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On The Move

Finally, after 5 LOOOONG years, I’m moving!!! I’m super duper excited!

A friend of mine bought a house, so she moved out of her rental early, and we were able to swoop in early and snatch it up before it was put on the market!! Denver is in a crazy housing ordeal right now (ugh, thanks weed legalization), we have like the 4th highest rental rates in the whole country its ridiculous.

So anyways, its a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full basement and, AND! HAS A BACKYARD FOR THE DOGS!!! Hardwood floors throughout, no dishwasher though, sad face. My friend was gracious enough to leave her washer and dryer for us AMAZEBALLS as well as a free standing AC unit. I must admit, the backyard having part is selfish on my part, that i don’t have to walk the dogs in the snow anymore (=  It’s only about 20 minutes away from where I am now, really less than 15 miles. But its in a part of town I’ve never LIVED in, but I am somewhat familiar with. I’ll adjust fine. Just need to find where all my grocery stores are to get my couponing done!

I’ve been packing for WEEKS now, because I’m a procrastinator, and I pretty much have all the major stuff done. Just have to take apart the bed friday night, and the speakers in the living room and all the things I cant pack cuz i need, like shower stuff, makeup etc.  I’ll have to spend all day sunday cleaning the old place so I can be done with it. The cats are gonna be stressed, the dogs are gonna love it I hope.

Wednesday I leave for my next NKOTB cruise!! Such a time crunch on all this but it is what it is. I’m not 100% prepared for this cruise as usual, but whatevs its my vacation and I’ll make due!

Welp I gotta get back to packing, well after I finish the new Blacklist episode!!



Went and helped Tanya move today……. and i’m soooooooooo sore. Damn ppl who live on the 3rd floor!!!!  Can’t say I did a lot of heavy stuff cuz there were 4 guys there.. they did the couch and bed and fridge.. i did a lot of boxes and lil pieces of furniture that I could carry myself.

Where she’s moving, her parents house, is hella far away. Even further than she already was. Commutes are gonna suck for her. Her mom wasnt home, but she had made sloppy joes and put out snacks for everyone. Not great for me! I had ONE, and some chips and salsa, and 2 small cookies, and a pepsi. Gosh overload!!

I stopped by walmart on my way home to look for a blender replacement thingy but they didnt have it in the store, like the website said they did Booooo. However I managed to spend $38 there argh! Bought a “tool holder” for kitchen utensils since my drawer was getting pretty full. A little food scale, a drying mat for dishes,  and something else I cant remember right now. Dunno why I went to walmart on a mid day saturday.. big mistake… lots of screaming rambling children and people everywhere, drove me crazy.

I came home and laid down in bed and put on toy story 3. I finally bought AAA batteries for my remote for the new dvd player so I got to use it! After a couple hours nap I got up and took a super hot bath (see previous post). I’ve still got about an hour and a half till Bingo time.

Oh before I forget, after my detox/cleanse, looks like i lost about 4-5 lbs. Hard to be accurate with my ancient scale, but it’s still good! Hopefully didnt gain anything back with that sloppy joe lunch at tanya’s, but i’m thinking the 983898374 trips up and down the 3 flights canceled anything out lol.

Think I’ll check TGIFridays website for nutritional facts see whats good to eat tonight.. man I hope we win, i dont have a lot of $$ to spend!

Why am I watching Celebrity Rehab?! Was hoping for an Entourage marathon.. maybe that’s on Sundays, I forget.

Tomorrow I need to clean the bunnies, kitchen, living room, and do some laundry and still put away last weeks.


Slowly but surely

I’m getting around to putting the apartment together, I set up the dining table today and nailed the backboard to a shelf thingy back together… and set that up with the cat food, maybe permanent, possibly temporary… just all depends..

Found the plastic fork/knife/spoon’s so that I could eat some ice cream for dinner and then make a PBNJ sammich.

I set the bathroom up yesterday, havent quite decided if i want to hang up my whatever it’s called that holds on my hairspray/lotion/perfume etc… right now its propped up on the back of the toilet. Loving the water pressure in the shower though, but I will eventually need to invest in a hand held shower head.

Spent 5 dollars tonight on Peanut Butter, rainbow sherbet, 4 packs of koolaid (i need to find my pitcher somewhere), and a carton of milk… then spent $11 on gas ~ 4 gallons.  Not quite sure how that’s going to last me 2 weeks… lol will need to figure something out.

Ellie seems to have adjusted well, barking at dogs outside of course, she only really has 1 window in my bedroom to look out of. i feel kinda bad for that, but we gotta take what we can get… the cats seem fine as well they were all sleeping with me last night or this morning.

On that note can i say how awesome it is to sleep a whole night w/o any interruption?! OMG didnt know what to do with myself when I woke up this morning!

