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So have I mentioned that I’m ALL DONE with school?! It’s been a couple weeks now and it’s such a relief!

With that being done I have more time for work which has been keeping me busy. Purina has been giving me extra days in the warehouse helping out so that’s nice. I need the money for the next cruise payment which is due in a few weeks!

Sassy Pantalones is still here, her owners never came forward, so I had her microchip transferred, and her records sent to me. She’s 2 years old, she was preg when she was taken to the shelter with a really bad upper respiratory infection. Luckily she was negative for all kitty diseases and they spayed her. She’s going to my regular vet for a checkup on Tuesday. She’s made herself quite at home, less grumbling and fighting with everyone. So I guess she’s staying here!
My house is a wreck right now and just gets worse I’ve been too tired, lazy, and unmotivated to do anything about it. I’ve gotta take my thanksgiving Turkey outta the freezer so I can finally make it for Christmas. I have no plans otherwise so it’s just me and the dogs.

I’ve gotta update my resume this week and start looking for big girl jobs.

Lately I’ve been lounging around re watching old seasons of one tree hill instead of being productive. Such is life lol.

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How does one (me) go hours and hours and hours doing absolutely nothing, only to still have no motivation to do anything…

This is srsly getting ridiculous.

Its not a depression or a funk or anything like that, its just pure laziness.

I’m fucking sick of it, but not enough to actually do anything about it.

Sure I could take those 5 glasses on the coffee table to the kitchen next time I get up… but i won’t cuz they’ve been there for days.



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Things I need to Clean and do:

[ ] Car
[ ] Bathroom
[ ] Laundry
[X] Trash
[ ] Carpet
[ ] Kitchen
[ ] Bio
[ ] Math
[ ] Vacuum
[ ] Coffee table
[ ] Bed
[ ] Litter boxes
[X] Floordrobe
[X] Fridge

I Srsly need help. Too busy, too tired. Got school work to do, but can’t focus on it cuz I don’t have a clear space to do so.

New job is working out well but I’ll probably never have a full day off from either one..

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No outward energy or motivation to get things done that need to be done.

In my mind I wanna do it all but just can’t bring my body to do it.

Have homework to do, but no space. Would have to clean the couch off..what about the nice desk I bought last year? Oh it has stuff on it too.

Dishes? Yeah they’re in the sink. And the coffee table. With clean ones in the washer.

Floors? Need to be vacuumed something fierce. But its too late now,  downstairs neighbor and all.

At least I managed to give the cats their medicine and keep all my fingers!

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General Blah Blah Blah

I’ve been a major slacker I think i took 2 naps today even, consecutively LOL.

However, did manage to do a few loads of laundry and put my down comforter out on the porch to air dry. Went to the grocery store and stocked up on food.

I’m having a lil get together tomorrow for Old Navy and Crowdtap to share some accessories with my friends, so I bought some snacky things for them tomorrow.

This is why I should have been cleaning all day long. I did manage to unpack from the cruise and even hang everything back up. All but the 4 dresses that are handwash only ugh.  What a pain.

Maybe I can get some more stuff done tonight… still need to clean the bunnies and the kitties litter area and clean up the kitchen a lil bit. I bought a cake and or cupcake mix to make but that’ll prolly have to wait till tomorrow. Gonna load these girls up on salt and sweets LOL.

My fave pair of sunglasses broke.. so bummed. I have back ups somewhere.

Still waiting on my unemployment ugh. I sent in an appeal before I left and because I got my vacation pay a few weeks ago, that postponed it even more.  I had to call my mom yesterday for money to pay my cell bill, it was like 3x the normal price because my new phone was added to the bill.

Yesterday I called a debt collector i’d set up an arrangement with to pay off a bill, well i tried calling them all week, but the # i previously used was “unable to receive calls” so i searched and searched online and finally found a few #’s that worked, as well as lots of complaints against them for shady practices. I called tons of times finally left my info for them to call back, and surprisingly they did hours later. I told them i wanted them to reverse the payment they took that day and cancel all future ones because i am still unemployed and the amount wont go through. Had to talk to 2 diff people and im still unsure if theyre going to be able to do it. She said she would send the info to whatever dept to attempt it. IF it does go through, i’m going to dispute it with paypal. Hope that’s not a hassle in it self. I also made a complaint with the FTC about them because they seemed pretty shady. The lady said “oh we switched phone carriers that # still works” i said uh. NO. it doesnt. call it yourself.

