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Finally, a break! Kind of. . .

Oh my goodness its been almost a month since my last update! Forgive me, school and work have been taking up all my time!!

I’m officially on Thanksgiving break since around 1pm today. However its not really a *break* because I have to finish up 37 hours of internship this upcoming week, plus somehow study for all my finals, catch up on my math class that I’m behind in, as well as work all weekend for Purina, and then 3 days next week for Ulta.

I’m also planning on making thanksgiving for me and the dogs… I bought an 18# turkey for about $9 LOL.. however I did get an offer to go over to a friends house for thanksgiving so if I’m too tired to cook I may just do that.

It snowed again here yesterday, the high was 17 degrees… the day before it was about 60… It took me an hour and a half to make my normal 30 minute drive. All over about an inch and a half, maybe 2 inches of snow.. aggravating!

Hmm what else..

I’ve been slowly unfucking parts of the house when I have an extra few hours here and there… Oh i got a new tv stand from a friend, and gave my old one away.. so that was like 3 hours of my night off work removing/reattaching trying to figure out the audio system. Since I wasn’t the one who set it up… but I did eventually figure it out!

I finally cancelled my cable tv, and I’ve been surprisingly okay without it. I did buy a digital converter/antenna thingy for the living room, and have been moving my chromecast between the bedroom and living room.

OH today’s gem was that my debit card has been compromised and someone managed to process a $120 payment through western union on my account… which made 2 of my cc payments bounce.. so now i’ve gotta deal with the credit union, wait for a letter from them to be able to send to those companies. what a pain in the ass! late tonight I realized my car insurance is due tomorrow, so my mom was able to send me some $ via paypal, so i’ll have to go to the bank early in the am before work and deposit it the old fashioned way.

Welp I throw my scrubs in the dryer and head to I can wake up early and work 10 hours tomorrow URRRGGGHH!!!



Aye yai yai… nothing very exciting going on here for the holiday weekend. No one I know is having bbq’s or parties or anything. Booo! I worked Fri/Sat night and Sunday morning. Luckily I have monday off and Im planning on taking the dogs up to the mountains, not too far away to do a lil hiking in an area that has a creek and or waterfall. I think they’ll love it. Hopefully its not a billion degrees out.

I brushed Abbie today and got a shitton of her undercoat off of her. I may even do some more later today when it cools off outside, I’m sure she has more to shed.

Got 2 loads of laundry that need to be put away, have been sitting in baskets for the past week or so. Blech.

There’s a week left till summer classes start, not too thrilled about that but whatevs, its only 2 of em and shouldnt be too bad. Just trying to think, 7 more months and I’ll be DONE with school. Done done! Seems so close yet so far! Hoping my school refund money comes in soon cuz I’m dyin without it! Still need to book Vegas Stuff!

Finally got to reapply for unemployment this week, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a fight and i’ll be able to get some money coming in soon. I luckily got food stamps back last week so my fridge and cupboards are STOCKED! woohoo!

Waiting to hear back from my leasing company about another property that is up for rent, I’d like to go look at it this week, its in a decent area and looks to have a big backyard, but I dont know what kind of shape its in.

Our store is going to be remodeled starting in June! So excited! However that means we have to do an inventory prior to that. Not fun. Funny story though, the manager I did not get along with finally ended up transferring to a different store, woohoo! And we got another one transferred to us, who’s gone through remodels and resets with other Ulta’s so she knows whats going on. I was told that I had to be nice, had to get along with her, and should learn from her. Not sure what there is to learn from her, job’s not going to be any different but whatev’s. So I’m doing my best to be amicable. However it’s hilarious to me, that other associates and even managers have voiced their opinions about her… heh. Another associate finally quit. She was an older lady, who talked incessantly, and thought she knew way more than she did and was super slow at doing her job. Her last day was supposed to be saturday but ended up being whatever other day during the week. One of her reasons for finally leaving was that having to work with me so much (really rarely these days) and that I didn’t like her, didnt talk to her, and made her feel unwelcomed there. Well DUH. That was the plan. So 2 down, 1 to go! hahah. The new people we’ve hired lately are actually good and that makes me happy. They’re completely competent and willing to work.

Crap I just remembered I still need to find an internship for the fall, but i have till sometime in July.. but better to start now than to procrastinate like I normally do!