It’s very nice having my own cable/internet connection again.. the internet is soooooooooo fast when it’s not stolen wireless! LoL. Once I got comcast to set up my internet, my Airport Router when right back into service no problems whatsoever thankfully!

I think tomorrow after work I’ll go over to the old place and get the rest of my clothes that are there (and all hangers, i have a pile of laundry in my living room now) as well as any left over food in the cupboards and maybe clean up a lil  if i have enough energy. Ive got all the time in the world to unpack here.. but only 2 weeks left to clean up there, rather just get it done sooner than later.

I should make my bed tonight, but I think that can wait, ill just continue sleeping on top of my quilt and use other blankets for my covers LoL no worries. I did however leave BOTH alarm clocks at the old place, so Ill have to hope that my phone wakes me up enough in the AM tomorrow!

Ok i cant stop yawning, time for bed!


Snatch On the Move

Locked and Loaded

Since he got screwed on the last move by being stuck in a backpack, he got the open kennel today.. I just bought it at petsmart, but I think I’m going to take it back.. cuz well, I dont really need it anymore…


I may have a problem

With air fresheners, and candles and the like…

What? I like things to smell good.. esp when i have pets.

Scoured the house for all of them tonight, mind you this is one of those reusable grocery bags, and its more than half -ish full…

Also I found Ellie’s old halloween costume which she has outgrown, but it fits JuJu!

Managed to get JuJu’s wiggly tooth out! I bet she feels a whoooole lot better now, she was chewing on EVERYTHING.

Jon Hamm is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. YUM. ♥

Cant wait for tomorrow’s work day to be over, I need to get some pet food, try to find at least 1 more cat carrier, and take ellie over to the new place along with small things I can carry easily.

When I was there today, someone was in my “reserved” parking spot. Hopefully this isn’t a pattern.

Argh, its 12:18 way past my bed time. night!!!!



Finally got to see the new APT today! Yay! It’s very cute!! I know I posted the link with pictures before, but I went ahead and took my own while I was there!

After a tumultuous drive to the leasing office I finally got the keys, then had to drive back to the new place, then to Jess’s and then we got dinner. And now I’m too full to move or do anything…

Chinese is YUM

We scarfed our food, we were a tad bit hungry

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Spaaaace Baaaaags

I promise i’ll stop bitching soon about the move and all.. just a few more days i promise! then you’ll have to hear about my unpacking woe’s LOL.

I feel like I’m not making as much progress as I should be, but I did a lot in the beginning so now it’s all little things. I did 90% of my closet today, my shoes yesterday, the rest of the knick knacks in my bedroom..

Baaaags frrommmm spaaaaaace

Was going to run to Walgreens earlier to get some more space bags, but the neighbors were outside, parked illegally, and I did not want to give up my “open” space. So that’ll have to wait till tomorrow I guess.

Here’s a space bag filled with.. ohh.. 1/4 of my closet maybe? SO convenient!

Mom transferred the money today so after work I went and got the cashiers check for tomorrow. Must.Not.Lose. lol would be no bueno!!

Cant wait till I get those keys in my hands, may even take a few things over tomorrow evening, just cuz. Gotta take Ellie over to get her used to it, she gets so nervous when we move.

The puppy was driving me batshitcrazy tonight, shes got a loose canine tooth on her bottom left and Im sure its hurting her since her big girl tooth is already in, the baby tooths literally hanging there and we cant pull it out yet, so she insists on chewing on everything, including the wood beams that support my bed. GAWD. So i had to keep dragging her out from under my bed, then she destroyed the living room/cat toy, it goes back together easily but still. Those are all her toys strewn about…. I cant watch her 24/7. Gonna suck for her when we’re gone, Josh’ll actually have to be home to take care of HIS dog.

Had some drama at work today, but Ill leave that post for another day when I’ve calmed down a lil, dont wanna get myself all worked up before bedtime anyways.

Ugh! I shoulda been asleep 45 mins ago! time for me to sign off!!



This will be my 3100th post.. Not here of course, but since I started with VOX. That’s a lot right? kinda? maybe? Over 3-4 years I believe…. Nice number though.

Still Tuesday, still have things left to pack. Not a LOT, but enough.
Think i will start on my clothes/shoes tonight.

Got a hold of the leasing company today, wanted to sign my papers Friday, however I could not have time off work Friday because 2 other ppl are already gone that day, So I had to reschedule to Thursday, which is fine except I wont have money at 4:30 Thursday, I’ll have it at 6:15 Thursday. UGH. The amount they gave me for upfront fees was outrageous, $1250!!! For first months rent, the remainder of the deposit, and the pet deposit! WHAAAAT. I assumed that Sept would be pro-rated, but the way THEY do it is to pay 1st months up front w/deposits and then the 2nd months is pro-rated.. Ok well.. argh.. more than I expected to pay. So I asked if the Pet Deposit could be paid with Octobers rent and they were fine with that, PHEW!! So now I only need $900 on Thursday, so of course I called trusty MOM. lol, explained it all to her, and that she’ll get $600 of it back on Friday, and the rest… next check-ish. . .

