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Wow I’m behind!

I’ve been thinking about posting, I swear! I’ve got no follow through these days I guess!

So let’s see…
There was New York



Then the NKOTB Cruise…



And of course Boston…



Those were all a blast! I absolutely fell in love with Boston and I can’t wait to go back!

Soon after was my birthday and some fun nights out…




And he told me he loved me, on my birthday (=

A few days later we went to Las Vegas for more NKOTB! And our first vacation together (we survived it!)







So now I’m back to reality, working just one job these days, still broke. Dad’s still living here driving me crazy but that’s a whole ‘nother post for another day.

Other wise all is well in my world!

Here’s a cute pic of Abbie (=



Ellie’s Photo Shoot


Finally hung up this sign i bought a while back, I put over her food/water bowl area, So with some coaxing ie. treats I tried to get her to pose by it lol

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ToT 3/8/11

Things on Tuesday

Lets start with good things!

  • I’m feeling a lot better!
  • Bank account is POSITIVE
  • Moved my desk at work, its #7 now, my fave number, I’m liking it so far, and its actually a lil bit bigger somehow.
  • Finally booked my post-cruise hotel in Miami! So cute! Quaint! Has good reviews! Good price too! Saved extra 10% by booking through their website rather than through anywhere else.
  • Made some meat and fried potatoes tonight with onions, bell pepper and jalapeno. Yummmmmay.
  • My sense of taste and smell have returned, hopefully permanently.
  • 24 days until I can upgrade my phone! EVO Shift here i come!
  • Bought a bunch of groceries yesterday now my fridge and cabinets are full!
  • I bought a new tooth brush, i like manual ones better than electric ones i’ve decided.
  • My pants are all very loose
  • I want to try and attend Zumba tomorrow night if I can breathe.

Kinda Poopy Things

  • The cold is not totally gone, but has since settled in to my ears, please oh please no ear infection. I just want my head to drain. drain drain drain!!
  • Along with being sick, it’s also Shark Week (™ CrankyPants) if things couldnt get any worse right LoL
  • I have not been with Sean in over a month at least. I mean i saw him Saturday at Bingo but that was it. This is not gonna work if I dont get sex and attention HELLO!!!
  • While pulling up my pants yesterday a million times, i broke a belt loop, and the bottom hem has come out (a long time ago), it’s time to throw them out i think. not really trying to buy new pants till i lose more weight but i may have to invest in at least 1 black pair of work pants.

alright i’ve gotten distracted time to wrap this up!


Tuesday Things

Things On Tuesday

Total Thuckage
it’s only Tuesday
stayed at work till 5:30 today
I’m just about broke till next week
The litter box needs to be cleaned
I have a buttload of laundry to do
It’s been effin freezing the last few days + windy = wind chill is no bueno.
Now that Dancing with the Stars is over for the season, I have nothing to watch on monday/tuesday nights.

Totally Tubular
Workin till 5;30 means overtime pay, not a lot, but some, to make up for the Furlough day after thanksgiving.
Havent had too many shitty customers thus far.. but there’s still 3 days left to the week.
Realized today, 3 weeks w/o any extra days off holidays or whatnot.. and that sucks.
But we get friday before xmas, and NYE off. so that’s nifty.
I’m going to try and make it to the Zumba class tomorrow at 6pm. I should probably pack gym clothes tonight so i can go straight after work if we leave late again.
Mom just fwd: me the tracking # for my camera yayayayay!! cant wait till I have it! Friday would be awesome, that way I could go do nifty things this weekend and take pictures LoL. But with my luck it wont be till next week. boooooo.

ok well ive been tryin to finish this for an hour so ill stop now lol


Day 05 – Your definition of love, in great detail

I think there’s many definitions of love across many spectrums.

There’s family love, for those that have families, which to me is a support system, emotionally and financially (; I call my dad to talk and shoot the breeze, I call my mom to ask for money, and I check in with my grandma to see how she’s doing. We never say “i love you” to each other.. well my dad says it to me, my mom and grandma write it in cards, or when I go to visit and I leave and they’re crying… I know i’ve only said it once to my dad and that was after pressure from my first boyfriend to say it.

Friend love, that’s a whole nothing thing. I love my friends for they each have their own qualities that have drawn me to them and why we get along. You can talk to them when you cant talk to others, they’re available for venting and support and another point of view. When you break up with a bf they’re on your side listening to you cry and saying what an ass he was… They all have their redeeming qualities and their annoying ones… but you take what you can get thats why I like to have a variety of friends.

I’ve all but given up on relationship type of love.. I’ve been burned too many times and I really don’t foresee it in my immediate future. Bob didn’t break my heart we just drifted apart, it was a first love kinda thing and I learned a lot from it. Marc, he broke my heart repeatedly for over 4 years. That was probably the worst. Can’t say I ever loved ATC but I did care a lot about him. I just have no desire to really put myself out there anymore just to get hurt again, a big part of why its hard for guys to “figure me out”, because I don’t like to open up too much.

