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Catching Up

I feel like i haven’t updated in days….aaaaaaaand I havent!

Lets see…whats been going on…

Friday was a day of errands and what not…

  • Went to Zumba
  • Went to Post Office
  • Went to Old Navy and used my groupon, got a cute shirt for the date purple and white racerback tank
  • Took my ON receipt to Coldstone for bogo ice cream, got one for me and Ellie
  • Did *some* laundry, and put *some* away….
  • Went on my date, we went bowling, then to his condo to watch movies, and played with his puppy Harley, such a cutie… I ended up staying the night, but all we did was cuddle… i was sandwiched btwn him and the pup…it was cute LOL. Hopefully we hang out again, when I left he said “we should do this again” so, we’ll see.
  • Saturday was super duper busy, I left his house, came home walked Ellie and then went back to sleep for 3 hours.
  • Then i drove to broomfield for a consumer testing thing and got paid $35 woohoo. Then came back home again.
  • Made some brownies to take to the NK bday get together.
  • Pretty sure I took a nap or something of that sort…
  • Then I drove back up to thornton/brighton for the NK (new kids) birthday party, I was there for about 6 hours! It was at my friend Keri’s house. We had yummy lasagna, salad, my fat free brownies, and angel food cake w/strawberries, oh and lots of Malibu! LoL..
  • Keri’s a licensed hair dresser so 3 of the girls got their hair done while we were there and we watched the NKOTB Coming Home DVD and reminisced about the cruise and tours, and talked about ppl on twitter that we don’t like very much LoL
  • Her doggies loved me, i gave them so much attn, and then they tackled me on the floor it was fun!
  • Look at that UnderBite! How could you not love that face LOL that’s Louie and the doxie is Toby.
  • Sunday….what did i do Sunday…I got a newspaper..
  • Cleaned the bunnies….
  • Made a roast…
  • Yeah not too much got done yesterday lol

I woke up all night long cuz it was pouring like crazy out I had to close my window and sliding door cuz everything was getting wet, there were huge puddles outside my place this morning. Went to Zumba, it didnt seem as full today, maybe the rain kept people away…

Felix asked if I was coming to the 2 hour party on Saturday and I said probably not because I don’t have the $15 for it……. he said Well, it’s at the new studio, just come, you can pay me whenever you get money. How awesome is that! He’s the best, I swear. He also asked how much weight i’ve lost, i said i’m STILL at the 15lb mark.. and it wont budge, and i’ve been doing 3 classes/week. He said I should up it to 4-5 a week… i’d like to! But his other 24hr classes are at clubs above my level ie. more money…he also asked if i was eating good.. which i have been for the most part… maybe have 1 soda a week.. I’ve been drinking Country Time lemonade from the can/powder..  and water, but not as much water as I should.. its just soo boooooring LoL

This Saturday me and 3 friends will be going to Old Navy for a sample share for their shorts and what not, meaning we each get a free pair of shorts, a top, and an accessory! I get these awesome sample shares from Crowd Tap, its hella fun and I suggest you join!

Still havent found me a job yet, but I did send out a bunch of resumes this weekend, some restaurants, some receptionist/office positions things like that… hopefully something comes along soon! My unemployment says it was “approved” last week, but then thursday I got a letter saying I have to call in for an appeal hearing on the 27th. gah, really!? c’mon already!

Ah well i better wrap this up and maybe head to bed…



My lower back has been kiling me lately, need to get to the Chiro, yesterday the mid/upper part of my back was hurting, its from work, all the reaching and bending, constant up and down from my chair… Just a few minutes ago I decided it would be smart to get my heating pad out and use it to loosen things up…. I start smelling something weird… burning?… and then I feel a different kind of pain  on my back…. and so I pull the heating pad out and see it effing SPARKING… apparently theres some kind of cut or something on the internal plastic covering heating element thing.. and it was about to start a fire on my ass… literally… soooooooooooooo I'll have to throw THAT away…. and sit here in pain…

Going to look at this place tomorrow on my lunch hour, hopefully dude is on time, cuz i dont have too long, luckily it's not too far from work, and its only a few blocks away from this house i used to rent.

the grass was NEVER that green when I lived there… anyways…

I like that it has hardwood floors, i dont like that it doesnt have w/d IN it, but it IS on premises… if i dont like it, i think i'll prolly apply for the first place i looked at…

Work has REALLY been stressing me out lately. I got "talked to" again the other day about customer complaints blah blah blah. SO fucking over the BS customers every fuckin day, THEIR rude asses make me the way I am. The staying till 5:30 or LATER every fucking day is also getting old. People going home EVERY day because "they have a migraine" BEYOND old. Yes we all have a headache everyday from being there, keep milking it bitch. Go to your dr. get something else done.

