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The First part of the day was good…

Well prior to the dog eating my dinner, see previous post, the day was pretty good.

I actually did NOT go to zumba, sadface, i was so tired, i’d been up since 2 am fighting with my internet connection. I got a free 3 month upgrade to BLAST! speed from comcast, and after that happened, my connection wouldn’t hold for more than a minute, i ended up reinstalling my whole wireless network, and then finally gave up. Today though it’s been fine no problems whatsoever.

Around noon I left and went to Kmart, i swear i havent been there in about 5 years, i bought some dog and cat food, ironic huh? It was on sale there so thats why i went…I got $53 in gas arrrrgh.. at least its going down, surprisingly for a holiday weekend, it was $3.36 today not too shabby.

After that I went to the movies to catch a matinee of Bad Teacher. It was ehh OK. not as great as i’d expected, like most people have said, the best parts were in the commercials/previews…i’d save your $ till its on netflix.

Once that finished, i headed across the shopping center to JCPenney because Sephora had sent me a free bday gift, a vanilla birthday cake body wash, and also a 2nd email for a moisturizer so that was awesome. I even managed to NOT buy anything else while i was there. Ill admit I looked at their arizona jeans, however their current styles didnt fit and i didnt like their pockets. I’m like inbetween a 15/17 in juniors and the womens section didnt have anything appealing there…

Comedy Works, the local comedy club called and offered me tix for my bday next week, so I decided on Friday night, normally when they do that its free cover but since i picked friday its discounted down to $10. From a normal $30 ticket, so that’s not bad. I invited a bunch of people, who will inevitably flake out on me last minute.. Tyler said he would invite his gf and a couple ppl if that was okay which it is.. so we’ll see if anyone actually pulls through and shows up.. not holding my breathe though, but at least its a plan of something to do for my birthday, even if it’s a day late.

A few days ago I got a payment from unemployment, surprisingly, almost $400 so that was nice! My status changed from “exhausted” to “approved” i’m hoping that means ill get all my money?? I also received a letter saying my unemployment funds had run out (even though i hadnt received any) and i had to apply for federal extension of funds, which I did. So who knows…

My grandma and stepdad gave my mom money to deposit for me for birthday money so that was awesome and came in handy! Gotta love birthday perks! I’m going to use some/most of it to pay for my Zumba training I think…

OH So, I texted the dude i went bowling with a couple weeks ago, inviting him to comedy works next week.. his response “thanks for the invite, but i’ve been seeing someone now and I dont think she’d approve” what? lol in the last 2 weeks you’ve met someone and started dating them???? I REALLY AM GOOD LUCK CHUCK. my god. I don’t care really.. it’s cool that he found someone, but i’d really just appreciate a heads up, a hey fyi, just thought you’d like to know etc etc….

Soooo I just got this message on OkCupid from some guy, no idea what it means…. “Hey how are you? Funny, I’ve been teaching myself how to make nice cocktail drinks. 😉 ”

I’m supposed to swoon over that? It doesn’t even make any sense?? Obv. you’ve had too many cocktails TONIGHT.

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Ok, The full story!

Ok ok here we go, so his name is Aaron, i have no nick name for him yet, i dont think he really needs one though, he’s 32, works for a nearby cities Police Agency doing IT stuff.

To begin yesterday’s date, we started off at the Zoo around 10am. Of course one of my favorite places, and also free thanks to my membership! We were there for about 2 hours seeing all the animals, it wasn’t crowded at all, and the weather really cooperated.

We were both starving by the time we were done, so we headed over to Old Chicago around noon for lunch. Had some good food and good convo. Never really had any awkward silences or anything like that so that was nice.

Decided we wanted to continue hanging out, I remembered I had 2 Fandango movie tickets to use that I’d bought from Living Social, so we went down the street to the theaters, we had picked just the right time and Hall Pass was playing in 20 minutes. It was hilarious! We both enjoyed it.

We walked back out to the cars probably under the assumption the day was over.. but neither of us really wanted it to end.. luckily Dave and Busters is in the same parking lot as the movies.. so we went over there. Stopped and had a drink at the bar and chatted with the bartender.

Then we headed back to the game room and had a blast. Played some skeeball, horse racing, and all those fun games they have there. We got a buttload of tickets so we turned them in, I got a d & b coffee mug, and a box of nerds, lol, and he got a box of golf balls, and box of nerds…

Once we were done there, we stood in the parking lot hmming and hawwing about what to do next…it was only about 5:30 at that point… so he offered that we could watch movies at his house so I agreed, but mentioned I’d need to come home and walk Ellie before hand since i’d already been gone all day. So i did just that and got to his house around 7 ish..

