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I’m Alive!!

Day 4 of sickness, i’m starting to feel better!

I slept all night too! I left my humidifier on for a few hours last night and used the neti pot before bed i think it all helped. The mucinex is breaking shit up and i’ve been coughing it out, its hot i tell ya! Lol

Decided to get up and go out in to the world and spread my germs so I headed to Macy’s to pick up some new foundation, and then to Old Navy since they sent out a $5 off $25 coupon. I got these 2 cute embellished tanks:

Old Navy Embellished Tank Tops

and also some new work out clothes:

Old Navy Workout Clothes





I also got a grey sweater with a hood, but its too hard to photograph, but its cute trust me LOL.

Stopped by Midas to get an oil change….

Are you sure?


But contrary to what their sign says…….. there was a 2 hour wait.




So i went down the street to Jiffy Lube instead. Even though they’re more expensive, they had absolutely NO wait whatsoever.

Ellie Supervised the Oil Change


Ellie Supervised the Oil Change

She behaved herself very well while we waited and even let other patrons pet her.. i think at first she may have thought we were at the Vets cuz she was a lil skiddish LOL.


I’m hoping i’ll make it through the day and be able to attend Bingo tonight at TGIFridays i feel like i havent been there in forever! LOL

Oh yeah I stopped by Jamba Juice too and had trouble making a decision and i told the guy “whatever will make my throat feel better” so he suggested this:

Jamba's Cold Buster

With tons of vitamin C. Even though i couldn’t taste every part of it, it was good.

However now I’m craving chick-fil-a for some reason, weird cuz i never go there, but i might just head back out.. even though I have plenty of food here.. it just sounds so good.



Quick Purchases!

Changed my mind at the last minute and ordered these 2 dresses from

The sale ended today and I couldnt resist. I need one (if not 2) for Vegas & Cruise

So mom sent me some money and i placed my order. It’d be sweeeet if they got here by the end of the week.

If they dont fit or i dont like em.. ill just return them and keep lookin.


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Tanya and I were supposed to see a free pre-screening of Tangled 3-d Tonight, we got to the mall at 6:08 for a 7pm showing, and the line was soooooooooooooooooo long… we were about 15 people away from being admitted when they told us it was full! Dang! We’d just bough soda and a pretzel too! ugh!! money wasted on expensive theater food!

They did however give us tickets for another night, I believe the 15th, at a different location…so we’re gonna try for that one.

We decided since we were at the mall we might as well walk around and window shop.. ish.. Stopped in the American Eagle store because I love their clearance stuff.. and picked up 3 pairs of underwear which came up to $6.66. Not too shabby! Luckily that’s all I bought in the mall…

Then we stopped by Macy’s and decided to get our makeup done. We told them i was getting married and looking for a good look for the big day. Which will be Dec. 4th 2pm to Donnie Wahlberg FYI you’re all invited. LOL. Color scheme is lavender and teal.

Here’s the look she came up with for us both:



The foundation she used on me actually came out really well.. that NEVER happens and she gave me a sample to take with.. I’m going to look it up online and see how much it actually costs… and see what it looks like in daylight tomorrow…

Tanya’s came out really well she really doesn’t wear much makeup at all.


Gotta go back to work tomorrow, least im feeling better now. I should throw some more laundry in the wash before bed.. all my towels are in the dryer I should check n make sure they’re actually DRY…

Oh! I got my AC adapter for the ‘puter today! Very fast! And it works YAY lol..

They cut down this big tree in front of my building today, well most of it.. i grabbed a couple pieces of the wood for my fireplace, most of it was too big to fit and or for me to carry..

I did do one productive thing today, I took a lint roller to the car to get some of the dog hair out and washed the blanket I keep in the back for Ellie to sit on while she’s in there.. It still needs to be vacuumed out though..

Ugh I forgot to DVR law and order SVU tonight, i wonder if it’s on demand.. if not ill find it online..alright i better get off here and do one more productive thing for the day…


Sunday Already?

Where did the weekend go? Sunday just feels like a day to play catch up not so much for fun things. For me at least.

I MUST go to the old place and clean the carpets today and finish up, I havent been over there in prolly a week.
So I need josh to go with me to get rid of the couch.