So today of all days I had 2 fucking complaints against me.. not my fault, whatsoever, the first,  i dont even know who the person was couldnt find her name in my paper work… but she said "i didnt make eye contact or smile and didnt seem like i wanted to be there". Ok well there's NO possible way I can NOT make eye contact with you when yOU'RE AT MY DESK and 2 DO YOU ENJOY BEING AT WORK?? Esp when theres about 100 ppl staring at you… wondering why theyve been sitting there for 2 hours…

UGH anyways, I have an interview next week for somewhere else w/i the city, hope it goes well. I just need to get the fuck outta there before I get fired for hating humanity. Everyones like "dont take it personal, just let it roll off your back" etc etc etc, thats just not something I can do. When someones ATTACKING me, and berating me, of course i'm going to defend myself. I've tried the "meh, well sorry, nothing I can do about it" technique, but that pisses them off too, there's no making anyone happy at the DMV. Just dont know what else I can do anymore.

It's been 9 days w/o any fast food still! The urge was strong today, was craving a hamburger soooooooooooo bad. Instead, I went to the grocery store and bought burgers and buns and cheese and an onion. Oh and a pumpkin pie that was on clearance… and I also avoided DQ on the way home, remembering I'd just bought the pie… GO ME

I managed to go to the gym the other day, but I need to go back again. Hopefully tomorrow.

In regards to the boy who made me dinner the other night, omg was it delicious… NY Strip steaks.. country potatoes, jalapenos stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon, and strawberries and blueberries too… It took him about 3 hours to prepare it all, he's ceral about his food.. and it was well worth the wait…

But he did throw me off at first a lil bit.. he'd told me that a few years (like 15) ago he'd been involved in a roll over accident where he'd been ejected from the vehicle, and literally ROLLED OVER by it… he ended up in a coma for like 45 days… and had his pelvis reconstructed.., after many many surgeries he ended up with electrical wires attached to his spinal cord and one of those battery packs like, sewn into him! Crazy, but that wasnt the part that threw me… what was, was,  (too many was's sorry..) he's kinda got like, a gimpy leg….. like wears one of those clearish braces that goes on the back of the shin, I assume for support… ? I'm not sure I dont know about all that… but yeah.. it was one of those things where you just wanna get a good look at it, and then you can stop ya know?…

So i tried my hardest not to stare, but we get along really well, and his amazing cooking abilities kinda overpower that.. im sure I can look past it and what not.. i'm sure my friends will give lots of shit for it  if i bring him around… The only downside I can see is that, obviously he's in pain a lot of the time, which he has meds for to control it and everything, but I think he's a weed smoker.. not my thing, dont like it, dont like the smell of it, but of course, for some ppl it has those medicinal properties… long as its not around me whatevs.  Oh, and he's also got that ex-bad boy- thing going on.. i just cant resist those types…. argh.

We're making plans to hang out Thursday evening I believe… Oh and he's going to school for some kind of engineering degree or something…

Josh took the puppy with him tonight over to his friends, it's been so quiet all the cats have been out and about, and Ellie's gotten some sleep…

Speaking of sleep Jess gave me some of her Ambien the other day cuz I wanted to try it, it knocks her prego ass out in 15 minutes, its pretty funny to decipher her texts before she passes out… anyways……. and hour and a half later I'm still wide awake… surprise surprise… me and my high drug tolerance..maybe if i'd taken 2 woulda been different. But i didnt have any crazy dreams or weird occurrences that I know of like most ppl do, I was kinda bummed… haha…

Well I better wrap this up and head to bed, way past my time already… off to another bitchyassday at the DMV tomorrow…

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Had a good date today, first one in over a month. First time I've even wanted to hang out with a guy in a while.

Super sweet guy. Freaking adorable.

I dunno what it is about a hot guy, with a nice penis, and a parking lot, but things happen….
Good times, good times.

But he said he wants to hang out tomorrow so we'll see if he pulls through on that one.

Other than that, work was kinda hectic today cuz some stuff got fucked up at work, and was like 85% my fault LOL but Emelina fixed it for me so its all better.

Hopefully tomorrow I can focus.
Just had boy on the mind all day so it was not good lol.

Im gonna go dl some music now… *peace*

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Why Hello Thar

This is who I'm supposed to be meeting/ hanging out with tonight.
Can we say YUMMY as all hell. 6'4" tattoos, musician, and real estate broker.

excuse me….. ahem… gotta go

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So Chantelle tells me today, that last night when everyone went out, Chase's friend Tim (not pictured) was telling her that Brian (the one on the left there) was talkin all night bout how he wanted to get with me on Saturday…

I was like well damn! Hook me up then! Give him my # ! lol..

She's like… next time we all hang out.. get'er done lol

(he has really nice teeth) (=

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*nods off*

I'm so about to fall asleep here.. I seriously blinked earlier.. and my eyes didnt open back up for a minute or two, I'm not even exaggerating.

I got all of my Stuff Done yesterday that I needed to and this morning. So proud.