We proceeded to watch 3 more movies, Hot Rod, with Andy Samberg, it was one of those stupid funny movies, Step Brothers, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall one of my all time faves. I met his black lab, Jack who’s a total sweetie and a spaz like Ellie, except he calms down eventually LOL he got up the couch and laid next to me, well basically pushing me more over towards Aaron forcing us to cuddle LOL. What a smart dog eh?

We had a lil bit of kissing and making out, but that’s as far as it went. Behaved myself. So proud LOL.

Around 11 I suggested that I leave so that he could go to bed since he had work, and I had Zumba in the AM, i did try to get up, but he held on longer and wanted to cuddle some more, so I obliged. (= When he started nodding off around 11:45 I decided it was finally time to head home.

So that was really like 5 dates in 1 day! We sure did a lot! But it was fun and we enjoyed each others company, we really clicked and hit it off. We have talked already this morning so we’re continuing with the progress.

Overall I’d say its probably the best date i’ve ever had let alone best FIRST date.


Snowing again..

Theres about 2, maybe 3 inches of snow right now on my porch ugh. I hear we could have up to 9 by tonight/tomorrow am. No bueno!

Last night I met up with my new NKOTB friends, went down town and had dinner at the Hard Rock..we were supposed to go to Cheesecake Factory.. but one of the girls got called into work, and thats at the Hard Rock so we went there and sat in her section. They were slow so they even let her off early and we all headed upstairs and watched The Fighter. Of course i’ve already seen it but i have no objection to seeing a hot half nekkid Wahlberg. They all loved it as well. They’re a cool buncha girls and i’m glad to have been able to hang out with them!

Headed over to Bingo afterwards but i got there too late and came in during the middle of the last game. Oh welllls.. Brannon our bartender was like “Next week i’m going to need you to show up ON TIME”… I was like oh sorry, I found new friends and was hanging out with THEM… lol.. and he’s all “Fuck your new friends!!!” rofl.

As soon as I left Fridays i got a text from WTR asking me to come over, so I did. He sounded drunk on the phone but kept denying it when I was there, it was pretty amusing LOL. I just wish he’d learn to sleep on his side or stomach so that his snoring wouldn’t interrupt my sleeping haha. So i got home around 8, and promptly took a nap on the couch till around 11. I feel a tad bit better now.. but don’t really have any motivation to do anything yet, I blame the snow.

I did get some laundry done yesterday, cleaned the bunnies, bathed the dog… need to finish some laundry today and do some dishes.. at some point, not right this second though.

At least I feel like I had a productive Saturday lots of fun things accomplished and wasnt a total waste of days!


Long Monday

Phew Monday is over! Wasn’t too bad actually… work kinda flew by, that was nice..

Finally got in to see Tangled in 3D tonight with Tanya, it was a very cute movie, I highly suggest it. Was the first time I’d seen anything in 3D in the theater, not quite sure how I felt about it though… kinda made my head hurt.

On my way home I stopped by the gym,  was disappointed that the location I went to didnt have the split treadmill I was looking for. They used to… oh well.. I only did 1 mile on the treadmill and 1 mile on the bike… My stomach started hurting, I think it was the movie theater popcorn.. no bueno. Imma get some ginger ale in a few here..

I plan on sleeping in the next 3 days as long as Ellie cooperates. All alarms are going off.. and phone will be going on silent.. NKOTB and the like tend to tweet out early..around 7am.. i do not want to be disturbed!!!!

Thinking I will go to the gym tues/weds/thurs since i’m free… and take fri/sat off… really trying to make a dent . . .Gotta check the weather too see if a trip to the zoo is possible..

Just got off the phone with the power company, got a letter today saying i missed a payment and my payment agreement was now broken.. but that wasn’t possible since my payments not due till the 22nd of this month.. hmph!! But the guy was totally helpful, and fixed it saying it was an error on THEIR END.. wow.. that never happens!! So, now i’m all fixed and ready to be paid on the 22nd….

Jennifer Grey is doing soooooooo good on DWTS! i think in the end it’ll be btwn her and Brandy… I think she could win it all though she totally has it in her…

Ive got some laundry to catch up on the next few days, why is laundry never ending??


