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Made it through Monday

Saw this today on an article from Eat this Not that.

By passing up dessert, you actually make it harder to stick to your diet—and that’s why so many of us stay on course for weeks or months, then wake up one morning face down in a box of Ho-Hos.

How true is that! LoL I didn’t do great on eating today i just couldnt get full during lunch and it took a bit. But then I wasnt hungry for dinner so thats kind of a plus lol.

Sunday I went to Pachanga class to work off the bbq from Sunday, but i didnt go this morning to work off the Hibachi from last night. I’ll go back on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I gotta get off my ass and get some cleaning done, all i did today was the dishes, the bunnies need to be cleaned and the place needs to be vacuumed. The cats broke a light bulb in my bedroom from a lamp and i havent vacuumed it up yet… just put the lampshade over it ROFL.. lazy much?!

Chantelle went back to Kansas today, she stopped by this morning with Delilah to say bye so that was nice of her. She managed to up load some pics that she took while she was here they turned out cute! These were before I cut my hair..Me, Original Josh, Chan

Oh! I have an interview on Wednesday for ULTA! its just a stocking/replenishment kinda position i believe, thats what I applied for online the other day. I said i’d be willing to work 15-25 hours a week outside from school. I still want some time to be able to pick up and teach some Pachanga classes myself. He wants to add some by the end of August so hopefully i can do at least 1 class a week.

Shoot my stomach is growling now i gotta get somethin in it before i go to bed, i hate waking up starving. Guess i’ll go do that and finish watching hoarders!



I’m still alive

Somehow managed to make it through the night, once I finally fell asleep i stayed that way till about 6am…. this morning was a little iffy…but its 3:35 now and I’m feeling a lot better. I managed to eat a strawberry/banana smoothie for breakfast… and just had a turkey sandwich a few mins ago, so far so good…

Jess wants to go to mexican food for dinner tonight.. hopefully it’s not too soon.. I know i won’t be able to make it to Zumba tonight, i’m just too weak for that… i’ve lost a few lbs anyways being sick so it evens out…

Finally managed to register for my classes last night so its official.. just gotta wait for all the financial aid to be figured out, i think there’s more than enough, maybe even a refund to be had…*crossing fingers*

Well at least i made it through age 28… however I’m not looking forward to what’s after 29 lol.. when my mom called this am to say happy bday she said “and just think, next year you’ll be 30!!!! hahaha you’re getting old!” I shoulda said, well what does that make you! but i was half asleep when she called so my rebuttal skills weren’t up to par.

Not too long after I woke up today I got a phone call, from a vet clinic I applied to a while ago… she asked me a few questions over the phone, and said that they’re looking for someone who’s a student, to work part time as receptionist/help whatever….so i’m going in on Tuesday for an interview!!!! Best Birthday Present so far!!!! I told them up front what my schedule would be like and she said that was fine, so it would be awesome if i got this position! Plus I took Chester, my boy rabbit there a loooong time ago when he was ill after I first got him, so I know the place.

I should throw some stuff in the washer…being sick really puts a damper on things… and shit gets messy…literally….


interview today

Had to curl my hair in the bathroom at lunch since my bed was soooo comfy this morning LOL….

2 hrs till I leave though..


Can’t think of a title today

Normally I despise Sunday’s because it means I have to go back work on Monday… but this time, I don’t! I had over 7 hours of comp time i had to use by the end of the month so I get tomorrow off woohoo!

I made my final cruise payment on Friday it’s all done now!! Just have to wait!! 50 some days left!!

I ordered a bathing suit from its zebra striped, tankini and bottoms for the price of one tankini elsewhere.. I sure hope it fits/looks decent.

Yesterday I attended a 2 HOUR ZUMBA PARTY. I managed to stay through the whole thing, there was a 10 minute break inbetween, and they had some fruit plates, veggie platters and cheese & crackers, and Corona and Wine LOL i had a couple grapes and carrots, but stayed away from everything else. I’m pretty sure I lost 2-3lbs just from that session. Lots of sweat! I was in the front row which was right under the lights, since Felix was up on the stage to teach. The lights made it sooooo much hotter. But it was fun and totally worth it and Ill definitely do it again! I’m at about -12lbs lost right now. I cant believe it!