My car insurance and gym payment are supposed to process this week….and i doubt i have enough $$ for both. Esp. if that payment goes through. I need to find somewhere to sell my old blackberry to. Probably only get $20 or $30 bucks for it. I put it on craigslist a while back but didnt get any bites. I’m also gonna put my luggage on CL just for like 30 bucks probably. I’ve had it about 4 or 5 years, its still in working condition but i’m going to need a new set next time i take a trip. —– Ok done while i took a break from this post LOL.

Can’t wait for SNL tonight with Justin Timberlake! He’s always ah-mah-zing on SNL.

*yawn* why in the world am i tired? Need to finish this cherry pepsi for the caffeine and get up and get stuff done! OH BTW!! From the time i left to Miami through yesterday, I’d lost 4 lbs!! WHAT!! Who loses weight on a vacation, let alone a cruise?!  Hey, works for me though!

Here’s a few more pics that my friends have posted..

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Sunday WrapUp

Broncos won today! Finally!  49-29 against our rivals the Chiefs! Even better. The KC Coach did not shake our Coach’s hand after the game, but gave him a stern talking to… uhh how sportsman like?

During the game I took a lot of buttons off my keyboard and cleaned out underneath it. So gross. Lots of cat hair and crapola. I highly suggest cleaning out your keyboard. Now they keys work how they should and I have to readjust my typing…

Took the roll of film I found to walgreens to get developed turns out it was some pics from my trip to New Orleans about 6 years ago… nothing really exciting though, one nice sunset shot i’ll probably scan in..

Haven’t talked to Ellie since she stole my burger. She keeps coming around but i ignore her.  She does need to go out soon though so I’ll have to do that.

Wanted to go to the gym again today, but that never happened.. I’m pretty tired, Springs didn’t show up until after 2 am, and we were up till at least 5 am. i think he left around 9 or 10 this morning and I slept till about 11… I texted him this afternoon and said thanks for coming by, i had fun.. and he said thanks for inviting him, that he really enjoys hanging out with me, and I said I did as well… Then he hoped he didnt bore me.. which he doesnt whatsoever. I just enjoy chillin with him, no pressure or anything.. thats nice.

So I gotta go back to work tomorrow, then i’m off tues weds thurs so that’ll be nice for me. Supposed to try and see Tangled again tomorrow night, that is if Tanyas not dying and can go get in line early.


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Slouchy Saturday

It’s been a full Saturday already.

Woke up around 8am to some dog in the complex yap yap yappppping away for a good 15 minutes, as soon as I got out of bed and got dressed to take Ellie out and to yell at the people with the dog, it stopped barking.

Went and picked Jess up and headed to Old Navy for their Sweet 16 sale, their pea coats werent on sale, I figured they wouldnt be, but I did pick up 2 new fleece jacket/pull overs. They were 2/$16 so that was a good deal! It’s too warm now to wear them, and come to think of it i left the bag in the car! hah..

After I took Jess home I went to the Sprint repair store because the charging port on my BB was broken on the inside. They swapped out the WHOLE phone for me! Gotta love having insurance!


It’s not the boring black/grey like I had, I got to choose from either red or orange.. so I went with Orange! I dunno why, but I did. I dont know anyone else who has an Orange phone, I like to be different!

After that I went to Josh’s so Ellie and JuJu could play and get some energy out. They had a blast. While I was there I realized there was no internet/email icon on my phone so I used Josh’s phone to call support but what they were doing wasn’t helping. So I headed back to the store, and the girl had it done in less than 5 minutes.

The only problem with “personalizing” your phone, is when you have to REDO it all when you get a new one! Luckily I know this phone backwards and forwards so it didnt take too long, just had to reinstall apps, and reassign ringers and the like.

We finally made it home around 1230-1 and ever since I’ve been on the couch watching a marathon of Teen Mom. These girls, wow. Amber is probably the worst mom I’ve seen in a long time. Farrah really doesnt give her parents a chance, she just cuts them off as soon as they speak, and I hate how she looks when she cries! I feel bad for Catelynn cuz her mom is so white trash and she is so much better than that. Really hope her and Tyler get out of there when they finish school they’ll be so much better off. Maci, well she’s just a dumbass all around…

I dont know if I’m going to bingo or not tonight I dont have any money, and i was supposed to hang out with … whats his name.. Josh call’s him Hatty so we’ll go with that… we were supposed to hang out last night but I was so cranky I asked if we could hang tonight instead.. I havent heard from him yet but I assume it’s still on. The Egyptian wants to hang out tomorrow now too. When it rains it pours right!

I really should be cleaning up the house. The kitchen needs to be straightened up and I need to clear off the dining table once and for all, there’s also laundry to be done.