Enough Already!


That pretty much sums up today for me, yup.
I’m off work tomorrow. You dont know how happy I am for this.

Yesterday, I actually got a customer COMPLIMENT.
To balance that out.. today I got at LEAST 2 if not 3 complaints….
It always starts off with people going “ugh are YOU having a bad DAY or something?” well no, i’m not, at least I wasn’t but i can see now that you’re going to make sure I DO.

I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pay for all my bills, theyre all between this paycheck and before next.. and next check is going to be tiny because of my suspension, which i’m still assuming is unpaid i never did ask..

Just downgraded my netflix to 1 movie out at a time w/unlimited streaming.. saving about $8. Still have to pay the remainder of my pet deposit, geico, xcel, comcast, sprint, 24 hour fitness, and the IRS. All that adds up to… about $470. oh and buy a few groceries and pet food/litter. Yeah… I dont have that much… will definitely be hitting up mom for some money and a STL from the bank…

I’m really fuckin over my paycheck being garnished. It’s been just about a year now.. and looks like maybe another 2-3 months. Fucking ridiculous. You’d think they’d have taken enough by now, but every 6 months they charge interest and then tack on extra fees for the whole filing process. Aint that some shit. If i’d just showed up at court long ago I prolly wouldn’t be in this situation. Fucking assholes.

Was supposed to go see a free screening of Burlesque tonight with Tanya… she texted and said she couldnt go because she had hives again. Big fuckin whoop. Who cares… So i asked what she ate this time and she said “nothing jackass” i said well obv. you did, ppl dont break out in hives for no reason.. So I went w/o her.. but when i got there, the line was even LONGER than it was last week for Tangled… so I didnt even bother standing in line.. didnt even stop.. just kept walking.. Hit up American Eagle for some more clearance under wear +30% off.. plus another 15% off for using 4square. So about 6 bucks for 4 pairs of underwear, not bad at all.

Stopped by the MAC store and had the girl do some foundation on me… then went to Macy’s and had the girl from Benefit do my eyes.. i didn’t really like what she did, but its nice to be pampered.. a lil.. for free.

I’m thinking of creating a group of non flaky people to hang out with, these are the requirements:

  • You dont have any children, so you’re not backing out cuz of no baby sitter
  • You dont have any food allergies so you’re not breaking out in hives last minute
  • You dont have a psycho jealous insecure significant other
  • You’re not going to up and leave to the other side of the world with short notice
  • You’re not needy, clingy, or emotional.

Good luck with that right?

I’m in bed now watching the CMA’s because my dvr in the living room is recording law & order(s) and the defenders. Really like Sugarland’s new song.. I need to listen to the country station more often… btw, who knew Gwyneth Paltrow could sing??

Tomorrow I WILL go to the gym. I must. I’m off work and it needs to be done. I just need to GO so that i’ll want to KEEP going.

OooOo just saw the previews for the new Narnia movie! I wanna see it!!

Did you hear bout the fire on Carnival’s Splendor ship? Crazy shit! I hope i forget about that before may!

Can I get a job at Google? They’re getting xmas bonuses and a 10% raise next year. Must be nice!


Random Sunday

I wish the dog would have let me sleep in longer today so I could get the full effect of the time change.. I got up around 930 which was really 1030 but i’d like to have slept longer. Oh well. We got up and walked to the corner gas station and got a newspaper for my coupons, and a cherry pepsi for the caffeine.

Bingo was decent last night, was just me Josh and Tasha. Josh won 1 game so that was nice. I was starving so I got a bbq chicken wrap.. their whole menu has changed only a few tried and true items are still there that I KNOW i’ll like.. it was a hard decision!

I’ve got more laundry to finish up today I’d like to get it all done so I dont have to worry about it this week.. oh its a 4 day week! yay veterans day!

Yesterday I watched all 3 Back to the Futures in a row.. and Pretty in Pink was on as well. Today, 16 candles is on. What a great movie weekend!!! I also got my netflix friday, so I have the rest of Hung to watch, and the last season of the Tudors to start. SO Excited for the Tudors! But I know once I start watching them ill be useless so I need to do productive things first.

I also re-upped my 24hour gym membership, I should go today. I need to get cruise ready. 6 months left! I need to FOCUS focus focus!!!! My piggy bank is slowly filling up, I’ve added any change i’ve had in my pockets to it all week, and even 2 dollars if I remember correctly.. once it gets heavy, i’ll take it to the bank and coinstar it.