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Mid week update

Ahhhh my school break is almost over! I think i’m supposed to start biology on Monday.. But that can’t be right… That’s a holiday?

I know for sure that I start radiology Tuesday and then other classes I have are online. I still need to find somewhere to intern..waiting for some call backs still..

In 13 days I’ll be headed to Miami! Yay cruise time! So excited!

Found out today that nkotb invited naughty by nature on the cruise and they’re coming, so that should be interesting… Lots of ppl are excited about it but i’m like meh. Lol.

I remembered today that the only out fit I was missing was for pj night and coincidentally, got a 50% off email from lane Bryant. So I ordered a pair of shorts with daiquiris on them and a different top/bottom set can’t even remember now what it looks like it lol.

Yesterday and today I got a lot of unfucking done. Knocked down the mountain of laundry to only 2 loads left.

Also rearranged the bedroom closet. Vacuumed the hell out of it too since Snatch and Dawgfude sleep in there a lot, there was a LOT of hair in the carpet/wall crevice. They’re probably unhappy that I took away their nap spots.

Abbie has been shedding like crazy so I took a big brush to her and got out a ton of her undercoat. There’s still more! She needs to be brushed a few times a week I think.

I’ve been working an extra 2 nights a week every little bit helps!

I’ve been stressing about how to pay for summer classes and finally gave in and called my grandma. my mom helped with my first payment ($500) and my grandma agreed to help with my 2nd payment (another $500) that’s just about how much my rent is! Thankfully I have them to help me out otherwise id be screwed! also lucky I had some Amazon credit to buy 2 books and then I rented another online. I’ve still gotta make July & August school payments ouch. Can’t wait till September when I get some school money!

Oh! We’re having a bbq this weekend! I received some mccormicks new grilling rubs and sauce to use from! So I’ve gotta get some meats and sides this week. The pool is also opening so I need to go get the key tomorrow.

I also got some Dr. scholls for her heel inserts to try out this week, and private selection coupons for free/discounted foods from my grocery store, its like Christmas over here!

Well I better get to bed I’ve got lots on my to do list for tomorrow…

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Money Update

So back in March I wrote about taking control of my finances/debts what have you, so I think its about time for a little update.

My cruise is in 21 days, my goal was/is to have both usable credit cards at ZERO when I leave Denver. Of course I’ll be racking these back up while i’m there, but at least i have them as a cushion for now. .

I’ve also had to add my summer class fees in to the mix. Luckily my mom will be helping out with some of it. So yeah, nothing too exciting with all that. I’ve been slowly paying things down when I have the funds available. No overages, late fees, or forgotten payments! Oh and as of last week, my credit score had jumped about 20 points! Still not in the “GOOD” gradient yet.. but soon.. i feel it!

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I’m still here!

Sheesh I’ve been MIA lately! Been so busy with school and work!

Last week we had our big OMG math test that we HAD to pass with a 70% or better in order to continue with the pharmacology class. We were all stressing about it. Luckily it was only 20 questions. But that means they were all worth 5 pts. She posted the same day whether we passed or failed, but i didnt check until 2 days later because I didnt feel like driving back down there lol. I passed though! Today we found out our actual grades, i got a 93.5% on it. Meaning, i missed 1 1/2? She’s not passing them back though so we dont know what we messed up, which sucks.

The man came down with horrible germs on Friday.. I thought I was in the clear until my throat started feeling funny Sunday afternoon… Monday morning I could tell i’d contracted them… grrr! I went to my internship with the bebeeee squirrels, but I only stayed until Noon because I could feel my body getting worse. The hour long drive home was treacherous! Once I got back around 1, I laid in bed until 5 shivering uncontrollably. I had to get a heating pad out to lay on to control my temperature. Insane. Today, it feels like there’s a porcupine in my throat. I found some Cepacol extra super duper throat numbing drops.. and they’ve helped a bit. Hoping tomorrow I feel better.

I managed to get to school today to take 2 quizzes, and then go home early. No reason to sit there and feel miserable and risk infecting other people ya know?

Oh at internship I fed some more baby squirrels, and gave the mange-y foxes their breakfasts. They were looking a lot better. Actually aware that I was there and looking at me. They had like 10 baby raccoon’s, but they are so little, only staff can handle them, they make purring sounds like cats though! so adorable! Sucks that I had to leave early but according to the other girls I didnt miss much.