There’s roofers on our building today, obv. replacing the roof so off and on it gets noisy and the animals dont know where it’s coming from. I assume they’ll be around tomorrow as well. They were on another building for about a week…

I’m starving, had some broccoli/rice/cheese steamer earlier.. but that didnt last too long. I need something of substance! Maybe if I clean up the kitchen then I’ll bake something.

Last nights episode of BlueBloods was awesome! They just keep getting better every week! If you missed it or didnt DVR it, check it out online with that link!

Ok time to get my butt off the couch and do something!

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Laziest Sunday

Today was full of nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I didnt get out of bed till about 10:30…
Sat around, watched tv, messed around online…

Oh I got Josh to help me rerun the cable line thru the wall from outside, Finally I have tv again in my bedroom been like 4 days w/o.

After Josh went to work I went to Arby’s and got some lunch…
Then came home and took a 3 hour nap, not sure why I was so exhausted.

Other than that I watched some Who’s The Boss on the Hallmark channel, it was a marathon.. currently watching something about 9/11 on Discovery. Will this go on every year from now until the next major disaster? I’m kinda tired about hearing about Katrina more though. Natural disasters happen, deal with it.

I ended up going to Bingo last night, but only for about 2 games.. I wasn’t feeling very well I think I spent too much time out in the Sun yesterday at the pool with Jess. We were there for about 3 hours.. I did pretty good aside from a minor sunburn on my left shin, my right thigh, the back of my left arm, and my nose… How random is that right?

Sara’s world consists of pretty much getting what I want.. and seeing as how I cant get a new phone right now, and how Josh and Ron keep rubbing it in that their phones are so awesome is driving me crazy. Especially since my phone has been sucking complete ass the last few weeks.

I’m still very sneezy, Its probably just allergies now I assume… but its quite annoying, and I’d like to be able to breathe easily and smell things…

Thinking of going to the Zoo tomorrow to see the new baby tigers, they’re out from 10-2.. If i can get there early enough I can get in, see ’em and get out, I dont need to tour the whole place. Maybe even stop by the taste again since I’ll be downtown..

Found some  MadMen parodies on Funny or Die that star the one and only Joey McIntyre If you don’t mind foul language take a looksie.
MaMen Parody

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Couldn’t do it…

I just COULDNT go into work today. I was SO tired, and my body is SO sore.
Last night just before closing i raised my arms to adjust my hair, and my back spazzzed out hard core and I just had to stand there and make my body relax until it let go… ugh that sucked.

So when I called in today I just told them that my back was out and I couldnt move. If i went in today I'm sure it would happen for realsies. My hips/knees/ankles/feet just could not take another 8 hours of standing. plus its snowing again, thats a good reason, right?

I figure, I'm working 4 hours of OT at the DMV next saturday, so that's half the time, and double the money i'd be missing out from today so its all good.

Last night after work I went to cameron's and we played his wii, the new mario bros game, it was hard, but as a team we got further than he did alone, i found the secret tunnel to level 5! w00t.

Today I FINALLY got to turn on and set up MY OWN Wiiiii yaaay.
If any of you neighbors have one and want to share your wii's let me know your # and l'll add u!

Ive only played wii sports today and downloaded the internet to it, i was unaware until cam told me that it has wireless built in which is hella cool! It has more features than I even knew about!! Lovin' it!!

I need to clean up the house and do some laundry. The 6 month inspection or whatever for my apt is Monday afternoon *which i took off from dmv yay, so its gottta be semi-in order.

I should run over to 7-11 and get some caffeine and a news paper… maybe…when I put some pants on.

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Tonight I've decided, I'm finally going to get off my ass and get this house cleaned.

It's absolutely trashed. The kitchen has crap everywhere and i can barely see through the glass coffee table.

It's raining and gloomy and I love it and its just the thing to get me motivated.

I just remembered I have a jury summons for Denver County, but I no longer live there, so I need to get out of it, but, maybe still tell work i Need the day off LOL. .. HmMmMmm It's here somewhere in this mess.

Finally received my $30 gift card to Target from work today. We got it for filling out some health questionnaire a few months ago. So i went after work to try and find something, I ended up buying the kitchen aid version of the CHOP IT or Slap chop or whatever u wanna call it, it was $5 cheaper than the seen on tv one.. hopefully it works well.
I wanna check out the website though and see if they or any other stores still have the hello kitty air popcorn popper thats what i really want. …DAMN! it's out of stock for 2-4 weeks online. Super duper lame! Ill have to remember it later. I guess i could get some necessities, like, toilet paper or something.. heh.

Well I better go get on this shit before i lose my mojo.

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