I was aloof all day yesterday to Springs.. so last night around 8 he starts texting me… aloof always works.. ALWAYS. It’s nice when someone else makes the effort for contact, not always one sided – really makes it seem like its worth it.

Tomorrow morning Ryan Seacrest is gonna have the NKOTBSB guys on to announce the tour dates. It’ll be at 7am my time.. so i’ve gotta get up early and log on to the ‘puter. Hopefully they mention it right away cuz I have to leave the house by 7:30.

The bunnies annoyingness right now reminds me I need to clean out their cage today and re-vacuum the living room. Yesterday am Ellie threw up liquid 3 times, today Kisa did it twice. Wtf? OH I should go buy some stain remover as well… looks like i’ll be going to Target soon.. Glad my makeup still looks good from last night ha!!

BTW for LeendaDll the Falsies mascara isn’t too bad.. i was kinda iffy about it the first few days but now that I’ve gotten used to it I like it..of course it doesnt look like the commercials because they use actual false lashes to “create volume”. And my wand wasn’t purple either… LOL here’s a good post about it as well . It DOES give length, but not a lot of OOMPH..i’ve been doing 1 1/2 to 2 coats and its enough for me…

Ok thats enough randomness for now I’m gonna go through my coupons and then get movin on stuff!




Tanya and I were supposed to see a free pre-screening of Tangled 3-d Tonight, we got to the mall at 6:08 for a 7pm showing, and the line was soooooooooooooooooo long… we were about 15 people away from being admitted when they told us it was full! Dang! We’d just bough soda and a pretzel too! ugh!! money wasted on expensive theater food!

They did however give us tickets for another night, I believe the 15th, at a different location…so we’re gonna try for that one.

We decided since we were at the mall we might as well walk around and window shop.. ish.. Stopped in the American Eagle store because I love their clearance stuff.. and picked up 3 pairs of underwear which came up to $6.66. Not too shabby! Luckily that’s all I bought in the mall…

Then we stopped by Macy’s and decided to get our makeup done. We told them i was getting married and looking for a good look for the big day. Which will be Dec. 4th 2pm to Donnie Wahlberg FYI you’re all invited. LOL. Color scheme is lavender and teal.

Here’s the look she came up with for us both:



The foundation she used on me actually came out really well.. that NEVER happens and she gave me a sample to take with.. I’m going to look it up online and see how much it actually costs… and see what it looks like in daylight tomorrow…

Tanya’s came out really well she really doesn’t wear much makeup at all.


Gotta go back to work tomorrow, least im feeling better now. I should throw some more laundry in the wash before bed.. all my towels are in the dryer I should check n make sure they’re actually DRY…

Oh! I got my AC adapter for the ‘puter today! Very fast! And it works YAY lol..

They cut down this big tree in front of my building today, well most of it.. i grabbed a couple pieces of the wood for my fireplace, most of it was too big to fit and or for me to carry..

I did do one productive thing today, I took a lint roller to the car to get some of the dog hair out and washed the blanket I keep in the back for Ellie to sit on while she’s in there.. It still needs to be vacuumed out though..

Ugh I forgot to DVR law and order SVU tonight, i wonder if it’s on demand.. if not ill find it online..alright i better get off here and do one more productive thing for the day…



Day 4 of summertime cold suckage

Actually today's not tooooo horrible, I did stay home from work though. Yesterday I went in at 8, and stayed till 10:30, I gave it a good try, but my head was just so full of snot I couldn't stand it anymore.

I went to Walgreen's and picked up some medicine however it didnt work very well. Got one that was for colds.. and one for sinus allergies… the sinus one worked better, but not a lot.

Then I laid in bed and watched Up In The Air with George Clooney

I liked it more than I thought I would.. totally didn't turn out how I thought it was going to. But it was a good flick, I recommend it. Plus George isn't too hard on the eyes ya know!

Today I've just been laying around, slept till almost 10, been on the couch watching TV with josh, made some eggs and toast for breakfast… and that's about it..

Received my measuring cups from UPS today! They're sooooooooooo damn cute!!!!

Oh and i won $10 in tickets on Facebook to the Taste of Colorado this weekend! I wasn't planning on going because I didnt have any extra money to spend. $10 wont get me too much, but I'm thinkin I can find a boy to go with me, and buy me more stuff (=  see, staying home from work has some perks!!