Pet love i think is the most important. Your pets give you unconditional undying love. They’re always there for you no matter what, they don’t care how bad a day you’ve had or who’s hurt your feelings, they will comfort you and just be there. Sometimes thats all you need. The only time your heart is broken by them is when its their time to go. And that is beyond anyones control, luckily you have all the memories with them, good times, pictures, stories etc. No one can ever take the place of a pet in your heart.



Where to start…

I wasn’t feelin too great this AM so I called in to work… went back to sleep w/crazy dreams off and on the whole time, one being that Josh convinced me to join the Army and we got shipped to Afghanistan where my friend Tom is currently stationed. VERY WEIRD. But when we got there everyone slept out in the open like a huge sleepover…

I got up around 11 and moved to the couch to watch tv and I’ve been camped out here the rest of the day…. However around 130 or so I get a call from work, and its my manager, she asks how I’m feeling, and that proceeds to say that “a letter” would be delivered to me today… and verified my address etc etc… no time frame no info no nothing… So then I sit here for hours wondering wtf the letter is going to say…

Around 4 I think the agency trainer showed up and dropped it off for me. Of course I’m thinking worst case scenario i’m getting fired. Anyone would jump to that conclusion right? Thinking oh they packed up all my stuff and are bringing it to me with my last check or something along those lines…

So I open the letter and it says that I’m being suspended for 3 days effective today, and to return to work on Friday. Mind you it doesn’t say whether it’s paid or unpaid… which am I to assume it is? If it was unpaid then it’d be more of a punishment thing.. if its paid, well then it’s just like a mini vacation.

At least I get to stay up late if I want to and sleep in tomorrow and Thursday. I assume I won’t be charged a sick day for today since had I been well enough to go in I would have been sent home anyways…

Whatevers. Ya know? I know I do my job well and if someone thinks I should have given them more eye contact during our transaction, well then they can go to an ophthalmologist for the attention they require. I’m there to renew your plates or issue you a title.

I think if it’s nice out tomorrow I may take Ellie and JuJu out to Surrey Ridge to burn off some energy and get out and play. Maybe I’ll do some laundry and unpack or put away these final boxes I have.

I watched disc 1 of season 1 of Hung today, pretty good. It wouldn’t play on my DVD player though, just the previews but never to the menu… so I had to watch it on my ‘puter.. Speaking of I got an email today saying that my AC adapter shipped. Can’t wait for that.

Tonights episode of Life, Unexpected was really cute. Lux’s teacher/love interest is so adorable.. even though its forbidden it’s still fun!

I feel like i’ve drank too many liquids today.. ginger ale… then 2 malibu and ginger ale’s… and just now 2 glasses of orange juice, the last of it, I need more! I probably really need water…. maybe when I head to bed I’ll have some…

so lets wrap it up with a love and loathe:


  • hearing the roofers on the other buildings early in the morning
  • the 2 baskets of laundry I’ve some how accumulated in the last week or so
  • being stuck inside on a perfectly nice day out in November, that never happens in Colorado.
  • My boobs hurt really bad on the sides..
  • I keep getting cramps in my left hand, on the top left of my left hand.. at random times.
  • Knowing that after this i somehow have to be on my best behavior at work. \=


  • Having the next 2 days off of work.
  • My 2nd cruise payment went through yesterday YAY I’m halfway there!
  • After tomorrow all the political BS should be decreased rapidly. No more ads in my mailbox or on tv and no more bogus phone calls, still not sure how they got my cell #


Just got a message from Sean on FB, first I’ve heard from him since he left, says he’s in the Philippines?!?! Wtf?! oy vey, more on that later if I get any info outta him…


Tuesday Mash Up

Just caught up on last nights DWTS and Jennifer Grey’s routine was my favorite! She’s doing so well every week!!

Results are tonight, not sure who’s gonna be going home though.. maybe Florence Henderson.. hard to say… The Situation’s not that great. I’m getting frustrated with Bristol Palin when she keeps saying “im not sexy, i’m a 19 yr old mom!” well girl, you obv. were sexy at one point because Levi BOINKED you more than likely on more than one occasion.. you were sexy enough to get knocked up.. i know that you’re now an “activist” but c’mon!! I’m sure your mom has pushed some self-esteem issues on you so buck up and be a woman already!!!

The season finale of Teen Mom is on tonight.. i dunno why i watch it, i dont like kids, or teens LoL.. but i guess it makes me feel better about my decisions and common sense when I was that age and currently (at least in the being safe dept!)

It’s tuesday right? let’s do an L & L


  • Dishes I need to get off the coffee table and into the dishwasher
  • People complaining about being single, seriously, it’s so awesome try it!
  • I had to pull the fuse for the interior lights in my car, havent gone to tyler’s to have him fix it yet… at least my battery’s not dead though.
  • We got busy at the end of work today
  • There are still boxes that need to be unpacked in  my living room, and random laundry in the bedroom on the floor.
  • 2 more days till payday
  • Jess didnt have the baby on the day I chose!