Cruise is getting closer and closer. Today, my friends said I could stay in their hotels before/after the cruise! That saves me so much money and headache! I’ll be the 5th person, and probably end up sleeping in a chair or on the floor, but its okay because i’m broke!  LOL maybe they offer roll-aways… we’ll see when we get there!

I received a $200 gift card to “Simon Malls” from a page on Facebook! Colorado Chevy Girls! Just for liking their page, how awesome is that! I may use some of it to pick up a new fancy dress for the cruise.

We’ve lost some employees at work lately, and I told them I could pick up a night or two a week if they needed me too.

I also found out that I have to pay for my summer classes OUT OF POCKET. wtf is that shit and why wasn’t i told earlier?! UGGGH had i known, I would have saved more $$ from my loans. I’ve only signed up for 1 class so far, and my portion due is $435!!! I have 2 other classes I HAVE to take this summer too. Luckily, 1. they have payment plans, and 2. my mom said she would help. (light bulb, tell grandma about predicament, she likes to help)

ow, i think i just coughed up a kidney.

So i still need to go take the placement tests for biology & english, even though I’ve already taken and passed the classes that those are prerequisites for… \= THEN i can register for them. I also need to make an appt to go talk to an advisor downtown, to see if its better/cheaper to take them online or in person. Once i’m feeling better Ill try to go do it all in one day to save $$ on parking and what not.

Last week I unfucked a lot of the bedroom. I rearranged a few things, bought a new curtain, and made some space. There’s still stuff left that needs to be put away but when I feel better, I’ll get to it. I also bought some new bathroom accessories, (black and silver zebra pattern) toothbrush holder, cup, and soap dispenser from Bed Bath & Beyond they were on clearance and I had a 20% off coupon!

The kitchen is a disaster right now as well as clean laundry on the kitchen table. I just dont have the energy/ability to do anything without coughing up a lung lobe.

Has anyone else started watching The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt? It’s really good! I’m watching the 2nd episode now. Its funny, that she has the same duvet cover/pillow cases in her bedroom on the show that I do! I got’em from IKEA!

Maybe I can go get some more of my drug notebook done while i’m feeling ok right now before another fever comes back…

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Such is my life!


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No more!

I forgot to mention, starting this past Monday I decided to go 1 month without fast food.

It was getting out of hand. I have plenty of food to eat here, but it was just more convenient while I was out n about.
Plus that adds up to a lot of moola!

So far so good. However the last 2 nights I’ve had headaches, I think its caffeine withdrawals…


Easy as a Monday morning..

Ahhh this is probably my last free Monday for a while so I really need to take advantage of it and get some stuff done!

Normally i’ll have internships on Mondays and Wednesdays, but that doesn’t start until the 30th. I need to input all the days into my calendar so I know where i’m going, when. We received out internship assignments on Friday and I’m happy with what I got, all my top choices!  1. An equestrian boarding facility, yay horses! 2. A wildlife sanctuary, yay squirrels! lol 3. Every Creature Counts, who we adopted Abbie from!

This morning I went to school for a NAVTA meeting for new members, however only 1 new student showed up, we’re having another meeting tomorrow so hopefully a few more may come. Aside from that we’re going to have a meeting on Thursday to welcome everyone back.

The school has started a food pantry for students who can receive 3 items a week. I suggested we do a bake sale around valentines day, and instead of money people can bring non-perishable food/cans in exchange for baked goods so that we can plump up the pantry. We’re probably also going to do coffee every Monday with the same stipulations.

I also suggested utilizing one of the boards that is never used, as a coupon exchange and also an area to recycle ink cartridges.

My last 2 books should be delivered this week, I also need to order a Veterinary Drug book at some point, but theyre like $75!  USED! sheesh.

I think the doggies are feeling better, Ellie had normal poop this morning, yay! Abbie and her super sensitive stomach, I think she’s doing better though. No explosive diarrhea in the house in 24 hours.

For reals today I need to clean the carpets I’ve put it off waiting to see if she was going to make any more messes but i think we’re in the clear.

