started getting into this maybe ill do it before bed tonight.

Me and Jess are going grocery shopping tomorrow after work, yay food, yay shopping yay coupons and yay PAYDAY!

I’ve been talking to these local Denver girls on twitter who are also NKOTB fans, so happy i found them. And well they all go hang out together and do things and they invited me out on Saturday to go to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and to see The Fighter which I’ve already seen but WANT to see again! I’m SO STOKED!!!! Yay for friends with common interests who LOOOOOOOVE NKOTB. We’re also all on diets/work out regimens and totally watching what we’re eating and well CF isnt the healthiest place so we’ll see what i end up with. Depending on how late we hang out I may not make it to Bingo, but i’m okay with that seeing as how we won the jackpot last weekend.

Work was totally dead all day long. It was so nice really. We needed that lull. Even left on time we were standing around the time clock waiting for 4:55.

Taking tomorrow off from the gym for reals I need to re-coop.