Josh let me take the beeeemer yesterday

Well its not his car but our friend Julien's but we've had it for a while. It was fun to drive around, however the steering wheel feels so small compared to mine.

So I went and got my last check from Macys with Jessica and her son, in which they gave me CASH??? I dont know of ANY employer that gives you CASH as your departing check. Why they couldnt direct deposit it I dont know. They're bassackwards as it is.

I got my nails done with some of that money yay! and some cat litter from costco oh joy costco on a saturday, luckily it was right before closing and I only needed 1 thing so i got in and out pretty quickly.

Stephy & Aj
Auntee Randee & AJ

Then I went and saw Stephy, Randee and the baby, he's 3 weeks old now, and was very cranky because he's got some diaper rash going on, no matter who held him, he was upset =

Her mom asked when me and Randee are gonna have babies next and i laughed and said never EVAR! and then Randee asked me what kind of BC i was on so she could get it too LOL.

Oh and I'm feeling MUCH better than I was Friday. I'm glad it didnt ruin my weekend like they said it would.

We didnt win squat at Bingo last night. I was seriously 1 NUMBER away from winning $350. That would pay my rent! UGH!!! No one else won though so next week it'll be $375.

My bank acct is seriously negative right now, and I've got $20 cash to last me till thursday, then I've gotta pay rent again, and I'll basically be even in my acct. So much for getting ahead with 3 paychecks this month. Why does nothing ever work out in my favor money wise? Argh.  Hopefully Ill get a majority of my deposit back from the old apt. *crossing fingers*

My stomach is growling I've gotta go find somethin to eat for breakfast.

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I havent done a *real* post in 8 days! WTF! I guess things have been kinda crazy busy around here.

Next Saturday is my last day at Macy's wooohooo! Hopefully i can use my discount friday or saturday and get some cheapy stuff before I leave.

So let's see, Wednesday I had a date – a new guy, I'm gonna call him… hmm… the Carpenter, cuz that's what he does aside from going to school for "engineering". To me that always sounds like you're gonna drive a choo choo train, but it's not. So anyways we got SHITFACED that night btwn 3 different bars, then went home and had another drink and well.. you know… he left around 7am Thursday morning – so Thursday was a lil rough just a tad bit hung over but I made it through the day.

Thursday night myself, Ron, Corrine, Jess, and Josh all went to Fridays to watch the nuggets vs lakers. go nuggets! There was also karaoke going on then too – it was amusing, and scary at the same time.

Friday night after work I went out with the carpenter again to some lil podunk redneckish bar where they were doing karaoke o m g. wow. yah. I ended up staying at his place that night and met his cute corgie Maddie. i shoulda taken a picture, she's OCD about tennis balls just like Ellie is lol.

Saturday i was GOING to be productive but I sat on the couch and josh and i watched deadliest catch for a while, then i ate some pot stickers and passed out on the couch for about 3 hours till i had to go to work lol.  then of course bingo Saturday night where we did not win anything, sadness! i was only 1 # away too! It was my plan to go home and sleep for about 10 hours Saturday night, and Ellie let me have about 9 so I was okay with that.

oh lol so NC texts me saturday night saying hi and what not and that he's out at the bar with his gf(roommate) and their friend, and then sends me a pic of the 2 girls. WTF? why do i want to see that? i dont care. so josh and i take a picture of us with him grabbing my boob LOL and send that to NC. and he's like is that ur roomie? im like yup, but we dont get down like you and yours do. LOLOLOL. after some back and forth and josh stealing my phone to text some rude shit to NC it comes out that the roomie is no longer a virgin, and that she "asked" for sex. lolol. So my response was *shrugs* guess ill never understand why someone holds on to something so precious for so long, and then easily and quickly gives it up… guess thats just my mind frame as a whore though because i gave that up a looooong time ago…………. lol didnt get much of a response after that! hah. i'm not usually that catty but fuck dont send me pics of your gf, I DONT CARE. 