Like Cranky, I too need to unfuck my coffee table. I swear I just did the kitchen the other day and now it needs it again. Driving me crazy! Just a few dishes in the sink, putting away whats in the dishwasher, and a quick wipe down of the counters. I’ve got a ton of laundry that needs to be done too, getting low on underwear!

I just remembered I need to pick up a few more pairs of scrubs because I only have the 2 from school, I’ll need some for lab classes and for intern days. Thankfully I get paid this week so i can afford some, and pay rent.

Ah shit just remembered that the cell phones are due right after rent. That’ll be tricky!  Can’t wait till mid-february when I get the rest of my school overage money. Will make life so much easier.

Alright time to get off my butt and get something done around here.


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Shopping stuff

Because of xmas, my unemployment money was 3 days late getting to me.

I did get a bunch of shopping done yesterday though. Went to ikea, bed bath beyond, bath and body works, and old navy.

I had 2x$20 groupons to use at old navy. I found the man a nice grey pea coat, normally $89, for $3 out of pocket, and he loved it. Almost as much as the leather marc anthony jacket he got for xmas.

I got myself some cute grey corduroy pants, a pink top and another pair of their mens knit gloves (cuz they fit better with my nails). Got all that for $5 and some change.

I got up and went to work at 530 this am, except no one else showed up. Apparently “I read the schedule wrong” and our shipment isn’t until saturday this week……. Then they called me today and said it’ll actually be at noon instead of 5 am. That’ll be…..interesting …. to do with a store full of customers.

Today I went to a different ulta and got a facial. Since we don’t currently have an esthetician at ours. I’ve been breaking out horribly lately for unknown reasons aside from shark week. So hopefully this helps clear up my skin for the new year. Bonus, employee discount made it only $27! But I ended up buying a clearance eyeshadow brush, hair flower clip, and some trial size big sexy hair shampoo and conditioner so I managed to spend $42 lol. Still, less than the normal cost of a facial.

I think I’ll drag myself outta bed tomorrow and go do 2 hours of pachanga well maybe less 15 mins since I’ll have to come home and get ready for work.

I’m sad that katy perry and russell brand are breaking up. I thought for sure they would make it.

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Frickin Friday!

Totally doesn’t feel like a Friday to me, I always get discombobulated because I get up so early for work and then the day seems to drag on forever so it feels like more than just one day.

Our delivery truck was an hour late showing up this morning, so that set us way behind. While we waited I was putting out new perfume/cologne testers and one slipped out of its box, shattered on the tile floor and i was covered in Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue for men. That was awesome. |=

When I got off work I didnt get to leave because I booked another hair glaze appointment right after. So that was another hour sitting around. But it came out good, I love the shine I get from it.

After that I came home and took a nap with the dogs, I was exhausted. I had to get up at 4:20 though cuz I had a nail appointment set at 5, which I was a few minutes late for because of traffic, and because Abbie didn’t poop on our walk and was taking forever to not do anything!

This week we set up our “Giving Tree” at school, I made the poster, another girl brought the tree and we made paper “ornaments” with the wish list items on them. Hopefully we get a decent amount of items donated for these organizations.

I went through my grades online tonight and it seems I’m pulling 4 b’s and 1 C, currently. Not too shabby. I’ve got a few more assignments, tests, and finals to hopefully pull them up a lil more. We get the whole week of thanksgiving off so that will be spent studying (and sleeping in).

Hmm just realized I havent eaten dinner and now my stomach is hungry. I should find something to eat so I dont wake up starving tomorrow. I’ve gotta work 8-12 unpacking more boxes, ah shit i need to do laundry tonight so I have something to wear tomorrow.

CrankyPants when is this de-cluttering weekend again? Or is it multiple days… I’m sure i’ll need multiple days LOL.

This weekend, aside from working, will be spent catching up on the DVR, lots of shows we need to watch and some Crazy, Stupid Love. I bought it the other night, already watched it once, its a great movie. Love me some Ryan Gosling! I’ve also gotta figure out somewhere else to put the cat food because i’m 95% sure that Abbie is stealing it when I’m not home.

The 2nd cruise payment is due at the end of this month, i’ve got $225 saved up so far for it ($500) so I’ve gotta get my finances in order w/i the next 2 paychecks/unemployment checks. I’ve gotta pay my part of the cell bill next week as well as get caught up on Comcast.

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