  • Tom Selleck doing voice over on Florida Orange Juice Commercial
  • 2 more days till payday! I’ve got lots of coupons ready!
  • Got 12 hours of sleep last night
  • Woke up to a rainy day
  • I have a cantaloupe in the fridge, I need to cut it up before it goes bad.
  • Mom said she sent me a box today with 4 blankets, a new purse, and a pair of corduroy pants that she didnt like.. we’ll see if they fit! oh and coupons of course LoL
  • I told her about the work stuff thats been going on just to give her a heads up
  • 3 day weekend this week!!! It’s a furlough day but still a friday off!!! sleeping in!!
  • I got these tiny manila envelopes.. I wrote on the front of them “Cruise” “Nails” “pet food”. I plan to stash CASH in them when I get paid this week, and not touch it until i NEED to. Since my savings account is linked to checking, it just doesn’t work out as far as saving goes.
  • Regular and Pink Kool-Aid-Lemonade

mmmmkay thats enough for now i’m sucked into watching teen mom! LOL


Lil late.


  • ugh just got paid, bank acct negative
  • shelling out $$ to get car repaired
  • laundry that needs to be washed,
  • and others that need to be put away
  • bunnies needing to be cleaned
  • work work work


  • 9 days till cruise!!!
  • uhhhm thats about it.

I started this post yesterday and then got side tracked by goin out to dinner, so It still counts for a tuesday post mkay!

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March L & L

I dont think I've done one of these this year yet, i'm too lazy to check either way so here goes:


  • working
  • working at the dmv
  • working at macy's
  • working 2 jobs.
  • Not getting enough sleep – I def. need 8-10 hours a night It hasnt happened in a while. 
  • Being too lazy to wake up early enough to do anything to my hair and barely put any makeup on
  • My hair is still uncooperative because I'm growing it out.
  • That NC is so far away. We talk all day every day and every night and I just wanna be in the same vicinity as him! GAH!!!
  • WTF is it cheaper for a roundtrip FROM NC to Denver, than FROM Denver to NC?! how does that work eh?
  • The cats walk into another room just to sit there and MEOW incessantly. really?
  • I need to clean the litter box and the bunny's. 
  • Have not heard back from leasing office about being able to move out early or not SHIT I forgot to send my rent check today. Need to write that out NOW. And send it in the AM. 
  • Which reminds me that I need to call XCel tomorrow and delay my payment till Friday.
  • Laundry needs to be put away. 
  • The DVD player in my bedroom died and I havent gotten another one yet


  • The Office reruns: the bat is loose in the office and Jim is pretending he's a vampire.
  • 2 days till payday
  • Ellie is so damn cute even if she is annoying.
  • The pot roast i made the other night – feeds me for 3 days and is super yummy
  • Mint Chip Brownie Dryers ice cream 
  • Finally got a blackberry update yesterday!!!! My "error processing media" problem has been fixed so far! ::knock on wood:: that was driving me bonkers.
  • Going to a free pre-screening of "Hot tub time machine" next week. FREEEEEEE! 
  • Finally, I'm tired before 11pm. Off to bed I go.

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It’s Tuesday?

I was having problems figuring out which day it was when I woke up this morning, totally thought it was Wednesday, but then I wasn't sure, so after my shower I had to jump online and check lol.


  • I slept last night, I slept GOOD last night. Nice, deep, REM sleep. I'm trying out a new system. Set my phone alarm for 6:15, and my alarm clock/radio to start at 6:30. I'm using the radio instead of the jolting alarm, it seems to make me less cranky upon wake up and I listen to the morning show team and they're funny.
  • It rained a buttload yesterday. Loved it.
  • Used 30 coupons to buy 30 single serve pouches of Chef Michael's dog food. Keeping some, sending some to my dad. I paid all of $3.00 for them taxes and what not. Also bought Ellie a new squeaky ball, as of this morning, it still had the squeaker.
  • Being single. I've welcomed it, I'm enjoying it, I'm embracing it. 
  • The fireman's calendar YUMMY. Brought it to work to show the girls they're all drooling over it.
  • Not answering phones! Yesterday and today so far this week!! Awesomeness. I don't want to shoot myself, or other people. Baby steps! 
  • Finding *my* Rockstars at new stores and on sale! 
  • My new found hobbie, COUPON-ING. I'm all about it. 
  • The truck now has 4 new matching tires. The ride is so much smoother, and there's no vibration at 70+mph w00t.
  • My neighbors have been less obnoxious lately. Guess my threat to call the HOA on them again worked.  
  • It's getting cooler, I can start wearing my coats again! However i forgot one today.
  • The rest of the girls in the office are in a different part of the office because of construction. It's nice and quiet. Other than the construction which I don't mind at all.


  • My wages being garnished, I still have to figure out some kind of budget of how things are going to work. Had to make payment arrangements with Xcel yesterday so I don't get shut off. At least the garnishment is only for a year. But still blows.
  • Just realized my car insurance went through twice. The first one bounced, so I paid it online, then they took it out again. GRRR. Well, at least my policy is paid up now.
  • My bangs are not cooperating lately, They're all scattered I can't tell where they start which ones are included and which are just part of my layers I need to figure it out. 
  • My "fat pants" fit today, without really needing a belt. That is NOT GOOD. I need to go to the gym asap.

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