I made biscuits (*from a can) Sunday morning for breakfast and then finally unpacked about 3 boxes, then i had to go to work, which was sooo boring and lame, my gawd. Last night i was watching the deadliest catch season 5 recap since the new season starts tomorrow, i cant wait! cept i'll again, BE AT WORK. ugh it always cuts in to my important shows! i'm sure they'll replay it or i can catch it online.  After that I watched 2 episodes of "LIFE" on discovery, hunter & hunted, and insects. pretty cool! Oprah is kind of annoying as the voice over but whatever.

Hopefully tonight I'll have energy to finally go through the kitchen and reorganize and unpack everything so we can have lots of dishes and pots n pans and silverware lol. we're working with minimal things right now.

I still need to decide if I'm going to keep my book case or give it to Tanya – I kinda want to give it to her, just so i dont have to lug it around anymore LOL. but that also means i have to transport it to her across town, strapped to the top of my car… hmm.

Can't wait till payday Thursday! I need some monies!!!

Oh look at that Conan's Moving to TBS 4 nights a week!   


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Sheesh it's Saturday I'm so confused this week at to what day is which…

I was VERY fed up at Macy's last night.
The mgr came over and asked if I had a "medical condition" that required me to wear tennis shoes to work.
My response was "Yeah, i WORK 12 HOUR DAYS" between here and my other job – thats my medical condition.
She asked if I could put "black tennis shoes" on my "shopping list". Bitch if I had a shopping list, I wouldnt be WORKING AT MACY'S for shit pay.

Effing BITCH. OH and then she told me if i wanted to drink my water, I had to either, duck down behind the register or go to the back stock room. TO TAKE A SIP OF WATER. are you effing KIDDING ME. Shes all, when i first started we werent even ALLOWED to have water out here. ::rolls eyes::

I was THIS CLOSE to just walking out. I even grabbed a resignation form and filled it out!
Right as we were closing, she was being nicer to me. She probably didnt MEAN to come off so RUDE to me, and i was probably extra irritable and cranky from already working all day. So I brought the form home with me and didnt leave it there.

Sigh. Maybe ill think about it, maybe Ill wait just until I move in with Josh. I mean I dont get paid a lot there as it is, and we're eventually getting a pay bump at DMV so when I get that it wont really matter about Macy's anymore.

I have to go back today from 4-8. I guess I can wear my black loafers they may not hurt TOO much.

I had to stay till 5:45 at DMV because we were SO BUSY it being the last business day of the month and landing on a friday. It was something ridiculous lemme tell ya.

But for now, I've gotta go shower and head over to Marsha's to pick up some of her old baby stuff for Stephy since her shower is next weekend. Marsha texted me last night saying she was in the hospital possibly going into early labor…. so i told her to keep me posted, I got another update saying she was being sent home so that's good. I forgot to mention, I offered to help plan her baby shower since none of her friends or family offered to do anything. WTF is wrong with me?! LoL i dont like babys!! but she's a nice person and she deserves it. So I've got about 3 weeks to get something together, somewhere. If she doesnt pop before then, she shouldnt shes not due till april!

It's bingo night, i hope we win we've had a dry spell for a few weeks, either way, josh is paying tonight so i'm drinkin up!!

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All done… I thought

So I got a call today from Macy's saying that my seasonal gig was over.. aiight cool no worries.

Skip forward to my dentist appt tonight, evil bitch assistant wasnt there, but annoying baby talk voice assistant was. good god she wouldnt shut up!! but i got 2 cavities filled yay! my face is still numb and i have a raging headache…

During my appt i got a call that went to VM, and it was the manager from Lingerie saying she went over my paperwork, and asked if i'd be interested in staying on permanent part time IN lingerie. And that she "could tell I had a background in that dept". Not sure why, she talked to me for all of 2 minutes the other night lol… but i said yes I have worked in that dept before and I know things about bra's and underwear… I do wear them daily… heh. So in a week or so hopefully she has some hours for me. Sweet!

I really need to get to the gym I havent been in a while, and I'm feeling frumpy. blaaah!
its almost payday i cant wait, bills to pay, groceries to buy ahhhhh.

Apparently there's like 3 winter storms headed our way ugh, that blows, its been so nice lately.

imma go lay down, my face hurts.