Figured I’d be in a LOT of pain today but its actually not that bad surprisingly. I came home, showered and then laid on the couch and watched The Fighter for the 4th time LOL finally watched the extra’s on it too, who knew that the real O’Keefe played himself in the movie! Awesome!

Got my nails done yesterday and then had an appointment at Ulta for a facial. I WANTED their $20 – 20 min mini facial, however… 35 minutes into it i’m thinkin to myself, the girl didnt listen to what I said when I booked it and am now getting an hour long more expensive facial.  \= She did a really good job, but I wasnt expecting to pay $50 i’m thinking about email ULTA about it.. not complaining about the girl who gave me the facial, but about the one who booked it.

Stopped by home goods just to LOOK, but that never happens lol.. I bought a pack of mini cup cake liners, a water fountain for the cats, which I’m not sure theyve used yet, and it’s kinda loud, and a cute wall hangy thing.. here ill just show you.

I think I’ll hang the sign up above Ellie’s food bowls.

Friday I had my “sara’s a horrible employee meeting” again with my Manager, The Director, and an HR guy. Was just 15 minutes of me stating my side of it all. They again have 15 days to respond/give me a decision on my punishment.

However I do have an interview scheduled for Wednesday at the Airport. Well its off site but its I guess, Admin work for Airport Security. I dont know the exacts of it yet, but they sent me info about the gist of it. I didnt apply for it specifically I just put my info in a database for a pool of “admin jobs” and they called me so we’ll see what comes of that.

Since I was up late last night i went out and took some pics of the moon and damn my camera is good! The setting i was using made it very sensitive so keeping still was a problem for me LoL

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of cleaning is on the agenda today since I have nothing else planned nor any money to do anything else LOL No reason I cant get shit done today I’m not sick anymore, so I just have to get off my ass and do it!

So i’m going to turn the ‘puter off, go charge the battery get something to drink and start my cleaning activities.

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I feel like my eyes are crossing, been looking at tax information for the last 30 mins or so, it’s so confusing for reals !

Are any of my readers tax gurus?!

  • Was just wondering if maybe my garnishment could be claimed on my taxes seeing as how its SO MUCH OF MY INCOME that i never even RECEIVED. Ya know?  I’m sure this one is a stretch lol
  • Are flexible spending accounts deductible or only health savings accounts?
    What about medical expenses? I spent a BUTTLOAD at the dentist this year…
  • I’m pretty sure I can claim the interest that I’ve paid  – on my previous tax years that i’m re-paying…
  • My student loans are still in deferment so I don’t think there’s anything there to claim since I haven’t made any payments.

Need to call Macy’s tomorrow and update my address for the w-2 ‘s they’ll be sending out soon. If i remember correctly I got mine really fast from them this year.

Today we had another ‘2 week’ meeting with my sup and manager. I have to say it was the shortest and least dramatic of all meetings. We slightly talked about the crazy ass lady i had 2 weeks ago in which she wrote a 4 page story about what happened, and 3 of us each wrote a 2 page rebuttal about what really happened. That thankfully is not being held against me. Yet, we still have to have ANOTHER meeting. Hopefully just one more. The only concern I brought up is that I was promised a desk move and still have no gotten it. Not surprising really. Whatevs.

Later on in the day I finally received the “wish list” of vacation days which i KNOW For a fact has been floating around for at least 2 weeks. I’m the last one to get it since i have the least seniority (by 3 months to the next person). She says “hurry and do this because it was supposed to be turned in YESTERDAY“. So I put down the days I have for my cruise, and the manager comes back and goes uh no you cant choose those someone else already did. My supervisor chose 2 days after my start date, and over a week after my return. Well that’s not my problem. We’re two different employees i’m a peon, she’s a supervisor. Those dates shouldn’t matter or have any conflict IMO. So I white out my choice and write “NONE” instead. She comes back AGAIN this is her 3rd interruption of me and my customers, rude much? She’s like you can’t put NONE you HAVE to put SOMETHING. I said well as I told you, i booked this trip in AUGUST for NEXT MAY, it’s already done and it cannot be changed. So whether you give me the time off or not, I’m going and I have my vacation time to use. Regardless, I’m hoping I get this other job I applied for so it would be a moot point anyways.