So i get to leave work at 3:30 Thursday and go get everything taken care of. Yay, Finally! I’m SO READY to be done already. Last night I did almost all of the kitchen, and then today Josh texts me asking where HIS silverware are… so I said on the box on top of the table… and then he said “well where’s all the pots and pans because i DID have some before you moved in you realize this, I think you need to look back over your stuff and only take your things” So I said, “I know whats mine and what’s yours, TRUST ME, the purple box underneath YOUR silverware is all your pots and pans, I was planning on putting it all away for you, but go right ahead”. So he says “ok just making sure and i think the silverware thing is mine too, dont wanna be left with less than what i had”. I said yup the silver thing YOUR silverware is in is yours, the green plastic one I’ve had for 9 years.

It seriously took all i had to not go batshitcrazy via texts over all that. He just doesnt know how to ask a question with out it being a STATEMENT or accusation or demeaning. Drives me fuckin crazy.
Of course he didnt put his shit away its still sitting on top of the table, when I got home him and Tasha are here, why? Really? Cant go to her house? There’s obv a lot going on here, boxes everywhere there doesn’t need to be more people in the house.

Sean, Tyler and Corrine are supposed to help me on Saturday, hopefully they all follow through. *crossing fingers*

My friend Veronica who still works for Comcast got me a hookup on cable and internet, getting installed this Saturday with a free hd-dvr, yay! Ill finally get to use my tv to its fullest extent! No more stolen cable and half assed fuzzy channels!

Remembered its my friends bday party on Saturday and she’s here from Georgia so I must go to that, somehow and miss bingo sadly, but I wanna see her so it’ll be okay. Hopefully I wont be a walking zombie by then!

Well it looks like they left for a bit.. i better go get stuff started while I can.


Can’t think of a title..

So helpful

Helpful Kisa

I’m sure she’s just checking to make sure it’s sturdy enough…

This was the last photo i took of my progress, there’s been a lil more since…

Gettin there

Some boxes were never Unpacked from the last move.. but they still count (=

Had to take a break last night to go to Jesticalynn’s house to watch MadMen and have some ice cream.. so that cut into my productivity.. as well as watching Boomtown on DVD since its from netflix and it cant be packed away like all the other movies.

Tonight i plan on finishing the kitchen, basically have to swap out all my kitchen stuff for josh’s which is in a box.. so that shouldn’t be too bad.. I guess i could start to pack my clothes as well… Id have to pick out my outfits for the rest of the week, thats always hard lol.. and I cant really do bathroom stuff yet since i use most of it on a daily basis…

I think when i get paid Thursday night i might go pick up 2 more cat bags, since i only have 2 bags, and 4 cats.. they don’t like to be squished into one carrying bag.. lol.. Snatch was uncooperative last time and had to be put in a backpack X=

Time to go back to work, le sigh.


Is it STILL Friday? This is like the never ending day..

Work sucked we were busy as hell, people were more rude than usual, and I got yelled at like 4 times. A few times I had to walk away from my desk to prevent from punching someone.

Ive still got the headache I started with this AM.

After breaking my blender, I decided to start on my packing, and I got 6 boxes done! They only consist of movies/dvd’s/ and my wiiiiiiii stuff. But it counts. There’s more boxes out in the garage that I need to get down from the rafters tomorrow when it’s light out. I found the replacement thingy for my blender at walmart for $10.88.. online at least. Imma see what the price is in store, if its more than that, site to store shipping is free.. but either way will have to wait till payday at least.

Ive got nothing else going on tomorrow so i’m thinking I should be able to get a lot done… should.

I was re-reading over the ad for the apt, i didnt realize it had a skylight in it lol.. and it doesnt say anything about paying for any utilities, nor about any that are included..  so we’ll see what they say when I go in next week to sign the papers. Hoping for most if not all to be included since it IS a condo they usually include water/sewer/trash at LEAST.

I’m so ready to go though, josh and his gf were arguing after they got home from the bar until 3am. Woke and KEPT me up. argh. Sean however fell asleep passed out on the couch and didnt hear any of it. He shoulda just came to my room lol..

Kisa and Twitch have both lost their collars somewhere in the house.. need to find them soon, probably under a bed or stuck under something.

The Dr gave me some ointment yesterday to try and clear up my skin, and it looks like it was working already, I wasnt as red and blotchy this AM so thats a plus! I just have to get in the routine of using it twice a day, i’m not big on washing my makeup off at night, I know i know, horrible. Which reminds me I should wash my pillow cases this weekend.

Ok I’ve had enough time for bed and cuddle time with my kitties. Theyre gonna be super stressed out when the moving starts…