Both Ron and Josh are getting/have already gotten new phones today and I'm very jealous to say the least. I'm so fed up with my blackberry freezing up and acting slow all the time. I want a new phone baaaaaaaad but i cant upgrade since I'm on Chantelle's plan still.. I was thinking I could ask my mom to add me to their plan.. hmmmm and she could just pay the bill LOL….and I could get a new phone through Verizon… like a droid2 that'd be nice… but I doubt it'll happen.

Still waiting to hear back from the guy about the 2nd apt I applied for, I sent him a follow up email yesterday, and I see that he cashed my $30 check for the background check… so I'm not sure what the hold up is.

Josh's mom will be here thurs-fri if not sometime late weds so we have to clean up the house even though it's not bad as it is. I should really be doing some of my laundry today, maybe I'll get that started after I finish this up. Clean up my room and maybe change my sheets so they're not full of germs…

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Omgash its friday, and not just a normal friday a 3 day weekend friday!!!

We've been SO.FUCKING.BUSY. at work all week long. all of our branches have so I've been told.

Today we were there til 5:40. Effing ridiculous!

However, I went to see Toy Story 3 with Green Valley Ranch tonight, it was really cute, and I'm going to admit something to you… i shed a tear or 2 during the movie…. lol… it was really good!!!

Oh, and one other thing… this is top secret…
Ive kinda got a mini crush on Josh's bff Sean.

I dont know where it came from, just POOF outta no where…
Last week he was really attentive towards me at bingo, and when he found out that Cameron had died he gave me a big hug and said if i needed anything to let him know etc etc… and he kissed me on the cheek TWICE last week.

We've been talking on BBM all week… and he even called me out on it the other day. He was like, why are you talkin to me so much? I'm like oh i dunno i'm just bored… and hes all uh huh sure, i think you like me! i was like what?! (thinkin wtf he's not as dumb as I thought!) and hes all well you text me more than anyone else… so I said, you dont know my texting habits!! i talk to a lot of ppl, im good at multitasking!!!

So I'm not sure what's going on with this all, its weird.. we'll see how things pan out tomorrow…
and no, I havent mentioned it to Josh… i doubt Sean has either, cuz Josh hasnt given me shit for it lol.

I'm hoping to maybe go to the Zoo this weekend, its hard to tell if it'll be busy or not, ppl are out of town and what not… I heard we have 4 new baby tigers, but theyre not out yet theyre still fresh…. I cant wait to see them though!!

Tyler invited me over tomorrow to watch the UFC fight I dont really like UFC, but he said a lot of single guys will be there, and its before Bingo, so I just might stop by… we'll see.

I convinced mom to send me grandma's birthday money  early.. i know its not till wednesday, but i'm broke and needed some $$$ !!!

Looks like we're having our combined bday party on the 17th this month… yay for that.
I like parties and drunken debauchery… we'll prolly start off with a mid day BBQ and then bingo that night!

We've watched Valentines day and Night at the Museum 2 this week, both very cute movies.
I just have disc 1 of Season 3 of Big Love to Start on this weekend.

Welp Imma go veg out in front of the TV and continue to bbm flirt with Sean . eeep.

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Yay finally made it home last night. So happy to be back in Colorado.
Missed the big city, the traffic, my bed, and my pets especially.

When we opened the door Ellie almost looked shocked to see me then she jumped all over me and ran to get her ball to play asap. LOL. She's sooo different from my grandmas dog, I missed her hyperness.

Went down to the WestWord and picked up a $100 gift certificate I won to Argyll Pub. Josh and I are gonna go have dinner or maybe brunch there soon. I love free stuff!

Ok i got distracted I started this a while ago… Started adding things to netflix lol..

My DVD player is acting stupid, earlier today I watched

Post Grad. No problem with it played just fine. Put in 500 Days of Summer, wouldnt play past the warning dont copy this section.

So I tried my new Mad Men Season 3, and after about 15 minutes of fighting with it, it finally played… I dunno what's going on with it but I'm not happy about it!

I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! BOOOO!! And i've heard from 3 different people that we will be working 4 hours on Saturday. Hmph. I don't mind OT pay.. but it still sucks.. oh well. They're down to only 2 ppl in the back to process and there's about 3500 pieces of mail. I dont mind doing it, i figured that OT Would be happening soon. There's just no way for them to keep up, and we're so busy up front all the time that we cant do anything aside from help customers.

Ok yet again im distracted so im just gonna finish this up now lol

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