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Movin on up

This week has been a hectic one, 40 hours @ dmv, another 24 at Macy's.
The rude ass customers have made it so miserable.
Yesterday afternoon my boss called me into his office to do my yearly review, odd since my anniv isnt till the 31st… and theyre usually way behind. He said he HAD to do it now cuz shit was changing, whatever works for me!

So I got a "successful" rating, Meaning i do my job, do it well, i help out other ppl, and customers, and i pretty much have done everything in the back office and trained other ppl to do it as well. And after i brought up for the 2nd time i didnt wanna deal with the phones anymore, while he was getting my ppwk signed by the director he brought it up to her that I havent been up front yet, and that would take me from a motor vehicle tech 1, to a tech 2, (lil bit more money) but then i would be a fully trained clerk in all aspects, and she thought that was a wonderful idea. Ugh i thought of this 4 months ago ppl sheesh can i get some credit?

So the memo went out today and it's official, January 4th I will be moved to the front counters. w00t. A change of pace is all i really want, we'll see if its any better.

So bossman told me today that there were only 2 concerns:

1. being on TIME, yes this is an issue for me, i like sleep and im not a morning person and i work a lot.

2. My ahem.. "endowment" meaning, my boobs. I looked at him and said WTF ??? The mgr up front brought that up. my boss said uhm, her boobs are under control, she has no issues with that. Then i said, uhm, well has she SEEN Jaleysa's boobs? she's got at LEAST double what i have and her shits poppin out all over the place!!! We laughed about it and he said, well you know that manager, shes kinda flat, she doesnt really know what you guys go through, you cant hide 'em if you tried…

At first i was confused/amused by it and then I got pissed off by it. Seriously, thats your concern? My boss showed her my stats, this year I have processed and or answered 33,323 phone calls / titles / renewals. That's a lot for one person. She pretty much shut up after that.

I feel like i'm on auto pilot/zombie mode right now. Just got home from macys a while ago, and just tryin to chill out and get tired so i can sleep. last night i stayed on the couch again, some reason it makes my hips feel better. Makes no sense. my $400 pillow top mattress should do that, right?

The cats have been super needy lately requiring lots of pettin's , i'm sure its just cuz i'm gone about 14 hours of the day. Thank goodness i have friday night off, i'm sooooooooooo looking forward to it. 

can't believe xmas is a week away, wonder if i'll get any xmas cards with $$$ in them, that'd be nice!

k its 1:15 am, i should really go lay down somewhere and sleep, this couch is very tempting though…

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Better be worth it

Argh, here's my schedule for Macys for the next 2 weeks. Oh yes, I'm working the night after Christmas, that will be a joy.
This is all on top of my m-f 8-4:30 job. Most nights will be till either 10:30 or 12:15. I'll be a zombie.

My next day off from both jobs will be on CHRISTMAS. Sigh.
Just think of the $$ Sara, just think of the $

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Couldn’t do it…

I just COULDNT go into work today. I was SO tired, and my body is SO sore.
Last night just before closing i raised my arms to adjust my hair, and my back spazzzed out hard core and I just had to stand there and make my body relax until it let go… ugh that sucked.

So when I called in today I just told them that my back was out and I couldnt move. If i went in today I'm sure it would happen for realsies. My hips/knees/ankles/feet just could not take another 8 hours of standing. plus its snowing again, thats a good reason, right?

I figure, I'm working 4 hours of OT at the DMV next saturday, so that's half the time, and double the money i'd be missing out from today so its all good.

Last night after work I went to cameron's and we played his wii, the new mario bros game, it was hard, but as a team we got further than he did alone, i found the secret tunnel to level 5! w00t.

Today I FINALLY got to turn on and set up MY OWN Wiiiii yaaay.
If any of you neighbors have one and want to share your wii's let me know your # and l'll add u!

Ive only played wii sports today and downloaded the internet to it, i was unaware until cam told me that it has wireless built in which is hella cool! It has more features than I even knew about!! Lovin' it!!

I need to clean up the house and do some laundry. The 6 month inspection or whatever for my apt is Monday afternoon *which i took off from dmv yay, so its gottta be semi-in order.

I should run over to 7-11 and get some caffeine and a news paper… maybe…when I put some pants on.

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