I got over to NG's house around 9:30 last night, and we proceeded to watch American Gangster.. I remember it being long.. but those extra 18 minutes… were hard to keep myself awake for. By the end of the movie he was totally into it and like sitting on the edge of the couch. He really liked it. I'm glad. He's not really a movie connoisseur like myself, he owns a dvd player, but no dvd's.. I on the other hand have tons and tons of movies DVD and VHS, but no DVD player.

We ended up going to bed around 12:30 I'd say.. but really, didn't get to sleep till around 1:15 or later…

I'm not sure, I

just know that bed is damn comfy. I'd never buy one of those memory foam ones for myself, but it was a good night of sleep and cuddling, from both him and his dog  (=

I prefer big fluffy mattresses that feel like I'm sleeping on thousands of marshmallows (=

I had to start to get up at 6 this morning… for well, some morning playtime, and then I went to Chan's to let Delilah out, and went home and got ready, and was still 6 minutes early for work. How the hell do I manage to do that on a day like this, but every other day I can't drag my ass outta bed to save myself?….

I was good this morning, had an apple for breakfast, and some cheerios sans milk. Bypassed the box of chocolate mini doughnuts sitting on the counter.. Go Me! I think I'll probably have some left over rice for lunch and maybe the emergency bag of popcorn I have in my desk.

My truck may not be done till tomorrow, which sucks but oh well. I didn't even ask how much it was going to cost )=
I'll probably have to have my roommate bring me to work tomorrow, and even possibly pick me up. We'll see.

Alright well I better go get productive-er…if I can stay awake.

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His dog. So cute.


Meet Fritz, the Wheaton Terrier

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For sure this time…

This is what I have to do after work

  1. Haul ass to my dr's appt. I get off work at 4:30, the appt is at 4:40.. I have a 10 minute leniency to be late…
  2. Haul ass to drop my stupid truck off to get the stupid heater core fixed tomorrow. Stupid thing.
  3. Make sure Chantelle meets me there!
  4. Take her home to get ready
  5. Take her to Chases house.
  6. Take her car home with me and check all the fluids, she says her maint. light comes on sporadically.
  7. Clean the litter box
  8. Take a shower/shave my legs, get cute.
  9. Go over to NG's house around 9, watch American Gangster, get some lovin, go to sleep and cuddle in his big comfy bed.

and then tomorrow

  1. Wake up super early, since he doesn't live near me, go to Chantelle's and walk her dog
  2. Go home get ready and then go to work.
  3. Hope *my* car is done by tomorrow and doesn't cost a lot.
  4. Pick up Chantelle, and then go back and get my car.

Oh yeah, and the hospital let my roommate go today, so that means, he'll be back home 24/7 again.. god I just want him to go back to work. Maybe now he can really fix the washing machine even though it's still full of water, I never did get a chance to drain it…

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Man, It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. I swear my alarm went off for about 45 minutes before I actually realized it and got up. I'm so not a morning person, and it sucks.

I fell asleep on the couch last night, watching Law & Order CI, one I haven't seen before.. and I didn't get to see the end of it.. ugh!

I left Ellie outside today, since it's supposed to be near 50 I think. I felt bad cuz she was stuck inside all day yesterday I didn't know it was going to be nice. I just noticed there was still ton's of snow in the back yard when I left for work. But the deck has mostly melted off now and she's got a bed out there to sleep on that's dry so she should be a happy camper today when I get home.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to drop off my car to get fixed, and then Chan is going to loan me her car until mine is all better which should only be for a day. Maybe I can go spend the night at the new guys house hehehe.

We talked most of yesterday through email, and then chatted online last night. Both wishing that we were together for some more cuddle time…
God I hate my car and it's cock-blocking capabilities! It's like some jacked up super power!

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Happy Monday!!

Yeah, you saw it right, those are exclamation points… on a MONDAY!!!!
My week, has started off so good, starting last night… Hung out with the guy I was supposed to on Friday, we watched

Just Friends, which is one of my favorite movies ever.
Long story short, this is an excerpt from the email I got from him this morning..

good morning Sara, 
i hope you got home smoothly and you had sweet dreams and you are not too tired this am.
it was a pleasure to meet you last night…the movie was very fun…the kissing was great [removed].there were tons of other really hot things too…[removed]
i hope you had as much fun as i did and will want to do it again sometime soon. 
say hi when you get a chance,


PS…the cuddling was awesome too

Teeeheeeee. Yeah, I think he's sprung lol..

My roommate IS in the hospital like i suspected, he called yesterday and asked me to bring him some stuff, he's in the mental health ward…. uhhh.. yeah…he's not sure when he's gonna be released either.

The only craptacular thing that happened yesterday was that my car is acting up, again. I'm about 95% sure that it's the heater core now. I looked up the symptoms online and it all points to that. I've had a car do it before.. the heater still works, it just smells like ass and it's blowing nasty-ness into the car. UGH something else that has to be fixed now. I swear, not even a week, it couldn't go a week w/o having an issue.

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