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Gettin’ Active

A few weeks ago I received a packet in the mail from Old Navy and Crowdtap to pick out some new active wear!

I was stoked to get something new and light weight to wear for summer since most every pair of work out pants I have is black!



So I went with some lightweight running shorts, even though I’m no runner! But I’ve been wearing them out while I take the dogs on long walks. I also got a bright blue bubble top that goes great with it!






I gave the other free set of active wear to one of my managers at work because I know she’s been really good about getting to the gym lately and working out so I knew she could benefit from it!  So this is what she picked out:

PART_1369846883007_PicsArt_1369844456084.jpg PART_1369846883030_100MEDIA_IMAG1199.jpg

So overall we got some good pieces and we’ll be stylin’ this summer while we get our sweat on!


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Old Navy Active Wear

A few weeks ago I received a Sample Share from Crowdtap and Old Navy this time for active wear!

Super excited for this one since some of my old work out clothes were getting kinda run down.


I managed to find an adorable set of black and bright purple, that will match my purple shoes perfectly! Cuz you know, you gotta look good while trying to look good!

Since I’ve worn ON Active Wear in the past, I know that this outfit will keep me cool and comfortable during Pachanga classes (when I get a chance to go to them!)






Want your own chance to receive some free products and share your opinion with brands?


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New Swim Suit!

A few weeks ago Jess and I went to OldNavy to check out some swimsuits for the summer!

Crowdtap and OldNavy sent me some coupons for free swimsuits so we couldn’t pass that up!

We perused their selection and made quite a few choices to try on.

I normally go for Tankini styles because they’re easy and comfy.

I tried on a few one pieces that had string halter’s but there just wasn’t enough support offered by those styles.







I found a cute one piece black halter style that I ended up choosing, it was super cute. There was a really similar one (the purple in the first picture) but the Black hid more of my imperfections LOL.

I think this style would be good for maybe the water park? That way I dont have to worry about 2 pieces coming off, only the top! LOL!

Jess chose this 2 piece for herself and Brooklyn helped out of course!

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Pretty new dresses!

Last weekend my friend Corinne met up with me at Old Navy so we could pick out some new spring/summer dresses!

Lucky for us, Crowdtap sent me free dress vouchers, and because i’m such an awesome friend I shared! It was so nice not having to worry about prices, and just be able to find something that looked good on us!

Here’s Corinne trying to make some choices..
Pinks?! Oranges!?


Here’s me, looking good in blue!
I got the blues!








The funniest things… after all the dresses we tried on (not pictured because we looked silly) we ended up picking the same style of dress, just in different colors/patterns! haha!


I can’t wait to wear this dress when it warms up here, and also i plan on taking it on my NKOTB Cruise in June! It’s got so many colors in it I’m sure i’ll have a hard time picking just ONE pair of shoes to wear with it!

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Old Navy Haul!

A few weeks ago I earned $30 Old Navy cash to spend and it was eligible starting today. It’s been burning up in my wallet so I’m happy to have been able to spend it tonight!

Here’s what I scored:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, after my Old Navy Cash, I paid $50.35 out of pocket. Not too shabby! The compression pants were the most expensive, but they make my butt look so good, so they’re worth it I think! haha!  I needed some new slippers too so I’m glad I found some cute ones! Everything but the pants were on clearance so I got some really good deals. I was looking at all the new items out, but if I’d have gone with those i’d only have been able to get maybe 2 or 3 things at those prices, with clearance I got 7 items!

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Great Shopping Today!

I headed to Old Navy today to do another CrowdTap sample share, this time for their compression pants and a top!

I scored this great Grey and Teal pair. I ended up getting a L in bottoms because all the XL’s I have are too big during pachanga and fall off, so these should work out well!

The top is super comfy and both have a hidden pocket in them for storing cash or a key, very handy!

As I perused the store I found this great floral dress on clearance for $11 and it fit great as well as some NFL licensed Bronco Tees for $12.

Since they’re doing their spend $20 get a $10 voucher I managed to get a $30 voucher to use in November! I’m stoked. Ill probably pick up a new pea coat, like I don’t have enough already (=

(Yeah I cropped my pics cuz I didn’t have makeup or hair done this morning LOL)


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Flippity Flops!

A few weeks ago I received another sample share from Crowdtap and Old Navy. This time it was a pair of flip flops!

My most favorite type of shoe!
I received them in black which is nice because that pretty much goes with anything!
I’ve worn them all over! Just running errands around town, to school, even to the dog park!

 What i’ve noticed in them vs the old style of flip flops is that the strap is a bit thinner and more comfy. Others have said that the sole itself seems thinner, to me it looks the same, but somehow feels thinner or different, its hard to describe it. They also seem a bit more narrow towards the toes. Which is good because the old style made it seem like your feet were a bit wider than they actually were.  You’ll just have to try ’em yourself when they arrive in stores!

Maybe there’s some kind of cat repellant on them as well, because these are the ONLY pair of flip flops I own that my cat Snatch has NOT taken to using as his own personal scratching post. Which makes ME super happy!



Shopping Day!

I headed out today to get a couple things to start the new job at Ulta next week. Just a few basics.

At JCPenney I found some pants for $16.99.
And I also hit up the clearance section and found a gorgeous LBD that will look even more amazing with a corset underneath. As well as this great purple top. Its sheer so imma obv have to wear a tank top underneath. I just love the color of it.

I got a basic black scoopneck tee at old navy as well as this cowl neck white top. It was on clearance surprisingly. I saw it a few weeks ago but didn’t get it then.

Then I got some cute flat skechers which I hope will be good for standing in all day, at famous footwear.

I also spied these poka dot heels, at DSW but I didn’t get them because I didn’t have the money for ’em.


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Snazzy Jazzy Tanks!

Last weekend I met up with Steph and Randee again at Old Navy for another sample share!

This time it was tank tops! Everyone loves tank tops! We had a variety to choose from so it was hard to pick just one!

I decided on a pink one shoulder ruffly one..

I even wore it out later that night to a birthday party!








Steph and Randee got similar tanks in Black and White with some ruffles and layers.


A third guest wasn’t able to meet up with us but she did procure a navy blue tank with ruffles that I’m sure looks adorable on her!

Thanks again to OldNavy and CrowdTap!

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Shorts! Get your Summer Shorts!

Today I met up with Steph, Randee and Corinne at Old Navy to use our sample share coupons from Crowdtap!

We each got to choose a pair of shorts, any top, and an accessory! We got a variety of items between the four of us.

It was nice getting to shop with a group of friends, that rarely ever happens! We were able to give each other advice and input on our outfits and help find items for the others!

Here’s us trying things on…


And here’s a group shot of what we all decided on!

Yay Old Navy!!! Happy Girls!