I think it’s ridiculous that we have to ask for vacation in the FOLLOWING YEAR. Normally I dont know what i’ll want to do where I want to go or if i’ll have any money to do anything if i wanted to. This is one of those times where I have it planned out. She’s the manager, it’s her job to MANAGE coverage when people take vacations. So deal with it.

Today I received a voice mail from the lady at the Impound that I should be receiving a call next week from one of the Sergeants because I was one of the top 3 candidates chosen so I’ll need to sign off on the background check and fill out a million other things. So that’s pretty kick ass. Had i not received that call, I wouldn’t have been as snotty about the vacation stuff lol..

Since Chan isn’t coming out for NYE anymore, I’m thinking about having a wii/board game/drinking hang out and chill event at my place. Why? I dunno. That would mean I would have to TOTALLY CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE what am I thinking?! I posted it on FB and sent out some texts, Marsha says she’d be interested as well as Tyler his roomie and gf.. but I havent heard anymore yet.. so I’m not making it official until i get more replies.. and then i’d have to bust ass cleaning.. so we’ll see. I’m broke anyways so going out really isnt an option…

Put my old camera up on Craigslist lastnight and got one phony response, and another asking if i’d take $50 for it, when i made sure to say IN the post “$100 FIRM”. gah ruh-tards.

Ok this has gotten long enough and now I’m just rambling on and on.. 30 minutes till bedtime, maybe ill get productive…


Pop Pop Pop!

Had our potluck at work today, man everyone was hurting! There was just SO.MUCH.FOOD. i Totally paced myself, just had a lil of this and that, no seconds… but it was painful afterwards lol All you could hear was ommmgg i’m sooo fulll from everyone.

My truffles were well liked, there’s still some left over.. i kept them at work so they’ll get eaten, and if customer crush comes in tomorrow, ill offer him some. My coworker Yohannes said “no wonder all the boys call you, you know how to cook!” rofl

I got an email today from Kohl’s for $10 off $20 purchase, hells yeah. So i headed over there after work and wandered the store. Of course they didnt have the giraffe purse i wanted anymore..i found some zebra sheets but zebra’s not really my thing.. so i wandered through housewares saw some cool stuff on clearance, almost bought an 8 serving dinnerware set… but didnt.. also saw a mini cupcake maker… kinda looked like a waffle maker, same kinda design.

Pop it!

I finally decided on a hot air popcorn maker. I’ve wanted one for a long time. I remember having one as a child when we lived in L.A. and they were so much better than the bags. Of course it didnt come with any kernels, but it did have a .50 off coupon for some.. so i’ll pick some up this week.



We also exchanged our Secret Santa gifts today, my supervisor was my SS and she got me this neato hangy spinny thing,.. i dunno what their technical name is! LoL  cat swirly

Can you see the cats in it? One on the left and one on the right.. it took a minute of focusing for me to see them both at first but once i got it i was like sweet!!!

I’ve gotta find somewhere to hang it up in here, don’t wanna put it outside quite yet. It looks pretty awesome when you spin it!

She also gave me some purple staples LOl because I used to whine about having regular boring staples hahahaa. So funny that she remembered that!

I gave Ellie back her ginormous bone tonight since she was being kind of annoying.. she actually took a break from it for a few minutes… but anytime a cat gets close to it she starts in on it again.. such a spaz LOL.

I’m watching the CMA xmas show… there’s not really anything else on, but it’s a good show. Finally getting in the xmas spirit kinda. I even wore red and green today LoL..

My paycheck hit tonight instead of tomorrow so that’s pretty awesome. Got my Comcast bill paid, my irs check cleared and so did my insurance and I still have a LIL left over.. I contacted our finance ppl today to find out how much was left of my garnishment(s) and she told me $1654. That is an AWESOME # for me, that means about 6 more paychecks, and it’ll be all done!!! That falls right about the beginning of April. I am SO stoked !!! Especially because its about a month before my cruise!! I wont know what to do with myself. I’ll have about $500 more a month now. wowzers. Shouldn’t have to call mom for money anymore after that LOL.

Last night, RIGHT after I fell asleep my phone rang, and it was Sean, again. LoL… he’s like what’re you doing? sleeping? im sure i sounded half asleep cuz i was. He said he was near the target down the street… if i wasn’t already in bed passed out lookin like shit and didnt have to be up for work, I would have totally let him come over… he was like “oh i understand honey it’s okay don’t worry about it”. whats with these names he’s calling me lately?! So then today i texted him im like, what about thursday night, im off friday so i wont have to go to bed early and i promise i wont be tired like always… he never gave a definite “yes” but he did say “i was so cute” lol. wtf.

Oh yeah my interview went well… we’ll see what happens *crossing fingers* apparently there’s a new process for hiring… after interviews, there’s ANOTHER background check, a polygraph, a drug test, and physical. WTF??? I’m already employed by the city hellooooo lol… it may be because it’s part of the Sheriff’s dept.. who knows.. none of that should be an issue though.

I better wrap this up its close to bed time and I’ve been working on this a while and getting distracted. Will have to fight Ellie for her bone and put it away. One more day and then my 3 day weekend w00t!!

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NKOTBSB Interview w/Seacrest

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Blah Okay

So I didnt get the first place I put in an application at due to my shitty credit history.. they asked for a co-signer, for a flippin apartment!! yeah no… thanks anyways

I went and checked out this place after work today and its super cute, in a tri-plex the center unit, has a cute lil back yard with 6 foot fences AWESOME. It's a lil on the small side, but I could survive. It's weird the washer/dryer are IN the closet, which hogs up some closet space… but they're full size front loading machines so that's a plus!! And it has some built in shelves.

The kitchen has all new appliances and counter tops and the bathroom is super cute, its a lil diff than the one picture i think that's an end unit one…

Huge bonus, it's about 5 minutes from work. AWESOME SAUCE™

love the wood floors in it as well no more vacuuming!!! just sweeping and swiffering LOL.

So i just filled out the application and scanned it and emailed it to the guy… I left a check with him to pay for the whole application process. Hopefully I hear good news in the next day or two and can start packing stuff up and figuring out money things.

He said theyre not toooooooo strict on credit based things they're private owners after all, i explained to him i'm "in the process" of rebuilding my credit, not claming bankruptcy or anything like that, just getting things in order.

Oop… just remembered I have an interview tomorrow! Should shower tonight so I can get cute in the AM. I should really go to the gym tonight as well.. However I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep.. due to Josh's Friend-Pj's friend, Justin who I met Friday night and have talked to non stop since then. He came over last night for a bit 'o fun… and oh boy was it… thinking of how much I sweat last night, It was comparable to a trip to the gym LOL.

I also have laundry to put away… decisions decisions….

OoOooh I saw work crush today *swoon* he was all tan and hot looking just got back from vacation… we chatted for a while… gosh he's yummy. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to go over to Timmays house for dinner again.. hopefully he doesnt flake this time. Oh shit i forgot i need to go move my car. HAH. man space cadet today!!!

I better go pick at least one thing to be productive about!!

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Ace’d it

Went for my Macy's interview, got hired on the spot.


Will be selling Purses, Fashion Jewelry, and Watches, for the holiday season, and possibly longer if I do well!

Sales quota I think she said will be $143, which is nothing, watches and handbags are hella expensive at Macy's.

So she should be calling me back in a week or less to finish filling out paperwork, and set up a training schedule.

My availability will be mon-fri 6-9pm, and anytime on weekends, I forsee them using me quite a lot on weekends.

Pay is, about half what I make now, but there will be perks for opening credit cards and being a good seller.

Besides, its a 2nd job, how much can i expect to make? lol

I'm stoked! yay money!!

Gotta finish up my lunch now, and head back to my real job with all the mean people.

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So emotional

I've never seen Kate so calm and collected and emotional about things …. i think it was a good interview..

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